Mar 31

Plans of the Sisters

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I still remember the first time he showed me. My friend Mark from my college swim team was dating my sister, he didn’t know at the time of course, but she was a year older and I didn’t really talk about her.

She worked as a waitress at our local bar restaurant, where they met and they were already having sex before she even shared her last name with him.

“Dude, my new girlfriend is kinky as fuck, she keeps sending me nudes so I’ll stay horny,” said Mark as we dried from the showers.

“Awesome, she knows you have a tiny dick then?” I replied with a grin.

“Ha, fuck you. Want to see, she sent me like 3 pictures since this morning.”

“That’s your girl man.”

“Well I’m not going to tell her, here, this folder is all of them, swipe right to see the rest,” he said, handing me his phone.

I swiped through the pictures, they were pretty explicit, legs open showing a shaved pussy, on her side showing her ass, she was sexy as hell. I swiped through a few then tried to give the phone back.

“That’s only like a third of them, keep going,” he insisted.

I kept going. All of the pictures cut off her face, I asked him about it and he said her face was in the most recent ones. I felt my cock stir at the sight of her body though, beautiful breasts and nice hips taken in a mirror again cutting off her face. When I got to her face picture I froze. She was topless, smiling and staring at me with the same eyes I’d seen my whole life.

“Told you she’s hot, just pics have given you a semi,” he said.

“You shouldn’t show anyone else these pictures man, could have told me her fucking name first,” I replied, handing him his phone.


I looked around to make sure we were alone in the lockers.

“It’s my fucking sister!”

“No way, I didn’t even know you had one! Dude, really I had no idea.”

“I… I never talk about her, it’s fine. Just wish I’d known before I started looking at her nudes.”

“You’ve never seen her nude before?”

“Fuck no dude, that’s not right!”

“Whatever, I totally get to see Clara when she gets out the shower, she don’t care.”

“Clara is your twin, are you not ashamed to be looking at her?”

“No way, she’s hot. Not like we’re fucking or anything.”

“I’m going home. I’ll never be able to look Amber in the eyes again.”

“Knowing she gave you a boner?”

“Why were you even looking at my dick anyway, homo.”

“Fond memories my friend, fond memories.” He said quietly.

“Well just not here. I gotta go, talk to you later.”

The ‘fond memories’ Mark mentioned was nothing I regretted, we’d got some liquor from his parents cabinet, got a little drunk and ended up sucking each other off. We agreed it was fun and we’d planned to try again sober but was something we’d not tell any of our closed minded friends about.

That night at dinner, well, the pizza Amber and I shared since our parents were working late, I couldn’t get the pictures I’d seen out of my head and to my annoyance, they were exciting me again.

“So, can I tell you a secret if you promise not to tell Mom and Dad?” said Amber.

“Depends what it is, if you’ve won the powerball I want half,” I replied.

“No, asshole, I got a boyfriend.”

“How, you work all the time, never go anywhere.”

“Well I met him at work, he had a fake ID and I wouldn’t serve him but he was cute and laughed when I brought him a coke with fancy umbrella and stuff in it. Anyway, he’s younger than me and we have this chemistry you know?”

“I won’t tell you what to do Amber, is none of my business. I’m happy for you.”

“Aww, thank you. Anyway, I wanted to tell you in case I need you to help me sneak in or something, he’s really fun in bed.”

“I really didn’t need to know that, thank you.”

“What, you a prude? Thought you were fucking that Lisa chick?”

“No, she said I was too much for her. I mean I don’t need to know about your sex life.”

“Jealousy is a horrible thing my dear, you know you want this.” She said, thrusting her chest out at me and laughing.

“That’s gross Amber, you’re my sister.”

That night as I jerked off, I had pictures of hot brunettes up on my laptop but my mind kept going to Amber’s pics on Marks phone. Her perfect nipples, her beautifully shaped labia, the curve of her hips… ‘Fuck fuck fuck’ I said quietly as I climaxed with her pictures in my mind instead of my laptop’s images. What was wrong with me? I took a shower then went to bed early.

Next morning at breakfast, Amber sat at the table in her tank top, one I’d seen countless times on her, no bra like always but I’d never really ‘looked’ before. Knowing how amazing her breasts were underneath that tank top had my mind running away again and my cock swelling in my pajama bottoms. Amber noticed me shifting around in my seat of course, when I glanced at her breasts again I looked up and she was looking right at me.

“What’s wrong with you this morning, you seem more distant than usual,” she said with a smile.

“Nothing, just few things ataşehir escort on my mind,” I replied and got up to wash my plate.

“You going to be home today? Mom and Dad went to the lake so I was hoping I could bring my boyfriend over.”

“I’ll stay away, text me when he’s gone.”

“Yay, thank you.”

Amber grabbed me for a hug, again, nothing unusual from her but she caught me by surprise and when her breasts pressed into my chest and my cock poked her through my pajamas.

“Well someone really needs to get laid, I wear this top every morning,” she said laughing then walked away.

I did everything I could to get Amber out of my mind. I went to the mall to look at the girls out shopping, I went cycling to punish my body but everywhere I looked would be reminders of her. A blonde with the same style of hair, cute girls with the same smile, a woman with the same figure, I didn’t know what to do. I got home pretty late, thankful she was napping on the couch and not being fucked in her room for me to hear and took a cold shower before I went to bed.

I only shared a few classes with Mark but he was torture to be around too, he was infatuated with Amber, wouldn’t shut up about her and I felt like I’d just be an asshole if I told him to shut up. The conflict was mine to deal with, I was the one forced to deal with sexual thoughts about my own sister and I alone would have to deal with it. Or so I thought.

After another swim meet, Mark and I were alone again in the locker room, he looked pretty down and definately not his usual self.

“You okay dude?” I asked.

“Yea, just have a lot on my plate right now,” he replied.

“Need to talk about it?”

“Yea but not here, meet me at our fishing spot after class today.”

“Sure dude.”

I was nervous about what he was going to tell me. I was stunned when he told me everything.

“Wait, so let me get this straight, you cheat on my sister with your own sister and now you want me to fuck Amber so you feel okay about it all? What the actual fuck man!” I said after he stopped talking.

“It’s not like that, not the way you think. I guess I’m different and get off on different things. I want to watch you fuck Amber, she’s way kinkier than me and I want to get off on it. Nobody will ever know, she likes to have sex blindfolded, she told me she pretends it’s you fucking her and it drives her nuts. And I didn’t really cheat, Amber told me I had to have sex with Clara or she’d stop fucking me.”

“Amber made you fuck your own sister?”

“Yes, she made me record it and everything.”

“How the fuck did you convince Clara?”

“It was surprisingly easy, I let her catch me jerking off in the shower, asked her if she wanted to take over and she just looked at me for a second then said okay. Afterwards she said she thought I was calling her bluff but she enjoyed it.”

“This is fucking nuts man. We’re not supposed to do this, we’re supposed to protect our sisters, not fuck them.”

“The same people that tell us sucking another man’s cock is wrong too?”

“That’s different and you know it.”

“It’s just sex, we’re all adults.”

“You’re not going to back down on this are you? You were the same when you wanted us to have sex too.”

“It would mean a lot to me.”

“That’s what you said then too. This stays between us, if anyone finds out we’ll all be fucked.”

“Who am I going to tell?”

“How do I know you’re not lying about Clara?”

Mark pulled up a video on his phone, I saw him in his mirror, point of view video of him clearly fucking Clara. My cock was like steel.

“Fine, I’ll do it, you know if Amber finds out she’ll cut my balls off right?” I said.

“She won’t find out I swear.”


“Tomorrow night, your folks are going away again, Amber has invited me over, said you’ll be out.”

“News to me but whatever.”

Trying to stay normal around Amber was torture, I avoided her best I could but she was super nice to me then handed me a movie ticket for Saturday night.

“I know you’ve seen this but you said it was good, I uh, could use the alone time with my boyfriend,” she said with a smile.

“I could have bought it myself, you just had to ask sis.”

“Well it’s me who wants rid of you, would be unfair if you had to pay too.”

“Fair enough, I’ll talk to you later.”

I parked my car round the block and walked back when Mark texted me, he told me he’d have music on so I could sneak in and would have her tied and blindfolded. My heart was pounding in my chest when I sneaked in, Mark was naked and standing by the bed, his cock hard, Amber was blindfolded and on all fours with her wrists bound together with Velcro cuffs. He had me strip, the sight of her pussy making me hard right away then he stayed still as I got on the bed behind my own sister.

“That’s it baby, I’m imagining you’re my dirty little brother coming to take advantage of his sexy older sister. Fuck me hard,” said Amber.

“Okay baby,” said Mark.

I pushed kadıköy escort bayan my cock into her and had to hold back my gasp of pleasure. What I was doing was so wrong but it turned me on more than I ever imagined. Her pussy felt amazing too, I gave her deep, hard strokes then held on to her waist to fuck her hard when she asked for it. I looked down at her ass, her skin so soft and beautiful and watched my cock as it snaked in and out of her pussy. I tried to hold back, I really did but the surreal and taboo situation I was in coupled with Amber’s moans of pleasure, I didn’t last, I pushed deep into her and shuddered as my cock erupted, spraying my seed deep inside her. As my climax drained my balls, Amber came too, gasping ‘oh fuck yes’ as each spurt of my seed pulsed into her. I stayed inside her until I started getting soft then slowly pulled out.

“That was amazing baby, now get under me and drink our juices like you know I love,” said Amber, still catching her breath.

I had already got off the bed, Mark walked round and got on the bed and positioned himself under Amber and let her lower her pussy to his mouth. I watched as my cum oozed from Amber’s pussy onto his waiting tongue then quietly picked up my clothes, using the noise from the music to sneak out.

I got back home a few hours later, Amber wasn’t around so I showered then sat watching a movie on the couch, I must have dozed off, I didn’t hear Amber come home or notice her until she straddled my lap, completely naked and smiling at me.

“What the fuck Amber, what are you doing, why are you naked?” I said, trying in vain to get her off me.

“Oh so you’ll happily fuck me when I’m tied up and blindfolded but when I want control you resist?” She replied, still smiling.

“Wh… what are you talking about.”

“Oh come on, do you think Mark has the smarts to set all that up? I knew he was on your swim team, I knew you were friends and I set him up. Clara and I have been friends for years, she was the first woman I had sex with, she is super dirty and wanted to fuck her brother so I helped her set it up and I got to fuck you too. He’s never seen us together, he has no idea I know her.”

“You wanted to fuck me?”

“Not at first but the more she talked about fucking Mark as I ate her, the more curious I became myself. You didn’t take much convincing little brother,” she said, grinding her hips on me.

“Stop that.”

“Why, am I getting you excited again?”

“We shouldn’t be doing this Amber.”

“Now those are words you use before you slide your big hard cock into your sister, before you fill her pussy with cum, don’t you want to fuck me again, watch my tits bouncing with each thrust?”

“I… I…”

Amber put her hand at the back of my head and put her nipple at my lips, I looked up at her and knew I was going to lose any fight I had left in me and just started sucking. She moaned in pleasure as it hardened in my mouth then switched to feed her other one to me. Once both nipples were hard she stood up and pulled me to my feet then led me by the hand to her bedroom. She pulled my shirt over my head then pulled my sweatpants and boxers down in one move then took my already semi hard cock in her mouth.

“Mmm, you’re already leaking for me,” she said then kept sucking me.

Once I was hard Amber got up onto the bed and laid on her back with her legs open and waited for me to climb between them. She guided my cock into her and inhaled sharply as I pushed into her pussy and began to moan as I thrust deeper into her.

“Ho… hopefully you’ll last longer since I.. I drained you to… today already,” she gasped.

Thankfully I did last longer. I got to look down and watch her breasts bounce like she wanted, I got to hear her moan my name as her pussy tightened as she came over my cock and I got to fuck her from behind again when she got too sensitive on her back. By the time I came into her for the second time that day we both had a sheen of sweat on our bodies, we collapsed together on the bed, gasping for air as she touched my body.

“We’re not telling Mark about this, he thinks all this was his idea and that he’s got the advantage but Clara has plans for him. What do you think of her?”

“Can I just enjoy the glow from this for a minute?” I replied.

“Oh this won’t be the last time we fuck baby, but to earn it you have to play in my game now.”

“What game?”

“The one you’re both already playing in now my love.”

Amber had me fuck her again before we went to our own beds, after she had me help her change her sheets of course and I was out like a light.

When I woke, the previous day felt like a dream but my cock was aching as it hardened while I thought about her. I showered and just wore my robe and went to grab breakfast but stopped dead when I stepped into the kitchen, Amber was naked and just smiled at me as she sat down with her coffee and cereal.

“You uh, forget to put your clothes on?” I said with a smile.

“Well no, I was hoping you’d bend me over the escort maltepe counter and fuck me from behind before I go see Clara.”

“Oh, okay.”

I was already semi hard by the time Amber stood up, she was already wet though and it just took a few minutes fondling her breasts and I was hard as steel again. Amber told me not to take my time, I fucked her hard from behind like she asked and when she came I couldn’t hold back and sprayed my seed inside her as we both groaned in pleasure. Amber knelt and sucked my cock clean, kissed me on the cheek and left me.

Later that day I got a call from her, she told me the plan she had and told me to play along when Mark called me.

“Hey man, you want to come over to mine for a bit?” Said Mark when he called.

“Uh, sure, what’s up?”

“I know you said you didn’t want to know but um, Amber wants a second guy in bed to fuck her, she said she knew it wasn’t just me yesterday and said if we both fuck her she won’t make me tell her who it was. If I don’t get the guy she’s not going to touch me unless I tell her. She said she enjoyed your cock and is happy to be blindfolded again.”

“What the fuck Mark, was meant to be a one time thing so you could get off on it.”

“You enjoyed it right? I know you did. Please, do this for me.”

“I still don’t like this man, I’m on my way.”

“I owe you man, thank you.”

I texted Amber the entire conversation, that got a ‘well done’ from her and I headed over to Mark’s place. She told me she was about to head inside. Mark greeted me at the door, he whispered that I wasn’t to talk but we’d both be fucking her, she’d call me cock number two. Amber was already naked and laying on his bed, blindfolded and waiting.

“So is your friend just going to stare at me, I can hear you both in the room,” said Amber.

“He’s just getting ready, do you want me or him first,” replied Mark.

“You first then him.”

I watched Mark climb between her legs and start thrusting away into her, he didn’t have much finesse and I wasn’t surprised when he came pretty quickly. Amber sounded frustrated when he pulled out.

“Since you came so quickly you can clean your mess dirty boy, you didn’t even make me cum,” she said.

Mark did as he was told and licked his cum from her pussy, she got close to orgasm but still hadn’t cum when it was my turn.

“Okay Mr Stranger, hope you’re going to do a better job than my over eager boyfriend,” she said.

I was still rock hard from watching them, I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her, she felt just as good as the first time and I built up a steady pace with my thrusts. She was soon moaning in pleasure, I was thankful I’d already cum in her that morning or I wouldn’t have lasted but I was able to hold back when she started cumming and gasping as her pussy tightened round my cock. She had me stop when she got too sensitive but told me to get on my back and asked Mark to help her straddle me. She fed my cock inside herself then began to ride me, taking me deep inside herself with each thrust.

I enjoyed it when she put her plan into motion, she mumbled/moaned something about being hot and took her blindfold off then put her best acting into high gear. She looked down at me then froze, looked at Mark (still impaled to the hilt on my cock) then back at me.

“My fucking BROTHER Mark? What the fuck? And you, you fucking knew it was me and you fucked me anyway?” She mostly yelled.

“H.. he didn’t know when I showed him the pics at first but I asked him to fuck you, I was worn out after you wanted me to fuck my sister,” stammered Mark, his face was red and he looked terrified.

“I was kidding about that Mark, you actually did it?”

“You seemed so serious when you said I should!”

Amber got off me, my cock slapping against my stomach with a wet slap.

“And you, why the fuck did you think it would be okay to fuck me, that I wouldn’t find out?” she said to me.

“You’re hot Amber, I didn’t think it would be more than that once,” I replied.

“What the hell is going on in her, what’s all the yelling,” said Clara, she walked right into Mark’s room. “Mark, why is your ex naked in your room with you, who is he?”

“He’s her brother,” Said Mark, looking down.

“You tricked her into fucking him?

“I… uh, kinda, yes,” replied Mark.

“Is that why you seduced me Mark, to take the guilt away?”

“No Clara, I enjoyed every moment of that.”

“All 3 times?”

“Wait, three? You told me it was just once Mark!” said Amber.

At that point I felt bad for Mark but the woman didn’t drag it out too long, he honestly looked like he was going to cry.

“Oh fuck, I feel terrible now, I think it’s confess time and just have fun,” Said Amber, she stood up and shared a passionate kiss with Clara then they stood together.

Mark’s face was priceless.

“Wha… what the fuck?” He said.

“We were going to drag this out, make you squirm a little more but you look like you’re going to break down in tears my love. Amber and I have been having sex with each other for years, you two meeting was chance, we didn’t plan that but we cooked up the plan to make Alex fuck her and for you to finally fuck me. I’ve been dropping hints for over a year, you are a little slow on the uptake,” said Clara.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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