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Subject: Playing Along with Coach Playing along with the Coach By Glenn Freemen (freemeng2003@yahoo.ca) A story about a coach who lets his star player play for a day. Fifteen years ago, I was a graduating senior on the high school track team. Healthy, fit and fast it was a good outlet for me, and I loved running. One afternoon while sitting in a boring math class, there was a call over the classroom PA system for me to come to the main office. That moment of terror came over me, and the usual cat calls in the class came from all corners of the room. All the way down to the office I was going over what I had done over the last week trying to figure out what I was being reprimanded for. I got along with Coach Davis really well; I mean I had a lot of respect for him, but we also got along like good buddies. But, when I got to the office, Mr. Davis was sitting there and both he and the Principal welcomed me into his office. “Come in and sit down, Mike” he said quite cordially. The conversation started. One of my team mates had an accident on the weekend and as a result would not be able to run for several months. I was asked if I would be interested in stepping into fill his role in the hurdles and as part of school support, the coach would provide some extra private sessions to get me up to speed. I had to check with my part-time employer, but managed to work it out in order to take on the extra track work. Track practice would be three times a week after school until 6:00pm. After two weeks, we agreed it wasn’t enough and agreed to do Saturdays from 8:00 – 12:00. I showed up that first Saturday morning at the same time Mr. Davis did, and together we walked down the empty hallway with our gym bags hanging from our hands. It felt a little strange being the only student in the school with my coach, but I have to admit, I also felt pretty special – in a good way. Now, I need to tell you about my coach. He was only in his 2nd year of teaching, so was probably 26 years old? But, he had been the track star at his high school and at University so he knew his stuff. Dark haired, around 6 ft, lean and fit. He had a deep voice and loved to laugh. I was a 5ft-10 blond haired guy in my graduating year. He and I clicked, and both understood the amount of work required to make it all happen. When we got to the student dressing room door, he said, “Mike, special treat – you can use the faculty dressing room on Saturdays. Come on, this way”. He continued walking down the hall and into the ‘forbidden corridor’. I felt important. The men’s staff dressing room was of course much smaller than the student’s huge dressing room, but looked really like a miniature version of the massive student lockers and showers. There was still a communal shower and the lockers were full size for each staff member. “How do you feel about being in “the inner sanctum?” he asked mysteriously lowering his voice. I laughed, and told him it was ‘totally cool’. And with that, we started to undress and I suddenly felt a little awkward with my coach stripping down beside me, but, it was also great that he felt that comfortable with me. Then what followed was just a brief run-down of what we were going to be working on that morning. I was naturally, trying not to look obvious that I was giving his body the once over, first time seeing him naked. He stripped off everything, and when he finally got down to his underwear, there was a brief pause, and then down they came. He wasn’t in a rush to put on his jock, but kept talking while he was facing me. I eyed his naked body quickly, but focused on his cock. Wow, it was a nice fat soft cock, protruding from a dark bush with low hangers and dark hair on his legs. I kept listening to him talking, but I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock and I realized I had stopped getting myself dressed. “Hey” he said, “you still listening to me?” I looked up at him with a grin. “What”? he asked grinning back. “You um, you’ve got a good body coach and um…you’ve got a big one”. “Yeah thanks, well like you I run a lot, and well this” he said lifting up his penis, “just part of the package” he said matter-of-fact. “You almost ready buddy”? “Yup, be there in a second” I replied. I slipped on my jock, shorts and shoes, and quickly joined my coach setting up the hurdles, which started 3.5 hours of hard work. When we were done, I was exhausted, and both of us were coated in sweat and smelled like it too. Walking back from the field to the change room, he gave me some notes on my work that morning. We put the hurdles back in the equipment room, and headed to the showers. I’d been in the showers so many times before it never bothered me with a room full of guys at school, but it was a little different just being with Mr. Davis. We stripped, and stepped into the showers with small talk accompanying us along the way. I admit I was a little nervous for some reason, and I couldn’t stop looking at that big penis dangling beside me, but we kept on talking. He complimented me on my body too telling me I was in great shape. I worked hard on my body, and felt proud when he gave me the compliment. Stepping out of the shower, I started to dry off, but sat down on the bench to do my legs. He stood beside me, put one leg up on the bench and started drying around his crotch, then moved down to his hairy legs. There was silence and he caught me looking at his cock again. I looked up at him, and he was smiling down at me. “I don’t really care if you look at it. It’s always natural to look at what another’s guys got.” “Yeah, I guess” I replied with a little more confidence. “It just looks like a real manly cock” I said, as though we were really good friends. I tried to say it in a joking way. Fuck, did I step over the line? “Hey, thanks. And you haven’t seen half of it…and I mean that literally” he laughed. I felt I had gone too far, and nervously, packed my clothes in my bag, and put my hand out to shake his hand to say thanks. He had just slipped on his boxers, and reached out and shook my hand. “I really appreciate what you’re doing for me, coach. I won’t let you down”. “I know you won’t. Two more weeks and we’re up. Do you need a drive home?” “No I’m good, but thanks. Hey, see you Monday” and I dashed out of there really fast, not believing what I had just said out loud! Walking home I relaxed a little. I felt good about the practice and the workout, and Mr. Davis’s friendly conversation. But more than anything, I felt great about being able to be hang out naked with him, and that cock of his was something else. When I got home, I had lunch, and hung out with my friends for the rest of the day. At night when I crawled into bed, I reached down to start my nightly jerk-off session, but this time, my mind was full of Mr. Davis’s naked body. It was a little weird, as I’d only jerked off thinking of girls, but this picture of him wouldn’t leave my head. I kept picturing him drying off, and watching his penis jiggle around and listening to that deep laugh. My own cock was average size, but his was great; that mixed with his friendly voice, I found myself rock hard, fantasizing about his penis up against my face, with me just smelling it while he smiled down on me. I jerked hard and fast and spurt in my hand like always and wiped my semen off on my sock I picked up from the floor beside me; the same socks I’d probably wear to school the next day. The week passed as normal, and then came Saturday at 9AM. Again, I was waiting for him at the staff entrance, and he waived at me with a big smile when he drove up. We started walking down the hall when he strangely suggested that I go into the regular dressing room, and he’ll use the staff change room. I looked surprised, and felt a little hurt. Did I do something wrong? My face showed what I was feeling. “I think you were a little uncomfortable last week” he said. “Weren’t you”? “No, not really. Well, maybe a little at first, but I was okay. If you’re talking about me looking at your…you know…I couldn’t help it. It was just kızkalesi escort really cool hanging out with you, and you letting me look at..it”. I was just being careful, thinking that somebody might be listening. “Oh I see. Well if you’re okay so am I; let’s go then” and he led me into the staff locker room. This time it was much easier. We stripped down, and did the same old set up for the morning’s work. Just as it was getting easier, Mr. Davis came and stood in front of me, and there it was again. I stopped what I was saying, and just ogled it. “Holy fuck”, it slipped out accidentally. “Sorry I said”, and started to get nervous again. Coach laughed. “Honestly I don’t care if you look at it. We both have dicks. It’s no big deal to me. Don’t you have any buddy’s or a brother you hang out naked with”? “Just the other guys on the team, but there’s like hundreds of them in the room together. I haven’t been this close…”, then I stopped talking. But I wasn’t done. It’s like somebody entered my body and made me speak what I was thinking; “I want to touch it and see what yours feels like. I’ve been thinking about it all week”. As soon as the words left my lips, I froze, thinking I better get the hell out of that room. In keeping with his strong but gentle nature I could see he didn’t want to make me feel uncomfortable. He sat down beside me for a minute as I stared at the floor. We were silent for a minute, and then he said very deliberately. “Mike, I am your teacher do you understand”? I nodded yes and knew the implications of that. “But I remember being your age”. There was silence again. He was pondering what to do, and I was nervous as hell wondering how he’d respond. “Look”, I think this might work. My locker is right behind you. I need to get my t-shirt and shorts so…..I’m just going to stand up on the bench, reach over you and get them, okay”? I didn’t do anything, because I wasn’t quite sure what he was suggesting, or didn’t believe he was actually saying it. He stood up and stepped in front of me so he was about a foot from me. He started to lean in to get to his locker with his cock head touching my chest. I laughed a little while he said under his breath, “shit it’s farther away than I though”. I sat there frozen. And then, he stood up on the bench straddling my seated self so that his cock was right in front of my face. I was mesmerized by the fact my coach’s big hairy penis was in my face and he was inviting me to ‘take a look’. I raised my head a little, while he was taking his time fumbling in the top of the locker. It was beautiful, and hairy, and thick. It was amazing, I waited about 30 seconds, then leaned in and put my head against it. He pushed his crotch into my face just slightly, and I took in a good deep breath smelling his crotch, and feeling his penis pressed against my face, I breathed his crotch scent into my body and slowly exhaled. As if it was a cue for his next step, he stepped down saying he found what he was looking for, and asked if I did? I just gave a little “wow”, at the same time he rustled my hair and gave me an affirming smile, and then like nothing happened, we continued on with the practice. On the way back from the field we were pretty quiet when I just whispered out while elbowing his arm; “Thanks”. He nudged back and I knew everything was cool. While nothing happened in the change room, this time I did accept his offer for a drive home. We were quiet for a bit, and then he asked if I was okay. “Oh yeah, I’m great” I said in a quiet contented tone. “I just couldn’t believe how fixated I was on that thing…pretty amazing actually..I almost wanted to taste it. Fuck, it came out of my mouth again. You’re a lucky man”. “Glad I could help”, he said as if he’d just help carry a bag of groceries or something. I snickered a little. “Mike, you’re doing a great job; your hard work is paying off. I think I can say, there’ll be a great reward for you if all works out at the meet this week” and he winked at me. I looked at him, questioningly. He slapped me on the knee and said he’d see me on Monday. That entire week, I must have jerked off 3 times a day, thinking of Mr. Davis penis brushing up against my face, and thinking about the smell of his crotch. I wasn’t sure what was coming over me, but it was so cool that I got to be that close to another man’s dick. Monday through Wednesday all of us on the team were working hard. Everything was the same – even when Mr. Davis came in to congratulate us on our hard work – everything was normal .Thursday was the track meet. At the meet our entire school did really well. We got a lot of 1sts and 2nds, and while I came in second in the sprint, I did come in first on the hurdles. My extra hard work paid off. The whole team went out to a popular burger joint for shakes and burgers and celebrated until the early morning hours. Coach joined us for an hour or so, but the rest of us guys hung out and did, well jerky high school guy stuff. The next morning, I met Mr. Davis in the hallway and he asked me to come to his office and see him after school. I wasn’t quite sure what was up, but accepted right away. When I got to his office, his feet were up on his desk, and he was talking to someone, seemingly a close or romantic friend; you can always tell with the little nuances in one’s voice. He put his finger up to say ‘one minute’, and then motioned for me in to sit down. Off the phone, he put his hand out for a congratulatory handshake again. “Mike, you did an extraordinary job. I’ve recommended a school award for you, stepping in at the last minute, filling in after Steve’s accident”. Without changing his tone, he said “I did promise you a reward at the end of all this, that is if you’re interested? I think it’s something you’ve wanted to get a hold of for a little while, just to uh, cure your curiosity. I knew what he was talking about and leaned forward so I could speak quietly. “Really? But can you do that Mr. Davis, I mean….” I was nervous considering teacher/student relationships. He put his finger up to stop me. “Saturday, I’m doing some painting in my house; my girlfriend is on a weekend course, and I could sure use an extra hand if you’re up for it. Prepare to spend the better part of the day.”. I sat back in my chair trying to assess the offer, and he kept his teacher face on with no hint of anything else. “Ummm, sure I can help you out, but only until 5 or so. I’m going out Saturday night”. I waited for him to say something more specific, but he didn’t go there. He just smiled slightly warmly. “That’ll be fine, he said. Come on over around 10 – here’s the address”. He handed me a post it note. Okay, so I was equally nervous and anxious thinking about going over to his house. I mean he wasn’t that much older than me, but he was still my coach. I didn’t know what was going to transpire, but I was excited to find out. Saturday arrived and I hopped on my bike after breakfast and rode over to his place. He greeted me at the door right away wearing his loose jogging shorts and a t-shirt, and invited me in, then out to his back deck for a coffee. We shot the shit for a little bit, and then he leaned back in his chair and positioned himself comfortably to begin talking to me about the sensitive issues of the day. He started to with a family story. “Mike, I was exactly where you were – same age, not with my coach, but with my brother! I was a late bloomer, and my older brother was a well-built guy, and huge. We shared a room, and I’d see him with a hardon every night and heard him jerk off many times. There were lots of times I just wanted to touch and play with his big cock because I just wanted to feel what it was like. I asked him many times if I could help him jerk off, and finally one night, he let me play with it. He reminded me it was one night only, but believe me, I played with it all night long. We were a lot closer after that”. “Do you have an older brother or another close buddy you’ve experimented with at all”? tarsus escort I told him I have two sisters, and most of my friends were on the track team. I wasn’t really that close with any of them, closer to my cousin and hadn’t really thought about it, until he was standing naked beside me. “So, I’m kind of feeling you might like to do that kind of thing with me”? he asked in a kind, friendly way. I paused and kept my head down not quite sure what to say. “Well, I feel comfortable being with you and you’ve kind of become my friend. But you have a really nice cock, I’d love to see it hard and I’d kind of like to see what it feels ….and tastes like”. “Umhmm, that’s what I thought. You understand the situation with student/teacher relationships right”? “Yeah”, I said very disappointed. “That’s what I thought. I was really lucky that one day, oh well”. “Not so fast”, he said. “Look, I invited you here to help me paint, and we will. But, sometimes I paint with clothes on, and if it gets hot, sometimes I strip down. I’m not going to invite you to do anything in particular, and I won’t acknowledge anything you decide you want to do. You are free to explore as you wish and I won’t stop you, okay”? “Holy shit! Wow – no way…really? No funny stuff right….this isn’t going to turn our weird or anything, is it”? “I don’t know what you mean. We’re just going to paint, right?” he said acting like he hadn’t said anything a few minutes ago. “Got it” I said. I had no idea how this would happen, if it would be for a minute, or an hour, or if it would happen at all. But, I started getting excited thinking about my jerk-off fantasies coming true. We pulled out the tarps, ladders, cans of paint, and brushes, and set up the first room. He took the first steps of the big tease. “So why don’t you start at the baseboards, and I’ll start on the ladder and do the borders. Sound good”? Within minutes, I understood why he offered to do the borders on the ceiling. Standing half-way up the ladder, with one leg lifted high on the rung; his soft cock was dangling nicely, so that the cut tip was just below the bottom of the leg of his shorts. I looked up at him, and while he was asking me if everything was okay, he was scratching his pubic bush area, making his cock jiggle around as if waiting for the fish to take its first nibble. “Oh, I’ll leave snacks out all day if you’re hungry for a nibble”. I was a little confused, as I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to actually paint, or to play or to just look, but inviting me to nibble sounded like an invitation. And I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I just looked at it every once in awhile while I painted. “I think I want a glass of water. You”? “Sure he said” I went to the kitchen, got water, brought it back and handed him his glass. But I stayed standing, so my face was just above his crotch level. He thrust his lips forward a little, and I stared. I took my hand and reached up into his shorts, touching his balls with one finger, and then moving over to the head of his cock. Man, it felt nice. He looked down and smiled at me, then while I was touching him, asked me where I was going that night, not responding at all to my touching his privates. I stayed there for a little while, just lightly touching his penis from tip to base, down to his balls, enjoying the fact that my coach – my friend was allowing me to do this. I went back to my painting and after about 15 minutes, he stepped off the ladder to see how I was doing. I was lying on the floor, sliding myself along while I painted above the baseboards. Instead of just bending over to take a look, he squatted down so his crotch was by my face. There it was again. That beautiful cock just inches from my face. While he was asking me if it was manageable, I reached up and grabbed his cock again, and started to do a gentle tug on it. He did nothing except talk. It all seemed like a game, but I noticed my own cock was starting to get a little hard. Then he stood up again, and moved the ladder over, and I followed him, touching and tugging. Within 30 minutes, I was so horny and didn’t want to play the game anymore. I stood up, and said, “I’m a little hungry for that snack. But, I haven’t tasted this kind of snack before”. “Try it out”, he said “I’m sure you’ll like it, but just a minute”. He got down from the ladder, went to the front and back door making sure they were locked and returned. But before stepping on the ladder, he dropped his shorts on the floor, and then climbed back up the ladder. There it was – all for me. I stepped into him, grasping his strong thighs, and moved my head into his crotch. I leaned in and put my nose against it, taking in a deep breath to get the full scent of his crotch. He was still soft, and it was perfect – and very sexy. It seemed right to take him in my mouth, so I opened up, and just slipped his head between my lips, holding it there, sucking on it like a big nipple. I looked up, and Coach was smiling down at me. He winked, and went back to his painting. I moved my lips up further to the shaft, and began my journey to the base with my lips and nose resting in his bush. He thrust forward a few times and once even reached down with his hand on my head while he thrust and held his soft cock in my mouth. “So, how’s that snack I put out for you”? “Really really good I said, taking my lips off his cock” “Yeah, that’s just the miniature version. The bigger will be coming out probably in a couple of minutes”. He was starting to plump up, and I couldn’t wait to see him hard. After about 30 minutes of teasing, he said he wanted to take a break, have some coffee and read the paper for a bit. And that’s exactly what he did. He grabbed a coffee and the newspaper, and sat down on the end of his couch, legs spread wide. He placed his coffee on the table beside him and then opened up his paper and started to read. The paper covered his torso and part of his face, leaving the rest open for viewing. It was a perfect cue. I walked over, knelt in front of him, and started to suck him. This time, I wanted to get him hard. I sucked him, I jerked him, and sucked him some more. Finally, there it was in full erection. I sat back on my heels for a little while just to take a look at him. His t-shirt was still on, but his muscular legs and that huge cock were there for me. I didn’t let go of that huge cock. I bent it downwards and let it slap back against his belly – quite a few times until I got a giggle from behind the newspaper. I was happy to be a guy ’cause it’s so much fun playing with my own cock, and I was happy to be with a guy that let me play with his cock for a day. He started to thrust a little more, and I wondered if he was going to cum, and if I should swallow it, or watch it come out. I decided to keep sucking to see what would happen, and as I suspected, semen started to spurt out of him and onto my tongue and down my throat. I’d tasted my own before, but tasting another guy’s cum was new to me, and it tasted pretty good. He put his paper down, slumped down on the couch a little further, and put his hands back behind his head slowly running his hands through my thick blonde hair. I kept my head in his crotch, gently nursing his penis with my lips, creating some nice suction as if I was cleaning him out. He lifted one leg, and draped it over my shoulder, with his foot resting on my back. He pushed his cock deep in my mouth so my nose was buried in his back bush, and kept it there for a couple of minutes. I let my tongue do some work, licking and massaging his shaft. Then, he sighed and relaxed, taking his leg off of me, and sitting back on the couch. He started to get up, kind of extracting his penis from my mouth. “I was going to ask you if you wanted another coffee with cream and sugar, but you kind of already started with the cream. Do you want a little coffee to go with that”? he asked with this incredibly handsome smile. “Coffee would be good to wash down that cream, coach”. We walked into the kitchen together, anamur escort and stood at the counter looking into his backyard. We started talking about the garden and the gazebo he built, but not about what just happened. It liked this game. I looked down again at his cock, now pressing against the counter; my nostrils flared a little and I realized how horny I was and how great it was to be with this hot sexy man. “Be back in a sec, I have to take a leak” and he padded away down the hall and shut the door. By then, it was past noon and I was a little hungry. I opened his fridge to see what he had in there, and suddenly I felt him behind me, pressing his cock against my ass. I turned my head to face him and smiled; another way of enjoying his cock. I pushed back on it acknowledging it was okay, when he told me he had quite a bit of leftover spaghetti and meatballs if that interested me. I realized when I heard the word ‘meatballs’, that I had missed exploring his nuts and the whole area behind his bag. This time, maybe it was my turn to get off. When he released the pressure of his cock against my ass and stepped in front of me to get a few things from the fridge, I dropped my own pants, and stood naked from the waist down, with my own hardon standing proud in front of me. While he was standing at the kitchen counter, I came up behind him and slid my upward facing cock in the crack of his hairy ass. I let out this satisfied grunt and just stood there for a few minutes. Oh my god it felt so good and I almost creamed on the spot. But in keeping with the order of the day, he kept cutting up vegetables as if nothing was going on. He did bend over just a little allowing me to put more pressure against him. I let his warm ass cheeks engulf my cock as I slid it all the way up and then down that sweaty hairy crack while holding on to his hips. Then I bent my knees slightly, and moved my cock in between his legs and started a long slow crotch thrust. It’s the first time I heard him sigh. He stood up putting his legs together and squeezing his thighs, and I fucked them like a wild man, hitting his hairy sack with the tip of my dick. In seconds, I started to spew not caring where it went. It ended up going mostly all over his sack and thighs but I didn’t care. It was all new to me, and I just let it go continuing to fuck even when there was no more cum left in me. We both stood there for a moment of afterglow silence. Then again as if nothing had happened, he turned around and said lunch was ready. I exhaled an after-sex smile, and plopped myself down at the table watching my half naked coach bring lunch to the table. He set the lunch on the table; salad first, and the spaghetti he left in his bowl at the edge of the table. “There you go. Spaghetti and….meatballs” he said while moving in a little and resting his bag (and soft cock) on the spaghetti platter. Being purposefully messy, he scooped spaghetti, putting it on my plate and did the same for himself, pretending to ignore that his crotch was getting messy with sauce. I started to laugh at the absurdity of it all – especially when he sat down with his sauced up dick and together, we ate lunch cracking some pretty raunchy jokes. When we were done eating, he leaned back in the chair, and said, “and don’t forget the meatballs, you know – only if you’re still hungry”. He got up from the table and started cleaning up. I guess I’d have to play a little harder for this one. This time, both of us were strutting around with our proud cocks hanging out. I was helping him clean up and when he started to rinse out dishes in the sink, I took advantage of him standing still. I moved in front of him and sunk down to my knees looking at his crotch with a little sauce here and there, mixed in with my own drying semen. I leaned in past his penis, and nuzzled my nose against his bag again breathing it all in, and then, I started to clean him up. I licked, and sucked and in some places had to add a little extra spit like where my semen was drying up on the back of his bag. While I worked him with my mouth, I saw his dick was getting plumped up again and he was trying to ignore what I was doing. I just kept licking like a dog licking a bone; good and steady. At one point, his knees buckled, and he gasped, “holy fuck I can’t stand this anymore”. He pushed me off him, and lay down on the kitchen floor with knees up,legs bent, and spread and feet flat on the floor. “Okay Mike, go to town”. This was perfect. I now had access to his ass, and his sack and his cock. I was in a man’s world, feasting on a man’s prize possession. I took his penis and rubbed it all over my face relishing its scent and texture, moving down to his silky sack and gently sucking one ball in my mouth at a time, then moving down even further, getting my nose in his sweaty ass. It definitely smelled like ass, but man, I didn’t care. Coach Jim was pushing up hard against my face allowing me to lick more sweat, and smell that sex scent from his crotch. I had smelled it on myself when I’d spent a day jerking off over and over again. He started thrusting harder and faster, and I was sucking and jerking his huge long cock. “Okay….any second now you’re going to get that man milk dessert he gasped”. As he promised, he didn’t make me do anything, but I wanted another load from coach in my gut. So, I took his cock and shoved it back in my mouth at the same moment he started to shoot. I wrapped my arms tight around his thighs and sucked as much of him in my mouth as I could. His body started to convulse a little with several small jerks, and then he just lay back on the floor, his whole body relaxed. I just stayed there again, his softening penis in my mouth just relishing in the fact that my coach had let me explore masculine sexuality with him. “Holy fuck”…he said draping his arm over his head revealing that sweaty hairy armpit, something else I hadn’t tasted. I crawled up from his crotch and stretched my body across his, resting my penis on his while I pressed hard against him, burying my face in his armpit. He wasn’t wearing any deodorant, so it was pure Jim sweat, and I licked up as much as I could. Then I moved over with my head above his, making sure I was gently moving my dick around over his. “Coach Jim thanks for this. Now I don’t have to wonder what its like anymore”. “Well” he said grinning, “at least you got a taste of it which will either appease your appetite, or make you want more. I hope it was good for you”? Our bodies and our cocks separated. He slowly stood up and stood in front of me. I got up on my knees, wrapped my hand around his ass, leaned in and sucked in his cock one more time. “Come on, let’s finish painting, at least the one wall”. We walked over and continued where we’d left off. I slipped my shorts and underwear back on, but he stayed naked from the waist down just like he’d been for most of the day. Every once in awhile I’d reach over and hold onto his dick while he was talking to me still amazed at how great it was. When we finally finished, it was close to 5, and I did have to go. We cleaned up and put everything away including the living room furniture. He grabbed his shorts, and before he put them back on he looked at me and asked, “Are we done”? I was sitting on the couch putting on my runners, when he walked over closer to me. “So, are we done”? I stared first at his face, and then down at his penis again. He took a couple of steps forward, and pressed it against my face and then, using it as a percussion instrument, he asked again, each syllable pushing it into my face while smiling down at me. “Are – we done”? “Yeah”, I sighed. I grasped his cock, looked up at him and said thanks, then leaned in sucking his whole cock in my mouth one last time, and then kissed his cockhead, and said thanks to him too. With that, Coach Jim slipped on his shorts and showed me to the door. I walked away feeling great, and when I looked back after mounting my bike, he had his shorts hiked up just far enough that I could see that glistening head of his. I rode away laughing with pride feeling like a real man. For the rest of the school year, everything was exactly as it was before except for the fact that I got to know Coach Jim a hell of a lot better than any of the other guys in my class. Glenn Freemen freemeng2003@yahoo.ca

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