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Playing in the tent

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Playing in the tentMe and Dave had gone camping a lot in the past. We are both guy’s but have been friends for years. There was nothing usual about us seeing each other naked. We were both 19 and had decided to go for a week away with our tent. There was a little place we had booked which was fairly remote. When we arrived at the site there was only a handful of tents there. So we set up the tent, had our dinner followed by a few beers just to relax. It was the start of June and the weather was fairly warm. The k**s wouldn’t break up from school for another month so the people who were at the camp site were all adults. It got to about half nine and we went inside our tent. Putting the net up Dave pulled out his pack of playing cards. I like normal gave him a few jokes and said he always cheated. Dave was 5’11 dark hair and brown eyes, his hair was short and he had a perfect smile. He was the ladies man. He turned and said “Let’s make it interesting then. How about every time you lose you take an item of clothing off.” I sat there in stunned silence. Not sure what to make of it. Then Dave added “That way we know who is winning.” he laughed I nodded my head in agreement.The card game was simple, the deck was shuffled and the split. Every time one of us turned over a picture card the other would take an item off. It şişli escort started off and within a few minutes I was down to my shorts and underwear, we both had tshirts and socks on at the start. Dave chuckled away. Then he started to loose which soon wiped the smile off his face. It came down to us both sat in our underwear. As Dave turned his card over again he had one. “Get them off.” he said grinning. I reluctantly stood up and dropped my underwear, kicking them to the side I sat back down “What now?” I asked Dave said “Double or quits?” I looked at him. “What you mean?” I said, Dave replied “We reshuffle the deck and who ever turns the next pic the other has to strip naked and go for a walk down the field and back again.” “Yeah okay, I will get you this time.” I said, however, as the cards turned over I lost!I undid the door to the tent and looked out. No one was about so I carefully walked out “No covering yourself looser.” said Dave. I slowly walked away from the tent. As I walked I could feel my pace getting faster, I got to the end of the field and turned back. Heading back to the tent I slipped in red faced “Shame no one saw you.” said Dave”You got what you wanted now shall we do something else?” I asked “I don’t want you to feel like a looser, how about we flip a coin so you might be mecidiyeköy escort able to win.” Dave said “I don’t know, win what?” I asked, Dave smiled “How about looser gives the other guy a blow job” I went red faced “Nooo, Noo Dave.” I said Dave smiled “Why not. No one will ever know. And its only if you loose. I could end up sucking your dick.” he laughed I thought about it. It would be one way of getting the smug git back “Okay Dave. Get ready to suck me off.” I pulled out a coin and flipped it “Call” I said “Heads” came the reply to which we both laughed for a minute or two before revealing of course it was heads. Dave said “You not got a winning streak today have you. Come on get it over with.” He then lay on his back as I started to fondle his cock, it grew bigger and bigger. It must have been at least 8″ “Go on suck it.” he said I wondered if he wanted this to happen. I slowly put my tongue on the bulbs head of his cock and began to lick the shaft before taking him into my mouth, Dave groaned “MMMM” he said as I began to suck him off. Here I was butt naked with another guy and sucking his cock in a tent in a field. As I moved position I suddenly felt a hand on my ass, I carried on sucking. Then I felt his thumb and forefinger pressing against my rosebud. Then his finger slowly esenyurt escort entered my hole. I groaned softly in response and pushed back on his finger. “You like that don’t you?” he said as I mumbled something with a mouthful of his cock He then pushed me off and said “Where your the looser, The winner gets to take all.” With that Dave got me onto all fours. Making me lick his fingers he pushed each of them into my ass, I wanted him to give me his cock, for some reason I started to badly want it. Before I knew it I felt his big cock head pushing its way in. There was only a little pain as he pushed harder. Until all his length was in my ass, he began to fuck me. My cock had grown hard between my legs, as Dave noticed he said”Looks like your enjoying this” as my precum dripped onto the tent beddingSoon he said “Flip that coin, if I get heads I cum in your mouth, If it tails its in your ass”I didnt like either of those but I flipped the coin any way, “Tails.” I said with reluctance. Dave sped his pace up, the smell of sex and sweat had filled the tent. “AAAHHH CUMMING.” Dave shouted almost as his cock pulsated in my ass before pumping me with a load of hot cum. Dave pulled out and got me onto my back before I could do anything and grabbed hold of my cock.He began to jack me off very fast and I soon covered myself and him in my cum.The next morning we were sat outside our tent. The couple next door came out. “Sounded you guys had a good time last night who was the lucky lady.” said the woman. We looked at each other as I went red faced Dave said “Yeah, she was very lucky indeed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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