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Pleasing him

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Cock Riding

Pleasing himAs I sit at my dressing table, looking at my reflection, pondering on what I am about to do, I can’t help but be a little confused at how I feel. The thrill and anticipation of wanting to please my man, tinged with a little worry that it may affect us in the future.It all started when we went for a dinner party with friends we have known for years. We grew up together, clubbing, partying, drinking too much and just having fun being young. We moved from carefree to mortgaged and grown up but were as tight a bunch as you could ever imagine.This particular night the wine had been flowing and the vibe was mischievous leading us to start talking about our fantasies. The discussion moved around the table, talking about threesomes, sex in the great outdoors and role-play. As we got to Rob he started to say, “I have always wanted to see Claire with . . . . . . “His voice trailed of and he looked like he was thinking better of what he was saying. Someone sniggered and then said, “come on mate share what is going on in your head, looking at your face it is a hot fantasy!” Everyone laughed and he mumbled something about “seeing me with a big dildo.” I knew this wasn’t his fantasy as we had done that many times, toys were part of our foreplay, so I was intrigued to hear what he was truly fantasising about.We got home and the wine and sexy talk had left us both wanting and we fell into bed and had glorious sex, passionate and dirty just fuelled by the hornyness of everyone describing their inner sexy secrets. After we had both cum and were lying cuddled up I asked Rob what his fantasy really was. He laughed and said, “I don’t have one.” I looked at him, both of us knowing he was not telling me the truth. We teased each other until eventually he caved and told me. He wanted to see me with another man. I hesitated for a second amazed at what he had said, wondering if he had someone in mind and whether he had considered my feelings in this.He must have picked up on my silence and said “of course it is just a fantasy, I wouldn’t push you into it.” “But you would like it? As a threesome?”“Err no, I would like to watch.”The words reverberated around my head, my husband wanted to watch me with someone else. “Man or woman?” I asked. “Man” well at least he respected I was straight in all this.We talked for a couple of hours about how long he had wanted this and the implications if we did. Before long we had moved onto the logistics of being fucked by another man, would it be a friend, a stranger, would we pick someone up or join a site?The more we talked, the more I became turned on by the idea, and I had always had a fantasy of sex with a stranger. Just pure lustful, torrid sex with no holds barred, this being a one off to please my love. “Let’s do it!” I said, almost hearing my mouth saying it like some out of body experience.He smiled and asked isveçbahis yeni giriş if I was sure. I told him I was and he said I could change my mond at any point and no questions would be asked. We decided to go to a club and see if we could attract a willing victim! So I sat before the mirror having applied my make up, looking at my reflection wondering what a can of worms this might open. I was preparing to go out with my husband and if all went to plan, fuck another man. Rob was attentive in a cat on a hot tin roof way almost over checking that I was still ok with this, he watched me as I rose from the dressing table to get dressed.I slid on a deep purple thong and a matching boned corset that pushed my boobs together into a killer cleavage. I bent forward giving Rob and eyeful of thonged bum as I slid on sheer black hold ups and then stepped into black patent platform shoes. I could see him rearranging his trousers and hear his breathing become more laboured, “fuck you look good” he said. I smiled and blew him a kiss.I stepped into the tight black hobble skirt and smoothed it down over my hips. The outfit left little to the imagination about my curves and just shouted sex. I could feel my pussy getting wet knowing I was turning Rob on and knowing my role was to attract our prey and lure him into our fantasy, it had become ours not just Rob’s. We arrived at the club and after getting a drink we surveyed the potential. Rob hung back a little in order that I seemed available and it wasn’t long before tongues were hanging out at the sight of my outfit and my very upfront boobs. Men passed by me, some commenting lewdly, some just looking but obviously thinking they would be punching above their weight, some were too young and some just not attractive to me. A man caught my eye and I thought he could be the one. I walked into his eye line and turned on the seduction switch, looking around making a point of not looking at him. Before long my assets and my ignoring him caught his eye.I timed returning his gaze to perfection, looking at him like I had only just noticed him and then, classic flirting, licked my lips and smiled at him. He sort of smiled back but in a way the said “am I bothered?” so I upped the stakes by looking around, avoiding him, trailing my fingers over my décolletage and playing with my hair. Eventually I saw him make his way to the bar and went and purposely stood one person away from him and waited to catch his eye.It worked and before long we were doing the dance of seduction, both under no illusion we wanted the other. We went and sat in a quieter area of the club and after chatting for a while I told him the real reason for my attempting to snare him for a night of fucking.I explained I was married and about the fantasy, his reaction was predictable, telling me adamantly he wasn’t into isveçbahis giriş guys and so was dubious. I explained that Rob just wanted to watch and so it would only be him and me fucking to fulfil that fantasy. He agreed to meet Rob and after a chat and another drink he seemed more relaxed. Eventually I forced the issue by asking him to dance and did the dirtiest dance I could, this seemed to provoke the desired reaction – I could feel a straining hard on pressing into my belly. I leant over and said in his ear “fuck me” he smiled and then kissed me hard and that was all I needed to know.Rob had booked a local hotel and had arranged for Champagne and fruit to be available. We popped the cork and had a glass to further break the ice and I slipped out of the outfit I was wearing to a long black satin chemise and a pair of black satin knickers. I slipped into 4” porn shoes and went back into the room. Rob had taken up position on the settee and was sitting back casually like he was watching TV. Greg (the prey’s name) was leaning back on the bed and I approached him asking if he approved of my outfit?I sat on the bed and crossed my legs, pointing my toe to elongate my leg and show off my shoes. Greg sat up and kissed me hard on the mouth and ran his hands over my body. I started to undo his belt and before long a glorious cock sprung forward, semi erect and thick even though it wasn’t fully hard. I walked around the bed and straddled him, taking his cock into my mouth and sucking him, no licking but sucking aimed at making his erection grow. All the time I watched Rob and tried to gauge his reaction to what was happening.He smiled and I knew I could open the taps and give him the fantasy he deserved. I stopped sucking Greg and told him to eat my pussy. I lifted my chemise and sat back on his face and felt him pull my knicks aside and begin to work his magic on my slit. His tongue lapped slowly at first bur was soon licking me like I was an ice cream and he was tasting the juices that dripped down. He undid the ribbons that kept on my knicks and took them off, parting my pussy lips with his fingers and then slid at least two fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit, as I became wetter he slipped the juices onto my clit and rubbed it with varying pressure making me gasp with every stroke. I leant forward and dangled my boobs over his rigid cock as he alternated between rubbing my clit and fingering my wet hole. I took off my chemise so I could tease him with a tit wank, as I squirmed with pleasure sitting on his face.I could feel the warm glow of an orgasm rising through my body and this grew as he tongued my hole and rubbed my clit. I cried out and felt myself squirt onto his face, my cum so strong that my thighs gripped his head like a Bond girl assassin.As I regained my composure, lying on my back I looked at Greg and isveçbahis güvenilirmi said “fuck me now!” He bent my legs back towards my chest and in one stroke slid his cock into me up to it’s hilt and began to fuck me gently – “harder, make me cum again!” I looked over at Rob and he was looking at me and an almost imperceptible nod let me know he was enjoying our show. Greg picked up the pace and was pounding into me making my boobs bounce (I have an F cup) and parting my legs so he could get deep into me. Another orgasm exploded from me and filled the room with my screams. This man was amazing, he had stamina and staying power and so the show was good for Rob and for me, so if this was the only time I would have sex with someone other than my husband, it was good. I heard Rob’s voice calmly saying, “fuck her from behind” and Greg turned me round and licked me before sliding into me once more. Another pounding followed and I lowered my body so he was rubbing my G-Spot with his thick, rigid cock. As he fucked me he fingered my ass, one finger was followed andby another l I felt I was full of his fingers stretching my tight asshole. I was hot and I was soon cuming again. “I love you fingering my ass” I said to Greg and looked at Rob to see if he knew what I was saying, He did “fuck her ass” he told Greg and he threw some lube onto the bed. He mouthed, “OK?” to me and I smiled, he knew I wanted it. Greg gently eased the tip of his cock in to my slippery asshole and gently pushed his length in, opening the way ahead as he did. He fucked me more slowly but it was no less sexy and his breathing became more laboured the more he fucked me. “You are so tight and you are going to make me cum.” He pushed harder in to me fucking just a little faster and then asked if he could come in me. I looked at Rob and he nodded “yes, fill me up” I said. He fucked me harder and I could feel his cock twitching against my hole. The familiar sound off a man reaching orgasm rang through the room and he continued to slide in and out of me, I squeezed to milk very last drop of his cum out of him and we then collapsed into heap, our naked bodies squeezed together in exhaustion.I looked at Rob and he was rubbing his cock, looking at Greg and I in a tangled heap. “Now my daring wife come and suck my cock, while Greg licks the cum from your ass.” I looked at Greg and he nodded – OMG we had struck gold!It wasn’t long before both Rob and I cum once again and all three of us sat on the settee and floor laughing at what had just happened. No one seemed embarrassed and I kissed Rob, telling him I was still only his. Greg asked if he should leave but Rob said no he could crash if he wanted – the settee was a bed and he agreed, well it was gone 5am by this time.The following morning we all had breakfast together in a local café and we got to know Greg a bit better. He admitted he had been a bit anxious but had really enjoyed the experience. Rob asked me if I had? I felt like it was a bit of a test but had to be honest and said I had. “Well” said Rob, “my other fantasy is to DP you, so is anyone interested?”Greg smiled and offered us his mobile number.

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