Oca 06

Pleasure Thy Sister Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: this story is purely fictional. Are characters are over the age of 18, and are not modeled after specific people.


Chapter 4: A Little Alone Time

The day was quiet. Early afternoon was the time when most of the girls were in class, or somewhere else on campus. Save for a few sisters here and there, the house was peaceful.

Emma had gotten home from class maybe 20 minutes earlier. Stopping by the kitchen for a quick snack, she headed upstairs to her room to put her bag away. Luckily, she had been ahead in all her classes, a house rule. Since she had some down time, she decided to enjoy her afternoon outside. It was a beautiful day.

Stripping down to nothing, she grabbed a small box from under her bed and headed back downstairs to the backyard. The sorority house has a beautiful and spacious backyard, with high fences and beautiful gardens. A pool was surrounded by various patio furniture, and a series of swings and hammocks hung from the large trees.

Laying back on a chaise lounge, Emma began to lightly play with her hardening nipples. She sighed as she teased them, enjoying the sensations. She gently flicked at them sending jolts of güvenilir bahis tingles to her core.

“…ahhhhh” she sighed again, continuing to circle and pinch.

Keeping up her treatment to one breast, Emma reached for the little box she set on the floor. Expertly she flipped the latch and grabbed the treasure inside. A 7 inch long, thick dildo. Just enough to enjoy a long session of ‘TLC’.

Emma stopped flicking at her hard nipple and reached with her other hand to grab a small bottle of lube. Not that she needed it, but she loved the feeling of the extra slickness. She wasted no time in pouring a line along the length of the toy, and spreading it along the shaft.

Primed and ready, Emma leaned back along the chaise lounge, spreading her legs. She began running the dildo along her wet pussy lips, teasing.

“… ohh…” she moaned. Every time the head of the shaft bumped her clit, she felt another wave of arousal build up in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t help herself.

Lining up the toy with her hole, Emma began to push it inside. Her head fell back as it slid along her walls with ease. The gentle stretch just what she needed.

“Ahh fuuck” türkçe bahis she moaned. After a few moments, she began to pull the cock out slowly, before pressing it back inside. Soon, a gentle and steady rhythm began.

In… and out… in… and out… over and over again she guided the dildo in and out of her wet pussy, tightening around it. She kept up the same pace for what was beginning to feel like hours. Nothing else mattered but her and her pleasure.

Emma moaned and sighed softly, still stroking the toy in and out of her sex at an almost leisurely rate. Very slowly her pleasure was building. Reaching down with her other hand, she began to gently tease her hard clit. Already wet from the lube and her own arousal, her circling fingers played with the throbbing button. Combined with the cock slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy, she was in heaven.

Her pleasure was beginning to climb quicker that expected, but Emma didn’t speed up. She wanted to build it. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open in a smile. Every now and then she almost giggled at the sensations, so focused on feeling it spread from her pussy to her whole body.

“..ahhh… ah… ah!!” güvenilir bahis siteleri Her walls began to clench. She wasn’t cumming yet, but every mini contraction felt like a small orgasm. Yet she still continued to tease and ride the edge.

“… ohhhahhhhhhh haah…” her moans flowed out from her lips as she felt her clit start to quicker. Unable to hold back, she circled her little nub faster while she fucked her glistening pussy. Legs spread wide and on display. Birds chirping combined with Emma’s needy moans. She squirmed and felt her pleasure coil up deep inside.

The head of her toy brushed against her g-spot with a perfectly timed thrust. Emma’s breath caught like she had pulled a trigger.

The coil inside exploded and she let out a long groan. Her pussy’s contractions around the dildo prolonging her pleasure and her clit jumped underneath her flying fingers. Emma let her climax ride over her again and again.

Finally after what felt like hours, her body began to relax. Giving her clit a few more rubs, enjoying the sensitivity, she gently pulled her toy out. A shudder running through her once it was released by her right pussy. Emma dozed off for a few more minutes, before being woken up by the sounds of her sisters in the house.

Rising from the chaise lounge, Emma cleaned up her belongings and headed back inside. She smirked, deciding to find someone else to enjoy her toys with.

The End.

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