May 31

Pledging Ch. 02

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-DAY 39- 3rd Day of HELL WEEK

“Where the fuck are they…?” Lee mumbled to herself. She anxiously paced at the rear garage entrance of her building, waiting for her line-sisters to return.

It was almost 10PM and she still had a paper to finish for her Economics class. Choklit (Dianna) and Lez (Leslie) were upstairs in her apartment studying, while Dizzy (Mariah) and Dottie (LaChaun) went out on a food run. Heading into “Hell Week” she was proud that she could finally remember all of their names.

“Come on, y’all!” she shouted when they appeared from around the corner. She helped them with the bags as they hurried in and entered the freight elevator to return to her 3rd floor studio apartment.

Lee’s place was now “Petal HQ”; the Line had been camped out there since the beginning of Hell Week, for both convenience and “safety”. They agreed to use her place as a “hide-out”, although the Lambda Mu Big Sisters all knew where she lived.

The chapter had a standing rule for Hell Week: “Petals should only be seen and heard when summoned”.

“Any Petal spotted out and about on campus, other than during school hours, runs the risk of getting stomped!” Pledge Mother Thumper had warned them three nights prior. Despite this “exemption”, the Petals had gone to the extent of using rear and basement entrances to get to and from classes; they didn’t want to take the chance.

Since the Freshman/Sophomore dorm was located across the street from the Upperclassmen dorm — where six of the KLT Roses lived — Lee’s apartment, two blocks from campus, seemed like the most logical choice. Sleeping bags, an inflatable mattress, books, shoes and clothes were strewn about. Normally, Lee was a “neatness freak” who enjoyed her solitude, but none of that seemed to matter. The clutter, the extra bodies, the noise, waiting for the bathroom — these were minor annoyances compared to the other stressful, humiliating and degrading things she’d endured while pledging KLT.

While Lee added the final touches to her assignment, Dottie and Choklit made sandwiches. Soon after they were all gathered in front of the television for a late dinner. This was the first night in weeks that they weren’t being summoned to the K-House. They all felt cautiously relaxed.

“What about ‘The Five Petals of Distinction’…?” Dizzy suggested. There was a brief silence before all broke into laughter.

It was a chapter tradition for each line to “name itself” by the end of Hell Week. Past lines had names like “The Lone Rose” and “The Magnificent 7”. They’d spent the last 2 weeks tossing ideas around but nothing had stuck so far.

The conversation next changed to their opinions and feelings about the Lambda Mu Big Sisters (“Fuck them evil bitches!”). They all agreed that Pledge Mother Thumper was by far the worst offender — it was her ‘job’ to watch over them, but she seemed to take delight in their discomfort and humiliation — especially when directed at Lee.

“I swear to y’all!” Dottie informed them. “After all this pledgin’ shit is over, I got some SPECIAL payback for her…!” Lee made a mental note to remind her about (and possibly assist her with) that promise.

They each chimed in with their own ideas on how to “thank” their Pledge Mother for her unnecessary cruelty.

Eventually they grew bored with talking about her and the topic of conversation turned to sex.

“After we cross, I’m gonna suck and fuck the first dick I come in contact with!” Choklit exclaimed. “I don’t even care who it is…”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Dottie joked. “Lez’s brother might be around.”

Lez’s twin brother, Kyle, was also a student athlete and on the men’s volley ball team. He often came around to help them out with food or money.

“Girl…!” Choklit smirked at Lez. “You betta hide that boy, ’cause if I get ahold of him…”

“Damn…” Dottie inserted. “Won’t that almost be like you fuckin’ Lez…?”

They all laughed.

“If she had a dick — I’d fuck her too!” Choklit added.

The laughter continued.

“I actually might be able to hook you up…” Lez giggled, reaching into her backpack. She produced an 8″ black strap-on dildo and passed it around for them to study.

“When and where the hell did you get that thing?” Lee asked as she gripped the thick shaft. “More important, why do you have it in your backpack..?”

“Big Sister Chaos…” Lez shrugged, referring to the Assistant Pledge Mother. “She called me over to the house one night and had me wear it under some boxers. Then I had to get in bed with her. She got off humpin’ me and fell asleep. Been back three time since…”

“I guess Choklit ain’t the only one that secretly wants to fuck your brother…” Dizzy chimed in.

Choklit, now holding the dildo, playfully poked Dizzy on the back of the head with it. They spent another hour talking about sex and how horny they were before finally turning in.

Lez and Choklit shared the inflatable air mattress at the foot of Lee’s bed, while Dizzy and Dottie had the canlı bahis şirketleri sleeping bags next to them. Choklit snored and Dottie sometimes talked in her sleep, but Lee had grown accustomed to each of their “particulars” and even imaged she might miss them when they were no longer around.

She was just dozing off, when she was awakened by an unexpected guest.

“I hate sleeping alone…” Dizzy whispered as she quietly crawled under the blanket. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all…” Lee whispered back, looking to make sure the others hadn’t stirred.

Neither of them had mentioned their encounter at the Lambda Mu After-Party, nor shared it with the other girls, but she hadn’t stopped thinking about it. She felt herself getting aroused each time, and now was no different.

“Night…” Dizzy whispered kissing her softly and cuddling close behind her, while draping an arm loosely across her hip.

“Goodnight…” Lee whispered as her nipples stiffened against the thin fabric of her cotton nightshirt.

She lay there for several long minutes, now wide awake, very horny, nervous and wondering what she should do. She stretched, shifted her hips and angled her ass so that it pressed against Dizzy’s thighs. She held her breath hoping that this would invite a reaction.

Her effort was rewarded. Dizzy’s casually placed hand slowly moved up Lee’s waist, inching along and then under the elastic waistband of her panties.

Lee bit down on her bottom lip when Dizzy’s fingers finally made contact with her moist lips. She fought an urge to moan aloud, for fear of alerting the other girls to what they were doing. She stretched and shifted again, this time laying on her back and spreading her legs wider.

Dizzy now had two fingers skillfully toying with her clit. When Lee turned her head to look at her, she found Dizzy’s eyes closed; her face completely placid as if she were sound asleep.

Lee needed to see some sort of reaction from her. She wanted to know that she wasn’t the only one all wet, hot and bothered.

She pushed her hand between Dizzy’s thighs. Without shifting from her side, Dizzy raised her leg. Lee was delighted to feel the dampness that had already soaked into the crotch of the younger girl’s panties. She anxiously pushed her hand under the waistband and inserted two fingers deep inside her, causing Dizzy to gasp aloud.

“That was uncalled-for…” she whispered.

“My bad…” Lee answered.

They kissed and fingered each other, trying their best to not awake their line-sisters. Trying their best not to moan or breathe too loudly or shake the bed too much.

They were unsuccessful.

“Y’all ain’t foolin’ no-damn-body…!” Dottie loud-whispered climbing into bed with them.

Lee was slightly embarrassed at being caught, but too horny to stop. Dizzy only shrugged.

“Wanna join us?” Dizzy asked.

“Nah, I’m good.” Dottie smiled, rolling onto her stomach and humping her hand. “I just wanna watch y’all…”

Lee and Dizzy smile and kept fingering each other, while Dottie masturbated next to them. Lee was glad her full-sized bed could accommodate the three of them.

“Sshhh…!” Dottie suddenly said a few minutes later. “Y’all hear that..?”

They paused. There was a faint squeaking sound, and faint whispers — coming from the foot of the bed.

“Oooh shit…” Choklit whispered. “You-you pretty good with that thing…”

“I got you…” Lez assured her.

The three bedmates listened to the faint sounds of the air mattress creaking against the floor as Lez made use of the strap-on.

“Y’all ain’t slick..!” Dottie shouted towards the foot of the bed. She rolled onto her back and continued playing with herself. “Some of us just wanna ‘rub-one-out’…y’all makin’ it hard to concentrate..!”

There was laughter from all, but Lez and Choklit did not stop what they were doing either.

“Oh fuck…” Choklit soon cried out as she reached her climax.

“About time!” Dottie said to more laughter.

A few minutes later Choklit donned the latex toy to take care of Lez. Her head would occasionally appear at the foot of the bed as she rode the taller girl doggie-style.

“Damn, that’s so fuckin’ hot…!” Dottie said as she closed her eyes and resumed her masturbation.

“Hell yeah…” Dizzy agreed. She removed Lee’s panties and then her own and pushed the blanket aside. “…no need to pretend anymore.”

Lee smiled. She was growing to like her line-sister’s ability to take charge in these situations.

“Come here…” Dizzy instructed, pulling her on top. “I’ve been wanting to do this with you for a while.”

Lee soon found herself atop Dizzy in the 69-position, her line-sister’s skilled tongue working magic on her clit. She pressed her mouth between Dizzy’s thighs and tried to keep up.

“This is so fuckin’ hot…” Dottie gasped again. She pulled the chain on Lee’s small desk lamp so that she could see them all better.

She was now standing next to the bed, her tank-top pulled canlı kaçak iddaa up over her breasts and her panties stretched between her knees. She frantically rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples as her attention shifted between the couple on the floor and the couple on the bed.

“Oh, shit…fuck me!” Lez cried out.

Lee lifted her face from between Dizzy’s thighs. In the dim light, she could just make out Lez and Choklit near the foot of her bed. They had left the air mattress and were now on top of the vacated sleeping bags. Lez’s face was pressed into a pillow, with her ass raised high. Choklit squatted behind her, gripping her hips and pounding away with the strap-on with everything she had.

“Don’t run, girl!” the short, chubby woman snarled. “You know you want this dick!”

“Oh yes…” Lez whimpered.

Lee returned her focus to Dizzy’s pussy. The two of them went at each other until Lee found her “sweet spot”, inserting two wet fingers into her ass. Dizzy moaned out loud, her mouth still locked onto Lee’s cunt. Every muscle in her body flexed as she began to shudder and moan.

Lee’s face was left sticky from sweat and quim juices.

“You don’t play fair…” Dizzy panted as Lee changed positions to lay beside her.

Lee shrugged and locked lips with her again, grinding against Dizzy’s thigh. It didn’t take long for her to cream on her line-sister’s leg.

A short time later, Lez gave in to the pounding being ministered. Choklit, now sweating from head to toe, still furiously humped her from behind.

“I’m…I’m done…” Lez moaned, pulling away and rolling over onto her back. Her face glistened from tears and sweat.

But Choklit was still ready and willing.

“You…you want some of this…?” she panted turning towards Dottie.

The light-complexioned, freckled young woman was now sitting in Lee’s desk chair. Her right leg was draped over the chair-arm and her panties dangled from her ankle.

“Nah…I’m good.” She smiled still rubbing her clit.

“Sleep now…?” Lee asked them all. They laughed and agreed, settling back down. Dizzy remained in bed with her.

“Just so you all know,” Dottie announced bolting up from her sleeping bag. “When this crazy shit is over, I owe each of you a good, long, hard fuck…”

There was a brief pause.

“You promise?” Lez chimed in.

“I better be first..!” Choklit added.

There was more laughter before they fell silent again and drifted off.


The following day was quiet. They didn’t receive a single call or text or even see any of the KLT Big Sisters.

“It’s TOO damn quiet…” Lee thought.

The next night was very different. The Petals were summoned to the K-House just after midnight. They were all nervous and anxious — they knew that this was probably the night that they would ‘cross’ and become Roses.

“We got this…!” Choklit encouraged them as they started up the pathway leading to the rear of the house.

They were met half-way by Pledge Mother Thumper. She had them stand in a circle and wait for her to return. They waited silently for almost 40 minutes.

Thumper finally returned carrying a large canvas bag. Assistant PM “Chaos” soon appeared at her side also carrying a large canvas bag.

“Strip!” Pledge Mother Thumper instructed. “Down to your panties and put everything in this bag.”

It took less than 3-minutes before all five young women stood wearing only pale-blue panties and black choker necklaces. The cool, early-spring air produced goose-pimples and stiff nipples on each of them. Thumper collected their belongings in the bag.

“Put these on.” APM Chaos then told them. She produced a bundle from her bag for each of them. The bundle turned out to be a black-satin robe, a pair of thin, black flip-flop sandals and a black, silk pillow case.

They donned the robes and sandals, and hesitantly peered at each other wondering what to do with the pillow cases.

“Over your fuckin’ heads, dumb-asses..!” Thumper snarled when she realized they didn’t get it.

“I already don’t like this…” Lee thought to herself as she pulled it on.

Again the five pledges stood silently as the PM and APM whispered and snickered among themselves. Eventually they took each girl by the hand and lined them up.

“Keep your right hand on the shoulder of the girl in front of you and follow. Choklit, you follow me.” Thumper instructed, taking the girl by the hand.

They walked for several minutes in silence, taking more than a few turns, meant to disorient them. They each stumbled a few times walking on uneven grass or pavement in the sandals. In fact, Thumper and Chaos simply led them around the entire ½ acre of the property once, circled the house twice and doubled back across the yard, before finally ending up on the path where they’d started.

“Y’all about to walk in to some wild an’ crazy shit!” Chaos warned. “Be ready!”

Lee felt Big Lez’s grip tighten on her shoulder. She realized they had entered canlı kaçak bahis a building, the light breeze was gone and she heard faint voices and movement. She wasn’t certain, but she got the impression that they were in the carriage house, where the infamous Spring Formal “After Party” had occurred.

They all came to a sudden stop.

“Sisters! Five have been brought before you…” Thumper suddenly said aloud. “Seeking entry to the sacred presence of Kappa Lambda Tau! They claim they are worthy. What say you all?”

The shouts, screams and shrieks that suddenly erupted were jarring, causing a couple of the girls to flinch.

“Fuck these wanna-be bitches…!”

“Take that stank shit outta here!”

“Hell, nah! Not in THIS fuckin’ lifetime!”

The pillow cases were snatched from their heads. Lee could tell she was right about their location — the carriage house. There were candles lit along the walls. They were in the center of the room, closely surrounded by dozens of women, shining bright flashlights directly into their faces and screaming curses and insults.

“Get the fuck out! Get the fuck outta my house!” Someone screamed in Lee’s left ear.

“Bitch! Your sorry ass didn’t make it the last two times you tried…!” Someone else screamed at her from the right.

She couldn’t tell who either woman was, but she figured them to be Big Sisters from Lambda Mu and neighboring chapters. She could smell their breath, their sweat, and the tequila shots some of them had done before getting here. The other girls were getting the same treatment. She could feel Dizzy start to tremble in front of her.

“Almost there, almost there…be cool!” Lee kept saying in her head. She focused on maintaining her place in line and a firm hand on Dizzy’s shoulder.

After what seemed like forever, a whistle was blown several times above the shouts and insults and the room slowly grew silent. The women surrounding them backed away, keeping the flashlights shining in their faces.

“It is now time!” Thumper’s voice broke the silence as she stood in front of them.

APM Chaos appeared again and collected the robes, sandals and panties from each girl. Now wearing only the black chokers, they were then instructed to line up side-by-side.

“You will now be judged.” Thumper announced to the five nude young women. “Come forward when your name is called…”

“Mariah Ellis…AKA Dizzy…” was called first. She padded forward slowly and nervously.

“Even now, she is still fucking gorgeous…” Lee thought watching her “favorite” line-sister walk towards Pledge Mother Thumper.

“You will be the first to pass through the gauntlet that could lead to the place you seek.” Thumper said, her voice echoing through the cavernous room. “Are you ready and willing to take the final steps? Are you ready to prove to all assembled here how badly you desire Kappa Lambda Tau..?”

“Ye-Yes…I’m ready…” Dizzy answered.

Thumper motioned for the crowd behind her to part, revealing four robed figures — two women and two men, wearing black masquerade masks. On her signal they all opened their robes to reveal that they were also nude. Their oiled bodies glistened in the flashlight beams. They were all shaved; both men were well endowed and aroused.

“Then prove you are worthy..!” the Pledge Mother told her motioning to the four.

Dizzy took a deep breath and exhaled before approaching the group. She touched the breast of the first woman and kissed her. Her free hand found and firmly gripped the cock of the man standing next to her. This drew a few cheers and encouragement from the crowd that was now focusing most of the flashlight beams on Dizzy’s efforts. Dizzy took turns with each member of the group, who individually seemed more than happy to get acquainted with her.

“Dianna Samson…AKA Choklit..!” Thumper called out. “Come forth and prove your worth.”

Nervously, Choklit approached the group. The taller of the two men turned to face her. Her eyes went to his crotch, she got down on her knees and took his member into her hands and then her mouth. This drew even more cheers.

“Suck that dick, Petal!”

“Do it for Kappa!”

Choklit was exceptionally good at blowjobs. This didn’t go unnoticed by the 2nd young man in the group. While Dizzy ministered to the two women, he turned to Choklit and she happily shared her skills with him. Soon she was two-fisting and alternating between both men.

“LaChaun Lewis…AKA Dottie…and Leslie Crenshaw…AKA Big Lez…” Thumper called. “Step forward and prove to us you are worthy…”

Lez took Dottie by the hand as they walked forward. Soon they were both engaged in the group action. Dottie shared the two women with Dizzy and Lez attempted to prove her felatio skills next to Choklit. Lee stood behind and anxiously watched.

“I don’t fuckin’ believe this…” she thought. Being “the last one” made her even more nervous.

“Better be sure to step up your game when you’re called…” Thumper hissed in her ear. She gave Lee a swift, hard slap on the ass.

“Almost there…” Lee continued trying to calm herself.

She watched her line-sisters fully engaged and enjoying their trials, wishing she was sharing in them. She felt herself getting wet.

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