Mar 31

Poker Loser Ch. 07

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When Allison woke up Saturday morning, she realized that the had to hide her coat and get in the shower before her parents came in and found her on her bed, naked underneath the black coat and with dried cum on her ass. Wincing, very sore from the night before with Todd, she moved carefully as she stowed the coat away under her bed and ran to the bathroom. None too soon either, she could hear her mother coming down the hall.

“Allison? Are you up? Our guests will be arriving in an hour.” Her mother’s voice drifted into her rooms.

“Yes, I’m up,” she replied, praying that she sounded normal, “I’m in the bathroom, I’m just going to take a shower and get ready.”

“That’s fine dear,” her mother’s voice drifted off as if she was heading downstairs. Allison slumped against the door of her bathroom in relief for a moment, before turning and examining her abused and sore body in the full length mirror.

Brown hair was tousled and tangled, her breasts looked normal although they were still pinkish on the undersides. Her nipples were redder than usual, but no one would be seeing those; a cautious touch made her wince as the entire area around her nipples was incredibly sore. There was no evidence whatsoever around her pussy and ass, although there were some faint shadings that might have been bruises on her ass. Todd had kept his word, the only lasting marks on Allison’s body was the discomfort and lingering soreness, nothing anyone would see as long as she was careful (and much more easily explained away than visible markings.). Relieved, she got into the shower and prepared for the pool party.

A few hours later, surrounded by family, friends and her parents co-workers, she could almost believe that the night before had been some kind of dream. Her life was so odd lately, with everything going on as usual other than her Friday nights… and the fact that she seemed to need to masturbate daily or else her pussy would be burning with a kind of itch that wouldn’t go away until she did. Grimacing a little, she also tried to forget the new feelings of excitement and anticipation that she was starting to get when Friday approached. They were strong feelings after all, she was probably just excited because she and Todd only had two more dates left. Mingling with the guests, she smiled and acted as if everything was normal.

“Allison,” her father’s voice called to her from across the yard. Turning, her smile froze as she saw him standing next to Chad, her step-cousin who so recently had shared a date with her and Todd. The blonde frat-boy smiled at her, waving cheerfully as her father continued to call to her, “Allison, come here darling!”

Gritting her teeth, she walked over to the two men, trying to pretend as if everything was normal.

“Yes Father?” she asked, deciding to ignore Chad as if he wasn’t there. It’d probably be the best way to handle the situation.

Unfortunately, her well-meaning father made that impossible for her, “I’ve just been talking to young Chad here, he’s going to Italy this summer, isn’t that exciting?”

“Great,” Allison echoed weakly. The incredibly smug expression on Chad’s face was beginning to make her nervous, “It’s really beautiful there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“I was just telling him about all the pictures you have from your trip there last year,” her father said, beaming at his beautiful and accomplished daughter, completely clueless of the undercurrents of the situation.

“Yeah, I’d love to see them,” Chad grinned at her like a Cheshire cat.

Thinking quickly she said, “Well I’m sure that I can send them over to you sometime when you have the time to look, or I could bring them down here now.” She almost heaved a sigh of relief at the perfect solution, she could send them later with one of the servants or he’d be forced to look at them here with her.

“Well, I’m going out of town for a week after today, getting together with some of my college buddies, and when I get back I’ll be very busy packing for the trip and getting things together before I go,” Innocently he turned to Allison’s father for support.

And got it. “Why don’t you two run upstairs and look at them,” her father said genially, “Don’t need to bring them down here darling, everyone who’s interested has already seen them.” Apparently deciding everything was settled in this corner of the yard, he started walking away towards where yet another guest was ataşehir escort bayan entering, leaving Allison alone with her cousin.

“Come on Allison, let’s go up to your room and look at your pictures,” Chad took her arm and began moving her unwilling body, “Best look as though you want to come though, wouldn’t do for people to wonder why you don’t want me looking at your pictures from Italy.”

Muttering under her breath, Allison allowed herself to be pulled along, trying to think of a way out of the situation. Once in the bedroom she grabbed the box where she’d stored the pictures and shoved them at him, “Here, you can look at them and let me know what you think.” But he grabbed her wrist rather than the box and kicked the door of her bedroom closed with his foot.

“Allison, really I would’ve expected more hospitality from you considering everything we’ve been through together.” She stared at him mutely, without a clue of how to respond, “Todd told me he was seeing you again last night… I’d love to hear about how the night went.” He began dragging her over to the bed, “Here, let’s gossip.” Sitting her down on the edge of the bed he took the box from her hands and placed in on the floor.

“So, tell me what happened,” As he spoke he began to move his hands behind her neck, untying the top of her bikini.

“Don’t touch me,” she hissed, slapping his hand away. Rather than getting angry, his eyes sparked with mischief and excitement.

“Be nice now Allison, I’ll bet that your dad would be very interested to hear about how his perfect daughter has been spending her Friday nights… now I’m just asking for a little favor between cousins,” he grinned as she winced at his choice of phrasing, “In light that I won’t be seeing you again until I’m back from Italy I figured that you’d be a little more co-operative to your loving relative. So. Tell me about last night.”

Closing her eyes, Allison started speaking as the ties around her neck fell away, “I went over, he made me wear nipple clamps and a clit clamp and an assplug. I had to handcuff my hands behind my back, and put a gag in my mouth.” her bikini top fell completely off, “He spanked my ass with a paddle,” the bottom to her suit worked its way down her legs, “Then he whipped my boobs and my nipples, and the he whipped and cropped my pussy, and then we had sex.”

“Ouch,” Chad responded, “Sounds like that hurt.”

“Yes,” she said opening her eyes, to her dismay he was now taking his own suit off, “Yes it did, it hurt a lot and it still does, so please… don’t…”

“Oh no,” he grinned at her, “I don’t feel that sorry for you. And I’m getting a going away present from my pretty cousin.”

Pulling her body totally onto the bed he began kissing her, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth. Again she experienced that wave of disgust at the fact that her cousin was kissing her, in her own bed no less! Chad was just excited at this chance to have his hands on his snobby cousin again, especially since this time he wouldn’t have to share her. Her very short and clipped story of what Todd had done to her the night before really just made him more excited, knowing that her body had been abused like that. There was something incredibly sexy about the vulnerability of the girl beneath him, that just added to the naughty taboo of their relationship and the physical attraction he had to her anyway.

Allison was relieved when he finally ended the kiss, even though she knew that worse was coming. At least her cousin’s tongue wasn’t in her mouth anymore! Still, she felt slightly sick as he continued to treat her like his own personal sex toy. Ignoring her whimpers and slight whines, he began to knead the heavy globes of her breasts, sucking hard on the sore nipples. Her body arched in pain underneath his as her nipples cried out protest at being touched, much less at being sucked and nibbled. Remembering how much her breasts had affected her, he spent plenty of time lavishing attention on them, sending jolts of pleasure and pain through her body as the abused appendages responded. He tweaked the nipples and twisted them lightly, biting and pulling them between his teeth, gripping her whole boob in his palm and twisting the globe of flesh.

By the time Chad was done with her breasts, Allison was panting as though she’d run a long race. Her body didn’t care that it was her cousin on top of her, it responded to escort kadıköy his manipulations as well as it would to any other guy’s… her pussy was soaking wet. Eagerly, he lowered his mouth to her pussy, burying his tongue in the sweet juices he found waiting for him. Being very athletic, it was no trouble for him at all to twist his body around so that his dick was above her face without ever lifting his mouth from her quivering pussy. Lowing his dick, he poked her closed mouth and cheek; when he pinched her clit warningly, Allison finally opened her mouth. There was nothing else to do, if she made a seen, she’d be found with her cousin and he’d be very quick to spill all about her Friday exploits in an attempt to save himself.

Feeling more nauseous than ever she accepted his dick into her mouth, although she did nothing to suck back. It didn’t bother Chad, he moved his hips rhythmically, fucking her face like he would her pussy as he licked her juices. Allison couldn’t help but sigh around his dick as he sucked her clit into his mouth; despite the abuse heaped on it the night before, the little nub was quite responsive and her cousin was an extremely skillful pussy eater.

Before long she was feeling very close to an orgasm, as much as she tried to hold off from it, and she wished that it would just all be over. She almost wished he’d just cum in her mouth, as disgusting as that would be, if he would just leave her alone after that. Cumming while Todd had been there just didn’t seem nearly as shameful as cumming when it was just her and her cousin.

Chad lifted his face out of her pussy before she orgasmed, but also without cumming himself. Resigned, Allison just watched as he turned himself back around and positioned his very hard dick at her pussy. Spreading her legs a little, she winced as he pushed into her, and spread her legs a little more, trying to alleviate the discomfort. He moaned as his dick was once again engulfed in his cousin’s extremely tight wet pussy; he didn’t know how she managed to stay so tight with that monster of a cock that Todd had, but she did. Allison gritted her teeth and bore it as he began thrusting in and out of her, his hands running down her body possessively. Really, she wanted to scream out in horror and disgust, but there was nothing to do except lay there as her cousin ravished her body.

Noticing that he wasn’t getting quite the response he wanted, Chad lifted her body up and pulled himself back so that he was kneeling on the bed, her body pressed close to his. Allison was forced to put her arms around him to keep balance, and as he began thrusting into her again she moaned. The new position meant that his body ground into her clit every time he drove home, and his dick pushed against her g-spot as he moved. With her eyes closed, she could almost pretend that it wasn’t Chad that was moving so aggressively beneath her… at first her phantom lover was faceless, but as Chad continued to thrust, he began to closely resemble Todd.

Now that he was getting a much better response from Allison, Chad really began thrusting hard, rocking her body on top of his. It made her boobs bounce enticingly on her chest and he reached his head forward to suck a nipple into his mouth. As he sucked and fucked, his cousin started really writhing in his arms, her eyes closed and her head had fallen back so that the long sweep of her brown curls hung behind her. She began to move back against him, riding his hard dick and grinding her body down onto his. Chad moaned, releasing the nipple from his mouth, and he quickly sucked the other one in to give it attention as well.

Allison was moaning as in her mind she rode a passionate and attentive lover who physically resembled her Friday night tormentor; but he was kind and romantic, and everything she’d ever wanted. Her nipples and pussy were on fire with need and desire as he heaved and moaned beneath her.

Chad was overjoyed with the response that he was getting from Allison, he had a feeling that since he eyes were closed she was probably thinking of someone else – Todd maybe? – but that didn’t matter to him. The reality was that it was him buried deep in her pussy, him that she was riding so enthusiastically, him that was producing the whimpers and moans from that pouty mouth that so often turned guys down. And it would his cum that filled her tight pussy at the end of the day, not anyone else’s.

Biting maltepe escort down on the nipple in his mouth, he grabbed her perfect buttocks and heaved vigorously beneath her. Allison let out a wordless cry as she came, digging her nails into his back with her passion. Her tight pussy pulsed around his dick, and as the ice princess creamed herself all over his dick, he began shooting spurts of his own cream into her ready pussy. Releasing the nipple from his mouth he moaned her name as he came, emptying his balls into his aloof cousin, he held her body tightly to his until he was completely spent and his dick was beginning to soften.

“Thanks beautiful,” he gave her a deep kiss, and then allowed her body to fall off of his, cum already beginning to leak from her pussy. A quick trip to her bathroom to clean himself off, and he practically skipped back down to the pool party. Allison lay on her bed, disgusted with herself, until he was gone. Then she pulled her body up, and ran to the shower, trying to wash her cousin’s mouth, hands, and cum off of her even if she couldn’t wash away her memories. Half an hour after him, she rejoined the pool party, telling her father that she’d had to make a few phone calls that she’d forgotten to do while she was inside. Trying to ignore the smug expression on Chad’s face, she joined the other kids her age in the pool.


At the end of the day, Allison was in the laundry room, looking for her towel – it was blue and white and said “ANGEL” in pink letters, she’d had it ever since she was 12 and it was her favorite. Somehow it had gotten mixed in with all the others and she didn’t want it getting accidentally thrown out with the rags or anything. Sighing happily when she found it, she turned to go, only to see Chad in the doorway watching her with a light in his eyes.

“Nice ass Allison,” he stepped in and closed the door.

“Now what?” she asked, resigning to one more session with her horny cousin.

“Just wanted to say goodbye,” he stepped towards her and lowered his mouth hungrily to hers, the towel clutched in her hands between them, he probed her mouth for a moment before pulling away, “Again.”

Grinning cheerfully, he turned her unresisting body facing away from him and pressed her upper body down over the washing machine. Swiftly, he slid her bikini bottoms halfway down her legs and then pressed his dick slowly into her pussy from behind.

She moaned into her angel towel as her pussy was stretched out again, her breasts were pressed flat against the cold machine, but her face was protected from the metal by the soft fabric of her towel. Pumping his dick in and out of her pussy, he sighed in happiness at the tight wetness that surrounded his dick; the he pulled out and began pressing his dick into her even tighter ass. Allison moaned again as her ass opened for her cousin, it didn’t hurt very much after all the stretching it had gone through the night before… in fact it almost felt good. Chad groaned as he pumped her tight ass, the chance that they might be caught (unlikely as it was) added to the thrill.

Moving slickly, his dick plunged in and out of her ass as her nipples hardened against the coldness beneath them. Her breasts were rubbed against the metal of the washing machine as her cousin banged her body from behind; and she shivered with both the cold and pleasure. Deciding that he might as well take advantage of the situation, Chad moved his hands around the front of her thigh, and rubbed his fingers against her pussy and clit. Allison moaned and pushed her body back at him as little waves of pleasure traveled through her body, and his dick lodged itself more firmly into her ass as she moved her hips back against him. Groaning as her ass clenched around his dick, he pushed two of his fingers into her dripping pussy and used the butt of his hand to really press and rub her swollen clit.

As he began spurting in her ass, he shoved a third finger into her pussy and a moment after him, Allison started cumming as her cousin emptied his load into her backdoor hole. Her pussy juices dripped over his hand as she came, sighing in completion.

Chad allowed his body to relax onto hers, pressing his softening dick deep in her ass as his body pressed hers down onto the washing machine. Kissing her neck and shoulders, he murmured, “Have a good summer Allison.”

With a last kiss, he straightened up and his dick fell from her gaping ass, one glob of white cream sliding out of the slick hole. Allison pulled up her bikini bottoms as he opened the door. Wrapping the towel around her waist, she waited till he was gone and then went quietly back up to her room.

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