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Popping Ronnie’s Cherry

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I was walking past a line of shiny antique automobiles at the Benton County Fair when I spotted a 1919 Model A Pan Automobile that was manufactured in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. It was very innovative for it’s time and had a feature that allowed cross country travelers to fold down the seats into a bed for the night. As I looked into the windshield, I saw the reflection of a tall man with a grey beard, and my mind wandered back to my first automobile that I bought on my 18th birthday.

The sun had dropped below the horizon when I pulled my 1952 Nash Rambler into the driveway of Sandy’s house, a couple blocks down the street from mine. There was a full moon, and just enough light to see a tall slim woman, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, sitting on the doorstep. The light of the moon highlighted the crisp white blouse that flowed loosely from her open sweater, above a full skirt. I climbed out of the car and went around to open the passenger side. She ran up to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a wet kiss on the mouth. I always enjoy a friendly greeting, but I was startled when I realized that the woman in my arms was not Sandy.

Ronnie, short for Ronele, was Sandy’s close friend, and the first girl that I dated seriously. But we broke up over a year ago, when I did not match her fast paced enthusiasm for parties and wild weekends. With a nervous glance, I looked past her to see if Sandy was going to catch us.

Ronnie smiled and gave me another peck on the mouth and said “Hey, relax Bob, Sandy is laid up with the cramps from her monthlies and she asked me to fill in for the night. Besides, I need a real big favor from you, and Sandy agreed that tonight at the drive-in would be just the place.”

I was relived that Sandy had started to flow, because the last time we had sex the rubber broke, but I was still confused and wondered what Ronnie had on her mind. I looked up and saw Sandy lean out of her bedroom window on the second floor. She waved and then she threw a paper airplane towards the car. It landed at my feet and when I unfolded the paper I saw a heart drawn around a note in her distinctive handwriting.

The note said ” Bob, Honey, I am cool with what Ronnie needs. Have fun, but remember that tomorrow you are mine again. Love Sandy”. I looked at Ronnie, and she pointed to the little foil package that had fallen to the driveway when I opened the airplane. It was a condom, which of course back then we called a Rubber.

When I bent over to pick it up, Ronnie squatted down next to me and whispered in my ear, ” I need a visit from Doctor Bob.” Then she took a deep breath and said ” I need to have my cherry popped.”

The 15 minute ride to the Blue Moon Outdoor Movie Theater was very quiet. Finally, after I pulled into a parking spot at the very back, I asked her how she had learned about Sandy and I having sex while engaged in a very adult version of Playing Doctor. She leaned over and lightly bit my ear lobe and said ” close friends have lots of girl talks.”

I protested that I was honored by her request, but what about Steve, her steady boy friend. She said that she wanted to have sex with him, but he acted like he was still on the football field, when they made out. Ronnie told me that the first time she let him suck her breasts, he almost bit off one of her nipples and she wanted her first time to be gentle. I was still getting used to idea, but quite frankly I was getting aroused, and that sweet fishy smell seemed to canlı bahis be present in my car again. Wanting to make sure that I had all my bases covered, I asked if Steve would be disappointed to find out that he was not first. Ronnie told me that she had lied to him and claimed that she had lost her virginity to an Uncle several years ago, and was still getting over the experience. Ronnie was 3 months older than Steve and she planned to give in to his desires, next week, on his 18th Birthday. But, first she needed a be prepared.

The movie was ” Where the Boys Are” with Connie Francis and George Hamilton. We quickly settled back into our old habits. I made a seat for Ronnie by crossing my right leg over my left, and we started to neck. First a few light kisses on the lips, but very quickly we moved on to exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. She pulled back and I kissed her neck, and then I pushed aside the little gold cross she was wearing and kissed the soft skin just above the swell of her breasts. I can still remember the smell of her favorite perfume, Heaven Scent. In the past, I had never gotten any farther than cupping Ronnie’s breasts under her sweatshirt, so when she let me unbutton her blouse to reveal her bare breasts, I realized that she was serious.

I looked into her eyes, and said ” are you sure about this?”

She reached out and pushed my face into her breast, and said ” I knew it would never last, but I always wanted you to be first.” But when she hesitated a moment, I suggested that we had all evening, so maybe we should slow down and watch the movie for awhile

During the intermission, I headed to the snack shack for popcorn and drinks. When I came back, Ronnie had a big grin on her face, and I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned again. I also spotted her wet panties on the floor by her feet. She took one of the soggy ( I like extra butter ) popcorn pieces and rubbed it one of her big brown nipples. I gently sucked the nipple into my mouth and teased the tip with my tongue, while I rubbed the other nipple with my thumb and forefinger. When I heard Ronnie start to moan, I let go of the nipple and placed my hand between her outstretched legs and slowly slipped it up under her skirt. She shifted a little in my lap to give me more access, and when she felt the tip of my finger touch her opening, she flinched, and then relaxed. I ran my finger up and down the length of her vulva, and then painted lazy circles around and over her clitoris.

We kept this going for quite awhile until finally she looked at me with pleading eyes and whispered, ” Please kiss me down there.” She got up on her knees facing me and raised the front of her skirt. She was still too low, so I started to slide down a bit, when we saw them coming.

They were the Head Counters. Although most Drive In Movie Theaters just charged a flat admission per car, The Blue Moon, charged for everyone over 12 years old, and then provided a dated card with the number of paying customers written on the front. On the other side was the schedule of upcoming movies and a coupon for a free drink to be redeemed the next time you came. The coupon was to encourage you not to toss the card out the window after the show. You were supposed to stick the card in the back window, and sometime during the movie, employees would walk around to make sure that there were not more heads in the car then the number on the card. However, the owners of the theater found that they could make extra money bahis siteleri by leasing the space to an fundamentalist evangelist who preached to tourists and returning fisherman on Sunday Morning. As part of the agreement, the head counters were given the additional duty of making sure that all the heads were visible and more or less looking in the same direction. Sure, they expected to find a lot of kissing going on, but that was all that was tolerated.

I looked around and told her to reach over the front seat and pretend to be trying to grab the tissue box on the back windowsill. When Ronnie’s body stated to slide past my head, I reached under her skirt. The Head Counters briefly looked our way, and Ronnie actually waved at them with one hand and grabbed the box with the other. I reached around and gently cupped one of her cheeks in each hand and pushed her vulva into my face. I licked up and down the slit, and then sucked that swollen nub that I found at the top. She just panted for a few minutes but very soon her silent mouthing turned to groans. I started to rub a finger against her brown eye, and when I felt her body start to shudder, I pushed my way past the sphincter. Sweet, but fishy fluid flooded my face and I could feel her body pulsating on my finger. Fortunately, Ronnie had managed to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. That took care of my motto, Ladies First, but now it was time to finish the job.

I reached down to my waist and undid my belt and unzipped my fly. My face was still in Ronnie’s crotch, but I could tell that my penis would not need anymore encouragement. Thanks to Sandy, I had enough experience at putting on a condom in the dark, so that was accomplished without looking. We did not dare risk getting caught with the seats of my Nash Rambler folded down completely, so we decided that Ronnie should position her opening above my penis and then slowly impale herself. She took a deep breath, whispered ” here I come “, and wrapped her arms around my head. She started to slowly slide her quivering body towards my exposed crotch. But on the movie screen, Bugs Bunny had just said ” That’s All Folks”, then suddenly the picture disappeared and was replaced with brilliant white.

We knew that by the time we got to the road, all the secluded spots around town would be taken, so I headed to Smithy’s Car Wash. Ok, I know what you are probably thinking. This nut case is sitting next to a virgin who wants him right now, and he wants to wash his car? That was exactly what Ronnie was saying, until I told her what Smithy had learned last year when he opened the first fully automated car wash in the county. The kids were going inside and fool’n around. First he slowed down the equipment so that it took 20 minutes from the time the doors closed until they opened again, added some soft light, made sure that the occupants knew how much time was left, and tripled the price. Then he paid a few people to brag about what they had done at Smithy’s, and kept it running every night until Midnight. Granted, everyone had to go inside to pay for the wash in advance, and prove that they were 18, but each wash came with free condoms. The one I put on at the drive in theater fell off when I went limp after the lights came on.

My car was next in line, so while we waited, I got Ronnie warmed up again. She got back in my lap, and I slipped my two center fingers inside her and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. I just knew that what I had learned in that High School canlı bahis siteleri Bowling class would come in handy. I could only enter her up to my second knuckle but as long as I kept the pressure on her clit, she didn’t seem to mind the pressure on her hymen. She was starting to moan a little when the big metal door rolled up and I grabbed the steering wheel with my sticky fingers and pulled on to the track. As soon as the doors closed, we pulled on the levers at the sides of our seats, the back fell with a flop, and we had the comfort of a double bed.

We could have picked any position, but I still felt that letting Ronnie control the penetration was the best. I pulled my pants to my knees, and she took off her wrap around skirt. The first rinse had already started, and I looked at her beautiful body naked from the waist down hovering over my erect penis. I reached up and fondled her bare breasts under her blouse and she took hold of my penis, touching it for the first time, and guided the head to her vulva. She started to lower herself, and I watched as the head, now covered with a fresh condom, slowly disappeared inside. Her natural lubricant was trickling down the side of my shaft and dripped into my hair. Ronnie and I maintained eye contact and when I could tell by her expression that we had reached the impasse, I told her to stop. We just looked into each other’s eyes and listened to the delicate swish of the liquid being sprayed on the windows.

When the bell rang indicating that the wash cycle was about to start, and there was only 15 minutes left, Ronnie smiled at me and whispered, ” let’s do it.”

I pushed my knees up so she could lean back, and I slowly started to make short thrusts. First out until my encouraged head made contact with her outer lips and then back up again until I felt the hymen. Condoms, which because of their thickness, really did feel like rubbers dulled the sensation just enough to give me a little extra time. The extra attention I was paying to her clitoris with my thumb, speeded things up for Ronnie, and she started moan, and she rocked from side to side in unison with the car that was being gently massaged by the brushes. Suddenly she shut her eyes, her head flopped backwards, and I decided that her orgasm was my best chance to distract her from the pain of my next thrust. I gripped her pelvis and pulled her down until our public hairs mingled between our bodies. She just let out a little cry, and then she leaned forward with her hands on either side of my head and I continued to thrust the full length of my shaft into her body. I did not last long before I felt the pressure from inside my own body, and very soon there were a couple involuntary thrusts of my pelvis, and I filled the reservoir head of my condom. I held her my arms until the next bell announcing the start of the final rinse. By the time the doors were open we had managed to clean up a small amount of blood and get dressed, except for the panties. I found the panties the next morning, and stuffed them into my glove compartment where they stayed for several years.

The ride to her house was just as quiet as the first ride to theater. Doctor Bob’s job was done and after one final kiss at her front door, I quietly said ” Wish Steve a Happy Birthday”, and I turned and walked to the car.

Because Ronnie and Sandy were close friends, we saw each other at school and we even doubled dated a few times, but our time together on the warm summer night was never mentioned again. Sandy and I continued to date and remained occasional lovers right up until I was drafted into the Army and sent to Viet Nam. Now, the two women, one that took my virginity, and the other who let me take hers, are just memories.

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