Mar 31

Poppy’s New Regime

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I woke at 6.50 this morning and was just about ready to get up and go wake Daddy, oh, I was home now, not with Don and Daisy.

I went for a Pee and looked in John`s bedroom, he was not back till Thursday, I think. My dad heard me up and scolded me for waking him and said I`d be getting a breakfast spanking so not to dress,

Afterward I agreed on reflection that`s fair, whatever was I thinking?

I showered at 7.00, mum was just coming out, she had a red stripped bottom from her maintenance yesterday and looked like she had taken a spanking too last night.

“You ok love?”

“Yes mum, you?”

“Of course, dad says you’re in for a spanking for waking him.”

I nodded and went for my shower.

I dried and walked straight downstairs naked.

Dad had a neighbour in, an early visitor, they were discussing some land by our house.

“Corner Poppi,”

“Yes Sir.”

“Poppi thinks it fun to wake me before 7.00 this morning so has a spanking coming.”

“Would you like a cup of tea Jim?”

I guessed his reply, easy.

“That would be nice, thank you, you carry on with Poppi, I am in no hurry.”

I heard a kitchen stool screeching over the kitchen floor. “Poppi!”

I walked over and straddled his knee and took a full strength hiding, my tears flowed.

I was stood up and dad pointed out to our neighbour how my tears ran down my cheeks, onto my breasts and bounced off my nipples, “That’s how you know it`s been a good spanking Jim.”

I was sent upstairs as Jim finished his tea and left.

Dad followed me up, I was already knelt waiting.

I remembered my Daddy Don`s teaching, unzip and struggle to take it out insinuating it`s a huge cock.

He was soon hard, and I was soon on my back, enjoying dads soothing tactics.

“Are you going to wake me again in the morning Poppi?”

I thought to myself, only if it`s the promise of your belt dad, “Noooo Sir, I`ll be as quiet as a mouse.”

I put him away and zipped him up and rushed to get ready for my bus.

I went outside just as it started raining, I rushed back for my umbrella from the hall as mum was striped and going over the kitchen table dads belt already looped waiting to strike.

“Sorry Sir, mum.”

“You will be at home time Poppi.”

“Yes Sir.”

Mr. Pilkington was not in this morning so had to wait 35 minutes for the sub manager.

I could have done with one of his `inspections` this morning, never mind.

In no time at all I was on the bus home.

“Hello ataşehir escort bayan all, I`m home, heloooooo.” No answer.

I saw a note on the table;

“Hello Poppi, my dear, Mr. Foulgen has taken a turn for the worst I`m afraid and so we are hospital visiting, you might like to say a prayer for him, mummy.”

I undressed from my work uniform then knelt by my bed. I prayed Mr. Foulgen had the outcome to his illness he wishes and prewarned God of his imminent arrival.

I prayed for all and mum and dad and Daddy Don and his wife Daisy.

It was my usual bedtime routine but a little earlier.

I was tired, I left a note on the table;

Dear mummy and daddy, sorry for your troubles and hope all turned out as it should. Daddy I know I am due a belting and going to bed now I feel so tired and week, please wake me for it if you think it cannot wait until breakfast.

God bless you both, and John, love you, Poppi xx

Next news mum was shaking me in had slept 13 hours. I had to miss my shower and just pulled my jumper over my head, knickers and skirt, coat on as I passed the hall and ran for my bus.

“Good morning Mr. Pilkington Sir, I trust you had a good couple of days break?”

“Yes indeed, only downside was the passing of Mr. Foulgen last evening.”

Oh so sorry to hear that, may I make you a coffee or tea Sir?”

“A coffee would be very welcome.”

I had a Pee as the kettle was boiling and took his coffee to his office.

I knocked and was welcome to go in.

Mr, Pilkington looked me up and down, “Lock the door Miss Brown, I do believe I need to do a clothing inspection.”

“Oh my Sir, I was so late up I never even had time for a Pee.”

I locked the door, “Should I strip naked Sir, or will you undress me as the naughty girl I am this morning?”

He looked over his glasses and pondered, “Come here, hands above your head Miss Brown.”

He removed my jumper and pinged my nipples by flicking them with his finger and thumb.

“I have knickers on Sir.”

“For now maybe, but not for long.”

My skirt dropped to the floor followed swiftly by my knickers.

I voluntary laid over his knee and was duly spanked to sobs.

“You may dress Miss Brown, that will be all for now.”

I put my hand up,

“Yes Miss Brown?”

I hugged him, “Sorry if I have let you down Sir, I really am, you are a very special man to me and…”

He put a finger on my lips, “In the morning make yourself escort kadıköy a coffee too, and we will talk through your problems.”

“Thank you Sir.” I hugged him again before I left.

I was frozen all day, every time the bank door opened the draught stood my nipples on end.

During my afternoon break I got a text from mum, “Dad has had a call from Don and as a result Dad said to tell you to get straight home, looks like trouble for you.”

What could I have done to upset Daddy Don so much he had to ring my dad?

I went through the front door, I heard talking, mum met me, “Shower and straight down love.”

“Who is here mum?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitlow and there 2 grandchildren home from college come to see your dad.”

“Mummy, should I put my dressing gown on?”

She shook her head.

I was soon in the kitchen and placed my hands straight onto my head, I did not have big tits, that I knew, but I pushed what I had out front, loud and proud.

Dad unbuckled his belt and I leant over the kitchen table.

Dad`s belt was like a firework going off it was so hard, loud and rapid, but I only got about 30

I screamed, even after it had finished, for my audience.

“Will you serve dinner mother please, Poppi, corner.”

They all ate dinner, talking, laughing, no doubt staring.

My head stared spinning and then, BANG, down I went.

I was in dad`s arms as he laid me on the couch in the lounge, mum got 2 throws and must have covered me up, I was gone again.

I sub consciously heard the door and had the covers pulled back.

“Thank you for coming so quickly Dr.”

“No problem at all I am always at your service.”

My eyes opened a little, I saw the doctor, a little blurred we smiled at each other

“She is badly dehydrated, nothing a good few drinks won`t alter though, maybe a day in bed tomorrow and she will be as good as gold.”

Everyone went and my dad carried me to bed after a few glasses of water.

He put my head on his chest and I must have fallen asleep.

I heard something during the night and felt a kiss on my forehead.

I found out in the morning, John was home, I just wept.

I felt much better and asked dad if he would ring Mr. Pilkington to see if I may go in late.

He said it was fine and rest at home, and he would see me for coffee on Monday.

I lazed in bed, mum and dad went shopping and John came in to see if how i was, he was soon in bed with me and made me feel much, much maltepe escort better, i`m sure his willy had grown.

When i sucked him i knew for sure it had, my little brother was now a man.

It was my first day back to work and as usual I arrived with Mr. Pilkington.

Before I could speak, “Good morning my dear Miss Brown, are you sure you are fully recovered?”

“Oh yes thank you Sir, much better, perhaps not quite 100% but getting close.”

Mr. Pilkington was very good with me, I took his coffee and he hugged me, “Drink plenty of water today, if I fine you have not been you know the consequences.”

As a I left his office a new girl was waiting outside.

She took the same morning break time as me and she asked me if I minded her sitting with me.

I knew of her from school, but she was a year or so younger so was not in my circle of school friends.

“Hello Poppi.” I read her name tag as a reminder.

“Hi Amy, I noticed you went into see Mr. P. this morning.”

Yes, I did, this was my third morning on the trot after being caught twice chewing in works time and some gum being found under one of the canteen tables, which I admitted was me.

I got an essay to write one why chewing at work was not allowed on the day it happened, and a right hiding off my grandad when I got home, you know, over his knee and the kitchen strap?

“Yes, I am very familiar with that regime.”

“The next morning I was told to strip naked and was spanked by Mr. Pilkington and this morning l had to show my maintenance marks now dads back home for a while from his time working away.

The second morning she was spanked by Mr. P. and this morning had to show her maintenance marks so he said he would not spank her.

I let her finish and told he every one of us has been over his knee, and at regular intervals.

Mr. Pilkington said he would not spank me as its still sore, do you want to look?”

She was eager to strip to her undies in the toilets and she was full of whip lines, she gently pulled out her tiny tits, yes, tinier than me, they too were lined on her tits and nipples. Got to say I got a right tingle and could not help reaching out, she leaned forward and I massaged.

“Should I lower my knickers Poppi?”

“Yes, if you wish,”

She stood on the loo seat and I lowered them to her knees wow he had done a right job on her. I touched her lips and she whimpered.

“Would you like me to kiss them better?” She pushed forward, I kissed, licked and sucked her young secret.

She was soon in rhythm with my tongue and gave me the sweetest cum.

I pulled her knickers up and patted her bottom.

“I am here to talk any time you need me Amy.”

I helped her finish dressing, told her to Pee then we went to our counters.

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