Mar 31

Prechers Daughter

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I have to be honest when I say I have had a hard time trying to find a way to start this story. It’s there inside my head, and while I’d like to say it’s a fantasy or perhaps even something I’ve made up I cannot for sure say that. Because the truth is that I do not know. At some point in time, in some part of the world I am fairly certain that this story has become apart of history so please bare with me while I try to get it out. I have tried however, my best to make this as fictional as possible and all characters places and events are strictly from my own head. Any resemblance to real life events is purely coincidental.

Reverend William Davis was a good solid Christian, with good Christian values, He worked hard played little and took care of his family best he could. He spoke of Christian lifestyles and being honest and pure, he spoke at the local high school about abstinence from “Satan’s temptations” and strongly believed in the idea that women belonged barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

By that alone we can assume that his desired urgency in getting his wife pregnant was probably the cause of her death. While few would say it to his face, William Davis was a pampas ass. His house and his church overlooked the small town of Little Rock Texas and even though he was “a man of god” he lived beyond any means provided by the Christian angelical church. He and his wife Bella Davis had one daughter, and while she was trying to recover from a very bad pregnancy he made it clear he wanted more children. “Tis not the meek who shall inherit the earth Bella” he would often spout when they discussed more children. “Tis those who renounce Satan and provide an army for the Savior to work through” Bella knew better then to argue. Most would say she was afraid of her husband; the truth was she thought he was an idiot.

Bella and Davis were married when she was only eighteen and he was thirty-five. By then he was already established in the town church, and his family was the wealthiest family in town, being the sole survivor helped when he approached Bella’s father about marriage, promising to take care of her and her family. And he did; the first thing he did when he married Bella was to buy her mother and father a house in Florida, as far away from Little Rock Texas as two people could get.

At the time Bella thought it was a sweet gesture, in reality it was the first step in isolating her from the town and the people there. She played the part of the perfect church wife well however. She had sex with her husband once a month, she organized the church fundraisers, helped out with the schools in the area and often would buy groceries for those who had a hard time making ends meat. It didn’t help that along with being the town Rector, William was also the town mayor. Few people were too afraid to go against the man, he might not have been evil per say, but he was frightening nonetheless.

When Sarah was five years old Bella died giving birth, it was the fourth attempt and while the doctors made it clear that Bella would not have any more children after Sarah William would simply smile his cold smile and say “It is up to us to create God’s army Bella, he will provide” so once a month and sometimes twice if he felt like it, William Davis would slip into his wife’s bedroom, into her bed, and begin the tiring task of what he referred to as “God’s Duty”

When His wife passed he wasn’t sad, he wasn’t afraid of what life would bring he was…well he was pissed off. He picked her because she was virtuous and beautiful, with blonde hair and deep blue eyes she was what he thought God would want…or so he said. She was five feet nine matching perfectly to his six foot four, his coloring darker then hers with black hair and eyes deeper then the sea, he often looked mean…whether he forced the look or whether he was born mean no one really knew.

Not many people were surprised at his outrage most assumed it was because it was his way of dealing with his grief, in reality only Sarah understood it was because as she’d often been told, Bella Davis was weak, too weak to carry out Gods gifted plan.

Sarah grew up in a closed environment. She had many friends at school none of which were boys, she was his pure angel, not William’s mind you, but God’s secret angel amongst the whores and mongers in the town. She could clearly remember him telling her all through her growing that she would bring to the town peace and purity, it would be her duty to cleanse Little Rock of it’s dirt.

When Sarah turned sixteen she noticed that her father started to stare at her more. She noticed that he was there when she climbed out of the shower, he’d be waiting in her room as if he wanted to talk to her, but he never said anything, he would just stand there and stare at her body covered in a thin terry cloth robe.

Unlike her mother, Sarah’s hair was a sort of strawberry blonde color and her eyes were mismatched one was green and one was blue. Her father took this as a sign, Sarah just assumed it was weird genetics.

On her pendik escort eighteenth birthday, she’ll never forget this day, on that day her father gave her only piece of jewelry she’d ever owned. It was a beautiful cascading necklace full of platinum and diamonds and it must have cost him a fortune, but he never told her. There would be no party, there never was. Sarah would cook dinner something special; as long as she lived she was never able to remember what she’d made for dinner, because in reality that wasn’t the important part, no the important part came after dinner.

Finished eating he gazed at his daughter, tonight she wore a dress of her mothers, it was a sapphire blue summer dress with pale white lilies on it, bringing out her eyes. She wore little make-up her father had constantly told her that only whores wore paint to cover up the dirt, so she didn’t bother usually but she was eighteen and she would be going off to collage soon, so tonight she’d put on a little rouge and lip gloss which brought some color to her pale skin.

Some would assume that growing up with a Father constantly talking about God’s wishes, angels and paths would be suffocating but the truth was that Sarah loved her father, and knew that while he might have certain…issues, he was generally a good man at heart.

“Daddy? Do you want some more pie?” Sarah smiled as she offered her father the last piece of home made cherry pie, she’d made it especially because she knew it was her mothers favorite. As she leaned over his plate he gazed down her dress, he didn’t hide it, though William was glad that his lust was hidden under the large oak table. His dark eyes met hers slowly as he pulled his chair back. “No thank You” he smiled that smile, that cold smile of his “I have something for you in my office, I want you to go there now and sit on my desk and wait for me” he turned about face and walked out of the kitchen.

Biting down on her lip Sarah released a soft breath; sometimes dealing with her father was like dealing

With a drill sergeant and while she loved him she was thankful she’d be leaving soon for collage.

When Sarah entered her father’s office the first thing she noticed was that the drapes were wide open, this was rare for her father hated the idea that people, or rather God could see everything and thus covered as many of the windows as possible. “Sit down Sarah…on my desk” he smiled again this time it was slightly warmer.

Doing as she told she slipped over to him her bare feet silently crossing the floor, and while William seemingly was watching the floor really he was watching the way her dress brushed across her legs, the soft material teasing him with every step she took. Quietly and without a word she slid onto his desk, this was also weird because his desk was completely empty. Usually he would have his laptop, and four different bibles covering the surface but again Sarah chose not to comment.

“Sarah…” he started and then stopped letting his eyes rake over her form slowly, having never been looked at by a man the way her father looked at her both frightened her and thrilled her, she felt a soft shiver run between her thighs and up her spine, forcing her to sit up straighter. This only aggravated William’s condition further, as when she moved the dress material tightened around her breasts, pointing out her hard nipples. Yes there was a reason it was so cold in the house.

Finally after painstaking minutes her fathers gaze met Sarah’s; “You’ll be going off to collage soon, and there are…things you should know, things about men…you’re a beautiful girl Sarah, and there are many out there who will wish to corrupt you…” pausing he stood, one large knee pressing between hers gently she gazed up, fear in her eyes because…well her father had never come this close and even though her ass was on his desk…his knee was dangerously close to another part of her anatomy.

“There are men out there who are not as pure as you Sarah, they will try to use you” as he spoke his hand slid between her thighs, she shifted, growing slightly uncomfortable though she couldn’t decide if that was good or bad, the dress slid up a little further and he sucked in a deep breath as he watched the dress move, as his hand slid up between her thighs his thumb hooked against the dress pushing it up higher, he could see she wasn’t wearing panties, he should have been ashamed…but in William’s twisted mind it was his duty to teach his daughter the facts of life.

“As your father it is my duty,” he looked up at her, his index finger sliding so very slowly into her cunt…she wasn’t soaking sopping wet, but nor was she dry either “To teach you, how to please a man…how to make him want you, and you alone so you can continue the duty your mother and I started… do you understand Sarah?”

His eyes did not leave her gaze as his middle finger slid inside of her, she shifted again though this time the dress slid all the way up with the assistance of his finger and her movements, swallowing hard she bit maltepe escort down on her lip and couldn’t quite help pushing her hips against his fingers “Yes Daddy…it’s our mission just like You’ve always told me, to create god’s warriors and spread his message” she smiled warmly up at him though her eyes held a touch of fear.

“That’s right Sarah…it’s our duty to continue the angelical line, just like you and your momma.” His hand slowly pushed against her his remaining fingers sliding under his ass; his member was so hard it was pushing against her knee through his pants. She gazed down at it gently her fingers reaching out to touch his arm, she was about to push him away but two thoughts occurred to her. A) She was terrified of her father, because he’d never touched her like this but she was fully aware of his cruel streak when he wanted to use it and B) It felt really…really damned good.

“Your such a good girl Sarah, and there are so many out there who will take advantage of you, but I’ll show you” he smiled pulling his hand away from her, licking at her fingers “I will show you how to please your husband so he won’t go to another’s bed…because that is my duty do you understand?” When she just nodded he smiled and pressed a kiss to her lips, it was soft at first, his hand cupped the back of her head though as he forced his tongue into her mouth. Sarah released a soft whimper as she tasted what she could only assume was her bodily fluids on his lips and mouth. Taking her hand he pulled her from his desk and tugged her behind him like a disobedient child. “I’ll show you, you’ll see,” he said though she wasn’t sure he was speaking to her. Silently and without a word she followed him, this time he led her to the one place she had never before seen. His bedroom.

The bedroom was dark, everything in it was mahogany wood, her daddy preferred dark woods because the darker the more pure he said. The more effort in molding it, creating something beautiful. The bed was a four-post bed, with deep red covers and she knew the sheets would also be red, she didn’t know how she knew but she knew. Quietly William closed the door after she entered as if shutting out anyone who might come in, though no one else lived with them so that was ridiculous, suddenly…she was very afraid of her father, but could see no way out.

Without a word and without ceremony, William began to undress; unsurprisingly he wore tight white underwear though it looked a size too small. Sarah was amazed at her father’s body; it was perfectly sculpted, with little tufts of hair under his belly button. He stood there watching her, watch him. “Take off your clothing Sarah” Both William and Sarah knew she was not wearing underwear, for the dress was too small to accommodate it and in the Texas heat the less clothing was the better, it was the only impure thing Sarah allowed herself. Quietly with shaky hands she pushed the strings from the dress of her shoulders, the soft blue silk material puddles at her feet.

Still silent William moved to her, his hand roaming over her body as he circled her, quietly he walked forward pushing her towards the bed, her knees hit the five foot structure and she stayed perfectly still while his hands explored her body. “I was wrong Sarah, Your not pure, you’re a wicked wicked girl, a temptation…but one I cannot ignore” he leaned down biting at her neck while she whimpered. “No papa I’m not I’m a good girl like you taught me to be, pure…I promise” her voice was hushed and whispered, but he ignored her, placing a firm strong hand over her mouth. His flesh tasted salty, and sweet at the same time as her tongue slid out to lick her dry lips.

She felt his hands covering her breasts, tugging at them while he grunted softly, his penis was pushing between her thighs and taking a step back he pulled her thighs apart, bending her firmly over the bed, his hands holding her shoulders down, her cheek rested against the same bed her mother had slept in, once a month for five years.

“Such a wicked girl Sarah, such a dirty little whore” he growled the words though they didn’t sound angry, he was grinning she could see through the corner of her eyes, she whimpered softly trying to speak but he pushed her face down into the bed for a moment, indicating silence. Once more his hands began to explore her body, his hands landed gently on her ass, and he grinned though this time she could not see.

“I’ll teach you to be pure…you’ll see, you’ll be angelical again” The ramblings seemed to come from nowhere, and scared as she was, she was unable to stop the thrill running through her vagina. The first smack came down hard, but the pain left her quickly, she was used to being spanked, though never on bare flesh…the thrill was ten times more exciting then when he’d done it as a child, only now however did she realize the pleasure he gained from it.

His penis pressed against her vagina slowly, teasingly, the mushroom head rubbed against her lips, she moaned softly as another smack hit her ass, firm and hard kartal escort but full of pleasure…she knew this was wrong…but how could something so wrong feel so good?

William’s hands reached under her, to her breasts, his fingers caressing her nipples as he talked about showing her how to please a man, she felt her hymen break as he entered her roughly “Twill only hurt a moment Sarah, but after that I promise…whores like you enjoy what comes next”

She didn’t bother trying to protest, tears of fear slid down her face as he continued to thrust into her, slowly the pain faded followed by pleasure, her moans growing as her nails dug at the material of his bed, gripping it as she realized that when he pulled away from her she was pushing towards him, together they worked like a fine tool, back and forth side to side, slowly he pulled away and she released a soft whimper, “Don’t stop Daddy….” He grinned hearing that. Rolling her to her back he faced her, his body bent, his mouth slid between her thighs. His tongue was long and firm as he licked at her cunt, breathing in her scent, a soft rumble escaped she would assume it was an attempt at a purr…it thrilled her.

Silently he pushed her from the bed, and took her spot, laying down he took her hand and pulled her on top of him his voice soft as he gazed into her eyes. “Husbands like good submissive wives, but they also like to lay back and watch…you will enjoy this too..” his grin was pure wicked old man as she felt him enter her, his cock as she would later come to think of it, sliding in and out of her as she thrust against him, deeply. Suddenly without a word she stood up quickly and turned, pressing his cock into her vagina, with her back to his face, her legs on either side of his face, hands on either side of her legs, his groans grew to fill the room as he held onto her hips, leaving indent marks in her flesh with his nails.

His hands raked up and down her thighs as she fucked him because looking back she knew she was not making love to her father, she was fucking him and he fucking her. Her hands slid up to her breasts tugging on her nipples, and for the first time she realized that she could see her father’s face, for hanging on the door was a full length mirror, she knew now why he had closed it. He was watching her with a wolfish grin, so with a slow smile of her own she bent down her head and started to lick at her nipple, her eyes focused on his in the mirror…. he growled and wrapped a hand around her hips slapping down against her furry vagina, there wasn’t much fur there, but enough.

He would teach her how to shave it later he decided a good wife should be shaved. Hearing his growl but seeing the smile her mouth cupped down on her breast he pulled on her hair pulling it from it’s braid she cried out as he tugged her hair back forcing her to bite down harder on the nipple which then sent wild sensations through her…slowly her body became something else. Something she could no longer control, as her mouth moved from one nipple to the other, her hips began to rock harder against his penis. Her vagina taking in every one of the nine and a half inches she didn’t know were nine and a half inches, and each thrust brought him deeper, each thrust brought her close to orgasm so she slowed she didn’t know why but she did.

“Teasing little whore I’ll teach You” he snarled and pulling her off he rolled her onto her back, his cock entered her fiercely, impaling is the only word that comes to mind, each thrust was hungry, needy, her vagina muscles tightened around him and he grabbed onto the frame of the four-poster, pushing his cock into her as hard as he could his knees buckling against the mattress, the bed sliding back and forth with the effort he was using to fuck his daughter. Her breath became ragged her body began to still, her moans increased and as her hands reached up to press against his own hips, to pull him in as hard as she could with his thrusts, she felt her first orgasm.

He came with her, her name echoed through the house as he cried out, again cried out being the only term that seems to fit here. She was panting as he sat on her still crushing her small form beneath his larger one. He was no longer a Minister, she was no longer the Preacher’s daughter, no He was daddy, and he’d just fucked his eighteen year old daughter; staring down at her with deep blue eyes for the first time since they’d entered his bedroom his lips crushed hers, the kiss soft but passionate, she responded equally shifting just slightly enjoying the feeling of her juice against his thighs and his inside her cunt…she gazed up with glazed eyes “You’re a dirty, dirty man” her grin was slow and as he gazed at her his voice was rough as he spoke.

“You’re not going to collage” was all he said. Silently, he rolled off of her, her entire body felt sore, cold and hot at the same time, she couldn’t seem to decide which. Surprised he pulled her against him, and then on top of him, so he entered her again. His final thrust was hard and rough as he fucked her once more sending more sensational aftershocks through her she kissed his neck lightly. “No Daddy, I’m not going to collage because…” she paused glancing up at him “You haven’t taught me how to please a man yet…only how to make a man please me”

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