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PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 21CHAPTER 21: NEW LIFE REFLECTIONSI woke up disoriented. Where am I, what woke me up? The sun is barely up. Long shadows and rays of light penetrating through the jungle canopy. There’s that noise, again. I am stretched out on the ground along b**st’s stomach and chest, his front leg over my upper body. This has become a favorite sleeping position for me since we arrived on the planet. Although it is much more comfortable on the beach sand at the lagoon. I raise my head to seek out the source of the grunts I am hearing. But right across from me I see the source. It is Gongon and Landda in the act of loving. Normally, I might say mating for gorillas, but this is different for them. Gorilla mating is what we would call ‘doggy style’. What they were doing is with her on top and him on his back. That is the position I used for Gongon when I fucked him last night. Interesting, this gorilla couple getting curious and experimental about fucking positions. I nudged b**st with my elbow and told him with my mind to check out the love-birds. He just grunted and wiggled into me, getting more in contact with my bare back. I wiggled down his body until I hit his sheath. But it wasn’t to be …Just then, just as I was feeling my ass around his groin and positioning myself to his sheath, teasing his cock out to get some penetration, just then … more noises but from below the tree where the young ones were put down to sleep. I looked quickly to Gongon and Landda but they were well past the point of casual recovery with the stirring young. I was going to need to intercept them. If they had seen their parents mating before, this would look strange.I apologized to b**st and scrambled up from under him despite him trying to hold me in place. ‘No time for playing around. I need to divert the two little ones. You come with me; you know how much they like you.’I was out from under him and was next to them before they were even fully up. The youngest looked at me as I sat down in front of them and she crawled over to me and into my lap. She curled into me and nuzzled into my breast and gently suckled. Despite never getting anything, she persisted in trying. Might just be a comforting action that is the real need. But it was immensely pleasing for me, too. Is it a sad statement that this little furry female gorilla young might be the closest to mother-c***d bonding I get? I don’t think it is sad at all if she is comforted and I am so content with the gentle, quiet closeness we share on these occasions.I am stroking the funny little face latched onto my nipple when b**st comes up and bumps over her male sibling and then takes off down the path knowing that he will be chased by the little gorilla. Their games were natural and unrehearsed, instinctive somehow across the line of species. I gently rose with the little one in my arms and followed the two down the path. A naked human female carrying a suckling young gorilla. As we continued down the path, not knowing when the other two might come crashing back towards us, I wondered about my body. While on the Predator’s space ship, we took the precaution to make it impossible for me to become pregnant. Nobody knew if it could be possible for a human and a Predator to successfully breed, but if it did happen nobody also knew what might happen. The precaution was wise given the activities that occurred on the ship between me and the Unit. But now I wondered. Not about getting pregnant. No, I didn’t need that. But my body was in the best shape of my life. My body fat was down to probably 10 or 11%, which for a woman with a mixed diet is amazing. My legs, arms, back, shoot, my entire body was developed like never before. I was proud of the way I looked. And spending my time naked felt amazing, free, and liberated. But still, holding this little one to me and walking after b**st and her sibling felt so domestic. Almost like walking in the park with the family. These thoughts are nuts. What am I thinking? Am I losing my grip on my reality? But I did start to wonder about this little one. There is no need because her mother is breast feeding her still, but … if this one keeps do this to me, suckling on my nipples … no, that nuts. Isn’t it?Just then, the inevitable happened and the two came crashing past us, almost taking me out in the process. I quietly scolded them both. One at a time, of course, because of the language difference. They both looked a little sheepish but I told them I was going to sit under a nearby tree and for them to stay close but let this little one fall asleep if she could. So, they went off and resumed their chasing. A very large black as night dog creature chasing a young gorilla male. Quiet was not in their playing apparently but it didn’t seem to bother this little one as she dozed in my arms as I settled onto the ground against the tree. I looked down at this crazy image and let my mind drift back to my current life. And my past life. What might I be doing now if I had not accepted the invitation from Otton to go with the Predators? It was very difficult now to even feel life as it was on Earth. It had only been a few years but it felt a lifetime ago. The time with the Predators, the time here on this planet. Two totally different experiences but both so totally different than anything on Earth in my life experiences.And so, I considered my current situation. I knew then, at that instant with renewed clarity, I needed more time before more direct action was taken. I had been on a path of headlong action in defense of my new world. But it wasn’t just my world. I was the intruder, also. As much as the dog packs and the new people from wherever across the ocean in their sailing ships. This wasn’t my world to control and mold into what I wanted. I was just a part of it and I needed to meld into it, accept what I could work myself into without causing damage and chaos myself. And part of that was my presentation to others on this world. Sure, the a****ls didn’t care how I was dressed or if I was dressed. But the people probably did. I remember the looks from them on the encounters on the plains and in the jungle after the attacks. I was so focused on the attacks and defeating the dog packs that I neglected to recognize the people’s reaction to me. Now, in reflection I see the looks of displeasure, disapproval. Maybe I didn’t care before, I saw myself as a savior of sorts, a Lara Croft character. But, if this is to be my home, those in it whether people or a****l are my companions, neighbors if you will, I needed to accept their customs, as much as my own desire for independence and freedom. And this was a good start. Sitting here watching two different species playing together. Recognizing that one of those different species, different from me, was my mate. And in my arms, suckling at my breast for comfort, no milk was coming, was a young female of the other species. Looking down at my breast in her mouth, only reflexively taking a suck occasionally in her sleep, considering the furry body, what should appear to be an ugly face, it feels so good. There was no getting around the furry body, but the face … no, it is just a face, not ugly, only different. Able to express love and wonder as pendik escort any human toddler.Maybe I am losing my grip on reality, on myself. Are these crazy thoughts, feelings, relationships? Stroking the head of this little one at my breast I look up and follow the crashing through the underbrush to again see b**st and her sibling darting through an opening and b**st catches my eye and stops abruptly, the young gorilla crashing into him and falling backwards. Shaking himself off, he follows b**st’s gaze over to me, as well. They both walk over to me quietly. They both stop about ten feet from me, sit down, and just look at me. I am puzzled by this change in them.“What’s the matter, b**st?”‘You. Why you have tears? Something is wrong?’‘I’m crying?’ I raise my fingers to my eyes and cheeks. My cheeks are wet. My thoughts and the peaceful quiet diverted any concern for my vision changing. ‘No, thank you. Nothing is wrong. I am just happy, I guess. In a very peaceful, contented, tranquil, emotional place right now. b**st, I don’t know if you can relate these emotions or not, but I love the life I have with you, sharing this with you, being here on this world with you, being with these new friends. Do you understand?’b**st responded, ‘I don’t think I can have those same feelings, Alexa. But, the part of being with you, sharing this world with you, yes, you are what makes my being here good. You are my mate. We are one.’“That is beautiful, b**st. Thank you.”Then we were surprised by, “Are we intruding on something?”It was Gongon and Landda. Landda looking at everyone and then noticing my cheeks. She puts a fingertip to me cheek and wipes the moisture and tastes it. Tasting the salt, “What is this, Alexa? Is everything okay?”I smile to them, “Yes, dear Landda, yes, it is. Very, very okay. Much better than okay. I was just thinking how fortunate I was and I was overwhelmed with joy, happiness. This is silly of me.”“No, Alexa. Talk. We don’t know your kind. You are the first to just be comfortable with us. Share and be like one of us or let us be like you. Can you explain?”“Really? Okay, I will try, but human emotions are difficult to explain. b**st is not used to them. I was watching your young playing with b**st, two different species, naturally bonding, playful, like it was not unexpected. I was sitting here, quietly, cuddling your youngest, stroking her head, watching her sucking on my breast. Again, like it was natural, perfectly natural. It all felt so good. b**st and I took these two away so you two could have privacy as you loved each other in that new way for you. I wanted to give you that privacy, that moment of intimacy without concern of the young ones. We are two very different species. But we share the same concerns for each other as though we were not different. b**st and I are intruders here in your world. I realized that more clearly this morning. We have to fit in with your world, not force ourselves into it. But, Gongon, Landda? You and your young have given b**st and I a wonderful gift of friendship and belonging that I didn’t know I was missing. That is why I was having the tears. Happiness, joy. Overwhelming. Thank you, both.”“Alexa,” always it is Landda, Gongon is such a guy, always letting the female do the sensitive talking, “you are always welcome with us. You have given us so much, also. We learn from you. The sex, yes, that is wonderful. But the quiet you have, we are enjoying that, too. That is not natural for us, our kind. But we feel the peace and pleasure of it.”“Landda, I hope you don’t mind this.” I indicate the little one at my breast. “She is so precious. Quietly cuddled into me. I feel very peaceful with her.”“No, Alexa. We have noticed how she likes you. That is good. She needs me, I know that. You are like a special family member she doesn’t see often enough. Alexa, we have talked, too. We forget that you are different than us, too. And not just because of the sex. You are closest friends for us. You and b**st. Like you say, three different species.”“Thank you, both of you, for accepting us this way.”“What is wrong, Alexa? You usually so sure of yourself, confident.”“I was just wondering how I, we, fit here in this world. I have much to think about. Our place in this world. What our being here should mean.”“Alexa, I think you think too much. You two are here. You have friends. Don’t make life more complicated.”“Maybe you’re right. We should go.” I get up and hand the little one back to Landda. “Thank you for letting me know her this way.“Alexa, please, I see it in your eyes, again. Believe me, just be. Wherever you and b**st go as your home place, go there. If you must think, use b**st to balance.” b**st comes over to me and nudges me with his head. “You are loved, Alexa. Start there. Remember us, too. Then come and see us, again, soon.”I nod, turn to b**st and wrap my arms around his neck. I gather my few weapons and we head down the path off the mountain. I stop when we get to the statue things in the clearing. “I wish I knew what this was all about. What is this legend they refer to? What caused it, what are these other figures?”b**st asks, ‘Are we going to the village as you planned?’I switch to mental responses, ‘No, that is one of the things I was considering. I have been charging through this world like a heroine. I need to be more considerate of others even if I don’t agree with them. The people are too reserved with handling their danger. I think they should be more aggressive in protecting themselves, but they aren’t. But it does not help if I ignore that they wear some clothes and I walk around them naked. I think I should have clothes on when I go to meet with them. How about we go back to the lagoon. For a few days. Let me think. Let me use you to talk about this?’‘Thank you, Alexa. I want to help. Some of this is outside my understanding, but talk to me anyway. It might help you to just go through it.’‘You are very wise. Let’s go to the lagoon. I need you very badly. Is that okay?’‘I am kind of tired after chasing that young one and …’“Teasing me! You’re teasing me, again?”‘Yes, Alexa, to the lagoon.’Hours later, reaching the lagoon and its peace and tranquility, I stow the few weapons I had taken, removed my boots, walked out of the hut, and stepped onto the beach. Wiggling my toes in the sand, spreading my arms out and breathing in deeply, face turned to the sky feeling the hot sun on me and the fresh breeze off the ocean. After days in the jungle, the stillness and humidity, the beach of the lagoon was always refreshing. The weather was predictably good. Sure, there were rain storms, but never more than a day for a long one and normally just a few hours. In all this time there had not been a severe storm but I was sure they must be possible and so we kept diligent about protecting our belongings. There was evidence in the jungle of violent forces toppling trees so it had to happen.b**st walked up to me and nudged my side with his as he sat down next to where I stood. ‘Go for swim. You like that. Good for you. Go to other side, think. Then come back to me.’‘Wonderful idea. You know me.’‘No, Alexa. You too complicated. But I know you like swim and sit on rocks on kağıthane escort other side. Go.’I hugged him deeply and kissed the side of his face. I walked backwards, smiling at him as I went further into the water. Then turning, I dove under the surface and came up stroking. He was right, this was what I needed. Using my body and swimming used most of my body. As I had to focus on my stroke and breathing, my mind relaxed and I relaxed. I stopped over half way and looked to the shore. b**st was still sitting there watching me. I waved to him. He lay down on the sand and continued to watch. I reached the other side and climbed out over the rocks to the ocean side. My body feeling alive and fatigued. I sat down on a large rock and looked out over the ocean to the far horizon of just water. Like anyone anywhere, I gazed out over the water at the endless horizon. Why do we do that? Everyone I had ever known who was ever at the edge of an ocean did the same thing. Gazing at nothing but the distant, never-ending horizon. Occasionally broken by clouds, rain squalls, a rising dolphin or whale or (on Earth) a far-off ship. The intrigue of the unknown. And the peaceful sound. Almost always. The crashing of the waves on the rocks, the birds both on shore, up on the cliffs, or out at sea.Intrigued by the unknown. That has pushed man out into space, they say the final frontier. It pushed people in America to the shores of the New World from the known existence of the Old Worlds they knew. Pushed them across that wide continent, growing the country and the people. Pushed them around the world for better or worse, that would clearly depend on your perspective and where you were in the world. Now space. Earth still isn’t really into space. Now I understand just how much Earth is just baby steps. The Predators showed me just how far behind Earth is, how immature we are despite our feelings of superiority with each other. Whose more powerful, more inventive, better educated, freer, more accepting of each other, who is a true believer as if anyone could possibly know what that means.So, here I am. A lonely human woman on a planet in some system in the skies that people on Earth look up at without any thought of what is up there. That I am up here. Lonely? No, that’s not the thought or feeling. Not lonely. No, I have b**st, Gongon, Landda and their two young ones. Lonely, no. No, not lonely. Alone. No, not alone, either. Only. Only Earth human. Yes, only. Okay, so what is this feeling about? b**st. b**st is my mate. Yes, he is. I love him. How? No idea and I don’t care to. It just is. Why should that be an issue? Living with the Predators in space on their ship. Training to be a warrior and a damn good one. Not as strong, clearly, but innovative. Compensating for my lack of strength. Living on this rock for part of a year. Having many adventures, meeting new species, new experiences. Hell, I’m more of a slut here than on the ship. But b**st doesn’t mind. He says I need it. He’d probably be surprised by the normal Earth human females. Talk about mind wandering …Okay, I have a lover who is always there for me. Hell, I could even communicate with him before I got this transplant that helps me with the gorillas and Native People. I have wonderful friends who want us around them. And, they enjoy good sex, too. No mind wandering … I live in paradise. Look at this. I sleep outside on the sand when I am here. Even in the jungle, I sleep on the ground. The weather is rarely an issue for temperature. And when it rains, it just feels good. The land has plenty of food. The lagoon has good fishing … and the dolphins … no wandering! … So, what is it? The Native People are a mystery. More? Are they more than a mystery? I don’t understand them. They make me mad that they don’t take more action against the intrusion of the dogs. But I’m an intruder, too. And I flaunt myself. What did I think earlier? Yeah, Lara Croft. That movie character. Female heroine taking on man and b**st to save the world even with the guns strapped to her thighs. But she wore skin tight outfits. With her body she should be naked like me.Naked heroine … Saving the world … And what thanks do I get? … What? … Who asked me, anyway? … And what if the people are peaceful, non-combatant? … What if that’s all they ever were? This is feeling uncomfortable, so I must be getting close to the truth. My expectations on others. My approach to the others. Most of my adult life I have been the aggressor and been recognized, appreciated for it. The Marines, tough, arrogant, always in front, never turn back. The Predators, tougher, savage, fearsome. This is such a stark change. I came here and wanted an arsenal when I was dropped off. The guns have saved our lives several times, but what was I expecting? This is a primitive land. Okay, so I need to relate better to the land and those here. b**st is wild. I need to finish this with him.I stand and turn, looking to the beach and familiarity rather than the what-if over the horizon. b**st, my security. A big, black, massive, huge, dog-like a****l. That I somehow love as a mate.I walk over the rocks to the edge of the lagoon water and dive in. I swim with intent and determination straight for the beach and b**st. When I reach the shallow, I find my feet and awkwardly run through the water to the sand. b**st sees me coming but is too slow in realizing he is about to be attacked by a crazed woman whose eyes are fiercely blazing with lust. He vainly tries to gain his feet but the sand gets in his way and I am on him before he is half way up. I crash into his upper body with the intent to put him back on the ground but he gains just enough footing to slip just barely to the side so I bounce off him to the side. I am rolling and laughing as I come to a stop on my back, completely covered in sand. I am still laughing as he walks to me and licks my face. I look up at him and put my hands on each side of his massive head and try to pull him to me. I don’t, of course, he’s too strong but he knows, knows what I want and comes in, following my hands. I open my mouth and he slips the tip of this tongue inside. I nibble on it and suck on it. He pulls his tongue back and let’s mine into his mouth and I tongue the fearsome teeth inside. He licks one breast but it is covered in sand and he wipes his tongue on his leg.I giggle. How girlie … but it feels so good after that funk I got myself into. “I’m going to go back in the water to wash off the sand. No, wait right here, I’m going to run down to the waterfall and get cleaned in freshwater for you. I’ll taste better than all that salt.” I start running. I look over my shoulder while running at full speed and wave to him. Yep, down I go. If I had gum, I couldn’t do that and run at the same time, either. I get up and blush in embarrassment as I shrug my shoulders and take off, again. This time I just run. But I know what he sees … my naked body, breasts bouncing wildly, my long hair trailing behind me like a wild mane or tail of a horse. I am again feeling wild and free.Under the falls I rinse the sand off. I use some of the root I found that lathers up and wash my hair maltepe escort and thoroughly rinse myself, including between my legs. Wow, this feeling is new. Like something is happening. A change. I jog back towards b**st. He is still watch me. My breasts are bouncing wildly and I feel very aware of that. I stop, still a little distance from him and walk. Within easy speaking distance I say, “b**st. Are you mine?”‘Yes, absolutely. Completely.’“Do you believe that I am yours just as absolutely, completely?”‘Yes, with no question.’“b**st, I feel a change about to happen. A good change.”‘I feel something like that, too, Alexa.’“I love you b**st. I am yours. And I want you to be mine. I want us to be mates. Humans use witnesses at a ceremony to publicly commit to each other. That they intend to be for each other forever. I know you would just take a mate. We don’t have witnesses.”‘Alexa. We have an easy solution. Gongon and Landda. I feel comfortable letting them know where we live. We could have this ceremony here and they could be your witnesses.’“Really? You think so? b**st, you would do this for me?”‘For us, Alexa. If it is important to you … yes, let’s do it.’I was only 3 feet from him when I leapt at him. Hugging his neck like a school girl getting ringed at the homecoming dance. I separated from him only slightly and looked into his eyes. “How do you want me, my mate?”‘Traditional. For me.’I kissed his nose and walked with him following to the fallen tree we use. I leaned forward with my forearms on the tree and he licked me. I giggled again at the feeling. I opened my legs wide and he licked more, now with full access to me. I reached down between my legs and stroked his chin as he licked. I looked behind me and called to him, “b**st, please, I need you in me. Please. And I want that lovely knot deep inside. Truly mate me, b**st. Make me yours forever.”He gave me several more licks and them moved up along my body and jumped up on top of me and placed his feet on the tree next to me so his weight wasn’t fully on me. He probed with his cock. Almost exploratory probes to find me, my opening, my hole that so wanted to be filled by him, entirely filled, and then sealed with his knot as he fills me with his seed. I let him probe. He is gentle. Not the violent, hard, wild, a****listic thrusts that is so normal. He must sense the need I have. He is in control, feeling his way around my crotch and then, YES! God, yessssss. He is in. I love that cock. He is in but not all the way. He is still and I want him in. All the way. I move back a little. He stays still and I feel him. Even still, I feel him expanding, growing in length and width. He has always pounded me before and I feel this as he thrusts. But this time it is like he is stimulated just by our joining. He continues to grow inside me and he moves. Just a little, a few more inches. Then more, and more, till he is all the way in. God, I can feel his knot outside already! He is turned-on by this.‘b**st, you are so gentle. But you are so hard and big, already.’‘The talk before, Alexa. How important all this is. Our being mates forever. Wanting to publicly declare it with friends. I am overwhelmed by your wanting of me.’‘Sincerely, b**st. Truthfully. Even when we were on the ship, I felt it. Remember? I told them I would leave if you had to. Now, my mate, make me yours. The way you do it. Take me, show me how much of a mate I am for you.’And he did. The furious thrusts and pumping of his cock started. His knot pounding into my lips, each time pressing my lips out, each time opening me more to taking him inside. Until, YES! God, yes… Until he was inside. All of him, his wonderful cock, his magnificent knot, sooooo deep inside. Ooooooh … this is different … so deep … ooooh, yesssssss … much deeper … how? … who cares, he is. Hitting my cervix! Oh, that kind of hurts, but sooooooo gooooooood. What has gotten into him? He is so deep. Deeper than ever and such urgency. Oh, yes. I … yes … I am cumming. “b**st! … YES … I am cumming.”In the middle of my orgasm I feel him stiffen. As my cunt is pulsing around his cock, clenching and releasing in my orgasm, he starts spurting his seed deep inside me. Oh, yes … so much. Where does all this come from? “b**st, yes, make me yours. Fill me, b**st. Make me your mate, your bitch to breed. Oh, yes, b**st.” I am exhausted, panting as he stops and just occasionally spurting more into me. He remains over me. His knot firmly lodged inside me. I feel the overflow leaking out, forced out between the knot and my lips. Unable to hold all of it inside.And I am happy. I am at peace. I am content and fulfilled. Strange? Maybe, but so is my life on this rock. For the rest of my life. It will be what we make it. But now, unlike earlier, I feel a purpose. I feel a belonging. I feel part of something bigger and lasting. No longer am I Lara Croft, dog slayer. No, now I will be Alexa, mate of b**st, friend of Gongon, Landda and their family. We will welcome them into our home. Share our commitment, our ceremony, and at the same time exhibit our trust and commitment to them. Together we will make this place a home and influence our surroundings, but not force it.I notice I am rocking back and forth on his knot and another small orgasm takes me. I sigh and moan and lower my body to the tree and then almost purr in satisfaction. When b**st pulls out of me, he just stands there and I go to him on hands and knees, cum streaming out of my gaping cunt, crawling under him and taking his wondrous cock into my mouth and begin cleaning it of our juices. But it will take a while and I am used to that. He continues to leak seed for minutes and I greedily suck it into my mouth.When I am done, I crawl out from under him and sit on my knees, my butt on my ankles. I notice the sun is setting already. I sigh and stroke his side. I am not saying anything but he knows my thoughts as well as my verbal (no, he knows my verbal because it is thought out). He looks down, ‘You are happy, Alexa.’“Yes, b**st. I am very happy. Are you? Do you want what I want? Or are you just agreeing for me?”‘Alexa, as you said, a ceremony is not the way for me. But, for us it is the way. You know I don’t have the same emotions about things like you humans. I want this. Not just to please you, but because you want it, I want it.’“Thank you, b**st. I know you don’t feel these same things. But I will keep saying what is in my heart, okay? I love you, b**st. And I want you to know that. I want you to know that I know that. And I want you to know that I am happy because of that. Are you tired, b**st?”‘Maybe enough. I will lay down with you, Alexa. I will sleep eventually. Come, we’ll curl up.’We went to our spot outside the hut. I don’t know why that was our spot, maybe so the hut would be close if a storm blew in. b**st laid down and raised his top front leg and I crawled in next to him. Stretched out along his body. Pushed my feet and lower legs under his hind legs and wrapped myself under his front leg. I sighed deeply and wiggled into him closer even though there was no closer. I still tried. Feeling his underside along my back, wiggling my butt into his stomach, squeezing his front leg.The next morning b**st told me that I fell asleep, immediately. My muscles hardly had the chance to be fully relaxed before I was asleep. He said he wasn’t sure at first but decided I was. Puzzled, I asked him what made him wonder. He said I repeated four words over and over in my sleep … “I love you, b**st”.* * * Part 22 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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