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pregnant and lusting

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pregnant and lustingHe pushed her legs apart and inserted one finger into her. She was so tight, so dry. He had to force his finger inside her. He withdrew it and pushed it in again – he did this a few more times and then inserted two fingers into her – she tensed which made it even harder to gain entry. He forced the fingers inside her and then tried three fingers. Again, she tensed and clenched around his fingers making it hard to push them in – but push them in he did – all the way inside. He talked to her gently, coaxing her. With his spare hand he began to unbutton her blouse, revealing a very nice cleavage above a trim, black lace bra.He parted her blouse and undid her bra releasing her tits, which bounced out, and he began to stroke them. He tweaked her nipples between finger and thumb gently at first, then harder until they became slightly engorged. He bent his head and started licking and sucking gently at her tits, all the while finger-fucking her with three fingers. Her juices finally began to flow – slowly at first – then increasing as he sucked on her tits harder. When he bit her nipples the juice hit his fingers in a mini-wave. Now he was getting somewhere.He removed his fingers and knelt between her legs, pushing them upwards. He dipped his head to her cunt and started to lap her juices, licking and sucking on her clit – she moaned and started to move her hips. This was better. He continued to suck on her clit and fingered her tits and when her moving became more frenzied he stood up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He held onto both of her breasts and started to push inside her – she moaned. He hit what felt like a wall inside and squeezing both her nipples hard, he pushed hard and felt the wall tear and then he was gaining entry. She cried out and tensed but he continued to move into her – pushing the whole 12″ inside her cunt, ignoring her cries of protests and the tensing of her legs. He carried on squeezing her tits hard and forcing his cock inside her until she had taken his whole shaft.Her eyes were lordbahis güvenilirmi wide open and her face had a look of surprise, as if she hadn’t thought she could take it all. He began to move in and out, gently at first, building up a rhythm until he was pounding into her and ramming her against the back of the sofa. He climaxed into her and grunted as he emptied himself.He withdrew, did up his trousers and then tweaked both nipples again. “Thanks babe,” he said and left.The next day when Candy awoke she felt sore between her legs and then remembered what had happened the night before. She had been babysitting for one of her professors (Suzie White) when her husband, Keith, had walked her back to her room. Afterwards, he had invited himself inside for coffee. Coffee! Never mind the coffee- he had taken her virginity instead! She blushed when she recalled it and wondered how on earth she could look her professor in the eye this morning.She was the first student there and Suzie took the opportunity of thanking her for the previous night and asking if she would be available again on Saturday. Candy nodded – available for what, she thought hopefully.When Saturday came, Candy was on tenterhooks all day anticipating the walk home and coffee after babysitting. When they returned from their night out, the husband again offered to walk her home but they hadn’t got very far before he stopped and pushed her up against a tree. He began to kiss her and put his hand under her skirt. He moved her panties aside and slipped a finger inside her – she tensed and pulled away. “Someone might see,” she murmured. “Who cares?” he answered and pushed her back again. His hands went to her blouse and undid the buttons, pushing it apart and pulling her tits over the top of her bra – he started to suckle her whilst finger-fucking her. She gasped and moaned.She wasn’t happy doing this out in the open and it showed, as her juices hadn’t yet started to flow. Getting impatient he released himself from his trousers and shoved his cock up lordbahis yeni giriş her cunt, forcing his way in. He put one hand over her mouth to stop her crying out and the other hand held her buttocks while he forced himself inside. He felt himself tearing at her lining but didn’t care – he needed release and now! He pushed himself in and out until he quickly climaxed then withdrew. He walked her home, gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a “thanks again babe” and left.Because Candy was so young (just 18), she thought they were in love and put up with his treatment of her and needless to say, she soon became pregnant. She glowed with it. Her breasts swelled with her stomach and he loved to suck them. He had now left his wife and moved in with Candy. He would make love to her (or fuck her as he called it) for hours on end every night and then went to sleep sucking on one of her enlarged tits – she loved it.When the baby came, a little girl, they were back to fucking again within a matter of days. Candy had chosen not to breastfeed her baby so Keith suckled on her tits and drank her milk instead – draining both breasts three times a day – breakfast, lunch and tea he called it! Their relationship thrived. Before going to work each morning, Keith would fuck her and suckle both breasts for half an hour each side.He came home for lunch and she would meet him at the door wearing nothing but a robe, which was dropped as soon as the door shut. He would fuck her fast and furious – usually in her cunt, sometimes in her ass – and then he would lie on the sofa with her straddling him while he drained her breasts – half an hour on each side, before returning to work for the afternoon. He would return at teatime and repeat the process – fucking her as soon as he arrived then drinking her milk for an hour. They would then spend the evening on the sofa with him suckling. In fact, every minute she wasn’t with the baby, she was with Keith being fucked and suckled.Candy thrived with all his attention – her breasts just got lordbahis giriş bigger with all the milk she was making and due to all the fucking, predictably, within weeks she was pregnant again – Keith loved it. He had always dreamed of keeping a girl barefoot and pregnant, available to fuck whenever he liked and making him milk to drink. He was in seventh heaven.This time her breasts grew even larger as they were already in milk and when the time came to have the baby, which she did at home, Keith was with her and continued to suckle and drain her breasts every four hours during the 20 hour labour. Again she chose not to breastfeed the baby – so Keith could continue to feed at her breasts three times a day.Now she didn’t even wear a robe at home – she just walked around totally naked. After all, the babies were only a few weeks old and 11 months old – what did they know – and it was easier given that as soon as he arrived he wanted to fuck her. He didn’t want to take the time to remove her clothes. This time she noticed that their fucking had increased – now he fucked her before and after the breastfeeding. It seemed that he couldn’t get enough of her and when questioned he said, “I want you pregnant again soon girl – keep the milk flowing and you at home.” This meant that they were now fucking at least 6 times a day and sure enough, when the new baby was just 8 weeks old – Candy found out she was pregnant again. Keith was very pleased, then rewarded her by fucking her 6 times (3 times up her ass) and suckling her for the remainder of the night. He just couldn’t get enough of her milk – he even squirted it on his cereal and in his coffee these days. He would call her over and milk her like a cow at the table into his bowl or cup. He called her his “little cow”.Often these days, he would suckle her not only the three times a day needed to maintain her supply but whenever he felt like it. He would be reading the newspaper at the table and call her over and just grab a tit and shove it in his mouth. She would be expected to stand there while he drank for anything up to 30 minutes at a time. She really did feel like a brood mare – but she loved it! Here she was – not yet 20 – with two c***dren under 1, another on the way, and a man who couldn’t keep his hands off her – fucking and milking her all day and all night. She felt very lucky!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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