Mar 31

Preparing Trisha Pt. 03

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Dillion Harper

Note: Readers are advised to read Parts 1 and 2 first to better understand how Trisha and her dad got into the situation in Part 3.

Her dad swung the shiny red Mustang into the driveway of a nearly full parking lot. He found a spot under the halogen glow of a light post. As the car came to a halt, he turned to face Trisha. Her dress was pulled up her legs and she had the hem crumpled in her hands and over her pantyless pussy. Her slender thighs were visible and her legs were still slightly parted. His daughter’s body shook intermittently and he wondered if she was still cumming.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice clearly showing concern.

“Umm…yeah. Give me a few minutes,” she replied, giving her dad a quick look and turning away.

“Sure, take all the time you need.”

After a couple of minutes, he broke the awkward silence.

“Honey…about what happened earlier…I hope you’re not mad with me.”

“What? No, no…of course not. I…I played along too….I didn’t realize that…showing myself to complete strangers would be that…exciting,” she said, choosing her words carefully.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s quite common to enjoy being an…exhibitionist…and in your case, I’m guessing that it might not have been that difficult…especially when you look so………hot?”

Trisha turned to her dad and smiled. She was finding out new things about herself today, especially on her sexuality.

“Dad…I may have messed up your leather seat…sorry! Do you have tissues?”

“No harm done. Here you go.”

Trisha used a few pieces to wipe her pussy which was still flowing with her juices. She stuffed the used tissue in the cup holder on her side of the car. Her dad watched intensely although not directly. Trisha took a few more pieces from the box and wiped again to make sure she was really dry. She used a couple more pieces to wipe the leather seat.

“I’m guessing you don’t carry spare panty in your car for emergency purposes?” Trisha cheekily asked her dad.

“Maybe when you’re little…not anymore. Sorry, honey.”

“I just need to be a little careful. This short dress is going to make it a little challenging though……Come on, let’s go. I’m starving!”

Trisha led the way to Bruno’s. She felt very bare under the dress and could feel the cool night breeze between her legs, especially since her slender thighs hardly touched each other. Her dad enjoyed watching her long legs take lengthy strides on the sidewalk. He also found the sound of her heels hitting the hard concrete very sexy. On top of that, the smell of her intoxicating perfume was flooding his nostrils. He didn’t realize until now that walking next to his 19-year old daughter could be this stimulating.

They stopped at a signal to cross Market Street. An SUV zoomed by and lifted Trisha’s dress for a few precious seconds.

“Oops!” she exclaimed as she tried hard to settle her floating dress.

The driver in a blue Ford which followed the SUV nearly lost control of his car as his eyes were transfixed on Trisha’s bare pubes.

“Let’s get indoors quickly before you get arrested for indecent exposure or you cause a major pileup,” her dad joked.

After crossing the street, Trisha turned into an alley. If not for the moonlight, it would have been very difficult to walk through the dark pathway. It was not very clean with overflowing garbage bins and trash scattered everywhere. Her dad could make out the outlines of a few men sitting quietly and motionless against the wall.

“I don’t think it is safe for you to use this alley, honey. Are there no other ways to get to Bruno’s?”

“It’s pretty safe, Dad. I usually don’t come here on my own,” Trisha said confidently, and then pointed ahead. “We’re here!”

There was a long line of people waiting to get indoors, and a big bearded guy in a leather jacket stood firm at the entrance, not letting any more people in.

“Look like it’s a full house. You want to go somewhere…”

“Just follow me, Dad.”

Her dad watched as Trisha went to the bearded guy and leaned on his side to whisper into his ears. She had one hand on his chest and the other on his lower back. He was a very big man that she had to stand on her toes although she was wearing 5-inch heels. Her dad noticed that her pubes were pressed, probably on purpose, against his right hand. In the dark, it was hard to tell if she was saying something to him, nibbling his ears or even kissing him.

Soon, Trisha was making her way down the steps to Bruno’s. The people waiting in line were obviously angry with the special treatment she got and they made their unhappiness clearly known. Some were even pendik escort spewing vulgarities at her and the bearded guy. Trisha gestured to her dad to follow her. He did, making his way carefully past the big guy who just looked down at him without a smile.

A metal door stood in their way. From the yellow glow of a little bulb next to it, they could see ‘Bruno’s’ unprofessionally carved on its dark surface. Trisha’s dad pushed the heavy door open which led to a narrow hallway with double doors at the end. The place was surprisingly very quiet. Trisha swung open the doors and her dad almost got thrown away by the loud music coming from inside.

Bruno’s was dimly lit and looked smoky although smoking was strictly prohibited inside the club. There was a square shaped open bar in the middle, followed by a dance floor and a raised stage after that. On either sides were dining booths and regular dining tables. A DJ in the left corner seemed to be throughly enjoying the 80s hits he was playing for the crowd. The people there were moving around and mingling with each other, as if it was a social event. Trisha went to one of the booths that had a “Reserved” sign on it and sat. Her dad joined her.

“Wow, this is some place!” he said, surveying the surroundings.

“The food is pretty good too, Dad. Limited menu but they focus on quality rather than quantity. Let’s get the Pile-High Cheeseburger…trust me, it’s really good.”

“I can’t believe you eat food like this and keep your body looking like….that!”

“I exercise, Dad, and there this place called a ‘gym’, heard of it?” Trisha teased her dad who hardly worked out.

A waiter came over and they placed their orders. In addition to the cheeseburgers and crinkle-cut fries, Trisha opted for a glass of diet coke while her dad chose a tall glass of Sam Adams. The DJ was playing Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and most of the people there were joining in the chorus.

“So…..how does it feel?” her dad asked. “I mean…not wearing a panty.”

“Quite comfortable, actually. I feel a little sexy too…especially when I walk. I can feel that I’m naked down there…it’s kinda erotic.”

“You have a very short dress on…I am guessing the hem rides really up when you’re sitting. Are you properly…covered…down there?”

Trisha took a quick glance down and replied, “Barely, dad. If I were to raise my hands up, I think ‘it’ will show. I guess I can’t get carried away on the dance floor!”

“Would you really mind if it shows a little, and people see?”

“Well…maybe not if they just catch a glimpse.”

The service at Bruno’s was pretty good and it didn’t take too long for their food to arrive. Her dad acknowledged that Trisha was right about the cheeseburger, it looked mouthwateringly delicious. As the waiter placed their plates on the table, her dad helped to move the cutlery on the table to make room. He “accidentally” dropped his fork and knife on to the floor.

“Oh! Silly me! I’ll get it,” he said, apologetically.

“It’s okay, Sir. Don’t worry about it. I’ll pick them up and give you new ones,” the young waiter assured him.

“That’s very kind of you, young man,” said Trisha’s dad while quietly kicking the fallen cutlery closer to his daughter’s legs but slightly deeper inside the booth. The table did not have legs as it was bolted directly to the adjacent wall.

After placing their drinks on the table, the twenty-something man knelt on the floor, trying hard to find the silverware.

“Let me get you some light,” Trisha’s dad volunteered. He placed his cell phone under the table and shined the flash light straight across, and not on the floor. Trisha could see the beam of light on her thighs and her dress. She looked at her dad, her face full of questions.

Under the table, the waiter would have to be blind not to notice Trisha. Her dad was beaming his cellphone light on her legs. She had her legs slightly parted and the waiter was in a good position to have a great view of her bare pussy. He had his eyes glued on it as he was feeling his way to find the fork and knife.

Trisha’s dad whispered to her, “Come forward…sit at the edge of the bench.”

She knew her dad was up to something but she sensed the urgency in his voice. Trisha knew she had to react quickly and she obeyed, trusting her impulse and most importantly, her dad.

“Slowly…part your legs wide…really wide.”

Again, she did exactly what he told her.

He then switched off the cellphone light, and placed his hand back on the table.

“Keep that position. Now hold my hands tight.”

Trisha had each of her hand lapped on her father’s, her fingers dug deep into his maltepe escort muscles just before his elbow.

“Good girl…the ‘bait’ has been set…we’ll just wait for the ‘fish’ to bite.”

There was hardly any movement or sound from below the table. Trisha’s heart was pounding and she knew she was very wet. She was sitting at the very edge of the bench and her pussy was now positioned out of her sight, under the table. She can feel that her short dress were no longer or hardly shielding her pussy. The waiter wasn’t coming out from under the table and there was hardly a sign he was still down there. However, Trisha felt like he was silently contemplating his next move. He probably had his head between her spread legs. Was it his breath she felt on her wet pussy? Not able to take the suspense, Trisha closed her eyes.

“No…no…I want to see your reaction when he takes the bait. Trust me, he will,” her dad assured her.

Trisha opened her eyes and looked at her dad. She was biting her lips, her face showed a mix of emotions, more anxiety than excitement.

Trisha felt warm lips kiss her quivering pussy and her body jumped spontaneously upon contact. His lips immediately left her. She kept her legs spread and moved another inch forward until her anus too was beyond the edge of the bench.

“Contact made?” her dad asked.

Couldn’t speak, Trisha nodded.

“What is he doing?”

“He kissed me once…but stopped,” Trisha whispered.

“No tongue?”


The waiter kissed her again. She gripped her dad’s hands harder and he knew the guy under the table had made contact again. Trisha was gasping and taking deep breaths.

“What is he doing now?”

“He…he’s planting soft kisses.”


“On my………pussy.”

“Still no tongue?”


“Keep the commentary go…”

Before he could finish, Trisha lets out a soft moan.


“He’s now kissing my inner thighs…both thighs…and my pussy too…oh god!”

“Liking it?”

Trisha nodded.

“Are you wet?” her dad continued the questioning.

“Soaking, actually. Wait…oh my….aaaahhh…”

“What’s happening?”

“He’s licking me…oh my…oh god…”

“Where are his hands?”

“No…no hands…I can only feel his tongue…”

“What is he doing with his tongue?”

“I…I think he’s tasting me…he’s licking along my slit…very slowly…from bottom to the top…oh god…oh goddd!”

“What’s going on?…Tell me.”

“He’s circling my clit…with the tip of his tongue…,” whispered Trisha, then resting her forehead on her outstretched hands.

“Look up, honey.”

Trisha slowly raised her head. “He’s driving me nuts…if he keeps this going…I’ll cum.”

“You want him to stop?”

“Dad…oh god…please…that’s not a fair question!”

Trisha suddenly dug her polished nails deep into her dad’s hands and she had a shell shock expression on her face. Her lips were parted and she looked like she was hyperventilating.

“Is everything okay?” her dad asked, a little concerned.

“His tongue is moving…south.”

“You mean…towards your anus?”

Trisha nodded.

“I’ll stop hi…”

“No!…no…it is…….okay.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, dad….ohhhhh…god.”

Her dad knew where the waiter’s tongue was at that moment. He let her savor the moment. Trisha had her eyes closed and she slowly raised her chin until she was facing the ceiling. She was moaning softly and occasionally called out for divine intervention.

“Trisha…is his tongue on your anus?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“Okay, I want you to release your hands…”

“No, Dad…no…..I can’t do this without holding you.”

“It’s okay. I want you to lower your hands…….and spread your ass cheeks for him.”

“Oh god….”

Trisha slowly let go of her dad’s hands. She let them rest momentarily on the edge of the table. Her dad could see that her fingers were trembling.

“Go ahead…show him you want him…deeper there.”

Her hands left the table and she brought it down to hold each of her ass cheek. Trisha slowly pulled to spread them. The tongue that was violating her left momentarily but came back more aggressive, licking, kissing and trying to push inside the tight hole.

“Oh god….ohhhhh…,” Trisha arched her body and moaned softly, afraid others might hear her.

Her dad could see that Trisha was about to cum.

“Honey, let go of your ass….and bring your hands to the front and spread your pussy.”

Trisha did as she was told. She spread open her drenched pussy, and her juices flowed freely down to her anus. The kartal escort waiter tasted it and followed the juice trail upwards, in search of the source. Finding it open and accessible, he took the whole thing in his mouth and drank her sweet nectar, slurping hungrily on it. His tongue was out of control, probing every fold and crevice, not forgetting her throbbing clit. Trisha used her index and middle finger of her left hand to spread her pussy open and brought her right hand up in search of her aching breasts. The open dress she wore gave her easy access to her bra and she cupped and squeezed her right breast first and then her left. She was lost in her own world and did not pay attention to the people who were walking by their table.

“Oh God! I’m cumming!!!” Trisha cried out. Except for her dad, nobody could have heard her as the loud background music drowned her voice.

Her dad watched her intensely. It was a pleasure to see his daughter cum up close. Her body shook violently as she came over and over again. Trisha’s body was arched backwards with her breasts pressed forward. Down below, he knew she had her slender long legs open wide with one hand spreading open the center of her sex for the pleasure of a total stranger.

When Trisha had enough, she slowly pushed herself to the back of the bench and adjusted her dress to barely cover her just violated pussy. The young man came out from under their table. He was sweating profusely and used his bare hand to wipe his mouth.

“I’ll get you a new pair, sir,” he said before leaving. He took a quick look at Trisha who had her elbows on the table with both hands cupping her mouth and nose. She was too embarrassed to look at him.

Her dad let her catch her breath. Trisha had a few gulps of her diet coke.

“I can’t believe that really happened,” she said. “I’m doing things today I never imagined I would do….not even in my wildest dreams.”

“The night is still young,” her dad responded cheekily.

“Dad! I’ve already…cum twice…I believe that’s enough adventure for a 19-year old for one night……..On top of that, I’m starving. Let’s eat.”

“Dig in. Your dinner’s getting cold.”

As Trisha was about to take her first bite, her eyes caught the back of two couples walking past their table. Although there was very little light in the club, she could instantly recognize the silhouette of the person in the middle.


The six-footer with blondish hair turned around upon hearing his name. His eyes nearly popped out when he saw Trisha.

“Trish….wha….what are you do…doing…here?” he stuttered.

“Maybe I should ask you the same question. I thought you were working on a project,” said Trisha calmly while eyeing the busty brunette that was clinging on to her boyfriend.

“Well…I…I needed a break…and..and…we came here.”

“U-huh….are these your project team?” Trisha asked, still eyeing the brunette who had a wicked smile on her face.

“No…no….these are my….friends…..err…Ryan, Tina….and… Helen.”

Trisha stood up to shake hands with them. Ryan let out a soft whistle as he eyed Trisha from head to toe.

“Trish….wow…..you look…..ho..awesome tonight,” Ian acknowledged.

Trisha turned to look at Helen who was no longer smiling. “Thank you. My…..friend, Paul here….helped me to dress tonight for our…date. Paul, this is Ian….and his friends.”

“Hi guys….don’t mean to be rude…but can’t shake your hands….great meeting all of you though,” her dad said, showcasing his greasy hands. “Would invite you guys to join us but we’re in the middle of an intimate…private…conversation.”

“No…no worries. We’re about to leave anyway,” Ian said. “Have fun…bye.”

As they shuffled away, Trisha sat down, her eyes were downcast but she wasn’t crying.

“I’m sorry, honey….are you okay?”

Trisha didn’t reply.

“If you want to leave….that’s okay too,” her dad continued.

“No…no, Dad….this is our night…”

Trisha ultimately ate her cheeseburger.

“Mmmmm……was I right about the burger, Dad?”

“Yes, it’s delicious…..you’re taking….this….very well….I am impressed.”

“Well….I sought of expected this….Ian….was never mature enough for me…..I knew this day will come. He lied and he’s probably cheating on me too. I’m glad I found out sooner….than later.”

“Honey, you’re very beautiful….on the outside….and inside too. You deserve someone so much better..and you’ll find that person eventually. You’re only 19…you have your whole….exciting…adventurous life ahead of you…..cheers?” her dad said, lifting his glass of beer.

“Cheers!” Trisha replied, finally smiling. “Dad….I’ve never had this much…fun like I had today….during any of my dates with…that creep!”

“Like I said before….the night is still young,” her dad said with a mischievous smile.

To be continued in Part 4

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