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Prisoners of cum

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Prisoners of cumKathy woke with a start. She found herself in a small room laying nude on a soft mattress. She quickly clutched at the fabric looking for the covers but there were none. The walls of the room were painted a pastel green and the floor was padded like the mattress. She gasped when she turned from the wall she had been facing to a barred wall. Immediately she realized she was in some sort of jail cell.Across the hall from her was an identical cell. In it sat a woman with long black hair. She too was nude and had large breasts, which she was caressing lightly. Kathy could see the woman’s nipples, which looked erect. The woman had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying manipulating them.Kathy came up to the bars, hesitant at first. She held her left hand down to cover her genitals, and her right arm stretched across her breasts hiding her nipples.She spoke nervously. “Hello… Can you tell me where I am?”The woman looked over at Kathy. “Hi, it’s about time you woke up, you completely missed the last feeding.”Kathy looked at the woman confused. “What is this place? Why am I here? I… I can’t even remember how I got here… and where are my clothes?””That’s a lot of questions all at once.” The woman said. “My name is Sandra. And you are in sperm jail.””Sperm jail?” Kathy said. “What the hell is that?””You’ll see,” Sandra said.”But how did I get here?””Well, probably like we all got here. You were k**napped and brought here.”Kathy grabbed at the bars and tried to shake them. “Let me out of here.”Sandra said. “There is only one way out of here honey…”Kathy paused and blankly looked at Sandra waiting for an answer.”And that’s to become a cum slut.””WHAT?” Kathy shouted.”You’ll see.”Kathy went back to the mattress and curled up into a ball. She was sure this was just a bad dream and that she would soon wake up from it. She still had no idea how she came to be here. Her last memory was that of quitting her job as an underwear model and heading back to her apartment to get ready to move to the east coast. She was planing on looking for work as a fashion editor.Her memory was still fogged, so she had no idea of how much time had passed or who had k**napped her.As Kathy rested on the mattress she heard a commotion in the hallway between cells. Several men entered the hallway, marching in step. Kathy was shocked to see that the men were all nude too. Each man came to a halt in front of a cell. Kathy watched as Sandra walked up to the bars, then knelt before the man. She placed her hands through two circles moulded into the bars and with a click, these snapped around her wrists. With a loud swoosh most of the bars disappeared into the floor and ceiling, leaving Sandra locked to just the two ringed bars.The man then stepped forward, his mighty erection pointing right at her mouth. Sandra’s lips parted and she took the cock into her mouth and began to suck. Kathy glanced down the hallway and noticed the same actions being done with all the other girls. Each kneeling before the man, and giving him head.The man that stood before Kathy looked at her with a big smile on his face. “Come on baby, these balls are full of cum and it’s not going to come out without your help.”Kathy screamed. “That’s disgusting… You fucking pig… let me out of here!”The man simply stood there, his cock pulsing and throbbing.Kathy heard several of the men groaning and moaning as they erupted in the mouths of the women before them. She covered her ears, but it didn’t help to silence the sounds of the men ejaculating into the willing mouths. She heard Sandra’s voice. “Bring that cock here big boy, if she doesn’t want your sperm, then I do.”The man that Sandra had just sucked off, moved away from the bars and the other man matched over to her and presented her his rock hard cock.Kathy watched as Sandra opened her mouth. The man pushed his eager cock down her throat, and Sandra’s lips and tongue did the rest. Seconds later the sounds of the man cumming filled the hallway. He pulled his still hard cock out of her mouth and gave it a shake. A few droplets of cum splashed onto Sandra’s face and she tried vainly to reach them with her tongue.Once the men had finished cumming, they marched out of sight like they had marched in. The bars that had disappeared into the floor and ceiling slammed back into place and the girls wrists were released. Kathy sat on her mattress and watched as Sandra licked her lips, then used her fingers to gather up the droplets of cum on her cheeks. She licked her fingers clean, then sat on her mattress and began to masturbate, rubbing her clit with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other.Sandra paused and looked questioningly at Kathy. “What?””That’s revolting.””What? Masturbating?””No. What you giving those two guys a blow job.”Sandra licked her lips again. “Honey I thought the way you are right now when I first came here, but let me tell you, now I look forward to the guys showing up with their cocks full of cum. “”It makes me sick,” Kathy said.”That will change, wait and see.”Kathy cried herself to sleep hoping this nightmare would have ended when she woke up. Two hours later, the sound of a door opening woke her. She looked up to see the girls in the other cells coming to their feet. This time the girls were all laying on their mattresses, and willingly placing their hands into metal the restraints that had risen out of the floor. The restraints locked around Sandra’s wrists. Kathy jumped when the metal rings rose next to her mattress. She stood up and backed herself into the wall.Again several men marched into the hallway, one stopping in front of each cell. As before the bars disappeared into the floor and ceiling. Only Kathy’s did not.”You have to lock your wrists down before I can fuck you,” the man in front of Kathy’s cell said.Kathy backed herself into a corner fearing the man would come into the cell and **** her. He did not.Sandra opened her legs wide, exposing her wet, pink cunt to the man standing beside her. He mounted her and began to thrust his big cock in and out of her tight hole. Wet sucking sounds reached Kathy’s ear as Sandra’s wet cunt was pounded by the eight inch penis.Kathy glanced up to see if the man was going to enter her cell but he remained steadfast. She watched Sandra being fucked and witnessed the man cumming inside her. When he pulled his cock out of her Sandra moaned loudly. A thick, gooey liquid streamed out of her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass to pool under her ass cheeks.The guy waiting for Kathy to comply with his wishes looked disappointed.”I’ll take that cock,” Sandra said loudly.”No fair,” A second voice rang out. “She got two loads the last time.”Kathy was shocked to hear the women around her fighting over this guy. Were they all sluts?The man disappeared from sight, obviously finding someone else to fuck.Kathy was just glad it wasn’t her.Once all the men had cum, they marched off. The bars again closed, and the girls were again freed.Kathy watched Sandra get up off the mattress and then squat with one hand held under her cunt. With her other hand she spread the lips of her vagina. Slowly a thick, canlı bahis creamy white goo began to run out of her. Sandra collected the sperm in the palm of her hand, then when it had finished dripping out of her cunt, she brought her hand to her mouth and sucked all the cum up. She licked her palm clean, then knelt beside the mattress and licked up the pool of cum that had flowed out of her after the man had withdrawn his cock.”That’s sick,” Kathy said as she watched Sandra finger fucking herself and then licking her fingers clean.”Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it honey,” Sandra said, eating the last of the cum she had fingered from her cunt.”She’s right honey,” the girl in the cell beside Sandra said. She was also eating the cum that drained from her cunt. “Sperm is delicious.”Kathy didn’t know what to do. She sat in the corner of her cell and cried again. This was horrible. These girls were eating sperm like it was chocolate. How could they have gotten this way?Two hours passed before again the hallway was filled with noise. This time several men carried in a large circular bed which they placed in the middle of the hallway just outside of Kathy’s cell. To Kathy’s surprise, several women accompanied the men, but none of they were restrained.The girls jumped up on the bed and opened their legs and spread their pink, wet cunts to the men around them. Each man knelt before the girls and began to lick them. Soon the girls were moaning and thrusting their hips as they reached orgasm on the men’s tongues. The women in the cells cheered the women and men on. Once the women had cum, it was the men’s turn. They began fucking the girls, deep and hard. More cheers rang out as the men started cumming in the tight, wet cunts.When the last guy finished shooting his load, the girls in the cells all ran to their mattresses and locked their wrists into place. Again the bars to their cells parted, but this time it wasn’t the men that entered the cells, it was the women. Kathy could not believe what she witnessed next. Sandra opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue in the air as one of the just fucked girls straddled her face and lowered her dripping cunt to within a few inches of her mouth. Long stringy strands of cum dripped from the girls cunt and onto Sandra’s tongue. Sandra pushed her head up off the mattress and the tip of her tongue disappeared into the girls vagina. When Sandra’s head lowered again, her tongue was covered with a milky white sauce. The woman then reached down and pulled her cunt lips as wide as she could and then lowered her pussy to Sandra’s mouth. As Sandra sucked and licked at the wet cunt above her, the women lowered herself to Sandra’s cunt and began to eat her out.Kathy watched the two women as they 69’ed. The women eating Sandra paused, looked up at Kathy and winked at her.Kathy turned her head and didn’t look back.”This has to be a bad dream,!”Kathy said nothing and no one talked to her for several minutes. The girls finished up sucking pussy and left with the men. The cells were again locked and their prisoners freed from the restraints.Sandra came up to the bars and addressed Kathy. “You know honey you are going to get quite hungry – you should eat.”Kathy looked over at Sandra. “Eat what?”Sandra laughed. “Sperm, of course.””I’m never eating that!” Kathy hissed.Sandra said. “Honey, it’s the best tasting stuff in the world, and has lots of vitamins and minerals and protein. And with a body like yours you’ll get more then your fair share of it. The guys like blondes, and you have nice, shapely tits and a nice ass… I would see about shaving your pussy, it makes it easier to get the sperm into your hand without a lot of hair around your hole.””You’re sick, all of you!” Kathy yelled. “SICK.”More then an hour passed again before the next group of men showed up. Kathy realized the men came around every two hours or so. This time the guys had dinner plates with them. Each plate was filled with white rice. As before one man stood in front of each of the girls cells. Kathy wasn’t sure, but she thought eight other girls were locked up with her. Her stomach rumbled and she was glad to see some real food. The to her horror, the men all started to masturbate, holding the plate of rice before their hard cocks. Each jacking off into the rice, their spunk raining down on the rice, then being stirred into it with the head of their purple cocks.The plate of cum stained rice was then pushed under the bars.Kathy watched as Sandra and the other girls quickly picked up the plates and began to eat up and sperm flavored rice. They took big handfuls into their mouths, chewing slowly before swallowing. Kathy looked at the plate on the floor just inside her cell. She could see the guys sperm on the grains of rice and was completely disgusted.”I’ll never eat that,” She said.Several of the women around her called out for it, each saying they would eat it.The plate ended up in Sandra’s cell and she ate it all, then licked the plate clean. Sandra licked her fingers, then said. “Honey you have to eat, it’s really very good you know.””Never!” Kathy hissed. She turned away crying.The next three days of Kathy’s imprisonment were the same as the first. Every two hours starting at 7 in the morning until 11 at night guy and girls came into the prison room and feed the girls sperm either right from the head of their cocks or from the mouths or cunts of the girls.Kathy took part in none of it. She was given water, but she had nothing to eat for over 3 days now and was starving.Sandra and the other girls ate the sperm covered food that she refused to eat.On the morning of the forth day several girls arrived with their faces covered in cum. Long, gooey strands that dripped onto their bare tits. Each knelt before a cell and the girls licked their faces clean for them. Kathy watched as Sandra sucked on the girls nipples, getting the last traces of cum off her body. The girl that knelt in front of Kathy’s cell did not move, nor did she ask to have her face licked. She seemed quit happy to have the sperm on her face, content to let it dry there.”I’m never going to lick that off your face,” Kathy said.”That’s okay with me,” the woman answered. She licked her lips, then started to rub the gooey cream into her cheeks. “It’s good for the complexion.”When the girl left, Kathy grabbed the bars and shook them hard. “There has to be some way out of here!””There is,” Sandra said. “Just eat 5 gallons of cum and you’re set free.””You’re k**ding?””No.””But that could take…””Awhile, I know, but ever week they bring in a bowl of cum, which is about half a gallon, eating all that, along with what we get feed every day here and it would take that long at all. And thanks to you not eating your share, I’m almost at the five gallon mark.”A light went on in Kathy’s head and she said excitedly. “So when you finish doing this you’re going to get the police and have these sick fucks arrested?””Of course not, silly. I’m hoping to join the girls that help with the feeding.”Kathy dropped to the floor again and cried. She was so hungry and getting weak. If any of these guys forced himself on her bahis siteleri there was no way she could fight back. The smell of sperm hung in the air, it seemed to always be there.The morning breakfast was served and Kathy again looked on but refused to eat. Several girls brought in plates with loaded with toast and eggs and ham and potatoes. The girls held the plate near their pussies and then the guys came in. Each guy stood before a girl jacking off. The men all grunted and moaned as they sprayed their cum all over the breakfast plate. The girls made sure every drop of sperm was milked from the cocks, then they spread the creamy white sauce all over the toast and mixed it into the eggs and ham and potatoes.Kathy sat silently as the girls around her ate up their breakfast and talked amongst themselves as to who would get to eat Kathy’s meal.Sandra seemed to be winning the lions share of extra cum. Kathy found out that the sooner one of them left the sooner a new girl would be showing up. Kathy heard her stomach growl and looked at the breakfast next to her cell. The toast was covered in a shiny glaze and a big glob of cum rested on the top of the eye yoke. Even with the smell of sperm on the food, the breakfast did smell good. Still Kathy refused to eat it and it was given to Sandra.Later that day, the girls around her all go excited.”What’s going on?” Kathy said.The girl in the cell right next to Kathy, a redhead by the name of Tammy said, “Sandra should reach the 5 gallon mark today, she just got word that they are bringing her a bowl.”Kathy still couldn’t believe her ears. She sat down and waited to see if it was true. Then a door opened and in walked several women and men. An incredibly beautiful girl with long blond hair and big bouncy tits walked up to Sandra’s cell. She was holding a clear glass bowl full of a gooey liquid. The smell of sperm filled the room. And Kathy knew this was the bowl of cum Tammy was telling her about.The cell bars to Sandra’s cell opened, but Sandra was not in any restrains. The woman handed Sandra the bowl and a second girl gave her a large plastic soup spoon. Sandra dipped the spoon into the gooey mess and then brought it to her mouth. She slurped the first load off the spoon and swallowed it down. Again and again Sandra dipped the spoon into the spunk and ate it. She smiled at Kathy as she drank down the sperm, her teeth and gums coated with it. Her lips glazed, some of it dripping off her chin and onto her tits.She filled her mouth with the sperm, and then gurgled before swallowing again. Kathy watched in disbelief as Sandra slurped up the creamy liquid. Once she had reached the bottom of the bowl she tilted it up and let the last of it drain down her throat, then she licked the bowl clean, whipped up what she dripped on her tits and off her chin and ate that as well.All the girls in the other cells cheeked her and clapped as they watched her leave the room. Kathy sat in silence, she looked at the empty cell across from her and cried again. She knew she could never do what Sandra just did. She knew she would never leave here. And she was so hungry.At supper time the door opened at the end of the hall and in came the dinner crew. Kathy was surprised to see Sandra, she was now one of them. One of these cum sluts.Sandra carried a plate of rice with her and she laid down on the floor in front of Kathy’s cell. She spread her cunt wide, pulling her folds back showing off her pink inner hole.Kathy didn’t know what to do or where to look. She had no idea why Sandra was showing her stretched, wet vagina.Finally Kathy said. “I’m not a lesbian you know!”Sandra just laughed. “I’m not showing you my pussy for you to eat it Kathy.”Just then a young man with a body builder frame came over to Sandra, he quickly moved his massive cock between Sandra’s legs and began fucking her hard and fast.Kathy wasn’t going to watch, but she did. She found herself watching more and more. Sandra’s cunt was soaking wet and the guys cock had it stretched quit wide. Sandra was begging him to cum in her.She said. “Yes, fuck me fuck me deep and fill my cunt with your fuck juice. Fill me up with your sperm. Fuck me harder, I want your creamy load deep in my cunt.”The man grunted and Kathy knew he was cumming deep inside Sandra’s cunt.When he pulled his cock out of her, he squeezed the shaft of his cock and let the last few droplets of sperm drip onto Sandra’s outer pink fuck lips.He then walked away, and Sandra stood. She placed the plate of rice under her pussy and let the cum that was in her drain into the rice. But Sandra was only dripping the cum on one half of the plate and not mixing it in like the other girls had done.Kathy watched as Sandra finger fucked her still dripping cunt. She licked her fingers clean, then shoved the plate under the bars. She winked at Kathy, then left with the other girls and guys.Kathy pulled the plate into her cell. She scooped up some of the rice on the side of the plate that had not had cum dripped on it. As she ate the rice, her first meal in over 4 days she moaned. It tasted so good. She dug into the rice and ate some more, each time coming a bit closer to the rice covered in sperm and cunt juice.Kathy dug into more of the rice and ate it. She didn’t realize that the sperm had reach the bottom of the plate and was spreading slowly into the rest of the rice. Kathy picked up another handful and ate it. Only when the rice was in her mouth did she taste the sperm.Her immediate reaction was to spit it out, but for some reason she didn’t. She was so hungry and it didn’t taste bad at all. In fact the sperm gave the rice a nice flavor. Not what she would call salty, but unique. She swallowed and dug her fingers into more of the rice. She ate that, and tasted even more sperm. Before she knew it most of the rice was gone and she was enjoying it. Kathy put out of her mind what was in the rice and finished it off. When she was done she felt ashamed. But at least she had something in her stomach and she felt a bit better for that.Kathy refused to take part in the cock sucking and being fucked. She also refused to lick any of the cum off the girl that came in. It wasn’t until the next morning that she saw Sandra again. She hadn’t realized before how many girls were part of this sperm eating society.Sandra held the plate of eggs and toast as two guys jacked off all over it. She then set in on the floor in front of Kathy’s cell and waited.”I’m not going to eat that,” Kathy said.”That’s okay, but it does taste better hot.”Kathy did nothing and after 15 minutes Sandra and the other girls and guys left. The breakfast plate was still on the floor next to her cell and Kathy pulled it in. She inspected the food and began eating what she thought was free of sperm. Before she knew it, she had more then half the plate finished. She picked up a piece of toast, she could see the sperm that had soaked into it. She tried to eat around it, but it was not possible. Again the taste wasn’t bad and her hunger got the best of her and she finished it. Eating all the sperm flavored eggs and toast.Another day passed and Kathy woke up horny. She güvenilir bahis had felt like this for a while and now she couldn’t keep her fingers out of her cunt. When the guys showed up for a round of fucking. Kathy closed her eyes, let herself be locked down to the mattress and enjoyed a deep, hard fucking at the hands of a man she didn’t want to see. She felt that she was using him, and not the other way around. After he came in her, and moved off her Kathy opened her eyes. She was still locked down and noticed Sandra standing at the foot of the bed. Wordlessly she moved between Kathy’s legs and began to eat her out. Before Kathy could protest, she began to cum. Sandra gave her the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. And she enjoyed every second of it.Sandra pushed her fingers into Kathy’s wet cunt and dug out the last of the cum she had missed when licking her, she ate it up like it was something needed to sustain her life.Kathy looked at Sandra for a moment. She was a very beautiful woman.”Tell me Sandra,” Kathy said, “Do you really love a man’s sperm that much?”Sandra smiled. “I would eat nothing else if they would let me.” Then she pressed her fingers back into Kathy’s wet cunt again. “And I would prefer to eat it out of a wet cunt like your more then get it any other way.”Kathy knew she should be disgusted at hearing that, but she wasn’t, a week before and she would have been, what had changed?Sandra noticed the look on Kathy’s face and said, “Once you start eating cum it changes you, and I don’t mean a little bit you get for a boyfriend once a week when you treat him to a blow job. I mean really eating cum, eating loads of it, drinking cups full of it. It’s wonderful.”Kathy still didn’t understand. Sandra left and Kathy was freed from the mattress.Over the next week Kathy began to eat her meals like the other girls did. She no longer cared that men were ejaculating on and in her food. It really didn’t taste that bad. She also had let some of the men fuck her, not so much for the orgasms they gave her, but to have Sandra’s tongue on her cunt, licking and drinking the sperm out of her. Sandra always gave her the most powerful orgasms.One afternoon several men Sandra entered the prison. Sandra placed a plastic sheet on the floor in front of Kathy’s cell and then knelt on it. The men then began to jack off on her, spraying her with white, thick gobs of cum. Dozens’ of stringy strains of sperm hung off her body, dripping down onto the plastic. After each man came, another took his place. Soon Kathy realized there was a line up of men, made 50 or 60 of them, each taking turns cumming on Sandra. Sandra’s hair was streaked with cum and her skin now a glossy white color. They sprayed and gushed their cum all over her, and she was loving it. She had her mouth open wide most of the time and she let it be filled time and time again before swallowing.The plastic sheet under her was now two inches think in the sperm that dripped off her face and tits and what ran out of her hair. Once the men had finished, Kathy was sure they had ejaculated over 200 loads of cum on her, Sandra laid down on the plastic sheet and began to roll around in it. She let her hands fill with the spent sperm and she caressed it into her skin, rubbing it all over her tits and her cunt and her ass. She fingered the cum into every hole on her body, her asshole, her cunt her mouth. She pressed her nose into it a snuffed, filling her nostrils with sperm. Then she started eating it up, drinking it.Kathy wondered why Sandra was putting this show on for her, then she found out. Four men came to Kathy’s cell and the door opened. Kathy was amazed, she had always been restrained somehow before anyone entered.Sandra said. “My cum master has seen how much we like each other and has ordered this, I hope you don’t mind.”Before Kathy could speak, then men grabbed her and pulled her toward Sandra and the plastic sheet dripping in cum.Kathy wanted to fight back but she had little strength against these powerful young men. In seconds, Kathy found herself pinned down on the cum covered sheet, The men held her spread eagle, her arms and legs held fast by the grips of the men.She could feel the still hot sperm against her back and ass. Then Sandra climbed on top of her and began to rub her sperm covered body all over hers. The sperm spread fast, and Sandra wasted no time in coating Kathy’s face with the cum she held in her mouth. She then began to finger fuck the cum into her cunt and asshole. Kathy struggled and screamed. Sandra cupped her hands, filling them with the sperm on the sheet and then caressed it all around her tits and nipples. Then she did the same with her cunt, pouring handfuls of man juice into Kathy’s pussy.”Doesn’t this feel wonderful?” Sandra said.”Why are you doing this? Stop please!”But Sandra was in a sperm drunken haze. Once she had filled Kathy’s cunt and ass with sperm she dove in and began to suck it all out. Drinking the creamy cum out of her cunt and ass.With so much sperm on her face, all Kathy could smell was sperm, it was rich in her mouth and on her taste buds. And the feel of it against her skin, its slimy richness, it was like nothing Kathy had felt before. It was like her body was bathing in cum. But she wondered why not she liked the taste so much. It truly was wonderful.She let Sandra eat her to orgasm, and relaxed and let her lick up all the sperm from her body, a task that took an hour. Kathy was sure Sandra had eaten a gallon or more of cum.The next day a funny thing happened to Kathy. When the men came into the cell area to get their blow jobs, Kathy knelt at the bars and let herself be restrained. She took the man’s mighty cock in her mouth a sucked him off. Her mouth filling with the richness she had enjoyed the day before.Kathy’s eyes widened. She then realized she was becoming a cum slut. How could this have happened?She had just drank all this man’s sperm and it wasn’t enough. She wanted more, she really wanted to drink more.At lunch time she drained three cocks of their cum, and a supper seven cocks, plus what had been jacked off in her food.That evening Sandra showed up.”I’m sorry about the other day,” she said. “I was hopping you would have like that.”Kathy smiled. “You know, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I did.”Sandra’s eyes lit up. “Really?””Yes, it was… it was fun.”Sandra leaned into Kathy and kissed her. “Would you eat cum from my cunt?”Kathy kissed back, “Yes, yes I will.”Sandra motioned for one of the men, she offered up her cunt to him. As she was being fucked, and second man showed up and pushed his cock up Sandra’s ass. Both men filled her holes with their creamy loads.Kathy’s cells opened and Sandra walled inside. Sandra stood placing her arms against the wall. Kathy moved under her and tongued at her cunt hole, drinking the creamy fluid that rained off her inner pink walls and into her mouth. After she had sucked all the cum from her cunt hole, Kathy moved behind Sandra and began to eat her ass, licking and sucking the sperm out of her anus.Once she had finished, Sandra pulled her up and kissed her.”You know you are only a few gallon’s of sperm away from being released from here?””Really?” Kathy said.”Yes, really.” Sandra replied. “Do you want to be a cum slut?”Kathy smiled, kissed Sandra, smelling and tasting the sperm on her breath. “I think I already am.”

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