May 16

Private Lessons Ch. 04

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11:30 pm later that night in a dorm the author was too lazy to name.

Lacey hugged her knees on her bed while starting off into the dark room. She still wore the soiled clothes from that day’s lesson. She wasn’t crying. She had done that enough while she had cleaned up the room. Her eyes red, she stared off into the void, preoccupied with her thoughts.

Why did Headmistress say that? She didn’t mean what she said. She couldn’t have. We shared something. No, we share something. I know it and she knows it. She loves me. I know she does. Lacey absentmindedly shifted and felt the feeling in her lower abdomen. Residual soreness from her first time. And she was still full of Headmistress’ spunk. Her love.

Why? Lacey had repeated this thought the entire night in her head. She couldn’t understand why. The worst part is that she feared she would never understand why. Then something clicked in her head.

I don’t need to know why. I need to focus on the future, on how. How am I going to get her to admit her love for me?

Lacey reflected on how their lessons had progressed. At first she had been happy just following orders from Headmistress. Heeding her every command. But quickly she learned that an even greater feeling than following orders was being proactive. It always felt good hearing Headmistress gasp and moan from her own actions.

As time went on Headmistress gave fewer and fewer orders. Lacey was quick on the uptake and quickly learned what headmistress liked. She had to, it was the best way for her to prove her devotion.

But her devotion was not in question. The question was how to make Headmistress give in to her real feelings.

That’s it! She doesn’t need to make Headmistress express her love for her. She simply has to bait her into doing it herself. There was often a point in their sessions where Headmistress took control. Sometimes it was because she was nearing her peak and other times it was long before her peak because Lacey was working too slow for her liking. Purposefully.

Even more than being proactive in their sessions, Lacey loved it when Headmistress herself was proactive. When she wanted it, she knew how to tease Headmistress just enough to cause her to take control. When she grabbed her head and simply used her mouth as well as gave her hand jobs for the secondary course and whispered both the dirtiest and sweetest things into her ear, Lacey was in heaven. The memories brought another dull pang of sadness heep in her chest. I refuse to believe all of that was a lie.

She pushed her feelings back down. Now was not the time for tears. It was the time for action. She had to entice Headmistress. Seduce her even more than she already had. The only problem was, she didn’t know how to do that.

Lacey had not really thought about being in a relationship or attracting someone. Of course she had fantasies late into the might of meeting Mr. or Ms. right. (which usually ended in her covered in a layer of her own semen as she dreamed of the love they would make) But she never actively searched for someone. She never changed her appearance to attract someone. Since she was young, everyone had called her cute. She was numb to it, but any attention was good attention for her so she kept up the cute look. But when Headmistress whispered it into her ear while stroking her, or moaned it out while pumping into her throat, it felt different. It felt special.

She then remembered the times when Headmistress really lost control. When she used Lacey’s throat with little care but her own pleasure, or when she got really into the reach around, biting down on Lacey’s neck and letting her comments out in low growls instead of the usual loving whispers while her hand unrelentingly emptied Lacey’s balls. In those times she had not used the words “cute” or “adorable.” She used “hot” and “sexy.” Her language took a turn from light praise to hot dirty talk. Usually, Headmistress had some sense in the back of her mind to be careful with Lacey, to care for her, and as it seems, a sense of “right and wrong”. There’s nothing wrong about what we have. It’s part of why Lacey loves her.

But in those moments she was as rough as she wanted to be and they both loved it. Every time it happened Headmistress would come to her senses after orgasm and apologize profusely for losing control, coddling and holding Lacey close as if she were scared she had killed the girl. And every time Lacey would enthusiastically tell her it was perfectly fine while massaging her sore throat and enjoying the closeness.

That’s what Lacey needed to be. She needed to be sexy more often in order to draw out the inner Headmistress. Now. How does one be sexy? The dark room lit up as Lacey unlocked her phone to google her question, the internet would surely know better than her, and she looked down at herself. She realized she was sticky with sweat, and her blouse still stuck to her stomach from her own seed. güvenilir bahis Ok. first a shower, then studying on how to get sexy.

A week later, Amirah’s office.

Amirah sat behind her desk barely focusing on her work. She had a cacophony of emotions running through her brain, the foremost being anger, and close second being deep seeded lust. Her boner uncomfortably rested against the underside of her disk as it tented her skirt.

Lacey had gone on the offensive, and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. This past week had been the most trying period in her entire life.

Lacey was trying to tempt her. And it was working. She had started out grand and bold. At the beginning of their fist session after the … incident, Amirah had wanted to set up some ground rules with a serious talk. Instead, as soon as the door closed Lacey had thrown herself into Amirah’s arms. Before she had any time to think, Lacey laced her limbs languidly around her lover’s neck and pulled her lips close. Their lips had been centimeters away before Amirah realized what she was doing and quickly pushed them apart. She then sat Lacey down and had a serious talk, one which she was sure Lacey ignored since she pouted the entire time and immediately after tried it again.

After the third attempt Amirah got fed up with her. She was more energetic than usual. More feisty and disobedient. And so Amirah did the only thing she could think of to make the over eager girl complacent. She bent her over her desk and took her hard and fast. Several times.

As they laid in a sweaty pile of limbs, Amirah panicked again. She had once again came deep inside of Lacey, multiple times. Her panic was interrupted when Lacey, through her cum drunk haze, groaned about how everything was fine and she was starting birth control, and even produced packaging to prove it.

And so went the following sessions. There was little pretense, and few words spoken between the two. They would enter the room and simply fuck each other senseless. At some point or another Lacey would try to steal a kiss and Amirah would stop her and punish her by fucking her even harder. By now she had had Lacey in almost every position possible in all corners of the room. Besides the avoided kisses, she was proud of the fact that she maintained the “Ms. Campbell” barrier. Lord knows she had almost screwed up and reverted back to “Lacey” many times in the past week.

But what occurred during their lessons wasn’t the problem here. The problem was what was beginning to happen outside of their lessons.

Lacey was breaking the unspoken rule between them. All of their lo-… affection was to be contained to their lessons, to that room.

There were both subtle and obvious ways. The obvious were starting to get attention from the student body and faculty. Lacey upped the amount of time she spent with Amirah outside of their lessons. If both of them were in between classes, one could bet money that Lacey was talking to Amirah. Even when Amirah adamantly ignored her, Lacey hung around like a neglected puppy.

Amirah noticed that students seemed to be even more scared of her than usual and didn’t understand until she caught Lacey glaring at another girl who got too close. Lacey was non-verbally staking her claim. She claimed she was scaring off other girls and sometimes even staff to “prevent them from bothering” Amirah. They had several conversations about it and yet Lacey refused to stop.

By this point it was obvious to students and faculty that there was at least a one sided crush between them. Other faculty have asked Amirah why she allowed it and she told them that it was better to ignore it and let the crush die out. Any acknowledgement was sure to only prolong her actions. Amirah chuckled to herself dryly. Yeah. Like talking to her about it could do any more damage than fucking her daily wouldn’t.

The subtle ways were ways that Lacey knew would only get to her. They were even worse than the obvious ones. First and foremost were the looks that Lacey would give her. Whenever they interacted before, Lacey would act shy and adorable. Sometimes unsure of how to conduct herself around Amirah. Those days were gone. Now when they interacted Lacey was confident and sure. Whenever their eyes met, no longer did she quickly avert them. She held Amirah’s gaze in a silent challenge. And that challenge said, “Fuck me.”

The look had that much more power behind it now that she had started wearing make up. Not enough to cake her face, but just enough to highlight her already perfect features. Her eyes seemed bluer, her face fuller. She had even started stylizing her hair. Instead of her usual style, straight down her back, some days it was wavy, other days put up. She had overheard students contemplating that she was doing it to attract her attention. They were right on the money.

The next one was her uniform. She had started wearing her türkçe bahis skirt shorter. Not enough for most people to notice, but Amirah had the school’s uniform memorized down to the millimeter. Almost every girl at the university besides Lacey had been reprimanded for their uniform being improper in some minor, almost imperceptible way. She knew that only Amirah would pick up on it. And they both knew she liked it.

Her behavior in class was problematic as well. She sat up front, giving her free range to send her lustful looks to Amirah all class without fear of others finding out. Sometimes she would even throw in lewd motions, such as opening her mouth slightly and rolling her tongue around, a clear invitation for Amirah’s cock. Sometimes when she got really brave, she would meet her Amirah’s eyes and slowly start lifting the front of her skirt, showing off more and more of her porcelain skin and distracting the professor more than once during her lessons.

Today Lacey even crossed the physical barrier outside of the room. She had pinched Amirah’s ass during one of their hallway walks. Amirah stumbled, the act overloading her senses as she could not believe anyone would dare, especially Lacey, now that the entire school already suspected. And of course after the stumble Lacey had pressed herself up against Amirah in a fake attempt to keep her steady. While her face and words feigned concern, the hand on Amirah’s side traced slow circles.

After that Amirah retreated to her office for the day, no longer able to keep her boner down. As she lamented of the past few days and about the future, she got the final straw.

Her phone vibrated on her desk. When the name “Cumslut” appeared she quickly picked it up. The students were not allowed to use their devices unless specified in class or in designated areas, and Amirah knew Lacey’s schedule. She was in class right now.

The flare of anger that rose in her quickly faded as she absorbed the video sent to her by her top student.

The text above it said “Don’t worry. I already went over this topic on my own so I don’t need to pay attention. At least to the lesson…”

It started out as a shot of a classroom. One of the faculty was teaching something or other about math. Immediately Amirah realized that Lacey was in the back of the class. Something unheard off in her four years at the school. The camera panned to show the entire class diligently taking notes before panning down to her desk and already filled out the notebook.

Amirah thought Lacey had sent the video to brag, which was highly unlike her. Maybe she wants some sort of praise in today’s lesson? She was right about her wanting praise, but wrong about when she wanted it.

The video was three minutes long and only fifteen seconds had passed. The phone started going under the desk. Amirah’s eyes could not believe the sight before them. Lacey had her skirt hiked up to just below her waist, and her hard cock was exposed to the air under her desk. It was clear to Amirah she wasn’t wearing any form of underwear. Thirty seconds of video had passed. Amirah watched in equal horror and arousal as Lacey’s other hand entered the frame, lubed up with something and proceeded to touch herself. Slowly. The wet sliding of flesh and her soft moans may have been inaudible to those around her, but the phone picked up every sound.

Her hand started speeding up but at the two minute mark the camera emerged from under the desk to point at its user’s face. There was an obvious blush to Lacey’s face as the hand under the desk kept up its work. Looked into the camera with eyes of pure lust as she held back her moans. Then, towards the end of the video her hand abruptly stopped and she tensed up, sucking in a breath. She didn’t. After a second Lacey released the breath with a shuddering sigh. The camera moved back under the table and Amirah expected to see a mess. Instead her dick was still rock hard and there was not a trace of semen. Well other than the stream of precum leaking from her tip. Amirah realized what she had done. Lacey got herself right to the edge. Her usually cute cock was red and flaring, demanding release. It looked as if a small breeze would set it off.

Then the camera went back to Lacey’s face and she held the camera close enough to hear her whisper. Her breath shrouded in lust as she said, “If you want to see me paint my desk to the thought of you, all you have to do is say the magic words.” Then the video ended.

Amirah’s brain had shut down while viewing the video. It kickstarted when the screen went black and she was ashamed at her very first thought. The thought of giving Lacey what she wanted. Good girl. Then her professor mode kicked in. What is she doing!? What if she gets caught? They would check the phone and see my number with this and every other video she’d sent me. Then her panic grew as she thought of the other and, in her mind, the worse consequence. I would be forced güvenilir bahis siteleri to expel her. Then I would lose my job. Her family almost definitely demands some sort of punishment. We would be separated. Kept apart. I would never see her again. Why would she risk that, after all we’ve been through? Why would she risk what we ha- She caught herself and took a minute to take deep breaths and calm down. Then she checked her clock. There was still an hour left of that lecture. At any moment someone could turn around and see her in the act. She’s fucking crazy. Amirah picked up her office phone and made a call.

Ten minutes later Lacey entered her office, shyly holding her bag in front of herself and closed the door behind her. As soon as she entered, Amirah saw the goody two shoes facade drop. She dropped her bag by the door and smiled seductively at her while lifting up her skirt to show her still on edge dick to Amirah.

“So I guess you wanted to see it in person.” Her confident tone and grin set Amirah off.

She stood from her chair and slammed her palms on her desk. Lacey was unfazed. “Lacey what in the fuck do you think you were doing? You could have gotten caught!”

Lacey started taking steps towards Amirah and put on an innocent and condescending tone. “Oh. Are we back on a first name basis? And I don’t think that’s proper language Headmistress. What if anyone else heard you speak like that? I don’t think that would set a good example for them. Or me, for that matter. Especially with that tent in your skirt.” Her smile pissed Amirah off to no end. Lacey had reached the desk and started walking around it. She grasped her penis and gave it a small pump, closing her eyes as she hissed in pleasure.

“You got what you wanted, Headmistress. I’m here. So. Do you want me to finish on your command?” Lacey noticed Amirah’s eyes were glued to her cock. “Or maybe did you want to finish me off yourself?” She gave her hips a little sway, causing it to swing back and forth.

Amirah had reached her boiling point. She grabbed Lacey and spun her around. She barely registered Lacey’s excited squeal as Amirah restrained her arm behind her back and bent her over the desk.

45 minutes later, same office.

Amirah lucked out. The walls of her office were pretty thick, and she had cleared her usually busy schedule because of her boner problem. That meant both that one, they had almost all the time in the world to let out their frustrations on each other. And two, they wouldn’t be interrupted. Or so she thought.

Over half an hour and three creampies later and their roles were reversed. Amirah usually paced herself during their lessons. But this was no lesson, and she wasn’t usually blind with a lustful rage. She gassed earlier than she ever had before and Lacey was not having it.

Currently she was in her office chair while Lacey straddled and rode her. Amirah recognized that instead of straight up and down, Lacey never took more than half of her length out of her, instead opting to move her hips back and forth or gyrate them in small circles. I wonder where she learned this?

Amirah realized that this position left her little hope to escape her once docile lov-partner. She had spent the majority of her rage in the first three rounds, mercilessly ramming herself into Lacey as she herself covered the underside of her desk in seed. Now that she was tired, the other feelings started to emerge. Feelings she had meant to suppress. And they only grew with the fact that they were now face to face with one another. She tried to take Lacey from behind as much as possible, partially to escape the kiss attempts. Mostly worried that she might make one of her own.

That fear was justified as now that she could feel Lacey’s breath on her face, the blue orbs closer than they had been in a week, she definitely felt the urge. To resist this urge she turned her head to the side, looking anywhere in the room except in front of her, trying to focus solely on the feeling of the warm hole encompassing her cock.

But as it turns out Lacey was still full of surprises as she cupped Amirah’s chin and turned her head towards her. While a look of shock adorned Amirah’s face, she recognized one of annoyance in Lacey’s. Amirah didn’t particularly like seeing Lacey unhappy, but the only way she could think to make her happy was to kiss it better. And that was exactly what she was trying not to do. So she turned her head again.

She heard Lacey make a noise akin to “Hmpf.” So fucking adorable. Then she was shocked once again when something warm and wet slid across her neck, leaving a wet trail and sending a shiver down her spine. Did she just- it happened again, this time on her cheek. She turned her head back to look at the girl, who’s annoyance turned into obvious pride at having gotten Amirah to turn her way.

And then she licked her again. And again. And again. Each time a different place on her face or neck, all the while keeping her hips moving. Amirah watched as the initial excitement from the act quickly gave way to boredom on the girl’s face. She then watched as Lacey had an idea, and her sly smile returned.

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