Mar 01

Professor’s Protege Pt. 03

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It was Tuesday afternoon. Caroline finished her sociology exam, reasonably sure she’d aced it. Dr. Clarke had made the entire exam essays, allowing the students to show just how much they’d really learned. Caroline was glad it was her last exam of the day; she’d written several pages worth of answers, and her hand was cramped. Dr. Clarke allowed the students to leave once they had finished.

Caroline stopped by the cafeteria. As it was exam week the students needed all the brain fuel they could get. The cafeteria was open twenty-four hours, serving up a variety of cereals, sandwiches, and fruit and vegetables. They also kept an endless supply — so it seemed to the students — of water, juice, coffee and soda on hand. Caroline grabbed a sandwich and a bottle of orange-banana-pineapple juice and headed upstairs to the dorm lounge.

Several students were busy studying for their next exams. Others were chilling and having a good time decompressing. Caroline saw one of her friends from sociology. Heather walked over and sat next to Caroline. She, too, had stopped by the cafeteria; she was sipping a can of Mountain Dew and munching on an apple.

“Hey, Heather!” Caroline said. “How do you think it went?”

“Pretty good,” Heather said. “I think I got at least a low A. My hand is so cramped, and I still have another exam.”

“That sucks,” Caroline said sympathetically. “What class?”

“My gen-ed communications course,” Heather answered. “It’s online though, so it shouldn’t be bad. Well, I’m off to study in the library. Just gotta grab my notebook from my room.”

“Good luck!” Caroline said.

Heather disappeared around the corner. Caroline went back to her room. There was nothing really to do now until she went to Dr. Clarke’s office after dinner. She only had one more exam, which was on Thursday, and it was only a gen-ed religion studies exam. She slipped her jeans and sweater off, revealing matching lacy dark blue bra and boyshort panties. She slipped a long shirt on and lay on the bed.

She began to imagine what might happen later that evening. Dr. Clarke had certainly looked hot in her low cut navy blue wrap dress and heels. Caroline was also pretty sure she’d caught a glimpse of her professor’s nude thigh-high stockings. Caroline’s pussy began to ache; she felt herself swelling. She moved a hand slowly down her body, sliding it between her legs.

Her cell phone suddenly dinged, shaking her from her lusty daydream. Caroline checked the message. It was from a freshman asking for help studying for her intro-level sociology exam tomorrow. Caroline replied and said she’d meet them in Lerner Hall. Caroline slipped on a grey sweater dress and black leggings and headed over to help the freshmen.

Two hours later they were done, and it was dinner time. Caroline headed over to the cafeteria and grabbed some chicken tenders and a salad and some coffee and took a seat towards the back of the room. She fidgeted as she ate, waiting for Dr. Clarke to text her. She finished her meal, placed her tray and dishes in the cleaning bins, and güvenilir bahis was about to get on the elevator when her phone chirped.

“Have dinner yet?” the text said.

“I did, but I still want dessert,” Caroline replied, adding a wink emoji.

“Then please join me for something sweet,” Dr. Clarke’s text said.

Caroline walked quickly through the brisk winter evening. It was already dark, but the lights of New York City filled the cloudy sky. Caroline entered the office building and made her way to Dr. Clarke’s door. The door was open, and Caroline let herself in. Dr. Clarke was sitting on her office couch, grading some papers. She looked up and smiled when she saw Caroline.

“Hi, Kitty,” Emma said.

“Good evening, Emma,” Caroline replied, taking a seat on the couch next to her professor. “Grading papers?”

“As a matter of fact I am. Specifically today’s exams. Would you like to know how you did?”

“Yes, please,” Caroline answered with nervous anticipation.

A broad smile broke across Emma’s face.

“You passed with a ninety-eight percent,” Emma said. “I had to dock you in your third essay because you blatantly misspelled a name.”

“I thought I had,” Caroline said. “But I am happy with the grade!”

Emma stood, put her papers on her desk, and made sure her office door was shut and locked. She also lowered the blinds to make sure no one could see inside. She returned to the couch and sat next to Caroline. Emma ran her hand along Caroline’s cheek.

“It is cold outside?” Emma asked softly.

“It’s chilly, yes,” Caroline answered.

“Then allow me to warm you up,” Emma said, pressing her mouth against Caroline’s.

Caroline moaned as Emma’s lips touched hers. Caroline kissed Emma back. The women embraced, wrapping their arms tightly around each other. Their lips slid along each other, locking in hot sensual passion. Soon Caroline was moaning her professor’s name. Emma pressed her tongue against Caroline’s mouth. Caroline gasped as Emma’s tongue danced on hers. Their tongues flickered for several minutes.

Caroline pulled back and moved her mouth down to Emma’s soft, lovely neck. Emma gasped as Caroline kissed softly. Caroline’s lips caressed her neck.

“Fuck,” Emma whispered.

Caroline moved her hands downward and cupped Emma’s breasts. Emma moaned as Caroline began to gently massage. Caroline felt her professor’s nipples become erect. She gently pinched.

“Fuck,” Emma gasped.

Caroline moved her mouth back up to Emma’s mouth, kissing harder and more passionately. Caroline continued lightly pinching and caressing Emma’s hard nipples. She reached down and began to undo the knot holding her professor’s dress closed. Caroline soon had it undone and slid it from Emma’s body.

“Wow, professor, I mean, Emma!” Caroline said in surprise.

All Dr. Clarke had on under her dress was the nude thigh-high stockings, no bra or panties.

“I removed my bra before you got here,” Emma said, pointing to her desk. “As for the knickers, well, I wasn’t wearing any.”

Caroline’s türkçe bahis pussy was now fully engorged. She could feel her panties getting wetter with each passing minute.

“Now, Kitty, let’s see what’s on under this sweater,” Emma smirked.

Caroline lifted her arms as Emma pulled the sweater dress from her body. It was soon on the arm of the couch. Emma eyed Caroline’s dark blue bra.

“Does the downstairs match, my dear?”

“You’ll have to removed my leggings to find out,” Caroline giggled.

Emma wriggled the leggings down and off Caroline’s cute ass. She was rewarded with the matching blue boyshort panties. She licked her lips seductively.

“You are so fucking sexy, Kitty.”

“So are you, Emma.”

Caroline pushed Emma back on the couch. Emma grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head. Caroline placed her mouth on Emma’s breasts and began to slowly kiss and lick. She teased her professor’s hard pink nipples with her mouth and tongue, sucking, flicking, then gently blowing on them. Emma let out a gasp every time she felt Caroline blow on her tits. Caroline giggled and smiled, glad to give her professor such pleasure.

Caroline moved slowly downward, kissing Emma’s stomach. Her mouth continued it’s downward journey. Her lips found Emma’s inner thighs. She slowly kissed the soft skin near the mound. She could smell Emma’s scent, and she loved it. Emma was gasping and moaning with each kiss. Caroline kissed around Dr. Clarke’s swell, teasing her, wanting her to beg for it. Emma lay there, enjoying the feel of Caroline’s lips and tongue gliding around her shaved mound.

“Can you see how wet I am for you, Kitty?”

“Yes, Emma,” Caroline replied, reaching behind herself and unhooking her bra, tossing it aside.

Emma’s pussy was swollen and her juices were slowly dripping down her slit. Caroline didn’t want to miss a drop. She moved her tongue slowly to Emma’s lips and gently licked where the juices were.

“Fuck!” Emma moaned loudly.

Caroline’s tongue gently moved up and down her professor’s pussy, taking in every centimeter of swollen labia and every drop of arousal. Emma grabbed Caroline’s head.

“Fuck me with your tongue!” Emma moaned.

Caroline pushed her tongue inside her professor’s warm wet slit. She could now fully taste Emma’s pussy. She flicked her tongue around inside Emma. Emma’s moans were getting louder.

“Fuck yes, eat my pussy, Kitty!”

Caroline pressed her mouth completely against Emma’s opening, her tongue sliding as deep as it could go. Emma was now whimpering loudly as every pleasure center was being stimulated. Caroline continued thrusting her tongue in and out of Emma. Emma began to grind her pussy against Caroline’s face. Caroline held her mouth in place as her professor rocked against her.

“Yes, Kitty, I’m so close!” Emma moaned loudly. “Put your pussy in my face so I can taste you, too!”

Caroline slid her panties off and positioned herself over Emma, straddling her face. She eased herself down. Emma could now see just how swollen güvenilir bahis siteleri Caroline’s pussy was. She extended her tongue and ran it along Caroline’s slit.

“Fuck,” Caroline gasped.

Emma continued sliding her tongue alone Caroline’s swollen pussy. Caroline moved her mouth down to Emma’s clit and slowly sucked, eliciting a soft moan from her professor. Soon both women were moaning loudly.

“Oh, Emma, right there!” Caroline moaned as Emma’s tongue slid inside her. “Don’t stop!”

“Keep sucking my clit!” Emma nearly screamed.

Caroline sucked Emma’s clit harder as she felt herself nearing orgasm. She moaned on Emma’s engorged clitoris, sending a ripple effect of pleasure through Dr. Clarke. Dr. Clarke’s fingers spread Caroline’s engorged lips to make more room for her tongue. Caroline felt Emma’s tongue push deeper into her.

“Fuck!” Caroline yelped.

Caroline’s yelp pulsed through Emma’s body. Hearing her horny, sexy student scream pushed her to the edge.

“Kitty, I’m about to cum!”

“Me too!”

They continued licking and sucking. Caroline’s body was now shaking; she’d never had sexual feelings this intense. She tried to keep licking Emma, but her body was was thrashing about. It was all she could do to remain still and let Emma continue tongue-fucking her. She moved her hand to Emma’s swell and began rubbing as fast as her hand could go.

“Shit!” both women screamed.

Emma’s pussy released first. Caroline opened her mouth and was immediately rewarded with her professor’s warm sweet juices. She held her mouth open, allowing the cum to flow freely into her mouth. Caroline’s pussy then released, gushing all over Emma’s face. Emma had known her TA was close, but the orgasm had hit suddenly. Her face was soaked with Caroline’s cum.

Both women lay there, their bodies quivering. It took nearly ten minutes for their bodies to calm down. When the shaking subsided, both women were glistening with sweat. Caroline removed herself from atop Emma. She slipped her bra and panties back on, then her leggings and sweater dress. Emma put her wrap dress back on and tied it.

“Wow, Emma, that was…” Caroline started.

“Yeah,” Emma finished. “Caroline, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Um, ok,” Caroline said, slightly nervous.

“I wanted to ask if you had plans for the holidays.”

“Just the usual Christmas with the family,” Caroline replied. “Why?”

“Well,” Emma said. “The UN and Amnesty International are hosting a symposium on climate change in Sydney over the holidays, and they’ve asked me to speak on the sociological aspect of global warming. I thought you might like to join me.”

Caroline stood there in total shock. One of the world’s foremost sociologists and asked her, Caroline Johnson, to attend a symposium. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and Caroline knew she had to take it.

“I’d be honored to,” Caroline smiled.

“Great!” Emma beamed. “We leave Friday night from JFK; the Australian government is sending a private jet. I’ll email you the itinerary. Do you need to call your parents?”

“I will,” Caroline said. “I can’t wait!”

Caroline and Emma kissed goodnight. Caroline returned to her dorm, barely able to contain her excitement for the upcoming trip.

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