Mar 31

Prom Night Gone Bad, Or Has It? Ch. 03

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Big Tits

As I’m laying on the bed, feeling Megan’s lips kiss their way down my body, I start to think of all that has happened. What started out as doing a favor for my baby sister turned into a night of love & sex. My beautiful baby sister is kissing her way down my belly and as I look at the top of her head, all I can think about now is getting the chance to slide my cock into her.

As she backs further down my body, kissing as she goes, all I can see now is her tiny heart-shaped ass sticking up in the air. With her dainty little hands, she picks my cock up from off my belly & looks me right in the eyes:


“Yea, Meg?”…

“Umm…I’ve never…I mean…I want…huhhh..I’ve never…”

“What..you’ve never been with a guy before?” I said..

“Yes…I’ve never been with a guy before. I’m not really sure what to do.”

“It’s ok, Meg…we’ll go slow. For starters, why don’t you lick my cock like you would a popsicle.”

“Ok…here goes!”

As I watched her tiny little tongue stick out of her tiny little mouth, I knew I was going to have to concentrate really hard to keep from cumming so fast. I felt my whole body twitch as her tongue touched the underside of my cock. I could feel the heat of her breath as she started licking it.

“Mmmmm…that feels so good, Meg. Now, slide your mouth up & put my cock inside it.”…

“Like this?”…she said as she moved higher & sunk her mouth down over the tip of my cock. It was so hot in her mouth & the wetness made it side in so easily.

“Now what?” she tried to say with my cock in her mouth.

“Ok..start moving your mouth up & down on my cock & with your hand, start jerking it off..but do it in time with your mouth.”

I watched & felt her mouth moving up & down, over & over again with her tiny hand jerking me off at the same time. She started to feel more relaxed with what she was doing so she started to go faster. After about escort ataşehir 5 minutes of this, she pulled her mouth off & looked up at me.

“Mark…am I doing this right?…does it feel good to you?”

Oh God, Meg…it feels sooooo good! Do you think you want to try to take more in your mouth?

“Mmmmm…yes!…I want to get as much in as I can!

“Ok..put it back in your mouth & start sucking again.”

Megan put it back in & started sucking while I continued to instruct her…

“Ok…every time you go down on it, try to push it a little further into the back of your throat. It’s ok if you cough & gag…that means that you’re doing it right!

I held her head softly in my hands while I watched her try to stuff my cock down her throat. She moved slowly on it, trying to maneuver it to the sweet spot in her throat so it would go down easier. When she hit that spot, she would push down on it & try to slide it down. She continuously choked & gagged on it, making her belly flex & let out a huge growling burp as her throat spit my cock back out.

“It’s ok…you’re doing great!”..I said..”try it again”

I watched her get herself situated again & take my cock in her mouth, jiggling it around until she got it to the back & then she took a deep breath & started to push. I didn’t think it would ever fit in there, her mouth is so tiny, but on this last try, I felt the sphincter of her throat start to open a bit & I felt the tip of my cock start to slide in.

“Oh God, Megan…you’re doing it…it’s working!” I said.

Meg pulled her head back up & I watched as a long, thick trail of saliva hung down from her lips to the tip of my cock. She smiled at me, took a deep breath & sunk her head back down. I felt her position it, and give a push, then felt it begin to slide past the ring of her throat. Her eyes started tearing like crazy & they opened up really wide as my cock started kadıköy escort it’s journey into her throat.

“Keep going…keep going Meg…I can feel it in your throat!”

I watched as she pushed harder, taking a little more of my cock back there. I closed my eyes & concentrated on the feeling. I felt my cock, very hot & wet at this point, starting to bend as it snaked it’s way into her ultra-tight throat. I felt her lips move lower & lower on my cock until I felt her nose press against my belly & her lips resting on my balls. I heard the muffled groans & the hard swallowing as her throat stretched to accomodate it’s large intruder. I looked down & saw the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen. My beautiful baby sister Megan, naked, on her belly with her tight ass up in the air, looking up into my eyes as she deep-throated my cock! I felt her tiny lips pursing around the base of my cock and I felt her throat muscles contract as she tried to swallow.

My glimpse of Heaven was quickly crushed as Megan yanked her head off my cock in one foul swoop and squeezed her eyes shut tight as her mouth opened & a huge gob of thick saliva shot out. I really thought she was going to throw up on me, but she closed her mouth, swallowed & started to laugh while wiping her tears away!

“How was that?” she asked me..

“Megan…that was absolutely perfect. I’m so close to cumming, though …do you want to finish me off by swallowing my cum?”

“I guess so…does it taste bad?” she asked timidly…

“Well, it doesn’t taste like candy, but it’s not too bad…why don’t you try it & see?”

“Ok, Mark…I’ll try it!”

She got down in the same position as before and started to suck me off. She was becoming a pro at cock-sucking. I always said she was a quick learner! I saw her take a deep breath in, followed by the jiggling around of my cock then the extra warmth & tightness and I let out a loud moan maltepe escort bayan as I felt my cock bending down into her tight throat. I felt her lips pursing and her throat muscles constrict around my cock as she started to milk me dry. She started moving up & down a bit & she made the most obscene gagging sounds. Hearing her literally choke herself on my cock was too much for me!

“Oh shit, Meg…I’m gonna cum..”

She sped up her sucking & moved down a bit further & started milking me again with her throat.

“Here it comessss…Oh Fuuuuckkkkk….” I screamed as I started to cum in her mouth. Actually, in all fairness to her, it wasn’t her mouth that I came in..it was her throat. My cock was way to far down to be considered her mouth. Basically I was cumming straight down her throat. One..two..three…four thick squirts of my incestuous cum rocketed from my cock down her gullet. I felt her throat swallowing around me, her muscles basically paddling the cum right into her belly. After the fourth squirt, she pulled up & off me like she did before, only this time, her belly coughed up all the cum she just swallowed and it shot out of her mouth with a loud burp! She kept jerking me off, taking the last few squirts of cum onto her lips & face. I was alternating between looking at her pretty face sucking me & covering my eyes in sheer bliss. I felt her lips start to lick my belly as she kept jacking me off, trying to get the last drops of cum out of her big brother. As I looked down on her, I watched my little baby sister lick around my belly & gobble up all the cum that came out of her belly.

When she was done, and my cock got soft, she crawled up my body & looked my dead in the eyes:

“So…how was that?” she asked in her most adorable baby-girl voice…her breath smelling like my cum…

“Megan…that was truely the best blow-job that I have ever gotten. You were wonderful!”

“Mark…do you think we can keep doing that?…I really liked it!”

“Judging by how fast my cock got hard again, I don’t see it as a problem!”

“Good…oh..and there’s one more thing that I want to try with you!”…with that, she gave me a wink & a smile & licked her lips clean.

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