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Prostitute Stories: Short Girl, Rough Sex

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Prostitute Stories: Short Girl, Rough SexHappy Holidays everyone. With all of my experiences over the years you would think I’d have at least one Christmas story but I don’t. Instead here’s a story about me fucking a really short chick.“Nikki (real name Amy) 4’7” WSW, Bld, Blessed Back, BBBJ, CFS, ROUGH!!!”In my profile it reads, “I am a sex addict. I’ve slept with so many women I started losing count once the number started approaching 400”.This was and is not an exaggeration. When I say I was losing count I meant that literally which also means I was literally keeping count. See around the time my sex partners went into double digits I kind of started keeping a mental count of the women I’d been with. When that number started approaching 30 I started forgetting names. When that number started approaching 50 I would run into women I’d had sex with before and they would greet me warmly and I couldn’t even remember who they were let alone remember that we had sex. At that point I started keeping an actual list of the women I’d slept with. Most times I couldn’t remember names and most times the names were fake so I’d usually write a small description. This was usually something specific that would jog my memory, a physical description, and notes about our sex acts. If any of my regular readers were wondering how in the world I could remember certain details in my stories from years ago well now you know. Is it weird? Yes. Am I a freak for doing this? Absolutely. See this is what separates me the sex addict from you the regular horny guy that likes xham stories.At the time I didn’t know I would be creating stories out of these notes but they turned out to be perfect for this. This is usually how I go about picking my next story by thumbing through the pages of my . . . Hooker Journal? . . . Prostitute Ledger? . . . Whore index? . . . my spiral notebook. So yea even this list started becoming unmanageable around 400 girls or so. Doing some quick math I’m probably either approaching 500 these days or maybe a little over 500. Weird I was not expecting to open the story this way but I think I’ll just leave this in.So that opening line about Nikki is an actual entry in my notebook it’s a mix of standard “Hobby” coded language and my own personal terminology. So let’s translate this for you.“Nikki (real name Amy)” – I ran into this girl twice the first time she gave me the name Nikki the second time she slipped up and said her real name Amy (this story will only be about the first time we met).“4’7” – You didn’t read that wrong this was her height! The shortest woman I’d ever been with.“WSW” – You should know this from past stories White Street Walker.“Bld” – My own shorthand for blonde“Blessed Back” – My own shorthand for big ass in other words she was a PAWG.“BBBJ” – Bare Back Blowjob“CFS” – Covered Full Service meaning we fucked with condoms on.“Rough!!!” – Let’s just start the story and you’ll see what I mean Ok so it’s summer time mid day and I’m driving in a residential neighborhood maybe a block or so off the track. I drive by this extremely short woman. I remember she had short blonde hair and was wearing canlı bahis şirketleri something skin tight (in my memory this is a tight red t-shirt, and insanely short light blue running shorts) and some new sneakers. The details are probably not reliable but I’m certain she had on those tight fucking shorts because I was so shocked by her size and how tiny those shorts were. I immediately pulled over in the middle of the street so there was no chance of losing this Unicorn. I don’t know how other guys feel about this but I think short women are fucking hot! A woman under 5ft gives me the same groin burning, mind numbing sensation most guys get when seeing a woman with enormous breasts, or that perfect hourglass figure, or a nice shapely bubble butt. In this case this woman had 3 out of four! She was so small, with this petite top that tapered into these amazingly thick hips, shapely thighs and calves. The best part was those running shorts just barely covered her bulbous, bouncy, backside. Her ass was incredible!I wasn’t even sure if she was working but I had to take that chance. She looked startled by my aggressive parking maneuver but then immediately ran up to my passenger door, swung it open and hoped in. She had a very butch, don’t fuck with me, kind of attitude about her that went well with her thick . . . um . . . local accent. I don’t remember much of the conversation but I do remember that almost immediately she brought up the fact that she was Italian. In my head this went something like,“Hi! I’m Hobbyist123.” and her responding“Hi I’m Nikki. Where are we going to have sex? I’m Italian.”We decided to go have sex at “The White House” which again if you’ve been following my stories you probably now know the location of that local accent. Also yes even with the accent I still managed to find her attractive.Oh man I loved the look on the guys face when we checked in at the front of this “motel”. I’m sure from his point of view he probably just saw a tuft of blonde hair peeking over the desk. He stood up to get a better view and an almost look of relief came over his face when he realized he had been looking at a woman in her 30’s and not whatever he thought he saw. At least that’s how I read the situation. It’s funny over the years this guy has seen me bring in the craziest combination of women. He’s seen me walk in with women that looked like models, women that looked like crack whores (they probably were actual crack whores), huge women, anorexic women, he’s even seen me with grandmothers. He’s seen me walk in with two girls, he’s even seen me walk in with one girl and leave with a different girl (me and another guy left our rooms at the same time, started eyeing each others dates and actually swapped girls, returning to our rooms). That same guy has even seen me walk in with a pregnant girl not once but twice! Just to be clear by twice I mean 2 seperate pregnant girls! Each time he sees me he just shakes his head and smiles in disbelief. So yea this time he almost looks relieved at the fact that she’s just a short woman.Once we entered the room the romance began.“Ok let’s go give me 60 canlı kaçak iddaa bucks and take your clothes off”. I jumped out of my clothes and laid flat on the bed watching her get undressed. Fucking hell! The body on this girl was insane. She quickly threw off each item of clothing but then very gently folded each one placing them on the chair in our room. Once done she she stood in front of the mirror tying her hair into a short little pony tail then quickly turned and posed in front of the mirror. It almost look like she was admiring her body, making sure everything was in it’s right place.Nikki jumped onto the bed, pressed her hand against my chest laying me flat on my back.“Does it take you long to get hard?”“No Not really”.She wrapped her tiny little hand around my limp dick and pumped me quickly, and way too hard, hitting my balls in the process. I shot up in more shock than pain.“Hey careful! Watch it”.“Oh sorry.” She said it but didn’t mean it. She bent down and stuffed all my floppy folded skin into her mouth. She sucked hard and deeply the movement of her neck, her head, her lips all moving gracefully and in unison adding up to an amazing blow job. Her expert skills and the almost orgasmic look on her face fooled me into thinking she was enjoying this too but the second I was hard.“Ok come on toss me the condom.” I reached over into my jeans pocket, grabbed one, and tossed it over to her. She rips the package off with her teeth and suits me up. More often than not at this point the girl usually asks something like, ‘how do I want it’, or she insist on me getting on top, maybe doggy style. Or whatever position that requires the least amount of energy on her part. Niki straddled me, stuck me inside of her and started riding me as hard and as fast as she could. The old bed we were on was rocking and creaking loudly. It took me by shock.“Holy Shit! Your crazy.”“Shut the fuck up!”POW! I just see a quick flash of white and before I could even register what happened. POW! Again I’m seeing stars and now my ear is ringing the right side of my face is numb and then I can start to feel it stinging. Whoa this chick actually is crazy she just smacked me, twice, hard as hell across my face.“Yea you like that shit don’t you mother fucker!? You love this fucking kinky shit don’t you!?”She was aggressive and it came out of nowhere I was unprepared. I love rough sex when I’m with someone else who’s down for it. Unfortunately this led me to misinterpreting the game she was playing. I grabbed her by the arm and Whack! I struck her across the face with the same force she hit me with. She nearly fell off of me and was clearly taken by surprise. The look on her face went from shock to anger. Nikki jumped back on top of me attempting to hit me again when I caught her by the wrist. We kind of wrestled back and forth a little until she got her hands free and grabbed me by the throat. She raised up and stared down at me. Her eyes were fixed to mine they were fiery and wild.“I’m the dom do you understand?”Barely able to speak I mouth out a “yes” while nodding my head. She grips me tighter and repeats herself calmly canlı kaçak bahis and clearly.“Do you understand me?” Again I nod my head yes. I’m finding it harder to breathe I reach up to pull her hand off my neck.“Don’t you ever fucking hit me again!!”She repeatedly strikes me in the face, the same side, over and over, harder and harder with her other hand still placed firmly around my neck.This time it actually fucking hurt. My head is ringing, I’m fighting for air, staring up at this little woman and she’s . . . she’s smiling. My dick shoots up stiff as a board, swelling inside of her. She arches her back and lets out a sound somewhere between moaning and laughter. She finally lets go of my neck only to rub her body. Finally able to catch some air I let out a loud gasp and so does she. She’s grabbing and smacking her tits, pulling on her nipples hard. She slowly starts rocking back and forth she reaches down for my hands and places them on her breasts.“Squeeze them . . . harder . . . squeeze them harder!”She’s rocking faster and faster and before you know it she’s fucking me like a maniac again. Her hands are all over my body, she’s clawing at my chest, pinning my hands, hitting me, slapping me repeatedly. She wrapped both hands around my neck squeezed tightly and started riding me fast.“Give me that cum, give me that cum! Don’t hold back mother fucker! I want that load. Cum! Cum! CUM!”The combination of her quick gyrations, her drill sergeant style commands for me to cum, and the fact that she was kegeling the hell out of my cock I had no choice. I shot what felt like a hugle load and my dick started to pulse inside her which I’m sure she felt because she leaned in shifting all her weight on my neck.“C’mon every drop give it to me!”I listened and gave her every last drop I had. She dropped on to the bed sweaty and out of breath. Well we were both out of breath lol.“Fuck that was awesome man! I knew you were a freak. I could just tell you were into that shit.Yeah fucking right. I mean yes I am a freak but I’m not a submissive. She’s trying to play this off like this was my idea. As if she wasn’t the one getting off on all of this shit. I basically paid her to live out her fantasy. That’s fine though I get off on women getting off so of course I still enjoyed it.When she was ready she hopped down off the bed carefully unfolded her clothes and threw them back on. She walked ahead of me bopping down the hallway back to the front desk. She waited for me as I was checking out. I got a thumbs up from the front desk dude as he was checking ass out. We left and when I finally dropped her off she hopped out the car with nothing more than a simple “bye”. I tried hard as hell to get that girls number but she wasn’t interested. I asked every girl who would listen for information about her and some knew her most didn’t but none were helpful. Like I mentioned in the beginning I did run into Nikki one more time a year or so later where she accidentally said her real name “Amy” while telling me a story, but I don’t remember anything else about that date. Oh actually while writing this story it jogged my memory that I actually ran into her a third time. I tried hard as hell to drive up and get her attention but she completely ignored me multiple times. Either she didn’t remember me or maybe she stopped hooking or something but she refused and kept dodging me.-H123

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