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punishment 2

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punishment 2It had been about an hour since Sam left and I had brought you food in a bowl to eat and water to lap up this was all part of your punishment as you knelt there tied tight and unable to move except for eating and drinking.I checked on your knots to ensure that blood flow was still there and good I always look after my slut, and then I slid a finger in your cunt to see if you were still wet and surprise surprise you were what a slut. You said you needed to go to the toilet and I aid then go slut you looked around at me and I smiled saying if you want to go go and walked out of the room. I came in just in time to see a warm stream of piss trickle from your cunt and your face went red as I caught you. I leaned forward and slid my finger in your cunt as you continued and then my tongue was there licking and sucking as you released another warm stream of piss on to my togue.After you finished I licked you clean before giving you a long slow kiss and left the room again, just in time for the front door and as I opened it I saw one of the men I had spoken to that morning standing there smiling at me I invited him in and showed him to the bedroom he stood in the doorway admiring the view of your piss covered body kneeling in a pool of warm piss fresh from your cunt. You could not see him and I said go ahead do what you like to her and went to get a drink. The man dropped his trousers and wasted no time walking up behind you and as his hand ran over the marks on your tender ass, you flinched before him and he smiled and said slut your master called me and asked me to fuck you and he said I am going to do so hard and dump my cum in your pussy.With that he slid his cock from his hand to the lips of your cunt and you could feel his big head push against your lips. You could tell from his head that this guy was large and as he forced the head in to you it suddenly dawned on you just how fucking big he was and you drew breath as he stretched your wet cunt for the second time today. I had chosen my friends carefully to abuse you today.He kept feeding his cock in to you and as it filled your hot cunt you moaned and moaned I could hear him fucking you as I knew he would be stretching you and filling you with his huge meat, and I was hard as I listened. I went to the door and watched as he slid in to you seeing him parting bahis siteleri your lips wide as he slid in and out slowly I said do you like that huge cock in you cum slut and you grunted as he thrust in to you and said yes sir. He turned and smiled at me as he carried on fucking you and just as I was getting into watching him use you the door went and I had to go to the front door to answer it. Hand on my bulge I opened the door and the man at it smiled and said it looks like I am just in time I said yes you are and I hope you are ready to go.He said yes I am and patted his crotch I led him in to the front room and along to the bedroom he could smell the cum in the air and heard the first guy fucking you hard as we got to the door and as he popped his head around he said hello to the first guy. You tried to turn around but couldn’t see as the first guy hammered in to you, and your neck was being stretched by the collar. you cried out as you came hard and the first man laughed as he said your slut likes her black cock I see and as he said it he slammed so hard in to your cunt that you choked as he pushed you against the collar and you felt him cum in buckets deep in to your pussy you moaned again as you felt him squirt and squirt in to you.As soon as his huge cock slid out of your well fucked cunt the second man slid his equally large cock in to you with no hassle as you were full of cum and began to pound you right away. The first man came around and his huge dark cock was now swinging between his thighs as he stood in front of you cum dripping from the tip and coated in cum, He grabbed your hair and pulled you up opening your mouth before feeding it in to you and telling you to clean it and calling you a slut and a whore as he fucked it in to your throat. The man behind was filling your swollen pussy now as hard as the man before and I could see your lips red and tender from the abuse and I loved it.The first man removed his cock all clean and you said thank you sir as he pulled his pants up and left. The man behind you was now leaning forward and grabbing hands full of your tits which were marked and tender from Sam earlier. This made you cry out as he pumped in to you and I could see his big meat stretching your cunt wide as he groped you treating you like the slut you were. This was a lot more frantic and canlı bahis siteleri I didn’t think he would last that long but was enjoying him using you all the same.The door went again and I smiled at my friend and went to the door on opening it I saw the other two friends I asked over they smiled and said Hi as I invited them in saying I think you are just in time, as Mike is going to cum in my sluts cunt any time soon they laughed and followed me to the bedroom.The smell of cum and the musk of your cunt now filled the air and it was a sexy feeling, and just as we walked in Mike was pulling hard on your nipples with both hands as he slammed his hard cock deep in to your soaking cunt for the last time shooting his cum deep inside filling you again making up for all the cum he fucked out of you just now. You were panting and I could see you were climaxing again as he shot his fat in to your cunt as he pinched your nipples hard. He was panting too and as he slid his cock form your wide open cunt cum poured from it.He moved around and this time your mouth was open and waiting to suck him clean, and as he fed it in to you you were surprised to feel two more pairs of hands on your body stroking and probing your every private place and sliding hands and finger’s everywhere. As you finished cleaning his cock he withdrew and slid it back in to his trousers and zipped up you thanked him for using you and cumming in your cunt before he left.The two guys wasted no time one at each end and they were both a fair size in the cock department too as one slid in to your now dripping cunt and pounding you the other had his cock deep in your throat and was intent on sliding it all the way down too.I watched fascinated as his cock pulled out of your cunt coated in two men’s cum and ploughed back inside this was making me nice and hard again, and I enjoyed every time he pumped in cum leaked out from the sides as his big cock wedged itself in to your cunt. By now your cunt was red and looked tender to touch but the cum lubricated it and you were choking on a big cock in your mouth as the other punished your cunt I knew you would be walking tenderly for a day or two after this and was pleased with the punishment.The two men fucked together and filled you from both ends completely spit roasting you like a real slut, you were trying canlı bahis to moan and squeal at the same time as your tender cunt lips were abused and at the same time a cock was being forced down your throat. I was standing beside you so I could watch both ends at the same time get fucked and the guys smiled and said that my cum slut was very good and they were looking forward to filling her for me.The man in your throat grabbed your tits hard again and I saw them under his hands being squeezed as your eyes shut tight, I knew this was pleasure and pain and you wanted both and you were getting it hard. The guy in your throat said where would you like me to cum and I said in her cunt like the rest he smiled and said to his friend hurry up will you and finish this cunt so I can fill her too. The guy smiled and as he pumped harder again you climaxed for what seemed like the hundredth time and with that the guy in your cunt let his cum lose and fired it hot and wet in to your cunt filling your tummy up.His friend saw that he had cum and said get round here and stick it in the sluts throat she loves it and they swapped places, his cum still leaking from his cock was crammed in your mouth and down your throat where you sucked it and licked it clean getting every last drop from him and at the same time the other guy as he slid his cock in to you made a loud moan and fired his cum straight away as soon as he felt the full cunt of cum gripping his cock adding to the loads already in you he buried it deep and stayed there as you finished his friends cock off.He saw his friend remove his cock from your mouth and said see I told you she was good, and with that he slid for your cunt which was now pouring cum from it and slid it straight in to your mouth and as he was still slightly firm he shoved it in as far as he could grabbing your hair and saying suck it cunt suck it clean. I smiled as he fucked your throat and said good man use her and as you sucked as much as you could he laughed and released your hair and pulled his cock from your mouth, with a plop it slid form your lips and you gasped for air as he zipped his pants up and left.I inspected you and I could see your sore swollen cunt lips and your bruised and marked tits swinging under you and also your red ass with the marks from Sam’s hand and the whip still there. I said your punishment is now over slut and I released your bonds freeing you and as the blood rushed to your limbs you lay there moaning and writhing in pleasure and enjoying the feeling of four mens cum washing inside your cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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