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It’s amazing the power that you can be trusted with. That someone will give you.

I brush the back of my hand over her left cheek to make sure she’s no longer trembling. Then I lay it over her lips and wait for her to kiss it before moving two fingers down the side of her neck, to pet her, stroke her—comfort her. I lean down and kiss her on the lips, her right cheek and the blindfold that blinds her.

“Are you ready?” I ask it as neutrally as I can, trying to stop any hint of concern or excitement from entering my voice.

She nods, her lips pursed together, trying to be brave for me.

“Good. Now you know you can say stop any time? That I won’t be angry and it won’t change anything. Okay?”

She nods again.

Choice, pressure, force. What’s the best way to make a woman feel like she has the power to say no while still stripping away her ability to do so. To make her feel that sublime balance of agency and helplessness. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to. If there’s some system I haven’t learned it. As best as I can tell, you simply try your best to learn the woman, to garner her trust and have her return it. To satisfy that part of her that is always yearning to be free and bound together at once.

I kiss up her elbow to her wrist to make sure the bind is tight with a quick tug, then I kiss her palm. I kiss it again and again, brushing my lips over the surface. I want her to know that although she’s bound and blind. That I can have any part of her. But instead of savaging her, putting my cock wherever I please that I want to kiss her. Soothe her. Be with her.

Sliding into bed, I make my way between her legs and part them a shoulder’s width. I kiss her hips, her pussy through the cotton panties. I rake my fingers up and down her ribs and grab her ass firmly, ramping up pressure and releasing. Digging my fingers into her flesh with little pulses before sliding out from under her, pushing my lips against her clit through the fabric.

I rise, make my way over to the end table where I pick up the small, swollen device. As I make my way back to her, I can see her writhing just a little, just enough to fight the constraints. “It’s okay,” I say as I slide the plastic tip up and down her thighs. “Just relax.”

When I push the short, pink toy against her panties her legs instinctively close. I laugh, enough of my body is between them to make closing all the way impossible, and once I set the plug down, it’s easy enough to push her thighs apart. She fights me, though, and she can squeeze her legs together almost as well as I can push them apart. After a few moments of this erotik film izle tug of war I ask, “Are you sure you want to make it more difficult?”

Her legs go limp, then spread again.

I move out and order her to close them. She hesitates a moment, then does so. When her ankles are touching I lean over her, grasp her panties by the waistband and drag them off, tossing them aside with a small thud against the wall.

“Open them.” I wait a moment, and when she doesn’t comply I give a more firm command. “Spread.”

She does, and I look at her for a moment. Her shaved pussy, her thick thighs, her rapidly rising and falling torso and tightly pressed lips. And she is beautiful.

I take the last precaution while up and grab the lube and the second toy. I don’t want to leave her again. I’m already hungry, my eyes are narrowed and bright, filled with the desire you can only have for a woman you need.

Making my way between her legs for the last time, I put just a tad of the gel on my index finger and rub it in with my opposite hand. When it is slick to my satisfaction I lean down and push my lips against her pussy.

I give her long, full kisses across the lips, then up and down the slit. Only kisses, no licks, and nothing on the clit. Not yet. I want to make her want it, need it.

She’s resisting more than normal, afraid of what’s coming next, and I can’t blame her. To put her at ease, I redouble my efforts. I push my tongue into her and lick in a small, quick circle until she moans, then I fuck her with my tongue and a darting motion before I slide up to her clit to suck on it, and then kiss it over and over again before I give it a long, slow lick.

When she pushes herself against my face I know she’s ready and I unceremoniously push my lubed finger into her ass.

She freezes instantly, inhaling deep and gasping from the back of her throat.

I lick her clit as I slide the finger all the way up her ass, but the sensation is too much, she bucks against me, she moans and I move my lips back down against hers to kiss and suck on her labia. When she is back in a state of relative ease I push my finger all the way in.

Her body tenses, shifts, with each movement I make. I know that if she wasn’t bound to the headboard she’d be able to move away from me and close herself up once more.

But that’s why we took this precaution. That’s why she’s mine.

I make small circles with my fingers. Slow and strong, spreading her open with each turn. It doesn’t take long before the motion becomes easy and she stops fighting I lost myself in the intoxication of film izle it before I remember to kiss her, lick her, put my free hand on her hip. “You’re amazing” I say as I grip her.

When I pull out of her she gasps, and for just a second her body follows my finger before snapping back away. I release her to lube up a second and third fingers. Two slide into easier than the first, and with a few corkscrews, and a quick maneuver the third goes in too. I roll them until my wrist aches from the torque, then I push in and out, a taste of things to come.

I wriggle them back and forth with gentle precision as I lean my face to kiss her pussy again, this time going for something new.

My tongue pushes against her clit so roughly that I can feel it shift with each lick. I suck it into my mouth and kiss it again and again before pushing my face against her lips to resume licking, to push so hard that strands of my beard and my chin enter her.

We move back and forth, locked against one another, sometimes me moving my hand inside her, and sometimes letting it be still. This goes on until she cums hard enough to drench the lower half of my face.

She breathes deeply for a minute while I wait in perfect stillness. When she’s recovered I wordlessly pull my fingers out of her. Then, without resistance, I insert the first of two toys, the plug, into her.

Her groans fill the room as it slides into her, the headboard knocking against the wall from the shifts in her arms. She only struggles as the thicker and thicker base reaches new dimensions in her. I don’t push it all the way in, just enough for what comes next.

I slide up her body, kissing her hips and stomach through the shirt and up her neck to her lips. She kisses me back instantly and it makes me smile and look at her blindfolded face for a moment before I kiss her again. And again. And again.

My knees plant themselves into the mattress between hers, thighs meeting thighs, as my cock pushes into her pussy.

It is wonderful and after only a moment,she is moaning like never before. Little growls through grit teeth on the way in, wails and shudders on the way out. I go slowly with a sawing motion, purposely pushing down as I go in, to squeeze her between my cock and the toy. To make her feel what it’s like to be this full.

I’m not able to speed up, to push as fast as I’d like as it would be too much for her. Every time I push faster, harder, she cries out until I stop. Not pain, but not pleasure either. Not yet, at least.

So we fuck long and slow, with full strokes, each push and pull causing an audible response seks filmi izle from her. It lasts until I can’t take it any longer, until I need her too much.

I rip the plug out of her and toss it aside as I fumble for the lube to squirt a mass of it on the second toy. It’s much smaller, and will fit easier, but I’m at my absolute limit and I can’t be interrupted again. I cannot wait any longer. I grease up the little bullet and push it into her, making sure it’s secure by shaking it side to side. When it sticks, when it’s in, I turn on the vibration to the lowest setting and position myself over her again.

She’s whimpering by the time I’m pushing into her, her legs grasping the outside of my hips, pulling me towards her and trying to close around the sensation all at once. She lets out a cry as I push into her that switches the last part of my humanity off, and as she screams out I put my hand around her neck and squeeze gently as I start to pick up steam.

I am my rigid, shuddering cock and I slam in and out of her at maximum speed, the vibrations from her ass tickling me as I do. But I feel it less and less as I move in and out of her faster.

She’s stopped making any noises except single, guttural moans when I push back into her. They’re some mix of a sigh and long, heavy “H”, and nothing else.

And having her there, helpless, wordless and over-stimulated only turns me on more. “You’re mine” I say as I try and make her groan and growl the way I am, the way she needs to to please me.

She doesn’t. Instead she cries out as she cums, her pussy spasming around me as she does.

I move my hand from her neck to the headboard and I begin to shove in and out of her as I call her my pet, my toy, my beautiful creature—all while fucking through the sloshing, deep quivers of her cum. Fucking until the world becomes a white-hot blur, and fucking past it, if only for a few seconds.

She’s screaming, but I can barely hear it through my own growl, through the deafening climax I have as I cum inside her.

A moment later I remind myself that I can’t stay on top her, empty and dead, as much as I would like. I push myself off of her and pull the bullet from her ass to switch it off.

I take a deep breath as the world is still blurry and my head is empty, then I move to my feet and walk to her side once more, undoing the binds and letting her hands drop. I leave the blindfold on, just so I can get back to her side quickly. We slide to the dry side of the bed, and once we do, we hold each other, breath on one another and share a single kiss.

After a few moments she nuzzles into my chest and murmurs a thank you.

“Don’t thank me yet.” I say.

She kisses my chest a few times, lightly brushing her lips over it, before asking why not.

“Don’t thank me until you’ve done the real thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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