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QOS Creator 08 – I Like Girls!

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[Chapter 8] — I like Girls!

Slowly, Tabitha opened her eyes and discovered she had been somewhere other than her bedroom for the past year and a half. Upon focusing her eyes, she finds herself in a stretch limo traveling down a road. The wife has seen the outside world for the first time since her captivity. However, she is not alone.

At the same time as Tabitha, three other women are slowly waking up. In the rear seat, she sits with a woman next to her, and facing Tabitha are two girls.

The girls are all wearing the same clothing. They all wear white tube tops, shiny black micro skirts, and black platform high heels with open toes. The skirts barely cover anything, as Tabitha can see the woman’s pussy peeking through the short skirt. As she looks down, she notices she is also wearing the same outfit.

A girl seated next to her notices Tabitha is awake as well.

“Hello,” she said to Tabitha.

Then Tabitha replied, “Hello.”

“I’m Paige.”

Tabitha is now able to see the woman. She was a brunette with a Gothic look. Paige had straight jet-black hair with matching bangs cut in a straight line across her forehead. The color of her skin was pale, and she had brown eyes. As one might expect from a Gothic girl, her eyebrows are high arching and pencil-thin, with thick black eyeliner. In addition to having blood-red lips, she has two lip rings on one side of her lower lip. The bridge of her nose has a silver ring dangling from it; this is a septum piercing.

“Hello, Paige. I am Tabitha.”

They shook hands, and Tabitha observed that she also had long fingernails, but hers were black.

“I’m Krystal,” said the girl across from Paige.

Her hair was curly red and shaped around her entire head. Krystal had blue eyes and a noticeable sleeve tattoo on her right arm displaying various designs that Tabitha could not discern. Additionally, she had one of her eyebrows pierced. Like Tabitha, she wore slutty makeup.

The last girl announced, “I am Camilla.”

The woman was a beautiful Latina. Her hair has multiple long braids that fall to her shoulders and past her bust. Her eyes were brown, and she wore large gold hoop earrings. Like Tabitha, Camilla has a nose piercing. Her left thigh had a large spade tattoo with a picture of a queen and a fancy design. She had long, black fingernails similar to Paige, while Krystal had red nails similar to Tabitha.

As Tabitha looks outside the window, she notices snow on the ground. The road they were traveling on was secluded, and Tabitha was unfamiliar with it. Even though snow is on the ground, she knows she is not in Minnesota. Tabitha concluded that it was sometime in the evening since it was becoming darker.

As she stares outside, Krystal interrupts her gaze.

“Oh my god, I thought I was the only one. Have all of you girls had incredible sexual adventures?”

Their heads shook, and they all smiled as they recalled their training.

They chatted for the next hour or so. All of the girls provided Tabitha with additional information. It was discovered that all the girls had also changed their names.

Camilla is originally from Florida and worked for an insurance company. She was very proud of her thigh tattoo and showed the girls a close-up view. By the way she looked, she looked as if she belonged in the ghetto. She exudes a clubbing vibe.

It appears that Krystal is the youngest member of the group. As she had just graduated from college with a business degree, she was unemployed. A tattoo of vines with small spades as leaves was visible underneath the large fake breast, which resembled Tabitha’s side tattoos. On her right arm, she had a sleeve tattoo that covered most of her arm from her wrist to her shoulder.

Paige, the Gothic girl, is from Maryland. She was a librarian from a town located just outside of Baltimore. Her entire back was covered with a large angel wings tattoo. In the middle of her back, where the wings join, there is a very large spade tattoo with a gothic “Q” in the center.

Tabitha presented her tattoos, including her tramp stamp and vines wrapping around her large fake tits and pointing downwards to her pussy. Now it points to her newest spade tattoo above her pussy. She was most proud of her name tattoo above her right breast in Gothic lettering. That was well received by the girls, and they expressed a desire to have one similar to hers.

Although all the girls had white husbands, they did not speak much about them. The four girls all have the same type of tattoo above their shaved pussies. As the conversation proceeded, all four of them discussed the joys of fucking black cocks. They did not notice the limousine pulling up to a large mansion just as the conversation was getting hotter. By now, the sky had become dark.

The driver got out of the vehicle and opened the door for the women. This handsome black man wore a driver’s outfit complete with a driver’s hat.

As he said to the women, “Go right in, they’re expecting you.”

All the women felt the cold air hit them. There istanbul travesti was a very cold climate, and their pierced nipples were hard and visible through the thin fabric of their tube tops. There was a wicked grin on each of their faces as he helped them out of the car. The four of them thought about fucking the driver.

They hurried to the large front door. The cobblestone entrance walkway was clear of snow and ice despite about a foot of snow on the ground. Despite wearing high heels, they were able to climb the stairs without difficulty. They hurried to the door as they were not wearing any coat to warm them from the freezing cold air. As they approached, the door opened, and the blast of warm air provided comfort to all the girls. Upon entering the large front door, they found themselves in a dimly lit room where a few people were waiting to greet them.

It appears that the staff of the large mansion is waiting for the girls. On both sides of the entrance, they are arranged in a line. There are five on each side. Tabitha observed four maids dressed in very sexy French maid outfits with black high heeled pumps and their hair in ponytails. Two men were dressed in white chef outfits. Both men are Hispanic. The other staff members are white men, and she was unaware of their roles.

After reaching the end of the line of staff members, the girls looked up at the elaborate staircase in front of them. The sound of high heels clicking could be heard coming down the large staircase.

On the way down the stairs, a tall woman is wearing a shiny black PVC catsuit that covers her up to her neck. In addition to the long-sleeved catsuit, the outfit was capped off by matching style gloves. At the foot of the stairs, Tabitha noticed that she was wearing matching thigh-high heels that were about the same height as her heels, six inches.

Her long black hair was in a ponytail and puffed up on top of her head. Her hair ends just below the crack in her ass. The outfit was completed by a corset of the same style. In addition to thick makeup, she had sultry black smokey eyes and matching red lips. In one of her hands, she held a riding crop.

She approached the woman once she had exited the staircase. While walking past them, she eyed them up and turned around to look at them once again. The woman did not say a word. Just then, a familiar face was making its way down the stairs.

It was Devin, her master, and apparently the master of all of the girls.

“Hello, ladies,” he said.

He was wearing a dark suit of high quality. Dressed in a manner consistent with a businessman.

They all greeted him at the same time, “Hello, master.”

“Welcome to your last stage of training.”

While the sultry woman in the black catsuit looked on, he moved closer to the group.

“You girls are now Queen of Spades; however, you need to expand your knowledge.”

The mystery lady accepted Devin’s hand when he reached out.

“Ladies, this is Mistress Debra, she will be finishing up your training.”

“Hello, ladies.”

She had a sultry, raspy voice. It reminded Tabitha of the voice of Kathleen Turner.

“Mistress, they are all yours,” Devin tells her.

“Ladies, it was a pleasure, I will see you soon.”

After kissing Mistress Debra’s hand, he walked out the front door.

Devin is confident that they are in good hands with Mistress Debra. Due to their advanced training, the women are no longer a threat to flee. Since they have been trained to be docile, they are ready and willing to participate in their next training event. As a result, they will be completely submissive to their Mistress. He is now on his way to meet his next group of girls. In the limo the girls arrived in, he got in and rode away.

After watching him leave, the girls turned their heads towards their new mistress.

After this, she slaps her riding crop with the other hand. The girls watched as she paced in front of them.

“Ok, so I have a Paige?”

Paige responded as she has been taught, “Here, Mistress.”


Krystal responds, “Here, Mistress.”


Tabitha responded like the other girls.

“And finally, Camilla.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now that everyone is here, I’m going to show you how to be a real slut,” she says, “I’m going to teach you things that no man can teach you.”

She appears to have an evil smirk on her face.

“You will learn how to flirt in such a way that men will do whatever it takes to get into your pants.”

As the sultry woman spoke, all the girls smiled and listened intently.

“I will demonstrate to you the best ways to please a man and a woman,” she continued.

She then approaches Paige, the Gothic member of the group. Her lips are close to Paige’s as she closes her eyes, anticipating a kiss from her mistress.

“You will learn to enjoy pussy and to please a woman in all aspects.”

She then kisses Paige in such a way that she is about to orgasm as a result of the kiss. Then she slowly breaks off the kiss, leaving istanbul travestileri Paige wanting more.

“I will teach you how to dress, walk, speak, and teach you other things that your master could not teach you.”

The kissing with Paige got all the girls excited. Mistress Debra looks at each of their faces more closely.

“You girls have been doing a good job on your makeup. I want you to continue working on this, and I will give you some tips.”

“So, it’s getting late, and we should retire soon.”

She motions to get the attention of the maids.

“Now the maids will show you to your rooms upstairs. Each of you has your own room and attached bathroom. I have taken the liberty to supply your wardrobe and you will find them in your room of everything you will need while you stay here.”

Each maid approached the girls and handed each of them a piece of paper.

“The paper has instructions of what I expect each of you to wear and when, for the upcoming week.”

“Good night, ladies.”

The maids then motioned for the ladies to follow them upstairs. Mistress Debra watched all the girls and the maids climb the large staircase.

She turns to the rest of the staff, “You are all dismissed.”

The remaining staff members dispersed. Mistress Debra then approaches a table with a box and opens the box. She retrieved a black cigarette holder and fitted it with a cigarette and lit it. As she smoked away on her long holder, she thought about the training regime she would be implementing for the women.

The girls reached the top of the stairs and proceeded down a long dimly lit corridor, and one by one the maids showed each of them their rooms. One of the maids showed Tabitha her room. The maid turned on the lights in the room, and Tabitha was surprised how large the room is.

Her room had a large king-size bed with tall, wooded posts on each corner of the bed. The room had an expensive wooden dresser with a mirror on the wall, and a spacious makeup vanity. The windows are draped with long curtains that hang just above the floor. The bathroom was larger than her training room and much more elegant.

The maid left and closed the door behind her.

Tabitha looked at the sheet of paper and found out what she was expected to wear to bed. She then walks over to the dresser and finds the article of clothing there. It was a pink sheer baby doll. She then changed out of her clothing, removed her makeup, took a shower, put on the baby doll and then climbed into bed. Luckily, she was exhausted, or she would be up all night anticipating her training with her Mistress, as she falls fast asleep.

In Minneapolis, it was late January, and Peter was eager to get out of this winter weather. Even though he is from New York City, this cold in the Midwest is far more severe than any winter weather he remembers in New York. Today was his last day, as his crew was packing up and heading to their next mission.

He was hoping to get orders to a warmer climate; however, he was very disappointed that the next husband he needs to babysit is in Indiana.

His last job here at Minneapolis was to introduce Chance, the beautiful shemale, to Bob. And makes sure he accepts her. Which he did. As Chance moved into Bob’s apartment. Bob has been fucking her since Christmas eve.

Chance has been pleasing Bob every opportunity she gets. She gives him a wakeup blowjob every morning and doesn’t have a problem making him cum. She usually keeps his cum in her mouth and then gives him a nice morning cummy kiss to start the day.

It does not bother Bob that she is a shemale. He fucks her every evening in the ass without any hesitation. Chance slowly gets him to touch her cock when they are fucking. One time she was able to get him to jack her off to orgasm. She now has him comfortable of not only jerking her off but had him actually kiss her large cock. Her face was etched with an evil wicked grin as Bob slowly began sucking her cock.

Tabitha wakes up and stretches out on the large comfortable king-sized bed. She has eagerly anticipated her upcoming adventure at Mistress Debra’s mansion. It took her awhile to fall asleep. It was only after she had masturbated to an orgasm that she was able to relax and drift off to sleep.

She then left the bed and started to get ready for the day. In accordance with the instructions given to her, she took out the outfit she would wear today. She put on a seductive white low cut mini club dress with side ties and ruffled front panel. The dress wraps around her neck and the front opening plunges just short of her navel showing off her fake breasts and her tattoo on her right breast. Her pierced nipples are clearly visible through the dress material.

She accessorized the look with many thin gold bangles on her right forearm, large gold hoop earrings and white platform sandals with 6″ spiked heels.

Tabitha then sat down at the makeup table and donned her slutty makeup. Applying foundation to cover any blemishes on her face, and then applying the rest of travesti istanbul the makeup. She draws her thin eyebrows and puts on sparkly blue eye shadow lined with thick eyeliner and long fake eyelashes, which compliments her hazel eyes. Then she finished her look by wearing glossy pink lipstick.

She had enough time to remove her red nail polish and painted her long fingernails white to match her outfit. She then checked her hairstyle, which had remained the same throughout her training, shaved sides and back of neck, with platinum blonde curls on top.

Tabitha heads down the stairs for breakfast in the large dining room and eventually all the girls join her. Tabitha noted how hot they all looked in their dresses as they all were wearing different outfits.

The Latino girl, Camilla was already in the dining room when Tabitha arrived. She still had her very long hair braided in many rows, with very large gold hoop earrings and dark makeup on her face. She was wearing a black off-shoulder long sleeve dress made of very thin material with numerous holes. You can clearly see her pierced nipples with her fake breast as well as her large tattoo of a spade on her thigh. She was wearing similar heels but black in color.

Just moments after Tabitha arrived the two remaining girls entered the dining room. Still wearing her gothic makeup, Paige is wearing a very short black fluffy cocktail dress that barely covers her crotch area. The dress was wrapped in a PVC waist cincher. Her arms are decked out in black laced fingerless opera gloves. A large black choker covered all her neck and she had varied lengths of ebony pearl necklaces around her neck. She was wearing black thigh high stockings with tall black platform boots that made her much taller than all the other girls. Her outfit was topped off with a red rose in her hair as the only color of her entire outfit.

The red head, Krystal, was dressed in a white crop top short sleeve t-shirt that clearly shows she is not sporting a bra, as her large fake tits stick out and her pierced nipples are pressed against the thin white material of her shirt. She was wearing very short Daisy Duke denim shorts that only covered half of her large ass. This is because she must have had the BBL as well as the other girls. She was wearing 6″ heels as well. However, her heels had a clear platform, and the rest of the material was red, making her appear more like a streetwalker than all the other girls.

Once breakfast was served to all the girls, Mistress Debra entered the room, wearing the same type of outfit from last night.

“Once you’re finished with your meal, proceed to the training room. I will have one of the maids show you where you need to go.”

She then left the room.

As soon as all the girls had finished eating, one of the maids led them into a large library room. It was setup with school chairs and facing Mistress Debra, who was waiting for them.

“Please, take a seat,” she points to the empty chairs in front of her.

Once all the girls were seated, Mistress Debra then proceeded with their formal classroom instructions. A large overhead projector served as a visual aid during her presentation.

The first thing she talked about was their looks. And how it’s imperative not to overlook any details as all details matter.

“It is necessary to know the importance of every little detail, from your hairstyle, makeup, what you will wear, as well as how to walk, sit, or even stand,” she continues, “I will show you how to focus on little details, because they all add up. You have almost perfected your makeup, which was according to my instructions given to you from your earlier training.”

All day was classroom instructions as well as giving them paper instructions on what they covered. They learned that there are three items that are to be worn at all times, make up, jewelry and high heels. This is except when they are working out, sleeping, bathing, showering or being sick or injured.

There was no doubt in their minds that they should always wear heavy makeup. Undressing or getting naked does not mean removing their makeup. After they undress, they need to make sure their makeup is still intact and looks sexy.

Jewelry enhances the visual appeal of their naked bodies, they are told. This applies to earrings, chokers, rings, anklets, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, and piercings. Mistress Debra told them that their naked bodies benefit from the appreciating, precious, attention-grabbing effect of shiny accessories.

Mistress Debra tells them that their high heels should always be worn as well. Barefooting is not an option. In addition, their heels enhance their stance, posture, body shape, sex appeal, mindset, and make their legs appear longer, and their body slimmer, and their asses appear tighter.

Mistress Debra looks at Paige and says that when she is wearing stockings, they must be on at all times during the day and before retiring to bed. They must even be worn during sex.

The classroom continues on until the late afternoon, breaking a couple of times for lunch and other small breaks. After the classroom, the girls get into their workout outfits and workout in the private gym of the large mansion. In their rooms, they change again, reapply their makeup, and get ready for dinner. Afterwards they retire for the evening.

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