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Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 124 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 124 Tim looked at me. I smiled and nodded. He started to fuck Felix very slowly, coming almost all the way out and driving all the way back in. It was important not to cause the boy to move too much as my cock was in his mouth, and at dental risk. In the last several days Felix had mastered the art, however, and even when Tim’s inward plunge forced him an inch or two forward he still kept his lips over his teeth. When we were spit-roasting Tim and I tried to make sure that the first cum was in whoever-it-was’s mouth: that way the person fucking could go hell for leather without his partner’s cock being bitten off. So I let Felix suck away for a few minutes before deciding that the best thing would be to wank myself pretty close – say 20 seconds or so – stick my cock back in his mouth and gently fuck. When Tim saw me pull back and start vigorously wanking he knew what I was up to. He kept up his rhythm, accelerating slowly. I knew that when Felix took my cock in his mouth again Tim would try to shoot about two minutes later – time for Felix to get the benefit of my load, and for me to have my cock sucked dry before Tim filled his arse. Put like that it all sounds very mechanical and unerotic, but believe me, Felix was a highly-charged 13-year-old boy whose balls were on fire, and I knew that when Tim reached round to grasp his cock it wouldn’t take many strokes for it to jizz. I got myself close and pushed my throbbing cock between Felix’s lips. His tongue swirled greedily over my glans, my nerves signalling urgently, my brain telling my balls to deliver, my cum rushing up the length of my cock out into his waiting mouth where his tongue revelled in the hot tangy sensation of spunk as jet after jet washed the inside of his mouth. I held his head, caressing him and stroking his hair. “You are one sexy kid, Felix,” I said. “Mmm.” At the other end Tim was now in full cry, both with his cock and his right hand. Which of them would come first, I wondered as my cock softened and slipped from Felix’s lips. I felt him swallow. I went on stroking his hair and murmuring about how much I loved coming in his mouth. “Mmm.” Then suddenly Tim was there, groaning as he pumped into Felix’s hot wet arse. He kept on wanking and ten seconds later, while Tim was still pumping, Felix gave a great groan as jizz flew out of his cock onto the bed, five strong squirts. The downside of spit-roasting someone is that his cum is wasted. Still, the best was yet to come. Felix leaned forward and took my wilted cock back into his mouth. “That’s nice,” I murmured. He still had two Mulloy cocks where he wanted them, and both Mulloys were content to leave them there, at least until they had finished on the other bed and Phase II could begin in the shower. Tim, as ever, took the lead. “I need a piss,” he said. “Why not get a beer before? There’s orange for these two,” I said, pointing at Felix and Tom, “they’ve certainly earned a refill.” “What d’you mean, a refill?” said Felix, “if Tom’s as full as I am then there isn’t any room.” “Ah,” said Tim, “but your arses and your stomachs may be full, but Patrick was talking about refilling your bladders. Come on,” and without giving them any choice he led them off to Cabin 3 where the drinks were. Tim and I opened a beer each and put a bottle of juice into each boy’s hand. “Drink up,” I said, “and as soon as these are down I need a piss.” I gave Nigel a meaningful look, hoping that he would remember to keep Tom back for the agreed two minutes after Tim and I had disappeared with Felix. Felix was happy to empty his bottle quickly, so the three of us went to the shower. As soon as we were in there Tim and I got in position, and within five seconds he was pissing on my chest. Five seconds after that he was pissing in my mouth, my lips round his cock. Five seconds after that he made a huge effort and stopped pissing. I stood up and kissed him. “Tasty as always,” I said quietly. We looked at Felix: how ataköy escort had he reacted to what he’d just seen? His expression was one of amazement. “Well?” said Tim, “are you joining us?” Felix said he didn’t know where to start. At first he couldn’t believe what he was seeing; then when I knelt and he saw me drinking – drinking! – piss he was disgusted; then, about five seconds later when he noticed how his cock had interpreted what was going on he discovered that he wasn’t disgusted at all, but very very interested. Tim repeated his question, and Felix lapsed into behaviour I thought we’d cured him of at least a fortnight ago. “Can I?” To his credit he remembered at once, and answered his own question. “You bet I can. What do I do?” “You come and stand close to us, and you piss, Felix,” said Tim. “It isn’t difficult. We each love being pissed on, and we each love drinking – it’s called ‘from the tap’, and you can work out why. Unless you object we’re going to do the same to you.” By this time Felix and we were close and I had started to piss on him. I deliberately aimed a strong stream, foreskin retracted for maximum oomph, at his cock. His cock went from being half hard to all the way in a few seconds. “You can rub it if you want,” said Tim. Felix wasn’t sure how to interpret ‘it’, but he rubbed his cock with one hand while aiming his cock at me. Naturally it took him quite a while before his brain unlocked his bladder in the new circumstances in which it found itself, but he started to piss on me before I’d finished. Tim hadn’t restarted, keeping plenty for when Felix was finished. “Don’t forget me,” he said, and Felix whipped round to piss on Tim’s chest at exactly the moment that Tom came bounding in with Nigel and Graham immediately behind him. “Oh fuck, Felix, that’s disgusting!” he cried. Felix turned to look at him, his cock still hosing Tim. “You are so wrong, Tom. That’s what I thought at first, but not any more. Come on, give it a try.” Whether he had though about the effect it would have on Tom I didn’t know, but as soon as he’d said ‘give it a try’ he dropped to his knees and applied himself to Tim’s tap. “Oh Christ!” said Tom, having no idea how to react to a sight at once disgusting – after all, you didn’t piss on other people: hell! you didn’t even piss in company with other people, never mind doing it all over them; and you sure as anything didn’t piss in someone’s mouth – but like Felix’s, Tom’s cock countermanded these well-brought-up boy views. Tom’s cock wasn’t disgusted; Tom’s cock liked what it (or the proxy eyes it used – the ones up in Tom’s head) saw; Tom’s bladder was stimulated, like all boys’ bladders, by the sight of running water. “Oh fuck,” he said, only this time it was uttered despairingly rather than in horror. Despairingly because he had involuntarily started to piss, and it was running down his legs. Luckily Nigel was on hand to rescue him. “Let me help with that,” he said, and before he knew it Tom was pissing – yes, actually pissing – in Nigel’s mouth. His involuntary caressing Nigel’s head told the rest of us all we needed to know. Nigel didn’t spill a drop. Tom just moaned and let nature take its course. Graham put his arms round the pair of them and started to dribble onto Tom’s belly. With five minutes there were two men and a boy under each of the shower heads. All bladders were empty (although five were in the process of recycling: Tom had drawn the line, but I was pretty sure that his reluctance would be worked on by Felix, and quickly overcome). All were washing the bit of body nearest to them. Nothing was said, not then anyway. Six erections had subsided under the spray, but all six of us were pretty sure that six more erections would soon appear, and this time they would reach their intended fulfilment. Back in Cabin 1 we regrouped in our threesomes, only this time Tom was with us and Felix with Nigel and Graham. Felix was bursting to tell us what he felt. “You eight have taught me so much since we left New York, but what just happened is the damnedest thing.” I was unfamiliar with this expression in those days, but the expression on his face made it only too clear that, in this context at least, ‘damnedest’ was very good. “Last summer another guy in Seventh Grade and I went into the woods to do stuff – jerk off, you know – and after a while we both needed to piss, so we stood side by side and pissed into the creek about 10 feet below us. As we’d just jerked off together and we were both naked it was OK to merter escort watch the other guys pissing. I thought then that having him piss on me would be a great thing, so like a doofus I said so. A bit of me hoped he’d swing round, still pissing, and say ‘like this, you mean’, but he didn’t. He finished pissing, turned to me and said, ‘you’re fucking disgusting, Felix, you know that?’ We’d said stuff like that to each other lots of times, but this was different. The look on his face made it clear that we’d jerked off together for the last time. He got dressed and strode off. The only good thing, I suppose, is that he never told anyone. So what happened today was something I’ve wanted for months, but never thought I’d get.” He got off the bed, came across to ours and gave Tim and me a nice relaxed thank-you kiss, tongues and all. Then he went back and laid down between the twins. “Your turn, Tom, truth or consequences.” Tom’s tale was much simpler. He’d never thought of pissing with, on, or in anyone. He had been disgusted by what he had seen, but the three of us, with whom things just as disgusting if you thought about them dispassionately had taken place on many occasions in the last three weeks, were evidently having fun and, well, fun was what it was all about, so – what the hell! – and that was when he started pissing down himself. “It was so fucking embarrassing. I haven’t wet myself since I was 4. But when Nigel did what he did – my head just exploded, and, well, you saw what happened.” It wasn’t the most articulate speech, but its meaning was clear enough. “I take it the two of you might repeat the experience,” said Tim. It’s embarrassing for me to have to confess that some of our bad language habits must have been picked up by these two boys, for at the same moment they each said, “too fucking right.” I could tell that Tom had something else he was wondering about telling us – you know the sort of look somebody has while he’s having the internal do-I-tell-them-or-not debate. Felix’s sad tale of his erstwhile jerk-off chum must have tipped the balance in favour of disclosure. Tom had wrestled alone long enough. He looked anxiously at Felix. “Can I tell them about Stephen? I know he made us promise we wouldn’t, but he’s on Long Island and we’re here and we’ll never see him again, and anyway, these are our friends now, not him.” This was promising stuff, I thought, and when Felix, naked and warm between Tim and me, shrugged and said he didn’t see why not. What could it be, this thing so secret? Tom settled down, knowing he had centre stage. “Felix’s family came to stay with us in Long Island a month before we left New York. It didn’t take us long to start fooling about – we’ve already told you that. A neighbour of ours was this Stephen. He’s 16 and I never had anything to do with him until Felix appeared – he was 16 and I was 13, and we had nothing in common.” Felix laughed, “not then, Tom.” Tom went on. “One day Fe and I were at the swimming pool and Stephen was there. It was an afternoon, and there weren’t many people there. Anyway, we didn’t pay him any attention, but Fe said that he kept looking at us – or to be precise, Fe said Stephen was looking at him. Fe whispered that he thought Stephen might turn out to be interesting company. ‘Don’t be daft,’ I said, ‘he’s 16 and we’re just kids.’ ‘That just shows how ignorant you are,’ he said, ‘it’s beautiful kids like us – fresh-faced, nice innocent-looking boys like us – that he’s spent the last 20 minutes looking at.’ Anyway, we didn’t do anything. If Stephen was interested it was going to be up to him to do something about it.” “And he did, I take it,” said Graham, anxious to get to whatever juicy details might be forthcoming. “When we got out Stephen got out at the same time. There wasn’t anyone else there. In the changing room Fe immediately took his trunks off and swung his cock about. Stephen took one look and came over. This was it, I thought. ‘Nice cock,’ he said, ‘but what’s really nice is your feet. I like feet.’ This wasn’t what either of us were expecting. ‘Can I dry them for you?’ Fe laughed. ‘They’re just feet,’ he said. ‘Oh no, they’re the most beautiful part of you, and I want to worship them.’ Stephen actually got down on his hands and knees and kissed Fe’s feet. ‘I like that,’ said Fe, ‘why don’t I sit on the bench and you can really get to know my sexy little feet.’ Stephen practically swooned. He took each toe and told Fe how beautiful it was, how pink, how perfectly formed, bahçeşehir escort all that sort of stuff. I reckoned my feet weren’t any different from Felix’s, so I thought I might as well have my feet worshipped as well. So I took off my trunks – Stephen paid no attention as he was busy slurping on Fe’s toes – and sat down next to them. ‘Mmm, I love boys’ toes,’ said Stephen in mid slurp, ‘pink and perfect.’ He went back to slurping and stroking. My cock was stirring, which seemed strange. I’ve never thought of feet as sexy, but if Stephen was going crazy over 20 13-year-old toes it seemed possible that four 13-year-old hands might go crazy over one 16-year-old cock. After all, he wasn’t likely to fuck off when I reached for his cock if he was that turned on by our feet. So I screwed up my courage and said, ‘please can we see your cock, Stephen? It’s only fair if you can see our feet.’ He never took his mouth off Fe’s foot, but he wriggled out of his trunks and dropped them behind him. His cock was enormous! Well, actually it wasn’t, but it was the first cock apart from Fe’s I’d seen, and it was hard and hairy. Why aren’t you hairy – you’re all older than Stephen?” I didn’t want to break the story, so I said I’d tell him later, “go on though – what happened then?” Felix took over. “The sensation of his tongue sucking each of my toes, and licking the space in between them, was a good feeling, and I could see how some guys might find it was sexy. What I found sexy was the whole idea that this big hairy 16-year-old found me – us – a turn-on. Would he let us do proper stuff with him? The kind of stuff you’ve done with us, I mean. I had difficulty in not giggling – as well as being ticklish the whole idea of someone sucking my feet was so odd.” “Tell them what happened,” said Tom, “that’s the best bit.” Felix smiled in happy recollection of what Stephen had finally got round to suggesting. “After he’d sucked every one of my fucking toes and then sucked every one of Tom’s – it must have taken 20 minutes or more, and both of us with hard-ons waiting to get our rocks off, he looked up. ‘That was great. I need to bust a nut, and you guys look like you do too. Will you two stand facing each other real close and do what you need to do. Don’t worry about where it goes, just jizz when you have to.’ ‘What about you?’ I said. Stephen grinned. ‘Don’t you worry about me, just let me do what I have to do.’ Tom and I shrugged – we were going to jerk off facing each other right close, so any jizz was going to hit the other guy in the belly. We both thought that was a wicked idea, so we just got on with it.” “And what did Stephen do?” asked Nigel, keen for the saga to reach whatever conclusion it was headed for. “Guess.” “Oh, I don’t fucking know, just tell us, for God’s sake,” – this from Tim. “He knelt real close and jacked himself hard, real fast, faster than we’ve ever done. He got red in the face and was panting and sighing, and then he groaned and streams of jizz poured out onto our feet. It was weird, but we were so close we weren’t going to stop. ‘Quick,’ I said, ‘on our feet. So we bent our cocks down as we came and shot most of it on our feet and legs. The sight was unbelievable – gallons of the stuff, his and ours, all over our feet. Tom and I sighed happily, and then Stephen bent down and licked the whole goddam lot up. You guys lick, and so do we now, but watching Stephen hoovering up three loads of jizz was something else. And the strange thing is that during the whole of that time not one of us gave a moment’s thought about anyone else coming in to the changing room.” There was a silence while we digested what the boys had told us. None of us had ever had any interest in our feet as sexual objects, and when we asked the boys if they had found each other’s feet sexy they both laughed. “Did you do it with Stephen again?” I asked. “Nope, we never did anything with him again. We saw him in the neighbourhood, but he never spoke to us or anything,” said Felix. “That’s not true,” said Tom, “one afternoon I was out and he was coming towards me along the sidewalk. I didn’t know what to do, so I smiled as we approached. He stopped. ‘Nice toes, kid, and tasty too,’ he said and just walked on. Why aren’t you all hairy like Stephen?” I told him simply that we shaved, but I didn’t tell him why. Some things are best kept secret, after all. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 125 as we see Felix and Tom for the last time. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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