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Rachel’s many orgasms

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Rachel’s many orgasmsI was going to put this in my blog but it was too long really so I’m posting it as a story. This happened yesterday….It sucks to be working on a sunday, luckily I had the day off but Rachel didn’t. I’d spent a horny day on the computer waiting for her to come home because normally sunday is our big sex play day. What with her working and having a bit of an upset tummy there was a good chance of no sex at all let alone lots of lovely kinky play. Rach got home about 6pm and I made her a nice big, hot cup of coffee and some hot toast with lashing of butter. While she was eating her toast I ran a bath for her. I hoped the toast would settle her tummy, the coffee would perk her up and the bath would relax her. So far so good. She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a robe with her empty coffee cup about an hour later looking much the better for my attentions. But how could I get her in the mood for sex? I remembered I’d received an email earlier that day from a guy who was keen to join us for a MMF 3some and he’d included some snaps of his face, body and cock. I showed these to Rach to get her opinion. The guy was slim with long blonde hair and a lovely six inch cock. Now Rach is fussy when it comes to a guy’s cock because she once had a boyfriend who had terrible personal hygeine. From what she’s told me it sounds like this guy had something ‘orrible living under his foreskin – permenantly! The guy in the pictures had a very sturdy cock and just the size Rach likes. I began asking her if she could imagine sucking him off. She said she could. I said could she imagine me fucking her while she sucked him off. She nodded eagerly. I asked if she would like us to then swap places? She said “mm yeah that would be cool”. Whilst I was asking these questions I had slowly unfastened her robe and started playing with her tits. Now here came the grandbetting giriş million dollar question, “do you want to go to the bedroom?” Rachel said, “mm OK”. YES!We lay on the bed kissing while I fingered her clit gently in that special way she likes. She already had her hand inside my boxers tugging on my stiff dick. I slipped my index finger inside her and found her lovely and wet. I was about to finger her cunt and rub her clit at the same time (she loves that) when she said “let’s skip foreplay just fuck me.” What’s a guy to do, huh? I knelt between her open legs with her hairy pussy before me and the tip of my cock against her slit. I kissed her neck and pushed my cock inside her all the way. We don’t often do the missionary position but Rach was loving the change. She then had a massive orgasm. She gripped the headboard and pushed her body up to meet mine as I slammed my dick into her deep and hard. She screamed the house down as I fucked her to an almighty orgasm. And then another and then another. At this point her cheeks were red and she was breathing heavily and was practically begging me to cum inside her. I lifted her legs, pushed myself deeper inside her and unloaded inside her pussy with her telling me “cum you dirty bastard. cum in my cunt!”.We lay beside eachother for a while. I kissed her tummy and tickled her gently. The thought ocurred to me, maybe the same trick might work twice. I decided i would give it a try. “So you liked those pics then did you?””Mm yeah he looked,” she said with a little smile.” Those pics turned you on didn’t they?””Hmm yeah a bit. I’d like to meet him.””We’ll sort that out then sweetie,” I kept up the questions though. “Did you like his face?””Yeah.”Rachel was laying on her stomach with my face next to hers while I was asking her these questions with her gorgeous butt staring grandbetting yeni giriş up at me. I had been squeezing her butt cheeks while talking to her at first but now my finger moved down between her legs. I could feel her freshly fucked pussy slightly leaking cum.”Did you like the look of his cock?”I pushed my finger inside her a little and then withdrew it.”Mmm yeah, it was a good size.”I pushed my finger in a little more and gave it a moment before I withdrew it again.”What would you like him to do to you?”At this point the conversation could have gone either way with her saying “we better think about having some supper” or “darling im too tired for more” or anything along those lines so I was delighted with her answer.”I’d like to bend over to suck his cock while you fuck me from behind.””Would you like to be on your knees taking it in turns to have your mouth fucked?””Mmm yess”I pushed my finger inside her pussy again and could feel it warm and wet. This continued for a little while with me fingering her pussy while we talked about this guy we hoped to meet. “You’d like to feel his dick inside you baby?””Yeah I want to to watch while he fucks me.” She was squirming a little now, pushing herself onto my finger and spreading her legs to give me easier access. “You want me to watch whilst he fucks you hard? You’d like to see me wanking as he fucks you?”I put another finger inside her and then I sat on my knees so she could reach my cock. I was already hard but she began sucking it while I finger fucked her pussy.”You want that guy to fuck you don’t you? You want that guy to fuck you with no condom on don’t you?”She couldn’t say much with a mouth full of cock but she was now really getting to the fingering.”You’d like him to cum inside you with no condom on wouldn’t you?”She moaned again and started sucking me grandbetting güvenilirmi harder.”You’d like both of us to fill you pussy with spunk wouldn’t you?”She looked up at me, still wanking my cock and with two fingers deep inside her massively wet pussy and said “yeah, I would take both your loads.””I’m gonna fuck you baby.”She responded by opening her legs wide. I slid inside her again with no trouble, her pusssy well lubricated by my the spunk I’d already pumped her with. She cum again, a little orgasm this time but as I kept fucking her with her legs back she cum again. “No more,” she panted ” no more, oh god no more”. I leaned back abit to take in the gorgeous view in front of me. My cock sliding into her hairy cut, the spunk from before around my shaft, her heaving tits jiggling in response to each hard stroke and her red cheeks. I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her harder and it wasn’t soon before she cum again, her body writhing beneath me in ecstasy. “Oh god! oh god!” she screamed as the orgasms washed over her like a tidal wave. I think I could have made her cum again but I knew she was now sooo tired from six orgasms and I was dying to fill her with another creamy load. I buried my face in her tits as I unloaded another wad of spunk inside her. It took a while but finally my sack was empty. A little followed my cock out as I withdrew from her.I couldn’t help taking a few pictures of her well fucked pussy (I will post them on here at some point).Afterwards I said to Rachel that she must have been really turned on by those pictures and she admitted that she had slightly (yeah, okay slightly!)but that it was also because I had been so nice to her when she got home.So, I went from the prospect of having no sex at all to almost two hours of pleasure and Rachel went from being tired and uptight to very satisfied and chirpy. And guys, take a lesson. Treat your lady right, get her a drink, fix her something to eat and run her bath. Give her some time and something a little kinky to get excited about and you’ll soon find yourself rewarded with an empty ball sack, the sight of a just fucked pussy and some snaps for your profile….if you’re lucky!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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