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Raging Storm

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Carly couldn’t believe what she had just done, chest burning as she stopped next to the dumpster in the dead end alley, clutching the magazine in her hands. If this didn’t work, if he didn’t take this they way she wanted, she could get into a lot of trouble. But she couldn’t think of anything else. She tried everything else.

“What do you think you’re doing Carly?!” Carly froze and spun towards the voice, her body flushing with heat, not out of fear but pure desire.

Standing about ten feet in front of her was Trevor, in all his (in Carly’s eye) drop dead gorgeousness. Thunder roared from the clouded sky overhead as she took in his body. A shock went through the area between her thighs as she thought about what she wanted to do to him and what she wanted him to do to her.

Trevor was twenty-seven, had a very toned chest and strong arms. His jet-black hair was short and spiked up, and his deep blue eyes, mixed with anger and confusion locked onto the woman in front of him. He wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans, both items hugging his sexy body.

Carly’s slim twenty-three year old body shook, as he approached, once again not out of fear, but excitement. Her shoulder length red hair hung freely in curls, green eyes tried to show playfulness to her slightly angry counterpart. Her b-cup breats rose and fell in her white tank top, as she tried to suck in air for her slightly tired body. Her hands smoothed out the jean skirt that she had on with it.

Carly had been talking with Trevor every weekday, for the past two months. He owned a magazine stand that was on her way to work, so as she stopped there to pick up magazines she naturally started to make friendly with the cute guy running the place. When she broke up with her ex a month ago, she started flirting heavily to show that she was interested.

When nothing Carly had done prompted Trevor to ask her out she decided that she needed to do something drastic. So today, she tried to do something kızılay escort bayan to show him that she liked him, that she wanted him to come to her. So this evening as he was closing up, she walked up to the stand. She snagged a magazine from the rack after flirting a bit, then started walking away.

“Carly are you going to pay for that?” Trevor had asked with a smile.

“That depends,” she had said, making him raise an eyebrow. “If you catch me I will.”

With that Carly took off ignoring Trevor’s voice telling her to come back. After a short jog, she turned down an alley she knew was a dead end, not even knowing if he had followed her. Now she knew that he had, and he was a little angry. Her skin warmed when he started to walk towards her.

“You once told me that you would chase down anyone who stole from your stand,” Carly said backing away from him, smiling as she clutched the magazine to her chest.

“Yeah, so?” Trevor pressed moving forward.

“I wanted you to chase me,” she stopped letting him walk up to her.

“What?!” Trevor started shaking his head, rubbing his eyes as he did. “Why?”

“Cause I’ve been trying to give you all other kinds of hints and you weren’t getting it,” Carly said reaching out with one hand and scraping her nails against his chest.

“What hints?” Trevor asked, watching her hand scrape against her chest. “What’s gotten into you Carly?”

Carly let her eyes give him that look which said that he knew what she wanted, just as a drop of rain hit her face. She squealed as Trevor grabbed the magazine and tossing it into the dumpster. He grabbed her hips and pulled her close to him, smashing his lips against hers. As their tongues slipped into their mouths, the drip, drip, drip, of rain started, and built until it was a steady ssssssssssss. The two didn’t care, not breaking the kiss even as the downpour quickly soaked their clothes and exposed skin.

Carly wrapped her arms around Trevor’s etlik evi olan escortlar neck, smiling inside at the victory of having her prize kissing her deeply. She moaned as he roughly grabbed her breasts, squeezing them through her shirt, which was now soaked and transparent. He pulled his mouth away, letting his lips descend onto her neck as he turned their bodies pushing her against the dumpster.

Carly groaned as Trevor’s teeth and lips clamped down on her neck, her juices pouring from her and joining the raindrops soaking her legs. He quickly pulled her useless top up over her breasts and bent down, taking a hard nipple in his mouth. She squealed as he sucked on one and then the other, before she pulled his face back to hers. One of his hands started to slide up her thigh so she quickly pulled her jean skirt up to her waist.

Trevor smiled between kisses when his hand cupped her mound and found no panties. He ran fingers between the wet lips, soaked not just from the water pouring down from the sky. She in turn lowered her hands to his waist, undoing his belt and fly, letting his pants drop as she fished his cock out of the boxer shorts. She groaned again as she stroked the seven and a half inches, knowing that she wanted to wrap her lips around him and suck that dick dry, but not now.

“Trevor fuck me!” Carly screamed, feeling the need to have him inside her.

Trevor lifted her right leg with his left hand, making her wrap it around him as his right guided the head of his cock to her opening and pushed it inside. They both gasped as his cock slid in up to his balls, then she starting to moan and cry out as Trevor started to grind his cock into his new lover. His lips had found her neck again, biting, sucking and licking. But she needed…

“More!” She cried out. “I need more! Fuck me baby.”

Trevor broke away with a smile, pulling his cock from Carly’s pussy, despite her protest, and ordered her to grab demetevler escort bayan the edges of the dumpster. He lifted one leg into the crook of his arm before guiding his cock back inside and then took her other leg in the other arm. Now, easily supporting her hundred and ten pounds in his arms and gripping her hips in his hands, he was able to thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

“Is this what you want Carly?!” He growled as he felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft. “Is this what that dirty cunt wants?!”

“YESSSSS!” Carly screamed as his cock shoved in and out of her, bottoming out with each stroke. “Oh god yes! Give it to meeee!”

Carly threw her head back, clutching the edge of the dumpster in each hand and hanging on for dear life. She didn’t care about the pouring of rain drops on her face and bare breasts. It actually felt good, making her skin tingle with each drop that touched her as her lover pounded his rock hard cock inside her.

Carly suddenly felt her orgasm peak, and at that point nothing mattered. Not the rain, not that she was clutching a dirty slimy dumpster, or the fact that people could be watching her getting her brains fuck out. Nothing mattered except Trevor’s dick making her cum harder than she ever had before. She continued to moan as she looked at his face, smiling as she could tell he was going cum too and feeling another one of hers as well.

“Trevor, I’m gonna cum again!” Carly cried out to him. “Cum with me baby! Let it out deep inside me!”

“You want it Carly!” Trevor growled pounding harder and faster. “Here it comes! Oh fuck!”

“FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!” Carly threw her head back and screamed as another orgasm took her.

Thunder boomed over head again just as Trevor’s cock started pumping his cum into Carly’s womb. She lost her senses as she came, but when she was aware again Trevor had her up against the dumpster, his soft cock slipping out of her followed by streams of thick cum. He held her up until her own legs could support herself, kissing her as she recovered.

They quickly got as covered, well Carly as much as her wet tank top would let her, before running back to Trevor’s stand. The raging storm inside them had been quieted. Now it was time for a nice long warm shower.

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