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Rainy Nights

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Rainy NightsAlthough rain is predicted later in the night, it is calm when I go to bed. My teenage daughter, Carol, is already in her bed asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I am suddenly awakened by a very loud ‘KABOOOOM!’ Not fifteen seconds later, my daughter comes running into the room wearing only her flimsy nightgown. “What Was That, Daddy??” she yells.“That was just a loud clap of thunder, baby girl. You can go back to bed.”Just then there was another ‘KABOOOOM!’ just as loud as, or maybe louder than the first one. She says “But I’m SCARED, Daddy! Can I crawl in bed with you?”I hesitate for a moment because I always sleep in the nude. I try to compromise, “Yes, you can lie on the bed here next to me.” Another loud clap of thunder almost drowns out my reply.“But I’m cold too. Can’t I get underneath the covers with you?” she asks so sweetly.Another flash of lightning shows that her nipples atop her large tits are indeed hard and poking out through the thin fabric of her nightgown so I relent. “Okay, baby girl,” I say softly. “Come on in.” As she climbs in I try to keep one of my arms on top of the covers between us to hopefully keep her from discovering my nudity. Even so, the thought of my very own beautiful voluptuous daughter clad only in a flimsy nightgown being in bed with me arouses me and I feel my cock rising.“Thank you, Daddy!” When she crawls in, she immediately attempts to snuggle up against me, even pushing my arm upward to slide underneath it, especially after another particularly loud clap of thunder. “This is much better,” she purrs as she cuddles up next to me. Her arm comes over my chest and lies across it and I know that she can feel my bare skin on her bare arm. In surprise she inquires, “Daddy, you’re not wearing pajamas?”A little embarrassed I answer, “No, Daddy doesn’t wear pajamas. I don’t like wearing them, they get all wadded up and they bind.”She takes her hand and caresses my lightly haired chest as she says, “I really like the feel of your chest, Daddy.” The touch of her small hand arouses me even further, causing my already hard cock to ache, especially when her hand starts heading downward. Since she is now rubbing my belly, I start to try to place my hand over my cock without her noticing to hopefully keep her from encountering it, but I am too late … her roving hand brushes up against my hard cock. “Daddy,” she starts to ask sweetly, “why is your dickie like this?” Before I can stop her, she caresses the length of the shaft lightly with her fingers.Now I am super embarrassed and I want to roll over but I can’t since she is partially lying on me now. I try to stammer out an answer, “It’s … because … um … uh ………”She caresses the bottom of my cock once more. “Is it because I am in bed with you and touching you, Daddy? Does that make your dickie big and stiff like this?”There is no sense lying about it. “Yes … baby girl … uh … yeah … uh … that is the reason ……. Now, Please ignore it and go to sleep, baby girl.”But instead of following my direction, her hand starts grasping it. I quickly move my hand down to try to move hers away but she protests, “Don’t do that, Daddy, I want to feel it. Why can’t I feel it, Daddy?”“It’s not right for a daughter to feel her Daddy’s cock … uh … dickie. It’s so wrong.”“Why is it wrong, Daddy? I just want to feel your … uh … cock … a little. I like that word cock … it feels so much more grown up. I’ve never felt one that’s hard and stiff like this before. No one has to know ‘cept us.” As she talks her hand wraps completely around my shaft and squeezes it gently. “Please Daddy?”I relent. “Okay, you can feel it a little. But be careful.”“I’ll be careful, Daddy, I promise.” After several minutes of exploring, she wraps her hand around it once again and starts slowly stroking. I try not to react, but I give out a soft moan and I feel my cock getting even harder. She exclaims, “It’s so big and hard!! Does that feel good, to you, Daddy?”I suppress a moan. “Yes, it does feel good, baby girl, but you really can’t keep doing that!”“Why not, Daddy? What will happen?”“Well, if you get Daddy to feeling too good, there will be some white stuff come out of the end of it and it will make a big mess.”She’s quiet for a moment and then innocently asks, “Is that your sperm that will come out, Daddy?”“Yes, that’s what it is. How did you know?”“They taught us a few things in Health Education class. There were a few lessons on sex, Daddy.”“They taught about sex in school?” She is now stroking the length of my cock and sliding her fingers up over the head. It is feeling really good! By now, she has also pulled the covers down so that my crotch is almost uncovered. Another flash of lightning happens along with a loud clap of thunder but she seems to ignore it.“Yes, but they separated the girls from the boys when they taught it. The boys seemed really excited when it was over, they all had bulges in their pants. I guess that their dickies … uh … cocks where like this.” She gives my cock a squeeze. “But I don’t think that they were this big. And I have to admit that my princess parts tingled as they talked about it.”“I can’t believe that they taught about sex in school.”“Well they did.” She strokes some more for a couple of minutes. “That white stuff is also called cum too, isn’t it?” she asks so innocently.“Yes, that can be a slang word for it. How did you know that?”“My best friend, Melanie, and I have watched some videos and looked at some pictures on a website called Tumblr when her mom’s not home,” she admits. Then she says, “I really like stroking your cock, Daddy! I like how it feels. I always wondered how it would feel … the skin is so soft.” She slides down the covers some more and kisses licks the head. “Does that feel good, Daddy?”“Yes, it feels really good, but I don’t think that we should do this anymore.”“Why not, Daddy? Don’t you want to feel good?”“Feeling good is not the point. We shouldn’t be doing it because it is wrong. It’s called i****t. Daddies and daughters aren’t supposed to do sexual things together.” I attempt to remove her hand and pull the covers back up but she stops me. “I want to make you feel good, Daddy. I’m pretty sure that you probably haven’t had much sex, if any, since Mom went away.”She’s right there. I haven’t gotten laid more than twice or maybe three times since my wife ran off with my best friend nearly a year ago. I’ve chosen instead to bury myself in my work, trying to drown out the pain … and in the process I’ve probably have neglected Carol somewhat. Even so, I still protest, “But, baby girl, it’s so very wrong …… in so many ways. Both society and the law say that daddies and daughters aren’t supposed to be sexual with each other.”“I don’t care. I want to take care of my Daddy,” she says firmly as she pushes my hand away again. She shifts her body so that she is lying across me to block me from trying to stop her. Now her big tits are pressed against my belly and that just arouses me more. While she strokes my shaft, she begins swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, causing me to moan in pleasure. I begin to wonder how much she has seen or watched on this thing called Tumblr …… probably a lot if what she is doing is any indication. As if reading my mind she lifts her head and says, “There are lots of girls taking care of their daddies on Tumblr like this,” as if that made it right. “And I want to take care of you, Daddy.” Then she goes back to sucking on my cockhead.I make one more rather feeble attempt at a protest while I try to pull her head away. I urge, “We … really … shouldn’t … be … doing … this!” But she still ignores me and starts to take more of my cock into her mouth. My resistance is slowly going out the window into the storm while I softly moan out, “Aaawww ffuuuuck!” In the subsequent flashes of lightning I see her head bobbing up and down on my pole while I feel it going deeper into her soft, warm, wet mouth.After a few minutes, she lifts her head and asks, “Am I doing it right, Daddy? Is this feeling good to you?” Then she takes my cock back into her mouth again.“Yes, baby girl, you are doing very well …… but we still shouldn’t be doing this!” Because I know that it is wrong I make one final try to push her away, but she is rooted in place. Instead of moving, she shoves my cock into her mouth deep enough to make her gag. But that doesn’t stop her; she keeps bobbing her head up and down on my hard pole. I moan as the head of my cock repeatedly hits the back of her throat. The thunderstorm still rages furiously outside with sheets of rain now beating against the window, but she is oblivious to it all now. Inside there is another kind of storm, the one within me; with the logical side of my brain telling me how wrong it is for us to be doing this and the naughty side telling me how good it could be if we keep going. And to make it worse, it takes all of my willpower not to take charge and put my hands on the top of her head to ‘help’ her.After a few minutes, she rises up on her knees right beside me and her nightgown pulls up, giving me a good view of her lovely bare ass lit up by the lightning flashes. It doesn’t look like she is even wearing panties! Suddenly, I can’t help myself so I reach over and gently caress her firm smooth ass cheeks. She jerks in surprise but a moment later she raises her head off my cock long enough to say, “That feels so good, Daddy; don’t stop!” My whole perspective changes right then, especially when I accidentally brush against her labia and I find that she’s dripping wet. Once more she takes her mouth off of my member to say, “Daddy! You touched my princess parts!!”“Yes, baby, I’m sorry about ………!” I start to say.“No, don’t be sorry …… I want you to do it again! Please touch me there again! I want my Daddy to touch my princess parts and make them feel good, just like they do on Tumblr!”Of course, I’ve never been on Tumblr, but I think that I do know how to make a pussy feel good. The naughty side finally wins out when I begin caressing her inner thighs and sliding my finger to and fro on her wet slit. She even spreads her knees apart, giving me more room to play. She is moaning around my cock as my fingers begin to slide between her lips to gently caress the soft pink flesh inside. “Ooooohhhh, Daaaaddy!” she moans around my cock. I feel the flower of her pussy open even more and wish that I could see it.A few moments later she does something surprising. She shifts even closer to me and then lifts one leg over me, straddling my head. I would imagine that she learned about this position on Tumblr too. The exhilarating scent of her aroused pussy immediately assails my nostrils as her pussy comes closer to my face. With my resistance totally blasted away, I don’t need any instructions now …… I put my hands on her hips and pull her down on my face to kiss and lick on her sloppy wet pussy. güvenilir bahis She moans around my cock as I do. I then start sucking on her lips, causing more blood to be drawn into them, making them even puffier. She pulls her head free of my cock long enough to exclaim, “Oh, Daddy, that feels so good!! Make my princess parts feel good!!”As she returns her warm, wet mouth to my cock, my tongue becomes wilder on her pussy, licking from back to front and sliding into her opening. Then I’m sliding it up and flicking it over her clit. In the meantime, she is bobbing her head up and down on my pole in an expert manner, almost like she has done something like this before. “MMmmmMMMmmm!” I moan into her pussy. My tongue and mouth become wild things while I attempt to give her as much pleasure as she is giving me. I am tongue-fucking her and then sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue over it. I know that I am being successful when she suddenly stops moving on my cock and her body tenses. A moment later there is an explosive exhale around my cock as she starts to orgasm.She starts grinding her pussy on my face as she cums, and warm liquid flows into my mouth. I swallow quickly and go back to pleasuring her princess parts while she moans around my cock. Suddenly her mouth is moving rapidly up and down on my cock and the head of it is bumping repeatedly against the back of her throat. My arousal rises rapidly and I know that I’m going to cum soon. I lift her up enough to exclaim, “PULL OFF, I’M GONNA CUM!!”However, she ignores me and just a few seconds later I am groaning, “UNGH! UUUNNNGGGHHH!!” and my cock begins to pulse into her mouth. I hear her start to choke but she still doesn’t stop. “AAAWWW FFUUUUCK!!” I holler as her head continues to bob up and down on my spurting cock and I pump her mouth full of hot cum. And she keeps on going until I reach up and stop her because my cockhead has become too sensitive. And even then she still continues to gently suck on me. So, I just pull her hips back down and gently lick at her pussy that is still pulsating from her own orgasm.After a while she just rolls off to lie beside me. We are both panting from our respective orgasms. We may have dozed off for a bit until the thunder awakens us again. She asks softly, “Did I do good, Daddy? I swallowed as much as I could!”“Oh princess, you did very well …… no … you did wonderful. I never expected anything like that!”“I’m glad, Daddy.”“Where did you learn about doing that?”“I learned it from watching on Tumblr. And Melanie and I have played around with something that her mom has that looks like a man’s … uh … cock. We’ve played with it and taken it in our mouths and even played a little with our princess parts …… but we couldn’t get it to go in like in the videos … something is stopping it and it hurt.”I feel a sense of relief that she hadn’t been playing with boys, but also a sense of dread because I know it won’t be long before she does … especially with oral skills like she has. I say, “Oh, baby girl, that’s because you are a virgin, your hymen is still intact. And the thing that Melanie’s mom has is called a dildo.”“That’s what I thought, Daddy.” She is silent for a few moments and then she asks, “Will you help me to break it, Daddy? I don’t want anyone else to do it because I don’t want them to hurt me. I want you to be my first.”I am completely shocked, although this is not entirely unexpected after what we just did. We are still lying in opposing directions so I rise up on my elbow to look at her. The lightning flashes have diminished so I don’t get to see much in the dark. “I don’t know, baby girl, it’s a very big decision …… and it’s still i****t.”“I don’t care about the i****t part …… and I’ve already made the decision.” She reaches over and lightly caresses my cock, which has already started to respond to just the thought of being my daughters first. She chuckles, “See, your cock even likes the idea!” She rises up into a sitting position, sitting cross legged beside me. “I’ve thought about this for a long, long time, Daddy. I want to feel your cock inside me. Please Daddy?”She is lightly stroking my hardening cock, making it hard to say no. Without thinking, I reach over and lightly stroke her nearest leg while imagining what her pussy must look like in that position. I figure that it must be open and wet and a lightning flash confirms that image. I also realize that she is no longer wearing her nightgown so she must have taken it off sometime. It is so arousing to have my own daughter sitting beside me … naked. My cock responds some more. “What are you thinking about, Daddy? I felt your cock jump.”“Uh …… I was thinking about you sitting naked beside me.”“And you like that, don’t you, Daddy?”In spite of the fact that I know how wrong it is I hear myself saying, “Yes I do, baby girl.”She reaches down and grasps my hand to lift it and place it on her breast. “Touch my titties, Daddy!” she requests. I caress first one and then the other, feeling their perfect roundness. As my fingers pass over her nipples I feel that they are hard and the areolas are crinkled. I twirl my finger around them. “That feels good, Daddy! Your hands feel sooo good on my titties!” While I play, she also rubs my chest, passing her fingers over my tiny nipples. “Your nipples get hard too, Daddy,” she observes as she flicks her fingertip over them. “Do you like that?”“Yes, baby girl, I do like mine played with too.”For a little while we play with each other’s chest and nipples. My cock is hard and achy. Then she says, “Your cock is drooling, Daddy. Does that mean that it’s ready to take my virginity?”“Oh, God, baby girl, I’m still not sure if I should,” I say in a feeble protest.“Well if you don’t do it then I’ll just have to climb onto you.” She lies back and spreads her legs high in the air. “C’mon, Daddy, fuck your little girl! Fuck your princess!! Make me a woman, Daddy!! Fuck me!!”Her liberal use of the ‘F’ word shocks me; I’ve never heard her say that before now. My mind still tells me ‘no’, but my cock tells me ‘Yes!’ I know that I am trying to fight a losing battle so I rise up and kneel between her legs with my hard cock in my hand. It is harder now than I have ever felt before and it is throbbing with desire. I’ve never been so excited in my life … and scared too. The question of, ‘What happens if her little pussy can’t take my big cock?’ looms in my head.Very slowly I swipe my cockhead up and down her wet slit and up and over her clit. As I do so, she reaches up and turns on the light on the headboard. “I want to see,” is her explanation as she shoves a pillow underneath her head to raise it up.I lay my cock on her belly to show how long it is. “Are you sure you want this, baby girl?” I ask. “It’s pretty big!”Without hesitation she replies, “YES, Daddy, I WANT IT! Please fuck me with your big cock!”I go back to rubbing it up and down her slit which has gotten even wetter. “Okay, tell me when it hurts.”“Okay, Daddy, I will.” I locate her opening and start slowly pushing the head inward using very short strokes while watching her face very closely. Soon I feel quite a bit of resistance and when I see obvious distress on her face, I stop my advancement. But she immediately says in a slightly strained voice, “Please don’t stop, Daddy …… unless I tell you to. Just keep going.” So I start pushing inward again in the same manner. Although I see her face scrunched up a little and feel her body tense, I keep up my short slow movements even though I know that I am up against her hymen. Then I push a little harder and suddenly my cock breaks through the resistance and pops into her pussy a couple of inches. “Ooww!! Oooo!!” she exclaims and once more I stop. “Are you okay?” I ask with concern.But then I feel her relax and she says, “Yes, it’s okay now, Daddy. Please don’t stop. I want to feel all of your cock inside me …… inside your little girl.” Once again I start fucking her in lengthening strokes as my cock goes deeper and deeper into my little girl’s cunt. She is smiling while she watches my cock slide into her. “That feels so good, Daddy!!” A few moments later, I am fully inside her when our crotches meet. She begs, “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl!” I continue to fuck her in long slow strokes, pulling back until I nearly pop out and then pushing all the way back in. “Oh Yeah, Daddy!! Just like that!!”I look down at her beautiful body … made even more beautiful by the flush of arousal. My cock twitches in appreciation. Outside the thunder and lightning are pretty much gone but it is still raining rather hard, providing a serene audio backdrop for the beautiful thing that is happening in my bed. I lift her legs and spread them into a wide ‘V’, giving her an even better view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. “Do you like Daddy’s cock inside you, princess?”“Oh yes, Daddy, it feels so good!! It feels much better than that fake one, especially since it is all the way inside me.”I try to make sure that my cockhead rubs against her special place inside as I fuck her, hoping that she might orgasm from intercourse, hopefully unlike her mother who almost never climaxed … and she hated it when I tried so hard to give her the ultimate release. Maybe my friend, Brian will be more of a ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ kind of guy like she wants. I realize that Carol has asked me a question. “What, princess?” I inquire.“Does it … feel as good … to you … as it does … to me?”“Yes, baby, it feels really good to me too!” I keep fucking her in long strokes while speeding up slightly … pushing my cock completely into her little girl cunt. She is moaning and moving around on the bed as I fuck her. Then I push her legs up toward her shoulders, nearly folding her in half, and lean down and kiss her full on the mouth. She moans once more.A few minutes later she breaks the kiss and says with a concerned voice, “Daddy!! My princess parts are tingling and I feel like I have to pee! Please stop, I don’t want to pee the bed!”“Just let it go baby. Let it go, it’ll feel soooo good!!”“But ……… OH! …… OH! …… AAAIIIIEEEE!” she nearly screams. “Oh Daddy!! …… It feels so good!!!! ……. But it feels like I’m peeing the bed!!”“You are not peeing, believe me! You are climaxing!!” I feel warm fluid bathing my cock and balls. Her already tight pussy is clenching rhythmically around my cock, driving my own arousal rapidly upward.“Do you … mean that … I’m cumming??”“Yes, baby girl, I do.”“AAAIIIEEE!! It feels …… sooooo good!!” She starts panting rather rapidly while I continue fucking her, although I slow down a little during her orgasm. Intent on giving her another orgasm I keep up my in and out motion, speeding up as her orgasm wanes. A few moments later she is screaming again, “AAAIIIEEE!! AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!” Her body jerks and quivers as her pussy tightens around my cock again.It türkçe bahis is too much for me and my orgasm is nearly upon me. I pull out and grab my cock, intent on shooting my cum all over her belly but she yells, “NO! DADDY, DON’T PULL OUT!! CUM INSIDE ME!!”“BUT YOU MIGHT GET PREG…………!” She puts her fingers over my lips as she grabs my cock and guides it back into her hole.“I WANT YOU … TO CUM … INSIDE ME!!”I am too far gone to argue. “AAARRRGGGHHH!!!” I moan out as my cock begins spurting fertile Daddy cum into my little girl’s pulsing cunt. I am out of control, slamming my cock deep inside her. “UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!!” I grunt each time that my cock throbs and pumps more cum inside her. Squishy sounds are coming from our crotches on each stroke. Finally I finish and I just stay poised over her on my hands and knees panting hard. She too is breathing heavily.My arms grow weak a couple of minutes later and I go down on my elbows, trying hard not to crush her. Then her arms are then wrapping around me and she is hugging me. When she can finally speak she says, “Oh Daddy; that felt wonderful!” She draws out the word ‘wonderful’.I lift myself up on my arms again so that I can look her in the face. “Yes it was, baby girl. But I shouldn’t have cum inside you.”“I wanted you to. It felt really good!”“But you might get pregnant,” I say in a worried voice.“No, Daddy, I won’t get pregnant. Because of the sex education, I got on birth control pills.”A big weight comes off my shoulders both figuratively and literally as I roll off of her to lie beside her. “I’m glad that you were smart. But why … when you were still a virgin?”“Well I knew that this would happen sooner or later, so I wanted to be prepared.”“Well, I’m very glad that you were smart enough to think about the future. But how did you know that this would happen?”“I knew that it would happen because I had fantasized about it so much after seeing all of that on Tumblr.” She pauses for a moment and then admits, “I wasn’t really afraid of the thunder, Daddy; I just thought it would be a good way to get in bed with you. I already knew that you slept naked and that turned me on.”“Well you tricked me, baby girl.”“But you liked it, didn’t you?”“Yes, baby girl, I did.”“So, do I do it as good as Mom did?”“Yes, you did very well, it was fantastic, baby girl …… but I don’t do comparisons like that …… every woman is different.”“Am I a good different?”“Yes, baby girl, you are a very good different.” “That’s good because I want you to fuck me every day, Daddy!!”“Well ….. I don’t know about every day ………”“You can do it …… I know that you can!”“You might not want it every day. You might get sore.”She rolls over and lies on top of me to hug me. “I don’t care …… I just want you, Daddy!!”It is then that I realize the price my daughter has been paying for me being such a workaholic, trying to drown my sorrows. “Okay, baby girl, we’ll see. We need to sleep now.”“May I sleep with you, Daddy?”“Sure, baby girl.”Because of our middle of the night escapades, we both oversleep. We rush around to get ready and not be too late, me to work and her to school. However I do get to see her naked in the daylight for the first time and realize that she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. As we walk out the door she says, “It’s going to be a great day knowing that your hot cum is inside me.” I just smile as I lean down to kiss her cheek, but she turns so that I kiss her mouth instead. “No more pecks on the cheek, Daddy,” she says with a smile. “I’m your woman now.”“Okay, Princess.”It is Friday, so that afternoon when I get home it is no surprise that Carol’s best friend, Melanie, is there. What is really surprising is that both Carol and Melanie are on Carol’s bed …… completely naked with the bedroom door wide open. Right away, Carol jumps up to come over and grab my hand. “We’ve been waiting for you, Daddy! I told Melanie what happened last night and she wants to experience the same thing!”Although my cock is rapidly rising in my pants from the sight of two naked teenagers in front of me, alarm bells go off in my head and I say, “Whoa, wait a minute!! Number 1, Carol, you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about what happened between us. Number two, I can’t take Melanie’s virginity, it’s not my place to do that. It wasn’t really my place to take yours.”To answer number 1, “Melanie and I ARE best friends, we tell each other EVERYTHING. And we are sworn to secrecy. NOBODY knows our secrets. And as for number two, that is what Melanie wants. Plus, if you remember, her dad ran off with his secretary a couple of years ago.”Meanwhile Melanie has come over and grabbed my other hand. She says, “And, Mr. Jones, I’m over eighteen now so I can have sex with whoever I want …… and I want to have first time sex with you. Carol said that she wouldn’t mind since we are like sisters.”And I knew that they were like sisters, not only in their relationship, but also in how their bodies are built. Melanie is a little taller and her hair is brown whereas Carol’s is strawberry blonde that leans more toward red. Melanie’s tits are a little smaller than Carol’s but she has larger areolas and nipples. Right now both of the girl’s nipples are hard. My resistance is quickly evaporating.Like it was choreographed, Melanie starts unbuttoning my shirt while Carol leans down and unties my shoes. Melanie holds me steady while Carol removes my shoes and socks. Melanie is pulling my shirt off when Carol is unbuckling my belt and unfastening my pants. When my pants drop, my hard cock makes a big tent in my boxer shorts. I see Melanie’s lips go ‘WOW!’ They work together getting my underwear down over my cock and then helping me to step out of the garments, leaving me as naked as they are. Carol says, “Go ahead and touch it, Melanie.” It makes me wonder who is in charge here … not that I mind.As Melanie wraps her hands around my cock she says, “WOW!! He is big, just like you said.” She begins slowly stroking it, letting her fingers pass over the head occasionally. “Oh wow, I can’t wait to feel it inside me!! Oh, and Mr. Jones, I’m on the pill too, so you won’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.”“Thanks for letting me know,” I say, still not quite believing what is happening.“Can we do into your bedroom, Daddy? Your bed is lots bigger than mine.”I look at her single size bed and say, “Yeah, sure.” I start to reach over to grab my clothes and shoes, but the girls beat me to it. Melanie leans over and grabs my shoes and socks while Carol gets the other clothing items. That gives me a chance to get a good look at their lovely asses. They are both very enticing. Melanie never lets go of my cock as we head down the hallway to my bedroom.Once again, like it was planned, they both kneel in front of me. Melanie starts kissing and licking the head of my cock while Carol starts doing the same with my balls. I guess that she learned that on Tumblr too. Then they trade places. After that, they position themselves so that one is on each side of my cock and they start running their lips up and down my shaft, getting it all wet with their saliva. Soon, they start taking turns taking my cock in their mouth and seeing who can take the most of it. They playfully push on the other’s head while my cock is in their mouth to push it deeper. Melanie is actually the first one to get it to slide around the corner and go down her throat. A moment later she pulls back and gasps for air while saliva strings off of my cock. I am desperately trying to keep my arousal in check, but it’s very hard. And it gets harder when Carol gets it down her throat too; I almost lose it then. “Be careful, girls, or I’m gonna cum!” She pulls back and off just in time.Carol asks, “Daddy, will you eat Melanie’s princess parts like you did mine? She wants to know how that feels.”“Sure,” I reply, seeing that hers is shaved just like Carol’s. At Carol’s direction I lie on the bed while Melanie squats over my face. Her scent is slightly different from Carol’s but it is still intoxicating. I begin licking and sucking on her pussy just like I did my daughters last night. I love the way that she tastes as well. She moans at the touch of my tongue on her most private parts. As I feel her arousal rising, my mouth and tongue become wild things, licking and sucking on her sensitive womanhood like it was my last meal.“Oh, Mr. Jones, that feels Sooo Good!!” she moans after a short while. At the same time, someone is gently playing with my cock, but I don’t know which one of them is doing it, since my view is blocked my Melanie’s lovely ass. Then Melanie shifts her body to a more upright position and she starts riding my face, grinding her pussy against me, which I don’t mind at all. But I’m surprised when I feel my cock sliding into a warm wet tunnel a moment later. Then I realize that Carol must have mounted my cock. Melanie says, “Be careful and don’t make him cum.”“Don’t worry, I won’t.” All that Carol is doing is grinding her crotch against mine, just enough to keep my cock rock hard … but not enough to make me cum. I hear some moaning and something that sounds like lip smacking so I imagine that the girls might be kissing. The pussy on my face is getting wetter and her hips are getting more animated. Several minutes later I hear a muffled, “Oh, Mr. Jones, I’m gonna cum!!”And cum she does, squirting liquid into my mouth and all over my lower face and neck. I swallow quickly and keep licking and sucking. She shows her approval by saying, “Don’t stop, Mr. Jones!! I want to cum again!” Once again I hear them apparently kissing. I wish that I could also be a fly on the wall watching. Just a few short minutes later, Melanie nearly screams and almost drowns me with her girl-cum. Her entire body is trembling above me and she tries to rise up. I get the message and quit my licking and sucking her now sensitive pussy.When her body stops quivering, I hear Carol asking, “Do you want to trade places or do you want to be on your back?”“Let’s try trading places. If I can’t get it in, then we’ll go to the other position. It only takes a couple of moments for them to change positions so that now my daughter’s lovely juicy pussy is suspended over my face. I feel my cock being lifted and the crown enters a warm, wet place.Carol gives advice, “Just keep pushing it in; don’t stop. It won’t hurt for long. Then it will feel really good!” Melanie takes her advice and even when my cockhead encounters resistance, she keeps on pushing downward. “It’s hurting … a little, Carol.”“Just keep going … try to relax.”“Okay … I’ll … try!” she says in a strained voice. A moment later her hymen gives way and she is instantaneously sitting on my crotch. “OOOWWW!!! That hurts!” By now Carol’s pussy has covered my mouth so I can’t give any advice. Melanie just sits there for a long couple of minutes before she starts grinding her güvenilir bahis siteleri hips around in a circle.“Try to move up and down,” Carol suggests.“I can’t …… my legs are too weak right now.”“We can change positions in a little bit. Can you wait for Daddy to give me an orgasm?”“Yes, we can wait, as you know, his mouth is wonderful!! And his cock is feeling better inside me.”Carol starts doing the same thing on my face that Melanie did and I think that they are kissing again. Maybe they are playing with each other’s tits, too, I don’t know. I do know that Carol’s pussy occasionally pulses and emits a little more fluid. Then, a few minutes later she cries out, “Daddy, I’m cumming!! Aaaaiiiiieeee!!!” For the second time tonight, my face is flooded with girl-cum. And once again, I lick and suck up as much as I can. And her orgasm doesn’t come any too soon because my tongue is getting tired. We stay in that position for a couple of minutes while Carol recovers a little and then the girls clamber off.Melanie says, “Now, Mr. Jones, I want you to fuck me exactly like you did Carol.”“Mr. Jones sounds way too formal. How about just calling me Ben?”She smiles and asks, “Can I call you Dad instead? You’ve been just like a Dad to me, more than my own dad.”“Yeah, sure, that’ll be alright,” I reply. “And you are now my twin daughters.”“That sounds great …… Dad.” She gets into position on her back and spreads her legs. “Now fuck me, Dad!! Fuck your little girl. Fuck your daughter!!” I waste no time sliding up between her legs and swiping my cock up and down her wet slit. I start pushing inward, mindful that she could still be really tight. But my cock slides in relatively easily.“Are you okay?” I ask.“Yes, Dad, I’m fine.” She stuffs a pillow underneath her head. “I want to watch you fuck me.” Like with Carol, I lift her legs into a wide ‘V’ and start fucking her in long slow strokes. “Oh, Dad, that feels really good; please don’t stop!!” Carol has repositioned herself so that she can suck on one of Melanie’s nipples. “Oh, yes, Carol!! OH FUCK!!” While she’s sucking on one nipple, she’s pinching and rolling the other one between her fingertips. I speed up and increase the intensity of my fucking, making our bodies slap with they come together.Melanie’s arousal rises fast with the additional stimulation. It’s only a couple of minutes before she hollers out, “Oh, Dad!!! I’M …… CUUMMMMING!!” Her pussy tightens around my cock and I fight hard not to cum myself yet. Her hips are bucking around as her orgasm flows through her body. I slow down during her orgasm, but speed back up when it starts to wane. A few short minutes later she cums again with a long wordless wail. Afterwards she starts begging, “Cum inside me, Dad!! Fill me with your cum!!”Although I wonder how a virgin knows how to talk this way, my cock doesn’t care, it just reacts. “Oh ffffuuuuuck!! I’m cumming!!” I holler as my cock begins spurting deep into her pulsing cunt. I ram my cock into her pussy hard with each pulse, pushing my seed deeper inside her.“Aaaawwwww yeeeessss!!! I can feel you cumming!! Fill me, Daddy!” she hollers as I pump rope after rope of hot cum into her pussy.All too soon, the magnificent feeling wanes, and my body feels like rubber. Carol moves to allow me to crouch over Melanie with my cock still buried inside her pulsing pussy. After she regains her normal breathing somewhat, she raises her head up and kisses me. “Thank you, Dad; that was fantastic!! It was everything that Carol said it was and more.”After a while my cock is pushed out of her pussy and Carol does something surprising. She slithers up between her best friend’s legs, and starts licking up the gooey white cum that oozes out. I think that I must have a shocked look in my face so Melanie explains, “It’s a pact that we made that after one of us got fucked, then the other one would eat your cum from their pussy.”“I suppose that you learned that on Tumblr,” I comment. Blushing, she nods her head. I rise up and kneel beside her head. “Then you should be alright with cleaning up the gooey cum that is still on my cock!” Without hesitation she takes my gooey cum-covered cock into her mouth and starts cleaning it with her tongue. A few moments later she has another climax from Carol’s tongue on her pussy and my cock in her mouth.Afterwards we all lie on the bed with me in the middle. I ask, “So, have you been eating each other’s pussy all along?”They both blush profusely. Carol, replies, “Yes, Daddy, we’ve done it sometimes after we have played with her mom’s dildo. We had to get relief somehow.”I look at first one and then the other before saying, “Well I think that it’s really hot!! So were you two kissing while you were riding me?”Melanie answers this time, “Yes we were and we were playing with each other’s tits too. That made it really hot.”“Well now you know where you can come for relief. I’m sure that you two can share me.”“We’d love to share you, Daddy!” I like Melanie being here with us.”“I like being here too, Dad. You are fantastic!! Just so you know; I’ve made arrangements to stay the whole weekend. And Carol and I made another pact that we wouldn’t wear any clothes the whole time unless we went out somewhere. Is that okay with you?”“Yes, it is more than okay!” I say, excited about the prospect of having two hot naked teen aged girls in my house all weekend. I say, “And we probably won’t go out. We can just order pizza or Chinese delivery or something.”“Sounds great to me!” says Melanie.“And it sounds good to me too!” replies Carol. She apparently notices that my cock has responded somewhat to our conversation so she asks, “If I suck you hard again will you fuck me too?”Naturally, I reply, “Of course I will, baby, of course I will!” In no time she is between my legs sucking on my cock like a pro. I look at her strawberry blond head bobbing up and down on my cock and realize just how lucky I am to have a loving daughter like her.And then Melanie scoots up and asks, “Will you eat my pussy again … Dad? I loved your tongue there!”“Sure, but my tongue is a little tired; it might not be able to do what it did before.”“That’s okay, Dad; I just want to feel you licking me again.” This time she straddles my head facing me, allowing me to see her tits while I’m licking and sucking on her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she starts riding my face, which gives my tongue a little rest. I reach around and up to grasp onto her tits, cupping them and squeezing them in my big hands. I hear her moan in response. Then I begin playing with her nipples, gently at first and then a little rougher. “Oh Dad, that feels so fucking good!!” she exclaims.In the meantime, Carol has gotten my cock hard again. Although I can’t see her I feel her straddling my hips. A few seconds later my cock is sliding into her hot and wet pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmm!!” I moan into Melanie’s pussy as Carol starts bouncing up and down on my pole.After just a few minutes, Melanie’s body starts to tremble. “Get ready, I’m gonna cum!!” she declares. Just then, her pussy squirts her warm sweet juice into my mouth. Although she nearly drowns me, I rapidly swallow and keep on licking. At one point I manage to suck her clit into my mouth and she half hollers and half moans, “Oooohhhh ffffuuuuuuck!!!” as she cums again. Once more my face and neck are soaking with her girl cum. Her body is trembling so much that it is almost vibrating as she drops down on her hands and pulls her juicy pussy from my mouth. Even then her pussy continues to dribble out more of her juices with each of the aftershocks that flow through her body.Suddenly Carol is hollering, “Ooohhh fuuck!! I’m cumming!!” I had been concentrating on Melanie’s pleasure so much that I had almost forgotten that my daughter was fucking herself on my cock. I was just wishing that I could see her face when Melanie rolled over to lie beside me, her chest heaving as she panted from her exertion. I get to see that Carol’s head is thrown back as her body quakes with her orgasm. Her pussy is tight around my cock, but she is not moving. Even though her pussy is now rhythmically clenching around my cock, it’s not enough to make me cum. Then, after a couple of minutes, she asks, “Will you do me doggy style, Daddy?”“Sure, baby.” She climbs off and gets into position. I kneel behind her and slide my cock back into her pussy. Holding onto her hips, I start fucking her in long slow strokes. I’m a little surprised when Melanie slides underneath her friend and starts licking Carol’s clit and my balls as I’m fucking her. “Oh gaawwwd!!!” I moan as I start fucking her harder. At the same time, Carol drops her head and starts eating her friend’s pussy.I don’t know how I keep from busting a nut right then. The whole scene is almost surreal! But we manage to go on like that for quite some time. Carol has an intense orgasm and I nearly cum then. And then Melanie has another one from Carol’s tongue. I feel my balls bumping into Melanie’s face while I start slamming into Carol’s cunt even harder. Carol then has another climax that drives me over the edge. “OOOHHH FFFUUUUCK!! …… I’m gonna CUMMMMMM!!” I holler as I start pumping more hot cum into Carol’s pussy. Then, on a whim, I pull back so that I am cumming just inside Carol’s puffy lips so that it can then drip down into her friend’s mouth. I feel Melanie licking along my cock as I do. I finally pull out and slide the head into Melanie’s mouth to give her the remainder straight from the faucet. She sucks greedily on my cock until I am not spurting anymore and even afterwards. She finally releases my cock and I pull away and sit back on my heels to watch her dive into Carol’s pussy to lick up what is oozing out. It is a sight to be seen.I caress Carol’s ass and even pull her cheeks apart to make it easier for Melanie to clean up her just fucked pussy. They each have at least one more orgasm. Then it becomes obvious that there is not much oral activity anymore, but they don’t move from their positions either. I guess that they are climaxed out. I lie beside them, just caressing both of their bodies. After a while, Carol rolls off of her friend. She exclaims, “Wow!! That was really intense!! I loved it when you crawled underneath me, Melanie, that was hot!”Melanie agrees, “Yes, it sure was!! I loved it too. I wasn’t sure what Dad would think about it though.”“I loved it too. You two are something else!!” By now it’s nearly dark outside. “It’s getting late girls; do you want something to eat? I can fix a sandwich or something.”Melanie is the first to respond, “No, Dad, I had my protein shake.”“Yeah, I did too. Not unless you are hungry,” says Carol.“No I’m fine. I had pussy juice cocktails.” We all laugh.Melanie says, “Who knows, we may never leave this bed this weekend,” and then she laughs.“No, we may not,” I agree. “We can be ‘Livin’ on Love’.” We finally arrange ourselves on the bed with me in the middle of the two beautiful girls. While I lay there gently caressing their bodies I’m thinking that I will be pretty damn tired and maybe a little sore after this weekend …… but it will all be worth it!!

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