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Rapture of the Deep

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I see you online and we begin to flirt and play via email. At one point you ask if I plan to come down the coast and have a cup of coffee or brunch with you while I have some time off from teaching. I decide to throw caution to the wind and jump onto the highway. We had been lovers years ago, but our lives had taken separate paths. We both had complicated circumstances on the homefront, but I couldn’t help but feel a thrill at the possibilities. While we are only meeting as friends, my mind drifts with fantasies as my car roll over the grass and sand hills to ward your favorite locale, a quaint little coffeehouse on the pier next to Diver Dan’s Dive Shop. I suddenly realize that I forgot me gear. Any meeting with you ends up in being cajoled to jump in the water. Now at least I have an excuse. A smile spreads across my face as I take the exit to the coastal pier.

I see you waiting beside your car parked outside the coffee shop that is one of the first shops on the wharf. You are even more lovely than my last memory of you. A small shudder spreads throughout my body as I take in your voluptuous curves, long legs, and deep penetrating eyes.

As we flirt outside the coffeehouse your every word and action arouses me. I see every subtle movement of your wondrous body beneath your silk blouse and skirt. I shudder each time your piercing eyes fall on me. You begin to undress me with your eyes. I feel naked under that gaze as if you can see through every article of clothing as though it were not there. I begin to feel very hot and flustered under your close scrutiny. I feel slightly uncomfortable about the aggressiveness of your sexuality, but then I remember that this is exactly what I had been dreaming about for weeks and I give in to my desire. I know I cannot resist you much longer. You press your body close to mine and nibble on my ear, whispering in my ear for me to follow you. I realize that it was foolish of me to think we could just share a pleasant cup of coffee as friends.

You lead me into the coffeehouse. You flash me a devilish smile as you take my hand and lead me past the patrons and staff and up the back stairs to the semiprivate tearoom on the upper floor of this old coffee house. Mid way on the stairs you turn and kiss me tenderly. My mouth slides from your lips and I nuzzle the side of your neck. You gasp as I kiss your throat and nibble on your ears telling you how much I want you. You return the whispers and nibbles, telling me what you’re gonna do to me as your tongue slides into my mouth. My tongue is intertwining with yours, and my hands caress the body that I so desire.

We barely stumble up the remaining stairs. As we enter the loft, I feel dizzy as you hands slide all over my body ontop of my clothes. I run my hands on top of the fabric that barely contains the curves of your body. You return the hungry touches and slowly disappear as you sink to your knees, unzipping my pants with your teeth and find the prize you are looking for. You take me in your mouth, teasing me with every movement of your tongue, sliding your lips further down my meaty hardness as I try not to groan, not wanting to draw attention to your very public display of affection. While we are alone in the loft tea room, many people are chatting idly below over mugs of steaming coffee and muffins. Your hands wander over my firm buttocks and draw me closer to your hungry face thrusting my mass deeper into your mouth, You murmur, tasting the first few drops of sweet nectar, sliding your tongue over every firm inch. I feel my legs begin to tremble as my knees weaken.

I grab a few handfuls of your brown tresses and guide my cock in and out of your gurgling mouth. I feel your tongue twirl around the edges of my cock in your mouth and I become delirious, nearly cumming. I pull away from you and sink to my knees in front of you. We are behind the ornate wooden bannister of the loft tea room. The midmorning crowd below is oblivious to our dangerous liaison.

You kiss me deeply, drawing me closer to you. You must be able to feel my tremble in anticipation at the touch of your body. My hands slide under your blouse and gently cup your full breasts as I nibble on your neck. My swirling fingers etch patterns across the lace of your bra around the firm nipples. I enjoy the way each rose bud stretches and blossoms beneath the bra fabric. The feel and taste of you electrifies me, sending shivers down my spine with every connection. I slowly remove your clothes, my lips and fingers working in tandem as I kiss each newly exposed area of sweet flesh. I hope that no one will walk into the room, knowing that it’s too late to stop now.

My lips and tongue trace a passage of fire towards your breasts as you release them from their bindings. You arch your back as you remove the bra and I devour you. I pinch and tease your nipples with my thumbs and tongue, sending jolts of pleasure cascading around your body. You unbutton my shirt, and remove ankara escort it from my torso; you lie back as my tongue flicks across your heaving chest and down along your tummy. My hands wander sensually through your brown hair as I nibble along the curves of your upper body. I hover back above your nipples. Then my hands travel down your body, finding first the latch of your skirt and then the elastic of your panties. My firmness nudges against your thighs as I work to remove your skirt, panties and hose. The feel of my cool naked cock against the hot flesh of your inner thigh nearly makes me cum. I hear you whimper and know you want me to fuck you up here, and don’t care if we startle the entire crowd below. I feel your fingers grab at my flailing cock as I squirm out of my trousers. I let you explore and touch me, stroking gently, then harder as I give in to pleasure and let lose deep moans.

I fumble with your skirt, and accidentally fling it over the railing. It drops below on to an unoccupied table. Oddly, none of the patrons or staff seem to notice. I pull the rest of your blouse free and nuzzle your ample breast along my path. I move to the side of your writhing body and continue to nuzzle your breasts as I slide one finger inside your very moist pussy. I wiggle it along your glistening wetness. Slipping it back and forth inside you as my lips begin to drift down along the side of your body and up over your hips. I probe my finger even deeper inside you as I kiss you with lust filled passion. Excitement darts around your body as my fingers intimately explore you. I lower my head till I can taste the sweet elixir. My cool tongue finds your hardened nub and sends sensations of pure ecstasy running through your body. My finger hooks under the hood of flesh covering your G-spot. I begin to stroke it while sucking your clit until you can take no more.

You push me back and command me to lay down on the carpet. You roll yourself over me, straddling my bucking hips, and begin sliding yourself onto my throbbing cock. I feel your ringed wetness expand around my pulsing cock and it gives very slowly as you are barely able to accommodate the excited girth. Your eyes grow wide as you feel my excitement throbbing inside you. You moan and begin to move very slowly as your pussy finally slackens. I grind up into you slowly as you ride me. Our hips move in unison as we begin scoot fucking across the carpet of the ornate tea room. I drive into you further, faster and harder, driving you wild. I wonder if others can hear our moans and grunts, but instantly the thought passes as I give into the sensations and let you take me to the blissful peak of pure lust.

You collapse onto of me, our cum juices mixing together and smeared on our hips. I cradle you closely, not wanting to move, but becoming slightly aware that or love-spent bodies are in a very public place. I indulge in a few moments of cuddling while brainstorming about renting some dive gear and hitting the open water. While this little tryst has sated us for now, we both need a little rapture in the deep.

You did your best to arrange your clothing as we dressed, but I suddenly remembered that your skirt was resting down below on an unoccupied table. I quietly sneaked down and plucked the skirt. I panicked when a waiter stopped me and I thought we were nailed. He simply asked if I needed an order so I ordered us a small feast for brunch. I skipped up the stairs and saw that you were already on the cell phone ordering some gear at the dive shop next door. I flipped your skirt at you and you gave me a wink and murmured something about gallant knights and chivalry. The waiter brought us coffee, danishes and fruit and we quickly munched on the food as you pulled a dive chart from your purse and we profiled a quick dive.

When we got to the dive shop the gear was ready. The gear was all loaded into a boardwalk cart so that we could dive right off the pier. We headed out and pushed the carts along. I had never actually done a pier dive, but I had read about them in last month’s magazine feature. You of course were an old pro. I could feel every muscle in my body tighten as I fought off the paranoia. I hated diving with rental gear-even if you knew the shop owner. While we had checked everything at the shop, I was already missing my Genesis gear that was packed at home. I muttered to myself that I should have known better than to leave home without it. Any meeting with you usually led to two things-fantastic sex and underwater adventure.

We made an interesting pair, I was the classic “by the book” diver that always put knowledge ahead of experience when it came to all things underwater. You, on the other hand, were always out to push the envelope, even if it met exceeding standard limits. The rental gear really bothered me, and you kept chiding me as we strolled down the boardwalk to the deep part of the inlet. I returned your teasing with a threat to not check over your elvankent escort gear. You laughed and said “Fine! Mystery adds spice and suspense.” Your attitude chilled me and I began checking everything on both of our rigs the moment we reached the end of the pier and padlocked our little covered carts.

With things checked out I strapped a dive knife to my calf. It was a bulky U.S. Diver slap combo. I really missed my Acona Stealth and shear set. I watched as you slung your gear on and marveled at your strength. For your small size you handled the heavy gear well. I found myself captivated by the way your muscles rolled amidst your tan skin. The more I watched your hard little body the more my erection grew in the tight confines of my shortie. You reached over and rubbed it.

“Hey Big Boy, save this for the deeper water. If we fuck up here we both will get splinters,” you whispered in a mock Mae West falsetto and winked at me.

We got the rest of our gear in place without talking much, then donned our masks. Mine was around my neck and you wore yours perched on your forehead. I asked you if you were having an emergency, but you didn’t get the joke.

We maneuvered a standard side by side buddy fin mount. Checked gauges and we nodded to each other. You did a giant stride off the pier and surface swam a short distance away before giving me the hand over head okay sign. Then I giant strided off plunging a few feet to the right of you. We snorkeled out into the water until we were around the breakers that crashed into the front pilings. We moved leeward and put our regulators in our mouths. I hated the flow of this Mares we rented, but I had sucked on worse. I missed my ruby filter Genesis, but decide to push the regret from my mind. Pushing out in a prone position we began our descent and started swimming along the bottom, I took the lead and you were following close behind. I could feel the current of the waves ripple over my body as we swam around the pilings. I was amazed at the coral growth and wildlife under the shadow of the old wooden boardwalk. At first the rental gauge registered no depth. I did a twirl-flip kick and sight checked the surface. Looking upwards it looked like we had already dropped below so far that we had 25 feet of water overhead.

I tapped on my depth gauge a few times and finally it registered a more accurate read. I cursed through my regulator and waited for you to join me at the third piling. Suddenly I felt a strong force in the water. Before this could register I was engulfed in foam and bubbles as a giant shadow crashed against me. The force slammed my body against the concrete piling and I dropped to the sandy bottom. I saw a large white-tip reef shark swim off angrily. The impact knocked the wind out of me and caused my regulator to blow out of my mouth. My mask was still tight on my face. My little crash had reduced the visibility. Stunned, and in a sea of bubbles, I groped for my regulator. I had almost forgot not to hold my breath and relaxed by slowly blowing out air through pursed lips. My hands looked for my safe second.

You had seen what happened and quickly caught up and brought my regulator to my mouth with the purge flowing. My teeth grabbed the mouthpiece as my lungs gulped air desperately. I was still stunned somewhat as you took my hand and tried to calm me down.

I was still a bit rattled from the thrashing, but your warm hand holding mine calmed me down. The silt finally settled as we kneeled in the sandy bottom by the piling together. My eyes began to refocus and the first site I took in were your lovely breasts pushing up very pleasing cleavage, seeming to be asking to be freed from their binding. In fact I heard them ask me to let them out of your wet suit. You smiled around your regulator as my fingers grasped at the zippered release and pulled it down slightly.

You looked intrigued as my fingers began to worm their way into your Lycra covered cups. My breathing quickened as I brushed over your now exposed nipples with my thumbs. I could hear the stream of bubbles increase from your exhalations and there was no mistaking your state of excitement either. I had worked your top over your shoulders and your breasts we floating freely in the water as my hands cupped and massaged them. Rhythmically, I took your nipples and rolled them between my skilled fingers. At the same time you reached down between my legs and began to rub the crotch of my wet suit. I dropped one hand down to your Lycra covered thighs and began gently rubbing your slit through the suit. I watched as you began to grind against the palm of my hand and moan loudly into your regulator as an orgasm washed over you.

I too was panting heavily as you relentlessly stimulated me. Your fingers pulled and tugged at my throbbing member that was stretching the Mylar of my suit. I squirmed trying to figure out how to get out of my suit without needing to unstrap my rig. otele gelen escort You seemed to sense my dilemma and I saw a wicked smile spread around your regulator.

The next thing I saw was a flash of silver as you slapped the hilt of my dive knife and unsheathed it. It is amazing how fast an erection deflated when sharp steel was presented to its proximity, but you were not to be deterred. You pulled the fabric away from my skin and proceeded to use the point of the knife to cut a small hole on the crotch of my wet suit. You crafted a flap for my cock and then re-sheathed the knife-but my erection had faded.

You reached inside my suit and pulled my flaccid cock out through the opening and began to stroke it back to life. You lowered to the sandy bottom kneeling forward and proceeded to do something I previously thought impossible. You slipped your regulator from your mouth and quickly sucked my cock into your mouth as if it were a safe second and you were buddy breathing from it. I was awestruck by your skill.

You alternated taking deep breaths from your regulator to taking long swirling drafts from my floating cock. You stretched the neoprene further and slipped the regulator mouthpiece just inside the knifed hole against the base of my cock and pressed the purge button. I squirmed as air filled my wet suit, flooding my scrotum and groin with bubbles as you sucked even harder on my cock.

You flash me a smile and resume breathing. My cock floats freely, full and erect in the water. You continue breathing and your hand wraps around my penis and strokes it firmly causing several silky strings of pre-cum to escape into the water. I look down and watch as your skilled fingers stroke my hard cock. You rub the tip against your suit and get the last of the pre-cum off of the head before replacing your reg with my thick cock in your working lips, that pump and squeeze my flesh with wonderful swirling sensations.

I begin to float upward slightly and maneuver my buoyant body so that I can do an underwater 69 ballet with you. I remove my regulator as my face floats along your partially exposed torso. My lips fasten on your aureoles and my tongue swirls around your erect nipples. I gag slightly and reach for my regulator. I forgot to exhale again. I feel like a bumbling fool, but I am determined to pleasure you as well underwater as I do on the surface.

You stop to breath momentarily, but I feel your lips wrap tightly around the tip of my penis quickly. Your mouth seals tight as you suck first lightly and then with more power. I feel your hands dig relentlessly into the hole in my suit and your fingers grip at the base of my cock as you enlarge the hole. Your palm cups my scrotum and your fingers roll and massage my balls as you take another breath from your reg.

Again I feel your lips wrap tightly around my penis. I take a few deep breaths and concentrate as I float around and move my face into the crotch of your suit. I fumble with the zippered relief areas, but finally I am met with the site of your excited and flushed mound. The lips are already parted and slicked. They are flushed ruby red and seem to ache for my touch. I decide to tease you back a little and remove my regulator. I extend it until it is pressed against those flushed pussy lips. I hold it firmly against your her wet pussy and hit the purge button. I long gust of bubbles shoot deep in your labia and I fasten my lips around your clit alternating sucking it and take a few breaths off the top of the free-flowing reg.

Then I replace it in my mouth and savor your taste that has been smeared on the mouthpiece. Not to be outdone you also purge your regulator in my wet suit and I feel you mouth swallow me once more, bobbing smoothly back and forth on my rigid pole. I take a deep breath of canned air and push my face against your pussy and slowly lick your sweet lips until small ribbons of your excitement flow out of your churning hole. I am intoxicated by the taste.

I feel my balls tighten. I keep your regulator from you and your eyes grow wide in your mask as you exhale a large blooming bubble around my cock. I thrust my hips against your shoulders and you take me deep in your throat as I will you the urge to not stop and breathe. I know your lungs are burning as you release some more air to ease the pain, still sucking, licking and bobbing. My orgasm builds until I can’t control it and I shudder in the water as I release it. I pull you tight to my face and drive my tongue twirling it up inside you. At the same time I push my cock against your throat as I start cumming.

You swallow the first stream of thick cum, but need air and pull away from my erupting cock and grab your reg from me with both hands. When you regain your composure your one hand returns to my still spurting cock and milks the remaining load into the water. My tongue continues to twirl against your clit as I grab and clutch at your half-covered neoprene buttocks. I slide a finger deep inside you and hook it around the hood of flesh covering your G-spot. The skin here is super sensitive at depth and soon your body is flailing in the water with an intense orgasm. I nibble you clit a couple more times before going for air.

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