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Rashidha Chapter 14: Break-up

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Rashidha Chapter 14: Break-upI was to narrate the second reason of why I wasn`t uploading stories regularly. Well, I was in a relationship. The guy doesn`t know about me and my parents. but the relationship in general is more or less good. You see, I`m now used to being a dirty slut for someone, being called names: slut, whore, bitch, and used to being naked and drink cum. In this relationship however, I`m not a slut. And I`m not being touched by my parents anymore. Well, they stopped 4 days ago and I`ve been going out with him for 3 weeks now. Well`, it was serious at all. And we didn`t have sex then. But now that we had, I`ve stopped having sex with my parents till my relationship end. Now, let`s talk about the guy. He`s sweet, funny and interesting. He likes me a lot. I like him too. But not as much as to tell him about my secret life: the slutty one. When we had sex, it was nice.He took me to a nice restaurant then we got back to his place. Then on entering his room, we kissed till we found ourselves on his bed. he has a smaller dick than my dad, but it`s ok, I can manage. I actually had to be careful, not to show him my skills: sucking and deepthroating. If I did, he would have cum in seconds. he fucked me in missionary but it didn`t last very long.i can also tell that he didn`t come for quite some time because of the bursa escort amount of cum that was lost in the condom. Yeah, lost. I wanted to drink it. It pains me to see cum being wasted. I also wanted to taste his cum as well. We fucked one more time till he was out of breath. I, on the other hand, wasn`t satisfied. I didn`t come once. But it was fine. I have too much experience as compared to him. SO I let it go.In the morning, I woke him up with his dick in my hands. He was hard within seconds and he came before he entered my pussy. It was fine. I got up, got dressed and ate something. Few hours went by, and he called me to say that that was the best sex he`s ever had. I wasn`t surprise. I`ve got skills. He also said that he wanted more. I got excited as I was geting some dick at night. I talked about it with my parents and on I went.I got into his house and we fucked in his bed for 2 times. Still in missionary. He came into the condom. But I got to taste him. After he came, I took the condom out, and licked his dick clean. He didn`t taste bad but it wasn`t as good as the cum that I`m used to. Then he went to sleep. I was awake. I realised that he wasn`t the guy for me. I wasn`t happy as I wasn`t satisfied. True, he is a nice guy but he may be a great guy to someone else not for me.The next day I broke up with him and bursa escort bayan my way back home, I stopped at Paul`s house. I don`t like break-ups so I needed to relax. He made me wait for few minutes as he had another client. Then he was ready to see me. As soom as I gt into the room, I got naked. I laid down on the table, on my back and spread my legs. I was inviting him to my pussy. The usual patter was to start on my back, then legs, then ass, then front, shoulders, boobs, legs, lastly pussy.” Comence ici[Start here]” I said with my hands on my pussy. He didn`t refuse. He spread my legs more and exposed my pussy more. He took his bottle of oil and I said :”pa r lamain, r labouche[Not with your hands, with your mouth]”. He didn`t flinch either. He got closer between my legs, put his hands on sides of my pussy and spread my lips. He then started kissing it. It felt good. He dug deeper and ate my pussy well. I started moaing and asked for more. His hands made their way to my boobs and platyed with them. Pressing them, and pinching my nipples. My hips were moving according to his tongue. My eyes were closed as I was savouring the moment. In the meanwhile, he took down his pants and let his cock out. All these years, he wanted to fuck me. he wanted to be in me. Fuck my pussy. The pussy that he massaged and fingered. He escort bursa didn`t want to miss his chance. He rubbed his dick with my pussy juices. I felt it.It was pretty nice. I didn`t stop him. I wanted this to happen as well. And it did. He put his cock inside my pussy. He didn`t have a condom so he fucked me raw. He was on top of me and we kissed as well. His wet tongue was in my mouth while his cock was in my pussy. He was moving slowly at first then he accelerated. I was feeling so good and I came. it didn`t take him long enough to come as well. He couldn`t come in me, so he pulled out. He wanted to cum on my body. I refused.I knelt before him. In a good posture. And I gave him a handjob. As I felt his cock twitching, I opened my mouth for him to shoot his load in. I got most of it. I let out a relief while he was cumming. I licked his cock clean and drank the cum. He was surprise that I did. he gave me a towel to clean myself and we kissed: me still being naked, his hands on my ass, my hands by his head, and my tits pressing against his chest. It was hot. Then I thanked him and went home. This will definitely change my massages at his place and as his cum taste good as well, I will have him fuck me again soon. Now, I`m more or less free to write some stories. I`ll try to write more. Some mauritians actually find it surprising and shocking that I do i****t. And some of them don`t belive. See, I don`t care. Some of my friends on Xhamster, really enjoy my stories and we sometimes talk dirty in chat as well. Thank you for reading guys.

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