Mar 31

Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 08

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Joe opened the e-mail from Rebecca and read it carefully, making sure he understood what she wrote. She wanted to meet again? He was at once elated, he had thoroughly enjoyed their first encounter and though he didn’t know what to expect, this young beauty was taking an interest in him.

He was old enough to be her father and not just barely but at 53 to her 22 years he was surprised. He had found most women of any age balked at his “advanced” age. It’s not that he was ugly it was just a lot of women liked the younger men for whatever reason, he mostly couldn’t compete. But he didn’t try that hard he only played around out of loneliness.

He was married but in the past five years his wife had grown distant and their love life went south when she went through the change of life. He was still the same but her interest had dropped to almost nonexistent. He got most of his sex through masturbation. He loved looking at naked women, he had always loved the beauty of their curves the way their breasts were shaped, the way each nipple was different yet similar. He loved to see woman masturbate, he enjoyed seeing them pleasure themselves with their own fingers and the thought alone got him excited.

He had only his imagination when he thought of Rebecca because, until last week, he had never seen her naked. She was more beautiful and sensuous than he ever imagined. He had gone home after their meeting and stroked himself till he came very intensely. He had done so every day since as replaying the scene over in his head brought him great pleasure.

Now she wanted to meet again. He thought for a moment and suggested they meet at the Indian casino, it was between where they both were and easy to find for her. He sent off his reply and planned a trip to go gambling.

Rebecca got the reply and thought it was a great idea to go to the casino. It was close to her, they could do all sorts of things there and it would not be uncomfortable at all she surmised.

The plan was to meet in two days and, as Ben and Julie were not yet old enough to gamble, she made plans so that they too would not be stuck at the Motel. Ben called up the twins who readily agreed to come and take Julie and Ben to the beach or wherever they wanted to go.

Rebecca arrived and parked the van in the garage and walked inside. She didn’t have a lot of clothes since she was on vacation so, wanting to look decent, she put on the same sundress she wore the first time they met. This time she put on a different belt to cinch her waist and she put on the pair of panties that she found in the bottom of her suitcase.

They were a very sexy silk pair that were boy shorts but smaller than usual and very lacy. She also put on some shoes that were comfortable as she knew she would be walking around as Joe had warned her it was a huge place.

She had never been to a casino before, she marveled at the size and scope of the place. Of course it was Indian themed but very beautiful and she found herself walking around looking around like a tourist.

She almost missed Joe when she came upon the spot they were to meet at. He recognized her and as he got her attention she gave him a big smile before wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a hug as they came together. They asked how each was and decided that they should go get some coffee to talk about what they should do next.

While they waited for the coffee in the little shop they discussed the things to do at the casino, neither of them mentioning that there was a hotel there that they could check into and do whatever they really wanted. This, though unspoken, was always in the back of both their minds.

Since Joe had been there many times he suggested that they play some blackjack. It was a game that Rebecca knew and at this time of the day they could find a table open that was low stakes.

They looked around and finally found a two dollar minimum blackjack table, so they sat down next to each other. Joe put some money down to exchange for chips and when Rebecca went to pull some money out for herself, Joe stopped her and said, “Let me please, I can afford it, I know you are still paying for school. It will be my treat and you are under no obligation whatsoever. It would give me pleasure to play beside you.”

He gave her half the chips and they began to play.

After a few hours of playing they both had won some and lost some. They were ahead a little but not so much that they wanted to quit. They were having a lot of fun together as they chatted with each other and with everyone else at the table, which had filled up since they had first arrived.

She had teasingly told everyone at the table that Joe was her “daddy” and had on occasion leaned into him like a daughter would and even kissed him on the cheek. He would blush at this but she sensed it put him at ease if everyone thought that he was here with his young daughter not with a woman who he had shared some intimacies with.

Rebecca didn’t care as she knew she would never see any of these people ever again. This did embolden bursa escort her a little and she flirted with all the guys at the table while secretly patting Joe on his leg under the table.

The limit had been raised to five dollars but since Rebecca and Joe had been there when it was two they could continue to play at that level as long as they stayed at that table. It was close to noon and though they had cocktail service there they had not taken advantage until now. Each got a beer and they continued to play.

After more hands Rebecca excused herself to go to the bathroom, when she returned she found a fresh beer waiting for her and she smiled and sat down to play. They played more hands and after another beer Rebecca excused herself again. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit.

She put on some lipstick and a little blush, she wanted to look her best and she was starting to feel the effects of the three beers. She relieved her bladder and thought for a second before taking her panties off and placing them in her small clutch she had brought along. As she walked back to the table she could feel the cool breeze at it wafted over her bare pussy. It felt great and made her feel very sexy and naughty at the same time.

She sat down and play continued. This time they were on a hot streak and it seemed they were winning way more than they were losing and Rebecca watched both her and Joe’s chips grow in front of them. On one deal Joe had suggested they put more than they had been betting down so she put ten dollars while Joe bet fifty. When they both beat the dealer she screamed with delight as did Joe who had a blackjack which paid more than regular.

When things settled in a minute she placed her hand on top of Joes which was on his leg at the time. She gripped his hand and pulled it over to her lap. She had parted her legs and she placed his hand right up her dress so that it was right on her pussy. She held it there while Joe’s fingers felt her shaved smooth pussy and its wetness. All this was happening while everyone else at the table was more intent on playing. This went on for only a few moments before she placed his hand back on his lap and slid her hand over to his crotch to find his cock swelling.

They went back to playing, having teased Joe enough for now. Before they got the next beer Joe said he needed to eat as the alcohol was getting to him. Rebecca agreed and they gathered up their chips, said their goodbyes and good lucks to everyone at the table and went off in search of a place to eat.

They chose the Seafood Shack because Joe loved seafood and Rebecca figured he could guide her about the items she was not familiar with. Being from Ohio, there wasn’t a lot of seafood, so she didn’t have a lot of experience with it.

They ordered, Joe had a fish dish and Rebecca got a salad with chicken. They talked about Rebecca’s school and what she wanted to do after. She had aspirations to be a teacher and student taught for her schooling right now. In fact she was due back in a week to begin her last year before she was let loose on the job market.

She had mixed feelings as she knew jobs were hard to come by and excited at the prospect of making money and being able to do more things that she wanted without having to rely on her parents. Joe listened and asked more questions between more beers and their food, two hours later they walked out feeling very good.

As they walked back toward the casino floor Rebecca took Joes arm and leaned into his arm. They looked to anyone passing by like father and daughter, Joe six foot tall and large broad shoulders with Rebecca a wisp of a girl almost a foot shorter and skinny.

Walking side by side arms intertwined they went down to the poker room to look around. Joe wanted to play but after hearing that Becca didn’t really know how he said, “Let’s find a game we can play together.”

Rebecca smiled as she once again grabbed his arm, this time holding it close to her so that his arm rubbed her breast. As they walked Joe noticed where she had kept his arm and as their bodies moved his arm rubbed her breast and he felt her nipple get hard. He had to find a place to sit down soon as this was teasing him to no end and he was afraid he was going to get hard just by walking around with Rebecca.

They walked around until they found a bar that had slot machines right in the bar, so they could play and drink at the same time. Joe slipped some bills into each machine and they both ordered a drink. After a few minutes of play and after the drinks had come, Joe excused himself to go to the bathroom. He needed to readjust as much as he needed to empty his bladder.

Refreshed Joe walked back to the bar. Becca seeing Joe walking back from the side, turned in her chair facing Joe. As she did so she ever so nonchalantly pulled up her dress and spread her legs so that as Joe got closer he could clearly see Becca’s freshly shaven bald cunt slit.

If anyone else had been looking they to would have had quite the show, especially as Becca took a finger from bursa escort bayan her mouth, wet it and ran it the length of her pussy before turning into the bar as Joe arrived back.

He needed to go readjust again after that show but sat down as Becca placed her hand directly on his lap to gauge the reaction she had just caused. She was not unhappy with the results as she felt his manhood straining to get out. She just rubbed the fabric over Joe’s stiff cock for a minute and went back to playing her slot machine.

He just said, “Tease.”

She responded, “Yup, having fun? I am.”

Joe shot back, “Yes, me too, I am not used to this that all.”

Just then the bartender came by and asked, “Can I get you and your daughter another round?”

Rebecca answered, “Yes please. May I have a slow comfortable screw?” and smiled at Joe after she said it. The bartender just smiled unaware what was going on and made the drink.

After losing all the money they had put in the bar slots they moved off to find a cashier to trade in the rest of their chips. On the way they stopped at a craps table where Joe said he wanted to place a few bets before they cashed in. Rebecca stood by his side as he placed a few bets and after ten minutes he had won some more, he turned and said, “Let’s go cash in.”

They went to cash in their chips and Rebecca got two hundred and fifty dollars from the cashier. She wanted to pay Joe back for the original stake but he wasn’t having any of it. He just told her it was his donation to the starving student fund and besides he had won too. She acquiesced and Joe cashed his chips in and got back more than eight hundred dollars over what he started with.

Rebecca reached up to Joe, placing her hand around his neck and gave him a kiss full on the lips; she waited a second then forced her tongue in his mouth. He didn’t need to be prompted anymore he kissed her back vigorously. They broke the kiss after a short time and moved on.

It was middle of the afternoon so Joe asked what Rebecca wanted to do next. He asked, “Do you want to help me spend a little of my winnings on you?” She smiled at this suggestion but made a noncommittal motion with her head and took his arm and led him away from the cashier.

They ended up at the hotel lobby and Rebecca said, “I want to get a room. Is that ok with you?”

Joe just walked up to the counter and said, “I would like a room please.”

The woman at the counter said, “Would you like one with two beds for you and your daughter?”

Rebecca said before Joe could answer, “No we only need one bed for us both,” and smiled a devilish grin at the lady.

Unflustered she went through the formalities and within minutes they were in the elevator on their way to the ninth floor room overlooking the river.

On the way up Rebecca pulled down one side of her dress exposing her breast to Joe and flicking it with her fingers she made it hard while she said, “Would you like to suck on these for me?”

While no one was in the elevator with them Joe got a little flustered and before he could blurt out a response the door opened on their floor. Rebecca calmly covered herself and taking Joe’s hand walked to the room. Joe opened the door and they walked in.

Rebecca went over, opened the shades and looked out, marveling at the beautiful scene before her. She turned to find Joe right behind her so she reached out and placed her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply. What she did next surprised him.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around Joe’s torso so that she was now at eye level with Joe. Though her pussy was pressed against his stomach and her legs wrapped around him, he responded by placing one hand around her and the other under her ass to support her. He was further surprised when his hand went up under her dress and landed right onto her bare ass.

Having removed her undies earlier, he now had his hand on her bare butt. His hand were so big one covered most of both her ass cheeks. She felt his hand on her ass and she could feel the warmth as he held her tight and they continued their kiss.

Though she was perched too high she knew his cock must be getting hard and she loved that she could do that to a man, especially the one she was with right now. After they broke their kiss she whispered in his ear, “Let me down please.”

He gently put her feet on the floor. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and Joe watched as she went toward it. Right before she arrived at the door she pulled up the dress and off over her head, leaving her quite naked and Joe had a nice view from the rear and then the side as she disappeared into the bathroom.

She didn’t close the door so he could hear her pee and then wash her hands before she came out to find Joe rooted in the same spot she had left him. She picked up her dress and held it over her shoulder as she walked back in front of Joe.

She looked at him while he stared at her. His gaze went from her shoulder length brown hair to her beautiful eyes and schoolgirl escort bursa looking face. They went down over her soft shoulders to her breasts, the perfect pear shape without any sag, just pert breasts on which the most flawless nipples the size of quarter rested already stiff.

Then his gaze went down over her flat muscular stomach to her bare pubic mound to her slit, two hairless lips tight together not showing any of her charms that were inside. Then he looked down her athletic legs to her tiny feet. His eyes then made the reverse trip back up her body and when he again stared into her eyes she said, “Do you like what you see?”

Joe could only mumble yes. He was afraid this was a dream. Here he was, an older man who was not in the greatest shape of his life, standing here with a gorgeous twenty two year old woman with the most fantastically tight body he had ever seen naked in front of him.

Not only was that, he alone with her, not in some sleazy strip bar, but a nice hotel. As he looked closer he found her breasts were perfectly shaped and her features were all in proportion so that added to her allure and beauty. He couldn’t find any flaws nor was he really looking, it was just an observation. He was thinking, ‘what possibly could this vision see in an old man like me?’ She spoke again this time moving closer to him and reaching out for his belt to undo it, she said, “It’s time to see you naked too.”

She unbuckled and unzipped his pants as he let them fall to the floor. His cock only sprang out as far as his underwear allowed and as he stepped from his pant legs he hooked his boxers with his hands, bent down and removed them.

Now she saw what she had only seen before in a picture before her. She now was the one staring as his cock pointed straight out towards her. It was only eight inches long but it was so wide and fat. As she looked she could feel her pussy getting wet.

She moved in and wrapped a hand around Joes cock. She couldn’t even get her whole hand around it as she slowly stroked it. She marveled at its mushroom shaped head that was turning purple as she stroked its length. She thought, ‘this cock is wider than Julie’s dad’s was, thank god it’s not as long, I would never fit it in me.’

Rebecca moved closer and lifted her head to kiss Joe, still grasping his penis. He in turn wrapped his arms around her as she crushed her breasts onto his stomach. His hands ran down her back and rested, for a moment, on her ass.

Then they moved again and stroking her shoulders he caressed his way down her arm and while slightly moving her away from his body, enveloped her in a kiss as his hand found her breast. He ran his hand across her soft skin as she felt his finger slide gently over her nipples. This sent shock waves right down to her clit and she could feel her pussy lips swell and her love canal moisten more. He switched hands and caressed the other breast and nipple, now she was the one who felt teased.

This went on for a few moments before with one motion Joe reached around and picked her up in his arms and brought her over to the bed. He lay her down gently and got on top of the covers beside her. She fell onto her back and his hands first went to her face.

He held her face as he kissed her deeply, she kissed him back as he spoke, “I want you to lie there and enjoy what I am going to do. I don’t want you to do anything, this is what I want to do for you. If you feel anything you don’t like please tell me right away otherwise just lie back and enjoy.”

With that Joe ran his hands down the length of her body down her arms, then her legs avoiding all erogenous zones. He began to massage her feet but had to stop as she was ticklish there. They laughed but he asked her to turn on her stomach and his powerful hands massaged their way up each leg and skipping her buttocks and onto her back and neck.

She was feeling very relaxed and getting randier as he rubbed gently but firmly. It seems everywhere he touched sent signals to her clit that just made her pussy wetter and wetter. He then began to rub her ass, slowly and firmly as each time his hands got to the underside and close to her pussy, it was so tantalizingly close but he did not touch her there yet.

Next he had her roll over and while she was on her back he began anew with her legs and skipping her pussy and breasts worked his way up. She reached for his stiff cock when he came closer to her but he told her, “Not yet, it can wait.”

When he finished massaging everything else he caressed each breast and nipple softly, gently rolling each nipple in his fingers before moving to the other nipple. Then he moved in and sucked in a nipple into his mouth. Just his hot breath on her nipple caused her to jump and she began to have a small orgasm.

As he moved to the other nipple, sucking it in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, making it come to full attention, the shots of pleasure went straight to her clit and she climaxed again as she felt her pussy dripping now. As he moved his hand down over her mons and his fingers slid slowly across her now sopping wet slit to her perineum he put a little pressure on it so that his finger split her pussy lips open and his finger now rubbed her labia as he slid it slowly, oh too slowly, up to her clit.

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