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Kyle had assumed the owner of this beautiful Victorian house had to have been rich, for who in the damn world could ever come to own such an expensive landscape and a house like that without having to have had some loot? “I’d be damned if he came out to be poor!” he thought to himself, assuming it was a guy, having had a long time to study up on how he was going to commandeer anything of value within the house hold. He knew his strategy. He knew it very, very well in fact. He just had to be patient.

He crouched down low underneath the power box on the right side of the house, making sure he was covered from view of the window right next to it that looked into the kitchen. He had his vehicle parked towards the road, not that far from where he was, for a quick get away if he needed one.

His strategy was:

1. Wait till the owner fell asleep.

2. Turn off all the power to the house.

3. Come in; take all the goods that he could carry in one load without making a sound.

4. Run as fast as his ass possibly could and hope the owner wasn’t a huge dick with a sniper rifle.

Yes, he had the perfect plan. It was full proof(yeah right), and he had been doing this for years. Only, he wished he knew who the owner actually was so he wasn’t surprised when he saw him… or her, for that matter.

He put on his head phones and began to wait for the sun to set in the horizon.

********* ************

It was around six in the evening when the sun finally set. The purples, grays, blues, and reds set in a brilliant mixture in the sky, like an artist had painted them there, putting all his feelings and wonder in his art. The moon, faint and pale, was just waiting to take its rightful place as guardian of the night sky. Yet, Violet couldn’t enjoy any of it.

She considered herself a widower. Forever to be alone ever since her husband had died that fatal day in the factory. She could have had anyone she wanted after he died. There were plenty of men on the ready to take the opportunity to marry her. She knew that every holiday, when she’d wake up in the mornings to find her entire porch filled with brilliant displays of gorgeous flowers. Bouquet’s of roses, daffodils in full bloom; still in the package they came in, exotic tiger lilies placed in a glass vase, single white roses that had her swooning every time she saw them, all for her own enjoyment and pleasure. But she kept to herself.

Just after the sun had set, she took a long and refreshing shower upstairs in the master bathroom; feeling the weight of stress leave her shoulders with every swipe of lavender soap against her silky, buttery smooth skin. She washed her hair twice, standing beneath the knobble of the shower head and letting her long, brown-red hair fall to the middle of her back.

When she got out, she immediately stood in front of the large mirror in the middle of the bathroom door. “I miss you so much, Daniel…” she said aloud to her deceased husband, as she usually did at night.

She felt so lonely, yet she never did anything about it. She ached for a man to touch her. Hell, even her nipples (which were almost always hard) practically screamed “Get your self a man, dumb ass!” and she didn’t blame them. Just thinking about having a man’s hands on any part of her body made her stomach twist and her pussy moisten with liquid heat. The only reason she stayed at home most of the time, was because she was afraid that if she saw a man on the streets, she would push him down and have her way with him right then and there. The thought of losing all control like that, frightened her.

She put on her green cotton night gown, not bothering to wear anything underneath, and went to bed; shoving all those dirty, agonizing thoughts out of her head before she tried to go to sleep.

********* ************

As soon as the lights from the house went off, Kyle opened the power box and flicked off the switch. “This should do it…” he said with confidence as he maneuvered the path from the side of the house to the front door with ease. Fortunately for him, the door was unlocked so he had no problem getting inside the house.

When he stepped inside, he was speechless with great awe for quite a while. The interior design of the house was even more exquisite than the sight from outside. The drapes were silk and shimmering, just barely hiding the light from outside. The walls were covered in silver paint, not a single brush stroke showing anywhere that was noticeable. There was a tiger skin rug just a ways from the entrance to the house, the soft white fur making the inside of his feet tickle as he walked along it. The fireplace was a tall mass of red oak wood, carved with sincan escort bayan animals and flowers of different variety anywhere that the wood hit open air. The furniture were designed in a swirl of white designs which only added to the illusion that the house was made to look like it was from some sort of fantasy.

After taking his time, and wasting it by observing the beauty of the Victorian house, he finally got around to looking for anything of value that he could obtain. He searched every nook and cranny, every cabinet; closet; and wardrobe, everything down to the last and final room and he was getting very pissed off. “There’s nothing here, damn it!” he grunted, his lips set in a grim line. “Let’s just hope there is something small in this room, he must’ve hidden the goods where he could reach them quickly.”

What happened next was totally unexpected by Kyle. He opened the door (it had already been cracked slightly) and came on inside to find a woman asleep in the master bed……..by herself.

He was so stunned that he had to look at the woman a few times before the thought actually registered in his head. The owner of such a beautiful house was a woman… a woman! For Christ’s sake. This was the least he had expected. He’d of thought that the owner would be a married man around his forties, but this?

But of course it was a woman, he thought, no man would have such spectacular tastes and so much love for art as a woman.

He shook his head, Get a grip on your self soldier. You came here to get something, now, get it! He quickly began to search the length of the room for something small, yet of a particular value that wouldn’t be a waste of his time and effort. He had found quite a few things and was about to search her second dresser when he heard a strange noise coming from the young woman’s lips.

The sound, strangely, excited him. His prick hardened uncomfortably in his pants as he watched her squirm in her sleep. She had a soft green night dress on; he noticed licking his lips, unable to control his sudden want for her. He had seen many maidens in his lifetime, but not one of them had this effect on his cock at the first real glance he took. She looked just like an angel, and well, he wanted to bring her down to the fires of hell and teach her how to be naughty!

********* ************

Violet let out an uneasy, lustful moan in her sleep. Yet, once again, her body was screaming for her to get a man. Her body wanted it so much that she was even dreaming about it in her sleep. The soft, yet firm touch of a man’s hands going down every little curve of her body; the worshipping gaze of fierce eyes on her naked flesh; the feel of her liquid heat drizzling down her legs as someone pulled up her night dress……she jumped, waking up from her restless sleep and panting as she pulled the blankets back over her body.

“Huh…….who are you?” she stuttered, crawling backwards to the bed post and curling up against it as if it were going to save her life.

Kyle blinked, stunned that his touch had shaken her so much that she had woken up panting. “Uh……err….I just wanted to see if you were alright.” He told her, hesitating afterwards. His eyes were locked on her emerald green ones.

She blinked back at him, her heart pounding but not with fear. It was pounding with sheer, unthinking lust that seemed to be running through her veins. “But…… I didn’t ask you what you were doing…” she said, remarkably calm though there was a stranger in her room. “I asked…………who are you?”

He sputtered for a while, remembering the items in his hands and dropping them to the floor. His mouth getting very dry, he stared at her lips “I’m Kyle.” He answered straight forward, no side steps, no hastle.

She bit her lip, the only men who had ever looked at her like this Keith was looking her, were always in her dreams. She had never expected to find one outside of them. “Umm…..Okay, Kyle…” she answered softly, letting go of her lip and eyeing him “What exactly were you doing in my home?”

She continued to eye him, looking closely at every detail. Her nipples ached again as she looked at his hands, thinking of how wonderful they would feel on her body. He had girl-crushing amber eyes, a nose and facial structure that definitely declared him godly, his hair was a sun-stained brunette color, and his lips looked so good she wanted to snack on them forever.

“….and that’s why I’m here” he had ended. She hadn’t even listened to a word he had said, already knowing that whatever he said was a lie due to the fact of all her treasures on the floor at his feet.

“Mmmhmm” she raised a brow at him, seductively eryaman escort licking her lips. “I’m sure… But I was just wondering, do you like my home?”

She could tell he hadn’t expected her to ask that. He took several moments to stare at her lips and think about what he was going to say. “It is wonderful. Every design, every color and smell and texture… looks as if it came out of some sort of fantasy.” He gave her the most intriguing smile “But it isn’t as beautiful as you.”

She felt a light blush creeping to her cheeks at his compliment, but could feel the heat from surging through alot more areas then just her face. The tingle sending pleasurable shivers up and down her spine and a pulse beginning between her thighs. She bit her bottom lip softly, almost positive the liquid dripping from her was staining the inside of her sleeping gown. “I see… I suppose you like my treasures as well?”

He, too, began to blush slightly at her own comment and looked down at the scattered objects on the floor, though he felt another pulse from his groin throbbing when she bit her lip. “I suppose you could say that.” He whispered, turning his gaze slowly back to hers.

She let the corners of her lips curve into a slight smirk, though her heart was pounding and she needed this man more than anything, she needed to influence him. She slowly let the blanket drop and she crawled towards him, lush body sweying with purpose, his body having been at the end of the bed the entire time. She softly rubs her right hand against the bulge of his trousers and smirked more widely, “I like yours as well.”

She heard him suck in a deep, sharp breath of air the moment her delicate hand grasped his throbbing cock through his clothes, and then he let out a deep growl, pushing her hard onto the bed and hovering over her with intense eyes. “What is your name?” he asked her, sending shivers through her by the husky drawl of his baritone voice.

She whimpered slightly, her chest heaving, breasts pushing against the flat wall of his chest as she said breathily “V-violet”

“Violet” he purred huskily, his warm, moist breath fanning her cheek, his hands curving her shoulders.

She squirmed slightly, unable to resist the urge to shove her hand beneath his shirt and caress the solid muscle straining against the cloth, her other hand slipping down part way into the top of his pants to pull him closer to her.

He took her actions as permission to search her with his own, well practiced, skilled hands. He caressed the nape of her neck with one, letting the other run down her shoulders, to her collar bone, and beneath the strap of her night gown, slowly slipping it off only one of her shoulders. The cool air against her skin made her shiver, biting her lip as he bent his head down low and posessed the skin at one side of her collar into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on the sensitized skin.

“Ohhh” she moaned deep in her throat, arching up, her head heavy against her mattress as her hands moved to his back, digging her nails across his skin, barely piercing it with her nails. “I can’t take this…. pleeease… “

He chuckled against her skin, letting go of her collar and licking at it attentively before sliding the other strap off her shoulder, his eyes full of knowledge. “Barely met each other, and you can’t wait to get your hands on me?”

She couldn’t believe what he was saying! Then again, her uncontrollable lust was due to neglect more than to reaction of his lith, muscled, beautiful body…… Wasn’t it?

Reaching her hands to the top of his shirt, she ripped it open, revealing his bare chest and taut abs, moving her mouth hungrily to his chest, her night gown slipping to pool around her waist as she half sat up on the bed. “Stop taking your time, damn you!”

“Just wanted to please the lady of this house, miss.” he said, his eyes twinkling with amusement, though undeniably beheld in lust. He pushed her down again, ripped her gown completely off her, while at the same time she tore into his trousers; ripping the buttons off and shoving it hastily down.

Like a pair of wild animals, they bit each other harshly; neck, shoulders, ears, chest, breasts. Laving every bite with their tongues, roughly caressing each other.

He growled, tumbling them both onto the floor, shoving her underneath of him and grasping hold of her ankles harshly, moving himself in between her open thighs, the soft curls of her mound covered in dewy sweetness. They both groaned in satisfaction as he thrusted his hard-as-stone cock inside of her tight pussy, his bulge fitting inside of her like a lock and key fit. Perfect.

The very moment he let go of her ankles, etimesgut bayan escort she wrapped her legs around his waist and held her ankles on the small of his back, both panting with pleasure. He moaned into her ear, biting it hard and laving the inside of it with his tongue as her hands slid around to his ass, her nails digging harshly into the taut muscle of his buttocks. She thrust her hips against his, moaning loud in her throat and marveling at his gasp when she spanked his ass playfully, making him react and bite her shoulder.

“You’ve been a bad bad boy, Kyle” she moaned huskily against his neck, rolling them over on the floor again so that she was ontop of him, and moving her hands to his shoulders as she rode his cock harder…. harder.. harder. “Fortunately” she purred “I’m a bad …. bad girl”

He tumbled her over again, biting her shoulder, and this time, drawing a little bit of her blood. She couldn’t help but scream out her ecstacy as he grunted a reply, “I have the advantage…. you’re my hostage.”

She gasped as he suddenly pulled her up from the floor, holding her to his lith body hard, her silky red hair pooling around her shoulders right before she was thrust against the wall of her room, beside her night stand, and he began pounding inside of her again. “mmmm…. Ohh… w-what are you… gonna do with me… Kyle?” she moaned, playing along with his game as she clutched him tightly.

“What am I NOT going to do with you?” he ground out huskily, grabbing her hands in one hand and slamming them above her head, taking one of her breasts roughly in the palm of his other hand and rolling the taut bud of her nipple between his fingers, making her breasts ache for more. She writhed and whimpered, the intensity of sensations making her need to cum, but for some reason she couldn’t. “P-pleeease!”

He groaned against the side of her neck, nipping it and then finding her lush lips with his own, crushing his mouth down on hers with a posessive force, his tongue hastily thrusting into her mouth. When he had had his full of her nipples, his hand moved lower, to where his cock thrusted relentlessly inside of her pussy, showing absolutely no mercy for her what-so-ever. He pushed his hand against her mound, pressing his middle and index finger forcefully against her clit, and rubbing it with fast, relentless motion.

She arched against him, shuddering all of a sudden as a built scream echoed from her mouth, even muffled as it had been by his mouth, it was pretty loud. Her entire body shuddered and shook, the walls of her pussy clutching and milking his hard cock as pleasure coarsed through her veins, but this man was not about to let her have her fill, mercilessly pulling his throbbing cock out of her before she could reach full climax.

“HEY!!” she yelled, whimpering and trying to get her wrists out of his hand so that she could grab him again. “That wasn’t fair!”

“Shh” he crooned, placing two fingers, slick with the juice of her pussy, on her lips; the smell and taste driving her insane. “As my hostage, I’ll do with you as I want”

“B-but” she gasped, her breath leaving her right before he had her on her knees, her thighs spread wide, and his face right beneath her dripping entrance. She was dizzy and mindless with need, flushed from head to toe, whimpering with it.

“Just relax…. ” he whispered hoarsly, grabbing her thighs in his hand and holding her in place before his mouth drove against her pussy, thrusting his tongue against her libia, and clitorous…. Before he priviledged himself in thrusting into her slick core with hungry, animal-like enthusiasm.

The torture of his mouth drove her insane as she writhed and whimpered. When she tried getting away, he only bit her clit with his teeth, making her scream out and relax before he dove inside of her again. When it seemed like she wasn’t going to get off at all, her body shuddered and she screamed out, knees going weak…. But still he stopped before she finished reaching top, and shoved her to all fours from behind. He then slid himself to the hilt of her, biting her neck with a powerful growl.

She dug her nails into the rug, half yelling/ half moaning with pleasure as he drove into her from behind, her breasts crushing against his forearms with every bit of motion. Tears swelled in her eyes when at last he let her reach top, shuddering against him, sobbing out a moan with her release.

He moaned himself, holding very still as he felt her shudder around his cock, and let out a pleased cry before giving up completely, hot seed pouring into her love-slicked core before they both collapsed in a pile of limbs on the floor.

********* ************

It was then that he realized, with her curled up and breathless against his chest, that not only would he not be stealing her jewels… he’d be coming back, just for a different purpose next time. The thought pleased him immensely as he grinned to himself.

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