Mar 31

Reform School Sisters Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks since Bree and Paige first used their strap on together. Since then, they had been fucking with it on a nightly basis. The sex was getting better with each passing day. The sisters were enjoying their secret trysts so much, they found themselves looking forward to curfew falling, so they could climb in bed and screw each other like animals in heat.

By now they’d explored every position imaginable with each other several times over. It had become normal practice for the girls to walk into the room and immediately strip naked, pulling each other to the nearest mattress and taking turns fucking one another until the early hours of the next morning.

Bree had just finished her last class of the day and was walking back to her dorm to drop her books before having dinner in the cafeteria. She spotted Paige worming through the crowded hall towards her and a wide grin spread across her face.

“Hey, you.” she said cheerfully as her sister approached.

“Hey! Heading to the dorm?” Paige asked, wearing just as big a grin.


“Cool, I’ll walk with you.”

The sisters walked side by side, and laced their fingers together, locking hands. To the casual observer, this would seem relatively innocent, but the sisters enjoyed the intimate contact, reminded of the naughty secret they shared.

“So… who gets to wear Melvin first tonight?” Paige asked with a mischievous smirk.

“Hmm… I think you were the last one to use him this morning, but honestly, it’s all a bit hazy.” Bree replied with a laugh. “We went for fucking hours last night! We’ll just flip a coin or something.”

As they rounded the corner into their dorm block, their smiles faded, and their eyes filled suddenly with dread.

“Shit!” Bree muttered. “They’re doing a fucking raid!”

Every door in their corridor was currently propped open, and guards with clipboards and rubber gloves were moving from room to room. The students who had been in their dorms were made to stand outside their doors and wait quietly as the authorities conducted random searches.

The sisters made their way anxiously to their room, their hearts pounding in their chests.

“Contraband found! Unit 573!” bellowed one of the guards suddenly, stepping out into the hall.

“Fuck!” Bree and Paige swore simultaneously. Unit 573 was there’s. The guard spotted them, and a cruel smirk curled on his greasy lips. “Unit 573.” he repeated, locking eyes with the sisters. “One sex toy found.”

He lifted Melvin in his hand and dropped him into a garbage bag, held open by another guard. Flipping his notebook open, he sauntered towards the girls, and scribbled something on the waxy page.

“Punishment is ten demerit points, and an hour taken off your curfew, ladies.” He tore the page off and handed it to Breanna. “Keep your noses clean, now. We wouldn’t want to have to haul you down to the high security wing.”

Bree snatched the paper from him without a word and he chuckled, winking at her before moving on to the next dorm.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.” Paige said, taking Bree by the arm and leading her out of the dorm block.


That night, the sisters were sullen as they got ready for bed in silence.

“I suppose I should just sleep in my own bed tonight…” Paige finally said. She realized she hadn’t done so since Bree had first gotten the strap on.

“I can’t see why you wouldn’t… We can’t do much without Melvin here, can we.” Bree replied sombrely. She pulled her dresser open and took out a shirt to sleep in. She hadn’t used it, or any other sleepwear for that matter, in weeks.

“Do you think we can get another one from Bonnie?” Paige asked, her voice hopeful.

Bree shook her head and sat on her mattress. “They’ll be watching us now… Probably do random checks every other day for the next month.” she sighed. “If we get caught bursa escort again, we’ll get shipped to the H.S.W. for sure.”

“Yeah…” Paige replied, sinking into her own pillow glumly. “Good night, Sis.”


An hour later, Bree was still wide awake, tossing and turning on her pillow in frustration. Her body ached with a powerful need for sex. She’d grown so accustomed to cumming before falling asleep. Try as she might, she couldn’t seem to quell the need in her yearning pussy.

She looked over to her sister’s bed and whispered: “Hey, Paige! You awake?”

Paige rolled over and let out a heavy sigh. “Yup. Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

The sisters lay in silence, then Bree continued. “You want to come over?”

Paige hesitated, then flipped off her blankets and got up, padding over to her sister’s bed. Bree held open her covers and Paige climbed in next to her. They lay together quietly for several minutes.

“I’m so fucking horny.” Paige finally sighed.

“Me too.”

The sisters looked at each other, and Paige bit her lip. “I was thinking…” she said tentatively. “What if we tried it… without Melvin.”

Bree’s eyes widened and she fidgeted nervously. “What do you mean, exactly?”

“Well… like… if we just tried fucking… just, like… without the cock between us.”

Bree seemed very hesitant. “You mean, just… bumping our mounds? How is that gonna make us cum?” she asked.

“I dunno… I heard that some girls around here do it… Figured it was worth a try?”

The girls fell silent again. Bree thought about what her sister was suggesting. It sounded a bit… lesbian to her. I mean, using Melvin was one thing… that was fucking a cock. She had gotten comfortable with that. Part of her worried rubbing pussies was getting a bit too dykish, but she was desperate for a good cum, and decided she was willing to try just about anything.

“Ok, let’s do it.” she said.

Paige’s eyes brightened and she sat up, pulling her shirt hastily over her head. Seeing her sister strip got Bree excited too and she hurried to get naked as well. The girls pulled their panties off and tossed them to the floor. They pushed the blankets out of the way, and Paige rolled on top of the older girl, positioning herself between her open thighs.

They made eye contact and eased their bodies against each other, embracing in the same familiar way they had for the past few weeks.

“Ok… So how is this supposed to work?” Bree asked, looking up at her younger sister.

“Um… Well, how does it feel when I do this?” Paige asked. She pushed her pelvis forward, scraping her soft pussy against Bree’s. The older girl closed her eyes and moaned as she felt their mounds dig into each other.

Bree opened her eyes slowly and a smile crept across her lips. “Good…” she answered.

Paige laughed, and wriggled deeper into Bree’s arms. Both girls were giddy with excitement. They brought their faces together, and started to kiss tenderly, their lips opening for each other’s searching tongues.

As they started to make out, Paige pushed herself down between her sister’s legs again. Her pussy pressed into Bree’s, and the older girl moaned into her open lips.

They began to grind their bodies, and Bree wrapped her arms around Paige’s torso, pulling the girl tighter against her. Their tits rubbed together, and they shuddered as their bodies began to move against one another excitedly.

Paige slowly rubbed her pussy against he sister’s, the sensation causing both girls to get progressively wetter. Their cunts slid together in a mixing layer of their flowing pussy juices, their clits growing and scraping through each other’s tender folds.

As they ground together, Bree’s hands slid eagerly over her sister’s body. They moved down to Paige’s ass, squeezing her round cheeks and pulling the girl harder against her writhing pelvis.

Paige pulled her lips from Bree’s, bursa escort bayan gasping for air as she ground herself faster. “Fuck… This feels so fucking good!” she groaned, her hips slapping harder into her sister’s.

Bree whimpered, her fingers digging desperately into Paige’s thrusting cheeks. “God, Sis… Don’t stop… Please don’t stop…” she groaned. She pulled her sister back down into another feverish kiss, her tongue probing hungrily past the younger girl’s lips.

As they fucked, Bree began openly massaging Paige’s ass. The round flesh felt amazing under her fingers, and she found it incredibly exciting to be touching the younger girl so intimately.

Their hips slapped against each other harder, juices splashing onto their thighs with every energetic thrust. Paige’s breathing rasped as she humped desperately, trying to squeeze her pussy as tightly against her sister’s as she could.

She finally pulled herself upright on her knees, and threw one leg over Breanna’s, scissoring them together. She slammed herself down hard against Bree’s pussy, and both girls howled as they crushed their cunts together.

In this position, both sisters began to rock their hips frantically, their pussies squishing and scraping together exquisitely in a mix of their flowing pussy cream. Paige grabbed her sister’s leg, gripping it tightly and pulling herself down over and over on Bree’s steamy, frothy mound.

“Hoooooly FUCK!” Bree cried, her body bucking desperately under the younger girl. She pushed herself up on her arms and started pumping her hips harder, giving back as good as she was receiving.

Paige squealed, surprised by the force of Bree’s thrusting, and fell back on her elbows. Their legs twisted together, and they both dug their fingers into the mattress, pummelling their cunts together with increasing ferocity.

“Jesus fuuuuuuucking Christ, Bree!” Paige yelled, overwhelmed by the savage grinding of her sister’s pelvis. She struggled to give as good as she got, and both sister’s dropped their heads back, grunting and squealing in carnal bliss.

Their bodies undulated together, coated in a thick layer of sweat. Their skin glistened, beads of moisture dripping off of them and staining the mangled sheets below. The mattress creaked as they fucked against each other, the frame bending under the power of their manic thrusts.

Bree reached between her legs as her hips rocked back and forth, and started strumming her own clit frantically with her fingers. Her pussy sloshed against Paige’s excitedly, and her hand rubbed at her button with an almost violent desperation.

Paige felt her sister’s fingers thrusting between them, and looked down, seeing Bree masturbating her throbbing clit. The sight turned Paige on even more, and she reached for her own pussy, fingering her button with equal ferocity.

Their fingers bumped against each other as they jilled themselves, slipping easily in the growing puddle their pussy cream was creating. Amidst the chaos, Paige’s hand slipped over to her sister’s cunt and started rubbing her. Instead of pulling away, Paige decided in her aroused state to continue, masturbating Bree’s clit enthusiastically.

Bree felt her sister touch her, and she trembled with excitement. She moved her own hand to Paige’s slippery cunt, and flicked her thumb eagerly against the younger girl’s button.

Paige shuddered when she felt Bree touch her, and pounded her cunt harder against her sister’s. Their pussies sloshed and melded together, oozing juices all over each other’s strumming fingers. The powerful sensations proved too much for the younger sister, and she arced her back as she experienced a mind bending orgasm.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck your fingers… Your fingers, Bree I’m CUMMIIIIIIING!!” she screamed, her face twisting desperately as her pussy erupted. Her juices spewed from her open snatch and splashed against Bree’s writhing stomach.

As Paige came, she fell to the escort bursa mattress, her head hanging over the foot of the bed. Bree struggled to sit up on the younger girl’s cunt, sawing herself against it with quick, powerful strokes. She reached for her sister, grabbing her sweaty breasts and squeezing them in her hands to help keep herself upright.

Paige groaned, her nipples throbbing against Bree’s palms, and looked up at her sister with wide, desperate eyes. Her sister was mauling her breasts viciously, and the sensation only increased the intensity of her climax.

Bree was getting close to her own powerful orgasm, her pussy frothing as it scraped against her sister. Paige reached up, digging her fingers into the older girl’s bouncing tits and twisted them hard, the flesh slipping through her sweaty grip.

Bree threw her head back, unleashing a terrifying scream, and convulsed against Paige’s pussy, her own cunt exploding with a powerful climax. She fell against Paige’s body, and the two girls writhed together, slipping around on each other’s glistening flesh.

Throughout their orgasms, they groped each other’s bodies openly, squeezing and kneading each other’s breasts with their searching fingers. Their nipples throbbed as pleasure shot through them, and scraped deliciously against each other’s palms.

Paige’s orgasm began to fade first, and she lay panting beneath Bree as she continued to buck frantically. The older girl’s pussy sloshed against her sister’s, coating it in her slippery ejaculate. Paige looked up at her sister, and her eyes flared, her desire quickly returning. She grabbed Bree by the neck and pounded her hips up against her with a wave of newfound passion.

Bree squealed, her body throbbing as it was battered from below by her newly energized sibling. She fell forward, burying her face in the younger girl’s neck and screamed deliriously against her throat. Drool foamed from the corners of her mouth and oozed out onto Paige as she continued to pummel their tired pussies.

Then Paige arced her back again, her torso pushing up hard against her sister’s, and she howled as a second orgasm cascaded through her.

At the same time, Paige’s powerful thrusts renewed Bree’s orgasm, and she convulsed on top of her sister with manic fury. Their bodies slapped wetly together, their pussies weeping and spraying cum all over the bed and each other.

As the powerful sensations finally began to dissipate, the sisters slowed their churning hips, their pussies slurping wetly as they carefully pried them apart. They stared into each other’s eyes, gasping for air, their hair matted to their glowing faces.

“Who… the fuck… needs… Melvin?” Paige panted, her chest heaving against her sister’s.

Bree laughed, and brought her hand to the younger girl’s face. They pressed their lips together, kissing passionately, their bodies still twisted in a tangled mass of limbs. After several minutes, they peeled themselves apart and crawled back to Bree’s pillow, collapsing in each other’s arms.

“That was a pretty good idea you had, there, Sis.” Bree said, rubbing her nose in Paige’s tussled hair. She breathed in, enjoying her sister’s musky scent.

“Haha. I get them from time to time. I knew we could still get off together… We just need to be a bit more creative about it.” Paige replied, as she traced her fingers slowly over Bree’s soft breasts.

Bree sighed, enjoying her sister’s delicate touch. “Yeah… But I’m not so sure we can call ourselves straight girls anymore… Not after that.”

Paige nodded in agreement. “I guess… Maybe we’re not COMPLETELY straight…” They both giggled and snuggled closer together. They kissed again, their tongues probing gently inside each other’s mouths.

“I think I can live with being a little gay, as long as you can.” Bree said once they pulled their lips apart.

“You know, I can’t even remember what the big deal about cock was anyway.” Paige replied, and the two sisters burst into laughter.

Bree yawned, followed closely by her sister. Both girls were completely exhausted, and soon they were sound asleep, wrapped tightly in each other’s loving arms.

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