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Refugees Get Lucky

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Refugees Get LuckyI might continue this storyFrida – immigration & human rights lawyer 34yrs old Swedish blond very fitAnna – Social worker and Swedish language teacher, 22 yrs oldAssaad 50 Egyptian/Swede custodian of center, an ex immigrant granted Swedish nationality and employed by immigration ministry. Mohammed 45 strong Moroccan – de facto leader of refugees with cruel streakAhmed 50fat SyrianZair25fit LibyanAmilka25fit LibyanAbshir15Somalian cousin Asad14Somalian cousin6 asylum seekers, temporarily housed in Malma Kvarn in sailing school club building because of overflow in Stockholm (empty after summer now). The group has to stay within grounds of the school until their cases can be heard. They are trusted not to abscond and Anna comes three times a week to teach them Swedish ( most of them speak a bit of English ) and to make sure they are ok. Assaad is there to make sure there are no problems and do maintenance when necessary. The clubhouse looks over a field towards the bay, next door is a house where the port captain lives when the sailoing season is open, but she has left for her flat in Spain now; behind the clubhouse, about 200m away, is a large lake which is still warm enough to swim in, and about forty metres from the club there are two sheds, one of which holds wood for burning and another which contains a sauna and shower/changing room. Today Frida has come to check some details for the refugees and Anna has been giving lessons.Anna is a pretty blonde and she is adored by the refugees, they tease her a little and she teases them back, but all of the group like to chat among themselves telling each other that they would show her what it’s like to be taken by a real man, boasting to each other that she obviously preferred only them. It has been light hearted, but with Frida there as well, the men were in a heightened state of sexual desire.“I tell you Zair”, said Amilka to his Lybian friend, I could easily satisfy them both, one after the other, and they would be grateful”.Zair laughed “Amilka, my friend, my cock and seed are stronger than yours, I would take them both at the same time”“Ha, we could all take them together, show them how stong Arab men are” Mohammed joined in. “We Somalians are not Arabs, old man, we could show you how to take a white girl” Asad joined in, provoking a round of laughter.“You are k**s, you haven’t even fucked a Somalian girl, let alone a white one, you are still virgins!” The older men laughed and made fun of the two younger dark skinned Africans.“We are still muslims” cried Abshir, “I could still give a Christian a baby and she would be proud!” This made the men laugh even more. “This is true, boy, but it won’t be yet and it won’t be with these two. I will be there before you!” rejoined Mohammed. The banter ended then and the men made their way to their rooms. Anna was leaving and Frida was finalising some paperwork with Assaad.Abshir and Asad hung around together, feeling bored and frustrated; they were entering a phase of heightened sexual awareness and a need to prove themselves to their older peers. They weren’t interested in the books that were left for them and they weren’t interested in the western DVD’s they could watch if they wanted. A couple of weekks ago Assaad, the guardian, had felt a need to gain the confidence and respect of the group and had brought in a porn dvd. This had gone down well, for the refugees had never realised how sexualised Swedish society was. They gaped at the scenes of women and girls sucking and fucking, often with multiple partners. This had led to a lot of private masturbation and various discussions with Assaad about the availability of western women. Assaad had told them they were easy to fuck and loved to swallow cum. All of the group knew Assaad was exagerrating but it sowed seeds in their minds which overflowed in the sexual banter between them. Only the two boys were a little young and naive and wanted to believe it.It Begins:Frida smiled and said she was leaving to Assaad. “Ah but I want to use the sauna before I go, I haven’t had one for nearly a week. I don’t suppose it is hot now is it?”Assaad smiled and shook his head, he had never understood the scandinavian fetish for sweating in a hot room and then taking a cold bath, “Of course not Frida, there is no-one here who understands why anyone would want to sit and sweat in a hot room! Everyone here has worked and sweated in their own land, we want to be comfortable, not hot!” He laughed. “Ahh, thats a shame, well it won’t take too long to heat up if I start the fire now. I really would like one”.Assaad noticed the boys hanging around the reception, oggling Frida and Assaad, “Wait Frida, you don’t need to chop wood, I’ll give something for these boys to do – hey, you two”, he shouted to the boys, “Come here and do a favour for Frida will you?”Given the task of doing something for the lovely Frida the boys were eager to help and Frida explained that she wanted the boys to get the kindling wood and light the fire in the sauna. The boys had explored the sauna but did not know what it was for, just a room with a wood stove in it, a wooden bench and a shower outside of it. The shower room they understood. She took them down over the grass lawn to the two huts and explained to them how to light the stove.“Then what happens? It’s not very cold, not even for us.” Asked Asad.“Well in a sauna, when it’s about 80 degrees or so, you sit for maybe 15 minutes, you sweat out all the dirt in your skin. You wash it all off – it’s nice to go into the sea or the lake, but it’s too far here, so you shower, with cold water. It’s really nice and makes you clean. Then if you want, and most people do, you go back in again for 15 minutes and do it all again. You get really clean and it makes you feel really nice”.The two boys looked at each other, mystified. “I don’t understand” said one.Frida, amused by their reaction, explained it again while the boys collected the wood and lit the stove. “And what are the stones for?”“Well the stones are for for putting water on and making steam”, the boys looked at each other and made a show of sadly shaking their heads and smiling at the things westerners do. Frida laughed, the boys had a certain charisma.Abshir, the elder one suddenly had a thought “Can we try?” His brother looked at him as though he were mad. güvenilir bahis Frida hesitated, she wasn’t sure she wanted a sauna with two adolescent boys. “We want to be Swedish!” Abshir said, seeing Frida’s hesitation. He had worked out that sweating and showering might mean seeing more of Frida’s body and scenes from the porn DVD were filtering into his mind.“Well, if you want, you can try it after me”“Ahh, but we wouldn’t know what to do!” Abshir looked pleadingly at her while Asad still looked at him as if he’d lost his mind.Blast, she thought, she couldn’t really refuse with the boys sad expression on his face. It meant she would have to wear a swimsuit and find something for them to wear as well. She hated having a sauna wearing something, it was much better nude; but there was no way she could do that. She was also aware that even in Sweden, the land of liberty, sharing a sauna with two boys who were not only asylum seekers but her clients might be viewed badly. Oh what the Hell, she though to herself, they were nice k**s and Assaad kept himself to himself, it couldn’t do any harm.“Well, ok then”, she accepted. Abshir’s face lit up, “It will be ready in about forty minutes now I think, I’ll go back to my car and get my stuff. If you wait here I’ll find something for you”, she turned and left.“What do you want to do this for?” asked Asad.“Think, young cousin,” Abshir grinned, “You sit in a hot room, and sweat until you sweat your skin clean and then you shower it off,”“Yes with COLD water she said” Asad interjected, “COLD water!”“Yes, but think, you don’t shower with your clothes on! Or sit in a hoit room sweating with your clothes on! She will be naked and we can fuck her! Like in the DVD!”“What! You dream Abshir! She won’t let us do that, besides she is old”“Ha, she is a MILF Asad”“A what?”“Oh you know nothing Asad. A MILF is a western woman that fucks. It means Mother I would Like to Fuck. Or something like that. Remember the DVD, there was a MILF in it. MILF’s like to fuck younger men.” Asad’s brow furrowed as he remembered, “But why do you think she is a MILF? She won’t let us fuck her.”“I’m certain of it. Why did she agree? We will all be naked in the sauna and we will fuck her. Of this I am sure” Abshir grinned a wide grin.Asad grinned too but with less certainty “Maybe, cousin”, he said.Frida returned with a key to one of the lockers in the shower room. She had brought her change of clothes, and a black swinsuit she kept in her car for times like this. She was 1.7m tall, blonde hair to her shoulders. She habitually dressed in slacks that fitted well and showed her pert ass off. Her breasts were not huge, but exciting enough, she was proud of her body and worked out often. She was married to Gustav, and c***dless – but that was not going to be forever. The reason she wanted a sauna was to go home to her husband tonight feeling clean and horny because she was ovulating and tonight was a good night to produce their first c***d. Sauna’s always put her in the mood for sex. She felt she could have done without the distraction of teaching a couple of refugee k**s about the culture of sauna’s but she felt deeply for the poor refugees. She was appalled how the western world treated them, forcing them to cross dangerous waters and lands, fleeing war and famine, just to be locked up whan they arrived in paradise. She battled hard for them, so that they could have a worthwhile life, and the west could learn from their culture too. She was brought up as a strict protestant but respected their muslim beleifs too.“Here,” she said, throwing them a towel each and a two pairs of swimming trunks that the club always kept as spares.Abshir’s face fell as he saw the trunks “Oh, do we have to wear these?”“Of course you do, young man”“Oh, well, wouldn’t it be better if we wore nothing?” He looked with a confused expression. Frida laughed at that “Of course, but we can’t be naked together! Whatever would anybody think!”“Well nobody would know”“Don’t be silly”, Frida could see what Abshirs plan really was now; “Perhaps it would be better if you didn’t…..”“Oh, no, we want to , we’ll wear them of course”, Asad quickly responded , looking mockingly at his cousin.“Hmmm, well you’d better behave otherwise it will be a bad report”. That shook the boys into obeyance. They needed a good report from this woman. “There is only this room and the sauna, so you should both go into the sauna and change while I change out here. Sit on the bench and I’ll join you and show you what to do.Still looking mockingly at his cousin Asad opened the sauna door and the boys trooped in. Once inside they stripped off and reluctantly but obediently put on their swimming trunks and sant on the bench, “Ow, the wood is hot” Asad squealed as his cousin laughed. There were two tiers of benches and they quickly found the top one was hottest, but more comfortable to sit on. There was a large triple glazed window with an obscure film covering most of it but there was an outside border of about three centimetres so you could see out and in if you wanted to, although the light was beginning to fade. Frida switched on the light from outside the sauna and entered, smiling and nodding to the boys that she was pleased to see they had put on their trunks; she sat on the bench beside them, leaving a gap so they were not touching and would have to move signifacantly before any skin touched. The boys eyes rove over Frida’s body. They had never been so close to a woman, especially a white woman, wearing so few garments of clothing. Frida’s swimsuit was in fact a modest bikini, but was expensively cut and well made so that she looked stunning. Although her breasts were average in size, the bikini top was cut low to expose a lot of cleavage and her round orbs were well shown off. The boys could see just a faint bump where her nipples were and both of the boys shifted uncomfortably as their cocks grew a little. Her long legs were shaved of hair and were smooth; the boys had hardly ever seen a womans legs before, but those they had seen were covered in dark hair, to them it seemed this woman was inviting sex – and they were confused at all the conflicting thoughts in their heads.As she grew hotter and sweatier Frida engaged the boys in conversation about Swedish culture and history, although she could see thay weren’t really türkçe bahis interested in that, as their eyes didn’t stop looking at her breasts or he bikini briefs. She noticed the bulges in their swimming trunks and although she felt she should be alarmed she also felt safe – these were just boys after all, although she acknowleged that they were both muscular and long limbed. She also felt flattered of their obvious attention and as she sweated she felt the calming effect that the sauna always had on her and her mind drifted to her husband and what would occur later; feeling slightly aroused she even allowed a thought wondering what the boys hard cocks might look like under those trunks and what it would be like to be fucked by an African or arab With a slightly amused sense of shock she decided to take a first shower, that would expunge those thoughts. She noticed that although she was dripping sweat the boys had barely started, “I’ll go and have a shower now, I’ll come back and if you want you can have one.” The boys just nodded as she left. As she got under the shower and the cold water hit her, her muscles tensed and she felt the nice feeling she always had after rinsing off. She rubbed away all the sweat from her body and realised she was sensually rubbing herself all over. “Got to stop this my girl,” she said to herself.Meanwhile Abshir was rubbing his hard cock and saying to his cousin “I want to show her my cock, I bet she will want it if she sees it”.“Ahh that is a bad idea cousin. If she gives us a bad report we’re done for.” He hesitated, “But yes, I want to show her my cock too” they both laughed and pulled off their swimming trunks and their erections sprung out; it felt good to feel the air around their hard cocks.“Like this”, Abshir said, and d****d his trunks over himself so it wasn’t immediately apparent that he had taken them off, “Then, when she comes back in and sits down we show her! She will want us to fuck her, I am sure.” They both giggled in anticipation. They didn’t have to wait long as Frida came back in and sat down. After a little while, Frida felt the warmth creep over her skin again and Abshir said “We saw a DVD last week, thare was a girl in it like you”Frida looked puzzled “Oh, which one was that?”“I don’t know what it was called but she made us do this as well as you” and he grasped his trunks and threw them on the floor, as did Asad at the same time. Both the boys cocks stood proudly out and they both rubbed them up and down as they stared at Frida.Frida looked open mouthed at the boys proud erections. Her thoughts were mixed as she was amazed that such young boys could have such large cocks/felt a sexual thrill run through her/knew that this was a bad situation/and it was her own fault.As the boys just looked at her with open lust, rubbing their cocks, she realised that if she didn’t act quickly and correctly the situation could decend into something she really didn’t want, where she might end up being ****d.“Do you like my cock Frida?” asked Abshir as he shifted closer to her and extended a hand to touch her arm. Frida swiftly moved back,“This is not good Abshir, please put your trunks back on.”Abshir spoke the line he had committed to memory when he heard it in the DVD porn film, just before the woman had fell grovelling to be fucked by the man. He was sure it must work all the time “I think you want my cock, bitch”Frida almost laughed, but didn’t. She tried to think. Abshir moved closer again, there was not much room on the bench and Asad stood up and walked in front of her, his cock, a big curved thing, pointing upwards to her. She repeated “Please put your trunks back boys, and I’ll forget what happened”.The boys may be boys – but Frida now saw that they were young men – young, lust filled, men. She would have to give them something or she would be ****d. The sauna was too far from the clubhouse for her to scream for help and her mobile phone was in her bag outside in the shower area. They wouldn’t let her get that far.“Abshir, Asad. You are young and I should not have allowed this. I am flattered that you want me and -yes – you have big manly cocks. But we cannot make love. Not here.”The boys looked at each other smiling “Where then?”“Not here and not now, it must be another time”“No, now” Abshir said and grabbed her hand and pushed it onto his throbbing cock, forcing her to hold it.Frida half sobbed, but held her nerve. She was a clever adult, they were naive boys.“No.”Abshir looked pained as the enourmity of what he was doing finally reached his brain. But it didn’t override his lust. “Suck me bitch” he spoke the other line from the film he had committed to memory.This time Frida didn’t feel like laughing. She had a problem and she knew it. She didn’t want to either suck of fuck these boys, although the hard cock still in her hand sent a little shiver up her arm. She realised that although Abshir had let go of her hand, she still held his cock; and not only that, she was involuntarily rubbing it up and down. Abshir groaned at her touch. “I’ll relieve you, how about that? I’ll give you boys a wank?”“Mmmm yessss” moaned Abshir in ecstacy. Asad moved closer and put his hand on Fridas breast. She moved away , dropping Abshir’s cock “No touching” she ordered. The boys nodded. Later on she still didn’t know why she did what she did next, although she tried to analyse her actions thorougly. She stood back a little bit further “If you want, I’ll take off my top” and without waiting for the response, she unclipped her bikinin top and slid it off her arms. Her breasts fell freely forward and although she had ordered the boys not to touch her she made no move to stop them when two pairs of dark hands came to rub themselves over them. Her nipples, then not erect, quickly became hard and Asad bent to kiss one.“Thats enough now if you want me to finish you”. The boys shrugged and giggled as she took each of them in one hand and gently massaged their hard cocks. She felt so confused as she realised she was actually enjoying it, but determined to make them climax quickly so she could escape. The boys were groaning and jerking at Frida’s touch. Never felt a womans hand before, only their own. Frida marvelled at the sheer size of them and felt the raw power contained within the young boys. Her husband had nowhere near the same primitive güvenilir bahis siteleri power. The more she masturbated the boys, the more she felt her own lust grow and she really wanted to make this good for them. They were only acting like boys anyway. She rubbed and teased their cocks as best as she could one handed on each, she stared at their big hard cocks, their muscular chests and into their eyes, pleasuring them and feeling good that she was pleasing them. She felt Asad jerk harder and spoke “Yes, that’s it, release your seed” and kissed him lightly on his cheek.“Ahh, Ahh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” Asad shouted as he felt his cock explode , his first semen ejaculation splashing over Frida’s torso, then another, more powerful, shooting up over her naked breasts; and then another, just a little more powerful making a little drop land on her chin, before several more spurts, with diminishing power landed on her bikini briefs and lengs. Frida laughed, her hand was covered with Asad’s thick sperm and she continued to milk the last drops, ignoring Abshirs cock momentarily. She couldn’t believe how much sperm the boy had ejaculated. Thick gooey sperm. She smelled its salty musty smell and wondered if it would taste like Gustav’s and lifted her hand to her mouth and licked a little of it. It tasted strong. Much thicker than her husbands, so she licked a little more, savouring its life giving power. Asad was giggling with releif and Frida laughed too. In spite of it all she was enjoying this, almost revelling in the sheer naughtiness of it. She really should not be doing this at all.Abshir grabbed her hand and put it back on his cock “Don’t forget me, I was just about to cum then” Frida smiled and reworked his cock as Asad walked out of the sauna. She realised how tall Abshir was, he was taller than her. As she felt her own desire rise again, she wanted to give him a time to remember. Again she didn’t know why she did it, but looking him directly in the eye, she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him at stared at his engorged cock. She looked up at him again and opened her mouth. Abshir felt he was in heaven as he watched her open her mouth, then stare him in the eye as she slowly and sensually moved her mouth over his fat cock. Her lips had to stretch and stretch as her mouth closed over it and she savoured his dark cock, already leaking its pre-cum. Her lips were almost hurting as they closed over his glans, she’d never had such a big cock in her mouth before. Further in it went and she felt him push it inside, towards her throat. She felt his hands around the back of her head as he rocked forward, pushing his cock further into her mouth. He relaxed his grip and allowed her to bob her head up and down his shaft, her warm moist mouth sucking his juices. He felt her tongue roll around and under his foreskin, teasing his very soul. He looked towards the door and gave a huge grin to his cousin and held up both hands, giving his cousin the thumbs up as Asad, Frida’s iPhone in his hand, began to take pictures of the pretty lawyer, on her knees in front of his cousin, breasts hanging free, sucking his cock. He saw as Asad began tapping nubers into Frida’s phone and grinned as Asad showed how he was sending the picture he just took to Mohammed’s mobile phone. The one he was given by the authroities in case of emertgency. “YESSS”, he mouthed to Asad as he thought of how Mohammed would be so pissed off that it was us two that took the woman first, not him and his boastful Lybian friends.Two minutes passed, he was making such an effort to hold onto his orgasm, he was enjoying this woman so much he wanted it to last forever. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement outside the sauna window; although it was dark the light spilling through the gap in the obscured glass lit up a pair of eyes. It was Mohammed. He wanted Mohammed to see his cock in Frida’s mouth, her sucking him.He felt his seed starting to rise. He gripped Frida’s head and held it tightly, making sure her mouth could not escape the gushing sperm emptying into it. “Swallow” he ordered.Frida had never tasted cock so powerful, it was huge, filling her mouth, going so deep she almost gagged once. She had never done deep throat but she was experiencing it just a little now. She almost felt mastered by this cock, this boy. She wondered if all Somalians were like this as she licked and teased it, tasted the stale urine under his foreskin, savouring its musky taste. From time to time she massaged his balls but the skin on his sac felt so thick and tough.Frida just saw a flash of light, wondered in the back of her mind what it was before she felt Abshir’s hands grip her neck and she felt his breath come in shorter gasps, his hips began to buck and the boy held her head tightly to him. She knew he was going to ejaculate. She felt his cock throb, all the way up and a small spurt of semen arrived in her mouth. She was surprised and disappointed at the small amount, but then another shudder rent through the cock in her mouth and she she felt the sperm pumping through his cock as with a great gush it splashed against the back of her mouth. She panicked a little and flailed uselessly as Abshir held her head onto his cock, as gush after gush of strongly tasting, so very thick sperm pûmped from his cock. She had to swallow quickly as five or six ejaculations entered her mouth. The thickness and strong taste surprising her, before he realxed his grip, and gripped his cock as he withdrew it, squeezing the last drops of semen out, pushing it back in her mouth so she licked and she cleaned it off. Finally she could breath properly as his still fat cock slipped out. She was exhausted, never before being used like that, never tasting so thick, strong sperm. She was glad it was over and she laughed a little in relief, looking up at Abshire who had his eyes closed in ecstacy. Over his shoulder she then saw the leering eyes of Mohammed. In surprise she fell backwards, sitting on the floor in a little puddle of Asad’s sperm. Abshir’s cum dripping from her mouth and onto her breasts, and Asad’s still on her torso, soaking into her bikini briefs and then saw the six refugees plus Assaad staring at her. If she thought Abshir’s cock was big, then Mohammeds was huge. It was so fat it tapered down to the end and was the ugliest cock she had ever seen. She hardly heard Mohammed say “Lets take off all her clothes” before she felt hands pull her up, she felt her briefs being pulled down then discarded on the floor and she was forcibly sat on the bench to stare at seven cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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