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Reid’s Adventures Ch. 06

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Please, if you enjoy this story, feel free to let me know, all feedback is welcome. If you didn’t, constructive criticism is the only way writers can improve, thank you and I hope you enjoy.


Reid awoke that Saturday morning having had the strangest dream about tying someone up. He had never really been into that before, but he found the thoughts intriguing now. As he showered he thought of yesterday, how no less than four women, strangers, had thrown themselves at him. He tried to feel some guilt as he knew two of them were married, but they were hot, and at the end of they day, they had come onto him.

His cock began to grow, remembering screwing his next door neighbour on his sofa AND in front of her house. For an older woman she still had a killer body. Looking down Reid could not deny that his cock was getting bigger. His balls too, no matter how many times they were emptied they filled up, fast, and produced scary amounts of cum every time. Normally he’d be proud of his massive member, but the fact that women were throwing themselves at him, although great at first, was starting to worry him a little bit.

With his long thick cock leading the way, Reid went to his room and called his doctors. He needed to make an appointment. They shut early on a Saturday, but they had had a cancellation and would be able to squeeze him in at the end of their day.

Reid took some of his herbal headache medicine, swallowed down with his favourite drink, Diet Cola, and got ready to go out. Dressed simply in jeans and t-shirt he tried not to make eye contact with anyone on the bus. He didn’t know what set the women off, but he thought if he didn’t look at anyone it would help.

When he got to the doctors Reid checked in. The girl behind the counter looked bored rigid. She had a cute face and was quite petite. Bright orange hair and dark eye make-up made him think of a rock chick, she even had the nose ring. She smiled when she saw him and Reid read her name tag, place high on some rather rounded breasts, ‘Tracy’. Reid felt his balls swell at the sight of her tight, slightly torn black t-shirt.

‘Stop it!’ he shouted to himself.

“Please take a seat, Doctor Hotchkiss is running a bit late, but you’ll be seen too soon.” Tracy said. Reid could have sworn he saw her wink at him, but thought better of it.

Sitting in the small waiting room, Reid watched as the few people around him were seen. His appointment time came and went. He saw doctors leaving, saying goodbye to Tracy as they left, until he was the last one. He disliked doctors at the best of times, but waiting annoyed him even more. Finally an old lady came out of the only observation room still occupied and Reid heard his name being called.

He was a bit surprised when he went in, he was expecting, hoping for, a male doctor, especially with the issue he had come in with. The doctor looked up at him. She was in a suit, wearing a white lab coat over it. Her auburn hair was tied tightly in a bun and she looked at him through her dark rimmed glasses with a set of bright green eyes.

“Please sit down Mr…”

“Reid will do fine thanks, Doctor Hotchkiss.” Reid said sitting.

“Well if we’re being informal you may call me Faye.” The doctor smiled. Reid tried to smile back, but doctors unnerved him at the best of times. “Now, what seems to be the problem?”

Reid realised he hadn’t thought of how to describe his problem so he said it as plainly as he could, “Well, my , err, co- penis, seems to be getting bigger… and… and when I cum, I mean ejaculate, there is always quite a bit…”

Faye folded her arms under her breasts. “Well, Reid, firstly I do not think that you have anything to worry about there. Some men’s genitals develop well into their mid-twenties. As for the amount of semen you produce, I’m sure it is the normal amount for a healthy young man.”

“But that’s not all of it.” Reid continued, “Women, strangers, some even married are throwing themselves at me.”

Faye raised an eyebrow and scribbled some notes. She checked the clock, she was running late for a lunch. “And you don’t know why? Would you say you have a healthy sex life?”

“Well… until recently I was going through a bit of a dry patch, but now I can’t look at a woman without her jumping me.”

“I’m a woman, Reid, and I have no desire to have sex with you.” She said blandly.

“Well something triggers it and I don’t know what. I was hoping you could help me with that too…” Reid looked down. After all this it seemed the doctor thought he was having a joke.

“Reid,” Faye said, leaning forward, “I think you’re just developing, a little later than most, but still nothing to worry about really. From the sounds of it you just need to keep your hormones in check. I think – “

“Do you think this is normal?” Reid cut in. He didn’t want to do what he was about to do, in case it turned the doctor into a sex mad woman like the rest, but he had to show her he wasn’t kidding. Standing up he undid his jeans and pulled them ankara escort down with his boxers. His long thick cock hung between his legs, throbbing even though soft, pushed forward slightly by his large, swollen balls.

“Oh my.” Faye said standing up.

“Here we go, this is it.” Reid thought to himself. But instead of getting to her knees and sucking his cock the doctor just looked at him.

“OK, Reid, I apologise. That is slightly, umm, bigger than normal…” she said. Pulling on some latex gloves she picked up Reid’s soft cock in her hands. It was already 9inches long and very thick. Holding it up in one hand she cupped his balls in the other. He felt his cum churn inside. “Do they hurt?” she asked, studying his package closely.

“N-not really. Sometimes they ache a little. But they just fill up so quickly, even if my cock had just exploded.” Reid immediately went red, he didn’t mean to use such crude language in front of the doctor.

“It’s ok, I’ve heard worse, I think in this situation you can stick to language you feel comfortable with. So you say you produce a lot of semen?”

“I’ve never measured it but…”

“But? Go on.”

“Well it more than fills the girls I’m with and then some.” Reid went red again.

“And these are the strangers that are throwing themselves at you?”

“Y-yeah. It’s like they see my cock and immediately crave it, they turn into sluts just to have me fuck them. Even married women. I don’t know what triggers it.”

“Well I’m a woman, Reid. And I’m holding your penis and I’m sorry to tell you that I do not wish to… fuck you. Although that might be because I am a HAPPILY married mother with some self restraint.”

Reid looked sorry for himself. “Well I said I didn’t know what triggers it.” The doctor was still weighing up his heavy member.

“I’m going to take a blood test, see if there are any abnormalities.” Opening a case on her desk she pulled out a syringe. As she started to take a blood sample she asked, “Are you on any medication? And how about your diet?”

Reid winced, he didn’t like needles, “Well I have some herbal medicine for headaches I’ve been getting recently. Here,” he gave the doctor some of his medicine as a sample, “As for my diet, it’s pretty healthy I guess, nothing out of the ordinary, although some people say I drink too much Diet Coke, but we all have our vices don’t we?” he smiled.

Faye just smiled back. She went through to the curtained section of the room to label his blood sample and medicine. Looking at her watch again she saw she was really late. She hoped that her daughter wouldn’t mind a later lunch.

Reid stood there in the room, his trousers still round his ankles, his flaccid penis hanging almost to his knees, wondering whether he could get dressed again. He also wondered why the doctor hadn’t turned into a sex mad woman. Not that he was disappointed, but it just meant he still had absolutely no idea why some women wanted him and others didn’t.

Just then the door to the waiting room burst open!

“What time do you call-” but before she could finish, the girl who had just stormed in stopped dead in her tracks. Reid’s eyes widened, she was hot. She looked to be about 19-20, just shorter than him, and with glowing auburn hair and green eyes. Her jumper clung to her large breasts so much that it was lifted away from her flat stomach. He also noticed her jeans were about 2 sizes too small and clung to her shapely legs like a second skin, the straps of her underwear showing above the waistline.

Faye ripped back the curtain to see her daughter standing in the doorway staring at Reid, who still had his trousers down. She also noticed that her daughter was staring at his large penis and it looked like it was starting to swell.

Reid felt his cock throb at the sight of the girl and it took him a moment to realise he was standing there on full display. Stammering he pulled his boxers and jeans back up, noticing how tight they now felt around his swelling dick.

“Kate!” Faye shouted, “What have I told you about bursting in here?”

The girl looked shocked, and physically had to tear her eyes away from Reid, “S-sorry, Mom. It’s just it’s after hours, I thought you were working on your thesis and forgot about our lunch plans.”

“Well I was in the middle of an examination,”

“I bet you were…” Kate breathed, too quietly for anyone but Reid to hear.

“and was just about done when you came charging in.” Faye finished. “Now please wait outside, I’ll be there in a minute.” As Kate left, Reid watching her impossibly round ass wiggling away, Faye turned to him, “I’m sorry about that. I’ll run some tests on your blood sample and get back to you when I have the results.”

“Er, thanks.”

“But now I have to go, I’m already late, just check yourself out at reception and I’ll contact you.” With that, Faye grabbed her coat and bag and left.

Reid finished doing up his jeans. They were really straining around his cock now and he wasn’t even semi-hard! Trying to re-arrange himself he went etimesgut escort out to the reception desk. Heading towards the counter he couldn’t see the receptionist, Tracy and was about to curse out loud before heading home when something caught his eye.

Leaning over the counter he saw Tracy. She was trying to lift a box of files which was clearly too heavy, but that’s not what caught Reid’s attention. She was wearing a red and black tartan pattern, pleated skirt with a chunky black belt. The thing was, the belt was almost as long as the skirt! Tracy’s long legs and most of her ass was on full view as her short skirt rode up. She was wearing black tights with holes, stretched thin over her rump, revealing that she had on a black thong.

If Reid thought his trousers were tight before they were positively constricting now! He cleared his throat to get her attention. Tracy spun around with a start and immediately turned red. She gave a smile and smoothed down her small skirt.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” she asked sweetly.

Reid ignored his brain yelling at him to say ‘yes, my cock!’ and simply replied, “I need to check out, leave some contact details.”

“OK sure.” Tracy said handing him a form. She stood and watched him fill it in. he could feel her eyes on him and he tried his best not to look at the mounds beneath her tightly fitted t-shirt. As he filled out his address and mobile number his cock was still throbbing and still trying to grow. His balls felt like they were going to burst. He knew he was going to have to go home and relieve himself straight away!

When he was done, Tracy turned to file his form away and her ass was shown to him again. His mouth was watering when he spotted the box. No one was in and he couldn’t just let her struggle with it on her own.

“Would you like some help with that?” he asked, nodding towards the box. Tracy looked at him then at the reception area. Letting patients back there was against the rules, but she could use the help. Besides her boyfriend would be picking her up soon and he got annoyed when she was late.

“Sure, thanks.” She said lifting up the partition. She couldn’t help but notice the obscene tent in Reid’s jeans. She had always been a fan of large cocks, her boyfriend’s was no exception, and Reid’s looked positively massive! “If you could just lift it up onto that table that’d be great thanks.”

She watched, entranced by Reid’s crotch, as he struggled with the box. She didn’t know what made her act so brazen, normally she would wait before doing what she couldn’t stop herself from doing, but she had an urge, a calling that could not be ignored. She reached into her rucksack and pulled out her camera. Before she could stop herself she turned it on, zoomed in on Reid’s crotch and snapped a couple of pictures.

Reid almost dropped the box on the table when the camera flash went. When he looked at Tracy her face was flushed red, but her eyes and camera were still aimed at his crotch. Without Reid saying anything, Tracy tried to explain.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me…”

“Were you actually taking a photo of my dick through my trousers?” Reid asked, a mixture of shock and intrigue.

“Yes.” Tracy turned even brighter red, “It’s a sort of fetish of mine. Not just mine, a bunch of my friends do it too!”

Reid liked watching her squirm. He wasn’t offended, he was actually still VERY turned on and his cock did need a good seeing to… “So you snap any old strangers then?”

“N-no. Not really. It’s not just the picture taking that is the fetish… It’s taking pictures of big cocks.” Reid saw Tracy lick her lips without realising it, “and to be fair, yours looks pretty big…” She couldn’t help it, her pussy seemed to be on fire. She had told her boyfriend that she was going to give up her photo taking, or at least only take photos of his, but this stranger’s cock seemed so large and alluring. Just a few shots wouldn’t hurt…

“Well I’m flattered.” Reid smiled. “And I’d love to meet this group of people you hang out with.” He winked.

“I’m sure they’d love to meet you too!” Tracy squealed with delight before she could contain herself.

“Well how about you take some better shots now I’m not holding a box?”

“Really?” Tracy was almost shaking with excitement. As Reid struck some poses Tracy clicked away, a few photo’s wouldn’t hurt, and from the looks of it, Reid’s cock was still getting bigger. As she snapped away her pussy got hotter and hotter, before she could stop herself she said, “Can we do some without the jeans?”

Before Reid could say anything Tracy was undoing his jeans with her free hand. In one swift motion she had the button and fly open and the jeans around his knees! He had to sigh now his straining cock was free of the confines of his trousers.

Tracy let out a little squeal, a mixture of surprise and excitement as Reid’s boxers allowed his thick cock to rise even more. She snapped away, loving how the massive piece of meat in front of her seemed to throb as it ankara etimesgut escort continually grew, the outline of his large balls which looked fit to burst.

“Fuck me!” she breathed, before she could stop herself. She had to stop herself. She never usually went this far with a stranger. It was normally at the club her and her friends went to, where the men went, knowing what to expect. And then there was her boyfriend. Whom she had met at the club, knew her fetish, but now disliked her looking at other men’s cocks.

Tracy wondered why, he had a very large dick, which more than satisfied her, he was one of the largest at the club, but since they started going out he had become more possessive. She now felt little guilt at snapping this stranger’s cock, it was only a few photos and it’s not like he was naked…

Reid felt his cock and his balls begging for release, he bobbed up and down causing the tent in his boxers to follow. More happy sounds from Tracy as her camera worked over time. He couldn’t take much more of this and decided to take things into his own hands, literally.

“Sorry, I just REALLY have to do this!” Reid groaned as one hand pulled the waistband of his boxers down and his other grabbed his thick shaft. Tracy’s furious snapping stopped momentarily as Reid’s monster was released. Tracy’s mouth started to water now, in length it was about the same as her boyfriend’s, but this stranger’s throbbing weapon was almost half as thick again!

She thanked herself for putting on underwear this morning as her pussy was leaking so badly, had she not her juices would be running down her thighs! Reid smelt Tracy’s arousal and it only spurred him on further. In long slow strokes he started to wank off right in front of the girl he’d only spoken to for the first time a few minutes ago.

I should be used to this by now! Reid thought, but still not understanding why some women would throw themselves at him and why other women didn’t meant when they did it still surprised him. And he realised he too was becoming more open about his dick and getting it out. But those thoughts were fleeting, right now he had his cock in hand and he was going to empty his balls with this girl’s help or not.

“No one will believe this!” Tracy whispered, she was now on her knees getting closer and closer to Reid as he wanked himself slowly. Looking down Reid saw her t-shirt pulled tight across her breasts and her thighs totally revealed as her short skirt fell back over her hips. The holes in her tights revealed smooth white skin. Tracy’s heart was racing, this boy’s throbbing shaft was a perfect specimen of large cock. If she were at the club, and single, she would be stroking it all over, taking photos with her in them too…

Reid smiled as Tracy edged ever closer, she was right next to him now, he could feel her breath on his hand and penis. Tracy licked her lips as Reid’s head started to leak pre-cum, lubricating his fisting. She had stopped taking photos and was just openly staring at his round purple head.

“Could I…?” she started, but stopped before she could finish, blushing terribly.

“Go on.” Reid said, slowing his strokes.

“I… it’s just, well, the girls wont believe this, could you take one of me… and your penis?” Both of them noticed Reid’s cock jump as it throbbed at the thought.

“Sure, why not.” Winked Reid. He took the camera and Tracy took hold of his cock. He heard her gasp as her hand barely made it around his girth.

“I’d like a couple of shots.” She grinned, all thought’s of the promise to her boyfriend long forgotten. “The girls are gonna be soo jealous!” Holding onto Reid’s pulsating dick she brought her head up next to it. Reid was impressed himself that his manhood was longer than Tracy’s pretty face. Her eyes, lined with black make-up stared up at him in wonder as he started to take the pictures.

Reid could feel Tracy’s hand slowly edge its way up and down on his cock, and he ever so slightly started moving his hips, slowly fucking her hand. After a few shot’s, Tracy giggled, “Your balls are massive too! We have to get those!” and she lifted them up in her other hand.

There Reid stood, bottomless in the doctor’s reception as he took photos of a stranger unknowingly wanking him off and massaging his balls. Tracy stuck her tongue out, just so the tip brushed his full, ripe testicles. Reid stopped for a second, a surprised look on his face.

“Just a bit of harmless fun.” Winked Tracy as she moved her tongue a little closer. “Keep snapping. I want to show everyone how close I got to this monster!”

As Reid took a few more photos Tracy became bolder, licking her tongue over his swollen balls, her hand squeezing more as she stroked the base of his dick. Before he knew it, Tracy seemed to be in a trance. He continued to photograph the hot girl as she started kissing her way up his thick, pulsating shaft, mewing softly as she did.

Her eyes were now closed as both hands went to wrap themselves around his cock and she was now kissing the very tip. The pre-cum leaking from his fat purple head was coating her lips and leaving trails each time she pulled away slightly. Still snapping, Reid’s eyes widened as Tracy swallowed his throbbing head whole! Mumbling something about ‘most beautiful ever’.

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