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Rekindling Lesbian Love

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“Hello, Sandra. I’m so glad to see you again! Come on in. Wait, what is wrong? You look uncomfortable… apprehensive maybe?” “Claire. I won’t lie. I am a little nervous. It’s been a long time and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. But I still missed you sometimes. Most of the time, maybe. So, I suppose I’m just scared to do the wrong thing.” “Try to relax. It’s been almost five years now and much has changed.” “Yeah, but not forgotten. At least not by me. You have a new place. I love what you’ve done with it. Very warm and cozy with the mauve and peach colors.” “Thanks. It’s not really that difficult to make a tiny Manhattan apartment look and feel cozy…” “I like the couch, it’s really soft and rich, the color and material.” “It’s a French day bed. Useful for when someone sleeps over on a rare occasion. Dinner is almost ready. Can I get you some wine? Chardonnay still your favorite? I have a Sonoma Coast 2012; it scored almost perfectly bahis şirketleri on the wine connoisseurs’ ratings.” “That’ll be great, thanks. You didn’t used to be much of a wine buff.” “I’m still not. You know I’m a whiskey kind of gal. I just thought you’d appreciate a fine bottle and I used Google to narrow the selection. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in minute. Put some music on if you like. The CDs are there, next to the music center.” *** “Here you are. I dusted off my smart long-stem glasses just for the occasion. Cheers! To Sandra and your new job in the city.” “I’ve chosen the new Weather Station album. I’m surprised. You’ve never cared much for folk music. Deflated and gutless, I think you called it once.” “The soft tones are now calming and weirdly provoking. I guess a lot changes in five years. For one, I get really nostalgic more often. Maybe it’s homesickness but I long for the good old days when things seemed less complicated. bahis firmaları The ‘D’ was a good place to be. Sullen and cruel sometimes but always full of promise and hope at the same time.” “Would you ever want to go back? As you say, everything is different now. You’ve been at Quantico for two years and now in New York for three. Can you ever get used to a slower pace again?” “Maybe. Crime is about as abundant and serious here as there. There’ll always be a job for me in most places, I hope. So, what made you take the job here all the way from the Dallas PD after five years?” “I needed a change and as you know, it was a promotion to senior CSI.” “By the way, I love your dress. That short strappy style always suited you. And the light blue brings out the color of your eyes. Sounds like a cliché I know, but it’s true.” “And you’re still wearing chinos. At least with a cotton top tonight instead of your usual golf or flannel shirt.” “I kaçak bahis siteleri thought you’d like it…” “I do. The creamy color makes you look softer.” “I can’t afford to allow a soft appearance much in my work, which just about consumes my days.” “Tonight you can.” “I guess… more wine?” “Please. Come here; give me a hug before you go.” “That feels good. Almost like old times. You’re still soft and cuddly. And unexpectedly dangerous.” “Ha-ha. Do you remember the day at Belle Isle?” “Yeah, of course, how can I not? It was our first time.” “The sun had just set but the air was still humid and sweet with the aroma of spring blossoms. You were so relaxed but fired up at the same time. We were sitting on that park bench by the river with the most stunning view of the Detroit skyline. Not that you were much interested in anything like that! There were still people around but you decided you wanted me at that moment.” “Claire, as I remember, you were very happy to oblige.” “Of course. As usual, when you set your mind on something, you’re quite unstoppable, Sandra. I always think you ignited something in me that day that lingered like a drug whether I tried to ignore it or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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