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Reluctant Panty Sissy pt 2

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Reluctant Panty Sissy pt 2The next morning, my wife had already showered and was getting dressed for work when I woke up. I laid in bed and admired her large frame as she bent over to pull on her full cut nylon pink panties and then struggle to fasten her bra. Her shoulder length blonde hair was perfectly done, as usual, and her makeup was on point. She was a stunning, curvy bbw, even at age 55. Despite the workout my cock got yesterday, I started to get hard while watching her and reached down to rub my little morning wood under the covers. She pulled on a knee length black skirt, a white blouse that was tight across her breasts and stomach, and low heels. Before she left, she came over and gave me a big kiss and said ‘good morning baby, have a great day. I watched her fat ass sway as she walked out of the bedroom. Her perfume lingered in the room as I closed my eyes and continued to rub my little hard on. The front door closed and I heard her car leaving the driveway. I began to fall back to sleep.An incoming text jolted me awake. It was from him. ‘Good morning, faggot’. I had hoped that he forgot about me and moved on to other things. Obviously he didn’t. I texted back ‘hello’.He replied ‘hello SIR. You will address me as SIR.’ ‘Yes sir’ I replied, then added ‘please forgive me sir.’ It felt awkward and silly to call him Sir, but I noticed my little cock was fully hard now. I mindlessly stroked it a few times while waiting for his reply.’Wear some panties that fit you this morning when you bring me more of your wife’s dirty panties’ he said. ‘But I don’t have access to any panties my size, Sir.’ I replied. His response ‘then go buy some, you fucking faggot. Make sure they are sexy. Don’t disappoint me.’I texted back ‘yes sir’ as I got out of bed. I only had 2 hours before meeting him, and now I had to figure out where to buy panties before I got there.I looked in the hamper and on top of the pile was my wifes fresh pair from overnight. They were still damp and smelled of pee. I put the gusset up to my mouth and sucked some of her juice out of them. Mmmm, fuck her panties always taste so good. Then, in the hamper under her night shirt were her panties from yesterday, still rolled up in her work slacks. The gusset in them kaçak iddaa was stiff and covered in a dry white substance. She must have been horny yesterday. Delicious.I shoved the panties into a zip lock bag and then grabbed a few clean pair from my wifes panty drawer. Then I jumped into the shower before heading to the store.I decided to buy panties from the womens section at Walmart. It seemed like the easiest place to find something quickly and then go unnoticed through the self check out. There were several isles of women’s intimates and one large section devoted to panties of all shapes, sizes and colors. I quickly looked around and then started browsing through the racks. I had no idea what size would fit me. My bbw wife wore a size 8 and they were huge on me. I held a few pair up to me to see how they would fit. Maybe a size 4 or 5? I held up the size 5 and then the size 4. When I glanced up an older woman was standing there, watching me, with her eyebrows raised and a frown on her face. I blushed and put my head down. Then I started looking through the racks again. I didn’t have much time and I couldn’t disappoint Sir. The woman turned and left. I watched her small bubble ass bounce in black yoga pants as she walked away. I couldn’t decide what panties to buy so I grabbed a dozen pair, some 4’s and some 5’s, with a mix of thongs, boy shorts and bikinis. Some were lace and some were nylon…. pink, light blue, neon sissy yellow, red and purple. I put them all in a basket and headed to the self check out.I scanned several pair and placed them in a bag. When scanning the 3rd pair the register started beeping and a ‘wait for assistance’ message appeared on the checkout screen. I looked around in panic and saw an employee, a young petite black girl, briskly walking my way. Her name tag read ‘Meeka’. She was really cute with nice, firm looking tits under her Walmart vest. She held her badge up to the register and cleared the error, then reached in the bag and grabbed the 2 pair of panties I already scanned and then the rest of them from my basket. My heart was racing. All I wanted to do was check out discreetly and leave. Now this young, attractive black girl was standing next to me with a handful of slutty panties. Ugh.As she kaçak bahis was scanning all the slutty undergarments, she glanced at me and said, rather loudly, ‘the womens panties haven’t been scanning right today for some reason.’ She seemed to think nothing of a mid 50’s man buying a dozen pair of sexy panties. I blushed anyway and looked around to see if anyone heard her. Of course the older woman I encountered back in the intimates section was at another register staring at me. I looked down and waited for Meeka to finish scanning. I quickly paid and left.When I got back in my car I looked through the bag and selected a pair of thongs in light purple. I slid my pants off, put the thongs on. There were a size 4 and a little tight on me, but the thong slid up my ass crack and rubbed on my home. My little dicklet was getting stiff, again, as I put my pants back on.I glanced at the clock in my car. 9:50am. I had 10 minutes before meeting Sir. It was 10:01 when I pulled in and Sir was already there, standing next to his car, waiting for me. He looked in my window and said ‘you’re late faggot. I was just drafting a text to your sexy wife.’ I apologized for being late told him it would never happen again. He barked and nodded to the back of my minivan ‘get in the back’. I jumped out and slid open the van door and climbed into the middle bench seat. He climbed in next to me and said ‘let’s see your panties, faggot.’ I mumbled ‘yes sir’ as I began to take my pants off, revealing the tight purple thongs. Then he told me to take my shirt off too. He looked down at my thongs and chuckled then demanded my wifes panties. I handed him the zip lock bag with 2 dirty pair and 2 clean pair. He started sniffing the dirty gussets and wrapped a clean pair around his cock. He stroked a few times and stopped and told me to stroke him off. I had never touched another cock before, let alone jerk another guy off. I moved my hand over to his shaft, wrapped my fingers around his panty covered hard cock and started to pump him up and down. His cock felt better in my hand than I expected. Rigid, warm, throbbing. There i was, sitting there completely naked except for a pair of tight purple thongs with my hand around my Sir’s big cock. He grabbed his phone illegal bahis and snapped a few pics and video of me.He reached into a bag and pulled out an iPad, turned it on and images of my lovely wife scrolled across his screen. He leaned the tablet on the center console and watched her photos as he groaned. Some of the photos were ones I had sent him, but others were from her Facebook and Instagram. ‘Sir, where did you get those photos?’ I asked. He said ‘relax faggot. As long as you give me what I want she will never know about this.’ I was somewhat releaved but also began to realize he was in full control. I had to do what he said or he had the power to destroy my marriage and my life.I continued to stroke his big cock as the photos of my bbw wife scrolled across his screen. The scent of her dirty panties filled the car along with the sound of me jerking him off. He started to buck his hips as he neared orgasm. All of the sudden he straddled me with his big cock fully erect over my lap. The panties i was stroking him with had fallen off ‘Keep stroking faggot. Finish me off.’ He growled. I wrapped my hand around his bare cock and continued stroking him. The tip of his manhood was inches away from my little dicklet straining in the purple thongs. I could feel his hot breath on my face. He began to thrust his hips at me as he exploded. His first spurt hit my stomach and ran down to my lap, the rest of them landed on my lap, soaking my thongs and my dicklet. He kept thrusting and told me to keep milking him. After the final drops of semen came out, he wiped the head of his cock on my stomach and fell back onto the seat beside me. My hand was dripping his cum and my panties were completely soaked with his man juice. He took some more photos and video of me, then told me to lick his cum off my hand as he continued recording. It was still warm, and salty as I licked it off the back of my hand and sucked on my cum covered fingers. I shuddered at first but continued licking. He laughed at me as he packed up his iPad and the 2 dirty panties. I sat there alone, wearing panties, again, as he drove off. I licked my hand again and rubbed my dicklet through the cum soaked thongs. I only had to rub through the gooey panties for a minute before I was cumming. I pulled my pants on over the cum soaked panties, put my shirt back on,, climbed into the front seat, and drove home. Completely humiliated but having never been so aroused in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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