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Renee and her brother

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Renee and her brother                 Siblings meet after a 6yr separation This is the story of a meeting between brother and sister after 6 years. It is a fantasy but one that could be very true for some people. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if there is any way I can improve my writing. I dont think anyone will be able to comment on my grammar or spelling though LOL, There is a lead up to this story to explain it and make it more interesting – not just a fuck story. So I hope that you will keep reading after the first few paragraphs. There is not a lot of sexy talk in it, just feelings coming to the surface, RENEE AND HER BROTHER My name is Renee. I am a 42yr old woman who has been divorced for a number of years and have 3 children. I am the eldest of 4 children and I am about to meet my younger brother whom I haven’t see for about 6 years. I am about 5’2″ and I have platinum blonde hair, green eyes and a 38D bustline. I have booked into a Resort in the South West, so that we can not only get to know all the family gossip, but to see some of the beautiful scenery down here. I have just arrived at the Resort, but my brother, Ryan hasn’t as yet. My brother Ryan is the youngest of the family and is 31years old. When I last saw him, he was about 6’1″ with sun-bleached hair, as he loves surfing. He usually worked on computers during the week but spent most weekends at the beach, chasing the waves. He had an average body, a few muscles in his legs from surfing, but nothing over the top. When I arrived at the Resort I signed in and left a message for Ryan that I would be at the Chalet. istanbul travesti It comprised of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge room, a small kitchen where we could cook if we didn’t feel like going out, and outside the building, a pathway led to a Spa and Sauna – There was also a heated swimming pool. I got to the chalet and unpacked in my room, and decided to have a shower as it had been a long drive this morning. I had just finished my shower and the phone rang, it was the reception desk informing me that Ryan had arrived and was on his way down. I quickly put on a pair of shorts and a top and met him at the door. Wow!! what a shock I got. He was still the blonde headed boy – (or man) but he must have been working out regularly, as his body had changed completely. I wouldn’t have known him if I had met him on the street. He was tanned and looked so fine that I started to have unusual feelings just looking at him. I knew that wasn’t right though, this was my brother. I kissed him and showed him his room, where he unpacked and also decided to have a shower and came out in a bathrobe. “Do you want to go out to Dinner, Sis,” he asked. I replied, “I would love to, I will just go and get into something more suitable for a restaurant though; and you better do the same”. “Righto, meet you back here in about 15 minutes,” he said. “Just dress casually, it is only a country restaurant.” We went to the local Italian restaurant which was about 5 miles from the Resort and settled in to have a great meal and a gossip about the family. It was about 10.30pm when we istanbul travestileri finished the meal and decided to have coffee and a nightcap back at the Resort. When we got back to the chalet, we both went to our respective rooms, not saying anything, and changed into our nightwear and robes. I had put the kettle on beforehand so I made the coffee and while I was doing that, Ryan poured a couple of Tia Maria’s. It was nice to know that he remembered that it was my favourite after dinner liquer and had bought along a couple of bottles as a surprise. We sat and talked for about an hour and thought it best to get to bed, as we had a day of exploring the next day. I met Ryan in the kitchen the next morning and prepared breakfast for both of us. As we were going trekking, we thought it best to get going as soon as possible. We picked up a hamper that had been made up by the kitchen staff and got under way. We drove to the area where we wanted to start our trek through the tall forests. The trees were so magnificent that we were overwhelmed with the beauty around us and couldn’t soak it all up. The trees were so tall – reaching up to the sky so that you couldn’t see the tops. After about 2 1/2 hours we decided to have a break and have some lunch. We took our backpacks off and spread the light blanket on the ground and set up the meal. It consisted of a variety of salads and seafood and other tasty morsels, and a bottle of red. When we finished, we just had to have a short nap before we continued our trek. Ryan stretched out on the blanket and I lay with my head travesti on his lap. I could feel his reaction to that and wondered about it. We woke about 3pm and realised that it was too late to continue our trek, so we returned to the car and went back to the Resort. “I’m going for a shower” we both said at the same time, and laughed. “You go first Ryan”, I said. “I will probably take longer than you anyway”. When Ryan came back into the lounge he was only wearing a robe, saying that he felt a lot more relaxed. I then went and had my shower and thought I may as well just put on a robe too. Ryan said, “I think we will order in tonight, what do you think”. “That sounds good to me,” I replied. “What would you like?” “What about some Chinese.” While waiting for the meal to be delivered, we sat on the patio and watched the sunset together, it was so peaceful there. After dinner, we again had coffee and Tia Maria’s, this time I let my hair down and had about 6 drinks. I was feeling a little woozy but not really drunk, I still knew what I was doing and saying. I remarked to Ryan how he had changed body-wise. He said he had been advised by his Doctor that he had to get fitter if he still wanted to keep on surfing, so he was going to a gym daily now and working out with weights etc. I said “I only have an average body, I haven’t really looked after myself since having the kids and them leaving home.” Ryan then told me he thought my body was very sexy. “At least you have a bit of meat on your bones, not like so many of those matchsticks out there; and most men love to have something to hang on to.” I laughed and said, “Thank you, kind sir.” Ryan then moved to the lounge beside me and kissed me; not a brotherly kiss either, but a full on French Kiss which enveloped my lips and tongue. At the same time, his hand went to my breast and started to rub the nipple through my negligee.

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