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Renie, The Sex Teacher

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When I was in high school, I didn’t have much success with girls. The good news was I wasn’t a virgin, but that bad news was I wasn’t much better. I had only been with two girls during those four years, and both times were less than spectacular. I wasn’t small or anything like that, but the sex just seemed disappointing. I may have had a little more success if one of the girls I had been with hadn’t told her friends how lackluster I was in the sack. Near the end though, with college looming over the hill, I looked forward to my future sexual experiences and tried to put my past failures behind me.

I went to school away from home, so I lived in the dorms my first year. Even though I had been looking forward to a new start in a new school with new girls, the college experience landed with a big thud. I struggled in school, had only a handful of new friends, and my success with girls was barely a blip on the radar. I went my whole freshmen year without even getting to first base, much less going all the way. It was a total disaster, and I was losing a lot of confidence. Mercifully, that year went by fairly quickly, and before I knew it, I was a sophomore. I shared an apartment with a grad student, and since I had my own room, coupled with the fact that he was never really around much, I had lots of privacy that I felt I needed to exploit. I was hoping now that this would be the year I began to have more success, and be able to bring girls back to my place for a little naughtiness.

One of the classes I had my sophomore year was Biology. I hated Biology, but it wasn’t all bad, as the class was made up of mostly girls. For weekly labs, we were splint into groups, and I was the only guy in mine. I didn’t mind one bit though, as I was surrounded by four girls, with at least two of them being kind of cute. One of those girls was Renie, a student from Japan who came to America to go to college. For a girl who only came from Japan a few years ago, she didn’t have much of an accent, and her English was good. She was a little bit on the short side, but she was cute as a button, with chopped straight black hair and a face like a Japanese doll. She also happened to be one of the more laid back members of the group, which was great, since the other girls were always diligently working on the task at hand, and never seemed to talk more than that weeks lab required. Anyways, because of this I became friends with Renie, while not so much with the other girls.

I would sometimes message Renie when I saw her online, mostly to ask about Biology class, but usually that would lead to more general conversation. This lead to our friendship developing more until one day she asked if I wanted to hang out with her friend. I had never really seen Renie outside of class, so I decided to check it out as a change of pace.

Most of Renie’s friends were Japanese like her, but even though I wasn’t, we all got along pretty well. I began to talk to a couple of them, usually just asking about Renie for the sake of small talk. At first I didn’t learn much, but that changed when they started telling me surprising and embarrassing facts about her. One of them in particular I remembered past that night.

I was talking with one of Renie’s girl friends while Renie herself was off talking to another one of her friends. This particular girl was the bubbly sort, constantly laughing as she talked about Renie. She was mostly talking about nothing but then mentioned something that caught me totally off guard. At sincan escort bayan first she just said that Renie was a teacher, which didn’t strike me as anything special. I just figured she just tutored or something. But her friend then leaned in closer to me, telling me that she wasn’t just any kind of teacher, but a sex teacher. At first I just laughed it off, not believing her for a minute, but then she said it again. I then asked her to explain since I was curious. She preceded to tell me how Renie was a little bit infamous among her friends for her sexual exploits and prowess, and how that led to her being a sort of teacher to her friends in the areas of sex. I was still a little bit lost, but decided maybe I’d ask Renie one day about this, if only to hear her deny it.

That day came up about a week later. I was walking towards Biology lecture and I saw Renie. I then walked up besides her and we began to walk to class together. As we walked I saw this as a chance to ask her about the whole sex teacher thing. I mentioned to her that I was talking to one of her friends that night we all hung out and that her friend told me that she was a sex teacher of sorts. Renie reacted with a smile and a giggle. She then proceeded to tell me how she wasn’t really a teacher, but that was just a label that her friends gave her while they were in high school in Japan. She continued, telling me how she lost her virginity at an early age and then became addicted to sex. She then became a teacher of sorts when she helped a few of her guy friends with their bed skills. They would have sex and then Renie would kind of give them pointers on where they needed to improve and what they needed to work on. She jokingly referred to it as if she was almost “training” them in a way. The whole idea got me thinking, and so before we entered the lecture hall, I took Renie aside and began to open up about my past sexual endeavors, and how underwhelming they turned out. I was going to ask if she could maybe help, but she beat me to the punch, proclaiming she could teach me.

Only a few days later, Renie invited me over for the very first lesson. I didn’t even step into her room before she began to strip off her clothes, revealing her shaved little pussy and her breasts, which were bigger than I originally thought. She then ordered me to strip as well. She took a quick glance at my penis and told me my problem wasn’t size, explaining that I was average in size and a little over average in girth. Renie then lay back on her bed and said we were first going to jump straight into sex, so she could see how I was. I reached into my pant pocket to grab a condom, but Renie caught what I was doing and told me not to bother, since she hadn’t been off the pill in months. I then stood above her and began to lower myself into her. She stopped me just before I got in, telling me she had only one rule, that I couldn’t cum inside her unless she was satisfied by the way I had done during sex. I agreed, slowly entered her and began to pump away. I really didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I went slowly and tried to go deep with long thrusts as much as possible. I tried to make it more romantic by kissing her chest and stomach, but Renie told me to stop, and just concentrate on the actual sex for this time. It wasn’t long until I began to feel flushed, and I knew I was about to cum. I told Renie this, and she told me to pull out. I did what I was told, pulled out, and came on her breasts.

We then sat on her bed, and she eryaman escort began to tell me what I was doing wrong. From what she got from our first time together, one of my problems was I don’t last that long. She said I wasn’t bad, but that I came too early. Girls, she told me, take longer for to orgasm than guys do and so I had to concentrate on trying to last longer. She told me that I could try some methods to last longer and that would help, and that maybe I could even stimulate the girl’s clit during sex. I then went home, trying to digest all the said, with the hope that next time I would do better.

The next time we met, instead of working on my sexually endurance, we worked on foreplay. Just like before, Renie would ask me to do something, I’d do it my way, and then she would tell me what I needed to change or improve. I would suck on her nipples, and she would tell me to really get into it. I would perform oral on her and she would tell me that I needed to concentrate more on stimulating the clitoris. I would caress her body, and she would tell me areas, like her inner thigh, neck and back, that I was neglecting. While all the criticism at first made me feel very self conscious, like I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew she wasn’t trying to be harsh but just giving me pointers to help me.

From then on, Renie continued to give me lessons every couple days. It was almost like going to a tutor, it became a part of my weekly routine. We would engage in foreplay, and Renie would give me feedback, and then we would engage in intercourse, and Renie would then again give feedback. It almost became like a real class but unlike Biology, it was fun. I would even joke with my friends I was going over to Renie’s to study “Biology”. Most of the time it was Renie teaching me lessons, but sometimes I would get lucky and she would show me some of the crazy Japanese porn, which was awesome. One time, Renie even gave me “homework”, in which I was to see if I could masturbate, ejaculate, and then masturbate again right afterwards. When I first tried, I was so sensitive after cumming that I could even touch my penis for a few moments afterwards, but I got better at it, eventually succeeding.

If you were to ask, I don’t know how many times we had sex, but Renie and I did it so many times I lost count early on. I was also getting better so slowly but surely, the number of improvements I needed to do began to decrease at a steady rate. I was lasting much longer than before, and my technique just seemed smoother. Not only did the sex for me seem to be feeling a whole lot better, but I was beginning to tell Renie was beginning to really enjoy it when we would have sex. She began to close her eyes more, breathe heavier, and even moan on occasion. I was really happy that she was enjoying herself so much, especially since it was a testament at how well I was doing. Not only did I not suck anymore, but I was actually pretty good now. I guess practice makes perfect.

Anyways, like all good things, the lessons eventually had to come to an end. It was a Thursday night, and Renie invited me over for dinner and then of course, a lesson. After we ate, the lesson started like any other. We engaged in a little bit of foreplay, and then Renie motioned for me to enter her. As I slid inside her, something about her face seemed different and her eyes were glowing more than usual. As I slid in and out of her, Renie just seemed to be more into it. There were times in the past when it seemed I was doing etimesgut bayan escort all the work, but that night it wasn’t the case as Renie moved in rhythm and motion with me, more so than ever before. We moved in almost a single wave of motion, our eyes transfixed on each other, the sweat beginning to make her chest glisten and my face shine. We grinded for what seemed longer than every before, with no breaks in rhythm besides me changing speeds when I felt I was going too hard and risking cumming too soon. I had found a good balance, and I was lasting a very long time. Even my breathing was steady. Renie on the other hand began to moan like never before, her head tilting back in ecstasy ever so often. It totally caught me off guard when she let out a long moan. Even her eyes opened up wider than I had ever seen them before. She then jerked, arched her back and puffed her chest. She dug her nails into my back and stopped thrusting her hips as she gasped for air. I knew what had just happened. I knew when Renie had an orgasm, since I had made her orgasm before a select few times. But this must have been her most intense orgasm ever with me.

After a moment, she loosened up her grip on me, and we began to again move together in motion, my penis gliding in and out of her vagina, with the timing almost machine like. The sex was so great it was like we were one being. I still hadn’t felt the rush of an upcoming climax before Renie began to moan yet again. She then began to speed up her own motion, moving her hips faster and pressing on my penis harder. This increase in speed began to stimulate my penis with such an effect I felt it began to throb. Her vagina seemed to be constricting tighter and tighter around my shaft than before. Before long, I began to feel my heart beat increase, and I knew I was going to soon orgasm. I looked down and Renie, about to tell her, when she then opened her mouth first, telling me to cum inside her. I nearly stopped thrusting in and out; I was so taken back in surprise. I had never been able to cum in her before, her always telling me to pull out. We both increased our motions, and soon enough I began to feel myself shoot. I could hardly breathe as I shot a load deep inside her vagina, then another load, and then another. I hadn’t ever cum like that; as I must have released the most semen in my entire life. It seemed like forever before I finally milked ever last bit into her, and I slowly pulled out.

Renie then looked at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her little face. It spoke volumes more than any words could have ever. She then whispered about how she has never let me cum in her before, but that she finally felt the time had come, and that I had improved enough. She was proud of her student. She then told me to look down at my reward. She took her hand, spread her pussy lips with her fingers and I watched as my cum oozed out in a big glob of thick white. It continued to flow, but I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, my cum inside of her.

After that day, there were no more lessons. Renie and I would still continue to have sex on occasion, but it was no longer a learning experience, just an experience. I even began to have more success with girls, as I think the lessons helped me regain a little bit of my lost confidence. I still remember the first girl I had sex with after Renie’s teachings, and how surprised she was in how long I had lasted, even bragging to her roommate, a clear contrast to the almost the exact opposite of that happening to me in high school. Even to this day, I still use many of the techniques and such Renie had taught me. Renie still holds a special place in my life, as the girl who saved my sex life. Thanks Renie.

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