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Restorative Justice

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Many thanks to those of you who commented and favourited “A Knight’s Tale, Part1”. I am most appreciative of all feedback. Part 2 of the story is almost finished, and will be published here on Literotica in November 2015.

However, one morning recently, I woke up with a story in my head that demanded to be told, right here, right now. This is it.

Please leave comments, good and bad, as that is the only way authors like me will ever improve!

All characters are over 18 years of age.

Restorative Justice

Date: November 2026

Place: London, England

“Good morning, Harmony Leisure, Jane speaking, how may I help?”

“Good morning. Ummm… may I ask if you have a Debra Jones working for you?”

“Debra Jones… hang on one moment, please, let me check… Hello? Yes, we do. Her working name is “Crystal”. She’s with us through the Community Payback Scheme.”

“Can I make a booking to, er, visit her?”

“Yes, certainly. When were you thinking of?”

“Umm, tomorrow?”

“We open at 11 am through to 3 am.”

“Yes, that sounds fine.”

“An hour is £200.”

“Ah… Okay. It just sounds on the high side..”

“We get half, and half is sent to the Ministry of Justice as part of the Community Payback Scheme.”

“Umm, is it okay if there are two of us?”

“Yes, that’s absolutely fine, but it will be an extra £100.”

“£300? No, that’s okay.”

“What names shall I book?”

“Susan and Peter.”

“All done Madam, booked for an hour, see you tomorrow at 11 am. Any questions, we’ll be happy to help when you get here. You can pay by card or by cash.”

“Thanks, ‘bye.”


“Petey? It’s all fixed for tomorrow at 11! Happy Birthday, darling!”

“Oh, that’s great, Mummy, thanks!”

Petey is 19 today. He’s my only son. He and I live in East Surrey, where I run a small business from our home. It’s hard work, but it pays the bills. Petey takes after his late dad, tall, blonde and handsome, but rather shy. He’s off to University when he finished his “A” Levels which he’s completing at a local college, to read Law. He’s a bright lad and will make some girl very happy some day. I could scratch her eyes out already. We have a close relationship and Petey doesn’t need any girlfriends yet, not whilst he’s got his Mummy to look after him.

The next morning, Petey and I left home a couple of hours early to drive the 80 miles or so to Harmony Leisure, which was situated off a trading estate in Harlesden, an industrial district in West London. The building was a nondescript former hotel, with a neon sign outside and pink curtains. We drove in at 10.50 am and left the car in the small car-park at the rear.

The reception area was somewhat clinical, lit by fluorescent lights and smelled of disinfectant. I didn’t really know what to expect and was quite nervous, as was Petey, I think. Fortunately, there were no other customers about.

The pretty, uniformed young woman behind the desk wore a name badge that said her name was “Natasha”. She looked eastern European and was drinking a cup of tea when we arrived.

She flashed a purely professional smile.

“Good morning, how can I help?”

“We have a… Um, a booking for 11 am, I stuttered.”

“What name, please?”

She clicked the reception desk computer keyboard.

“Sue and Peter”.

“Ah, yes. That will be £300, please.”

I paid by card.

“That’s perfect, thank you, all done. Room 118, first floor, the lift is over in the lobby. Crystal will join you shortly. There’s towels in the en-suite if you want to shower first.”

“Umm, I have a few questions first…”

“No problem, Madam, the Manager will be pleased to help. If you’d care to wait a few moments..?”

She flashed another professional smile and disappeared into the inner office.

Petey and I looked at one another nervously and sat down on the edge of the worn reception sofa.

We didn’t speak, but he gripped my hand tightly.

“Oh, God, what am I doing here?” I wondered to myself.

Within a couple of minutes, a middle-aged bottle blonde in a too tight dark blue trouser suit appeared at the door.

“Hi,” she said with a friendly smile, “How can I help..?”

“Well.” I said, “I’ve got a few questions – I’ve never done this before and neither has Petey…”

“That’s okay, let’s all sit down and have a chat. I’m Sally, the Manager here.”

Ten minutes later, Sally showed us up to room 118.

“Here you are” she said. “Remember , if she gives you any trouble, let me know.”

Inside, it was clean and functional,rather than luxurious. There was a large double bed, a couple of armchairs, a shower room and a WC. I opened a wardrobe, and after noting the contents with a bit of bursa escort shock, banged it shut. I sat down on the bed.

“Blimey, Mummy, have you seen this..?”

Petey had opened a bedside cabinet and was holding up a large pink vibrator.

Then the door opened and in she walked, the bitch, bold as brass.

“Good morning, -oh!”

Her face was a picture.

“Hello, Debra. Or is it “Crystal”? You obviously remember us,” I replied. “Why don’t you come on in?”

Debra was looking like she didn’t know whether to come on in or run a mile, and wanted the floor to swallow her up. She was wearing a cheap navy blue nylon boudoir robe that barely covered her arse, black stockings and suspenders and what looked like 4-inch heels. She was a tall woman about my age, in her early forties or late thirties, with auburn hair, cut short. Her figure was good, and the robe was tied loosely to show off her creamy, 34C tits that were spilling out of her black lacy Wonderbra. She was dressed like a tart and I could smell her cheapo perfume acrss the room.

“Sue? And Peter?” Her voice was almost inaudible.

“So, Debra”, I said with more confidence than I felt, “What’s it like, being a whore?”

She sank down onto an armchair, holding her head in her hands. Petey sat down beside me on the bed.

“How did you find me here?” Debra whimpered through her hands.

“Oh, easy. The Ministry of Justice contacted me to say you were involved in Community Payback and where you were working. I must say I’d never thought you’d sink this low.”

“Oh God.” Debra moaned through her hands.

“So how did you end up here?” Petey asked.

“The prison told me I could work off some of the debt and get out of jail earlier if I pay off half a million pounds.”

“So, twenty thousand quid for each year of your sentence?” I asked, doing some quick mental arithmetic.

“Yeah”, she nodded. “I can maybe do it in ten years. It’s better than spending twenty-five years rotting in jail, anyway. They offered me waitressing and hairdressing, but this pays best, so…”

I snickered. “How much is that a day, then, Debra?”

“I make about £1000 a day here.”

“Wow. That’s what, you get to fuck ten men a day?”

“Yes. You’ll get at least some of your money back, okay?”

“I won’t get my husband back, Petey won’t get his father back, will he?

“It wasn’t my fault”, she whined.

“Steve had a heart attack and died on the way to hospital the day he realised we’d lost all our money in your husband’s fucking Ponzi scheme! That was our life savings, stolen by people who were our neighbours and who we thought were our friends! We both used to go shopping together, remember? We used to have you all over to dinner! Steve and Bill played golf every weekend! Just wait ’till I tell the Golf Club where you are!”

“I didn’t know, honestly!”

“You lying bitch! I saw the police interview notes!”

“Look, I only realised what Bill was up to once it was too late to back out! I swear!”

“The jury didn’t believe you, did they?”

“No. My barrister was useless.”

Typical Debra. Nothing was ever her fault.

“Oh, where is Bill, by the way?”

“Still in Supermax. He only gets out on a chain gang,”

“Do you know,” I said, “Stiffer jail terms, legalisation of brothels and the Community Payback are the best bits of legislation the Conservatives passed in the last ten years! It means people like you who fucked people over get fucked in return! Karma’s a bitch, isn’t she?”

Debra sat silent, her head bowed.

“Anyway,” I said, “That’s all I wanted to say.”

“I said I’m sorry,” Debra mumbled.

“Yes, you did. But I’m not sure if Petey thinks that counts for much, you know? I can’t say I blame him. What do you say, Petey?” I looked at my son.

“No, it’s not.” He was frowning at the floor.

“So what do you want to do then, darling?” I asked him.

“Make the bitch earn her money,” Petey mumbled.

“Well”, I said brightly, “You heard the boy, Debra. Time to go to work.”


“You heard me. We paid three hundred quid for this. We’ve got plenty of time left, and it is Petey’s nineteenth birthday.”

“But I -”

“Oh yes, you can. Why don’t you stand up and take that silly robe off and show Petey what you’ve got underneath, hmmm?”

“I used to babysit him!”

“Yes, you did, sweetie. But that’s all in the distant past now isn’t it? Now you’re just a slutty whore. So, stand up and get ’em off!”

“I can’t”

“You know, I spoke to your Manager when we got here. She said any refusal or silliness means you go straight back to the shithole jail you came from, where you’ll do all your time.”

“You want to humiliate me, don’t you!”

“No. I want to see you humiliate yourself.” bursa escort bayan

Trembling, Debra stood up, defeated. Nervously, she unfastened the bow of her robe, and it slid to the floor. She had an impressive figure, which prison food did not seem to have reduced. She stood before us in her bra, panties, suspenders and stockings, clasping and unclasping her hands in front of her. her cheeks were crimson with shame, avoiding our eyes.

She was being forced to strip for her former neighbours, one of whom was only 16 years old when she went to prison.

“Very nice,” I purred. I suddenly felt a lot more confident. I glanced over at Petey, whose eyes were almost out on stalks.

“What do you want her to do next, darling? It’s your treat,” I asked him.

“Make her turn around.”

“Give us a twirl, then.”

Slowly, Debra rotated on the spot.

“Stick your bum out for him.”

Her arse cheeks were impressive behind the sheer nylon panel of her panties. She bent down and thrust out her behind as ordered, in his direction.

Petey seemed mesmerised.

“I-I want to see her naked.” Petey muttered quietly.

“You heard him, Debra. What comes off first, Petey boy?”

“Ummm, her bra…” He mumbled even quieter, embarrassed his Mummy could see him getting a visible stiffy through his trousers and wanting another woman’s bra to come off.

“I can’t hear you, darling…”

“HER BRA!” Petey yelled.

“That’s better, but not so loud, the neighbours’ll hear. Okay, Debra, off it comes. Show us your tits.”

“Please, no,” Debra pleaded.

“Look, do I really have to speak to the Manager? No?”

Hanging her head in mortification, Debra fumbled with her bra.

“Hang on”, I said, “Why not let Petey do it?” Turning to my son, I smiled at him.

“Go on darling, I can see you want to. Unhook her bra for Mummy.”

Petey was on his feet in a flash and stood behind her. His hands were shaking so much, he fumbled with the clasp for a minute till he worked out how it undid, then Debra’s luscious tits were hanging free.

“Go on, Petey”, I encouraged him. “Give them a squeeze. You can suck them if you like. Debra won’t make a fuss, will you, Debra?”

Petey sank his head to her pink nipples and licked and sucked to his heart’s delight, whilst Debra looked at the floor in her debasement and shame.

Petey slipped his hands down to Debra’s panties and began to tug them down.

“Ooh, he wants your knickers off, now. Give him a hand, will you?” I said, and Debra was obliged to hook her thumbs in her panties’ waistband to pull them down her thighs.

Finally, Debra stood naked in front of us, her hands hiding her pudenda.

I leaned back on the bed and surveyed her with malicious pleasure.

“I’ve waited a long time for this, to see you as the whore you are. Revenge really is sweet.”

Debra stood silent, her shoulders and head bowed, her face hidden by the bell of her hair. There was nothing she could do to ease her situation, nothing. So I twisted the knife in a little deeper.

“I think Petey wants to see your pussy next, don’t you dear?”

Petey nodded like a toy dog!

“Why don’t you sit yourself down, Debra, and show him what you’ve got, hmm?”

Slowly, Debra sat down into the armchair and mechanically spread her legs, showing us her almost shaven labia. Petey knelt down and leaned forward between her outspread legs.

“Oooh, look, darling, she’s got a neatly trimmed bush!”

“Umm, I want to see more. Inside. I want to see her pussy hole”, Petey said.

“Why don’t you do it. dear?” I suggested.

Petey, bless him, slowly placed his hands either side of Debra’s quim and split her pussy lips, showing her pink vagina and clit. He then stuck his forefinger into her vagina.

A wince and a strangled sob were the only responses from her.

“Where do women piss from, Mummy?” Petey asked.

I walked over and squatted by Debra’s spread legs, whilst Debra stared at the ceiling.

“Look up a bit from her big hole, dear. There. You see?” I pointed at Debra’s urethra.

“Oh, right.”

“Maybe she’ll show you how she pees, later.”

“That would be great!”

“Oooh, has my little boy got a piss fetish?” I teased him. “Ooh, you’ve got an erection!”

Petey mumbled something under his breath, his face scarlet, and tried to cover the tent in his trousers with his hands.

“I want to see her arse now.”

Debra switched positions, mutely. She was like a robot.

Petey spread her arse cheeks with his hands and had a good look at her rosebud and pussy from behind.

“You can spank her, if you like”, I suggested.

Petey gave her arse a tentative slap, then some more, harder. Her arse cheeks were bright red, to match escort bursa her abashed face.

“Happy now?” I asked.

“Not yet. I want to come inside her.”

“Debra, darling, Petey wants to fuck you on the bed now. I think you should maybe suck his cock, first? Isn’t that what you normally do, bitch?”

“Yes.” Debra mumbled.

“Good girl. If you do it properly, maybe Petey will give you a nice tip before we go, won’t you, Petey?”

I walked to the door as Debra slowly climbed onto the bed and started to unbuckle Petey’s trousers. .

“Where you going, Mum?”

“Ah, I can’t watch this, darling, it’s too personal. Mummy will be outside.”

“I want you to stay. Please.”

“Oooh! You kinky little boy! All right. then. Mummy will watch you getting a nice suck from over here, yes?” I sat on the armchair.

Debra eased down Petey’s underpants and my, what a surprise! Petey’s dick was huge! I had no idea it was so… fat and so long. It stuck up at an angle like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Debra’s mouth hovered over Petey’s turgid cock and like an automaton, she slowly brought her lips down on it. Petey groaned with pleasure and his hips bucked. His hand forced her head lower on his member.

“That’s it, you bitch,” I said. “Suck him off! Use your tongue!”

“Oh dear,” I said. “That was fast.”

Petey had cum almost straight away into that harlot’s lipsticked mouth.

Choking, Debra was forced to swallow most of his seed, whilst a lot oozed out of her mouth. Gagging, my son’s spunk ran in strings from her open mouth whilst she gasped for air.

My pussy was by this time, very, very damp. I could feel my panties getting wet as my juices started.

“Oh dear, what shall we do next? Did we see a vibrator over there, darling? Why don’t you show us how you use a vibe, Debra?”

Debra spent the next five minutes with her legs and pussy spread wide, and Petey amusing himself by fucking her with the pink vibrator. He seemed to enjoy it hugely, slowing the speed down and speeding it up again, pushing it in and out of her, judging by the effect on his cock. Debra lay silent and motionless, almost catatonic. I think she was in shock.

By that then, he was hard and ready to go again and I watched with joy and love as my son eased his cock into my mortal enemy’s pussy. There was no way I was going to let him fuck her missionary position, like a normal couple. Oh dear me, no. So I ordered her to kneel down and stuck her arse up, and he rode her doggy style. He came inside her as he had wanted, treating her as the whore she is.

By this time, I had my fingers stuck down my panties and fingered myself to a massive orgasm as he climaxed.

Debra lay supine on the bed, her breath coming in ragged gasps and sobs.

Petey wiped his cock clean in her hair, as I suggested.

Petey and I tidied ourselves up and ready to leave. I was a bit embarrassed to have let him see my masturbating, to tell the truth, but it had been exciting.

I bent down by the bed and spoke quietly into Debra’s ear.

“That’s all for now, bitch. I hear they’ve got a dungeon here and it’s only an extra hundred quid if I leave stripe marks. See you next month. I’m going to give you two dozen with a cane.”

Debra wept into the bedspread as we left the room.

It was five in the afternoon when we pulled into our drive at home. I was in the driving seat of my Porsche Cayenne and Petey was sitting beside me. We had had a very enjoyable lunch after leaving Harmony Leisure.

I leaned back and sighed with pleasure after I switched off the engine.

All was well.

I put my hand on Petey’s thigh.

“A good day, darling?”

“Oh, that was great, Mummy, thank you!”

“What was the best bit for you?”

“When you watched me fuck her.”


“Yes, I really liked you watching, Mummy. I was fucking her for you.”

I stroked his thigh, then placed my hand on his groin and squeezed gently.

“You’ve got such a lovely cock, darling… I had no idea it’s so big! Would you like Mummy to touch it, maybe to suck it for you, if you’re a very good boy?”

“Oh, yes please!”

“Do you think I’m more attractive then her?”

“Oh, ever so much more so, Mummy. You’re lovely. She’s just a slut!”

I purred with pleasure.

“Would Petey like to help Mummy undress and see her pussy? I think this little man does,” giving his hard cock another squeeze through his trousers.

“Oh, that would be brilliant! And Mummy?”

“Yes, my darling boy?”

“I didn’t get to see Debra go for a piss. Could you show me how a lady pees? Please?”

“Ooh, you really are a kinky little boy!”

“I know, I can’t help it. I – I really want to watch you pee, Mummy. Please?”

“Do you want to help Mummy pull her panties down, too? Of course you can, darling. As it is, Mummy needs to go for a wee rather badly after all that coffee, so let’s hurry up and go to the loo, and you can see as much as you like.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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