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Retirement Home

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Retirement HomeA lot of my friends ask my why I like older men. The real questions is, what is there not to like? They are economically stable (most of them), they have experience (again, most of them) and a lot of them are married so there is no attachments. I like to hang out with them, have them buy me expensive gifts and in return they get enjoy my young, voluptous body any way they want. Anyway, a lot of people want to know how I got started, I mean, I didn’t alway liked older men. It started when I was 18 I needed to find a job to help my family with the house expenses. My dad worked in construction with my older brother and my mom worked cleaning houses. I found a job as a maid at a retirement home. I would go in everyday, clean around the rooms and the patio area. At first I felt uneasy as tempobet giriş how they men stared at me. It was like a pack of wolves staring at a fresh piece of meat. Eventually I started to like it and I started to tease them more by wearing smaller, tighter clothes. That really drove them crazy, some of them started to tell me how pretty I was and how beautiful I looked, some would even reach and grab my ass when I passed by. I started to like all the attention so I would pretend not to notice when they would reach and grab my ass. Eventually I started to like it more and it would turn me on, it got to the point when one time I was cleaning a room, the man in the room was laying down on his bed watching tv. I was cleaning his room, I bend over to pick up the trashcan next to his bed, he reached and tempobet yeni giriş grabbed my ass. I pretended I didn’t feel anything and stayed there, bend over. He reached under my skirt and pulled my pantys down. At that moment I stood up and spread my legs a little, my bald pussy was exposed in front of him, his old bony finger started to play around with my clit and then started to slide it in and out of my pussy. I was so wet and horny, I pulled my tits out, he grabbed them and sucked them like a baby sucking mommy’s milk, he seemed desparate, I wonder how long had it been since he had touched a pussy as tight as mine or tasted some firm, soft tits as mine. He reached and pulled out his cock, it wasn’t something out of this world, it was five and half inches and it was a hard as a stone. tempobet güvenilirmi I’ve seen bigger cocks than that, but back then it was one of the biggest I had seen so far. I bend down foward so he could put his cock between my tits, he grabbed my tits, each on each hand and started to wildly masturbate his hard meat with my tits. In less than a minute his cock started to shoot load after load of thick creamy cum. His shoots were huge and reached as far as my heair, in just seconds all my face and tits were covered in thick cum. I ran to the bathroom to wash off. A few days later he called me to his room and gave an envelope with a lot of money inside. I refused to take the money, but he said he was old and he had no need of money anymore, besides he wanted me to keep draining his balls at least twice a week, when I saw all that money I couldn’t say no, not just because of the money but I have had a great time getting my face covered in cum. As the time passed word of mouth started to spread and in just a few months I was able to buy my parents a new home and new car for myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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