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Return to Cockington 6

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Return to Cockington 6My brunette curvy wife veronica, my blonde haired teen daughter Milly and myself, strolled along the road heading into the centre of the village that evening all dressed up for a night out.My wife wore a tight black dress that showed off her thick white thighs and plump cleavage, and my daughter wore her prom night dress, a pretty green number that made her look just like a princess, or so we said at the time.As we approached the local pub I asked Veronica once more “Are you sure about this?””Yes, Peter, i’m sure” replied my wife”But it’s them!” I said worriedly.”Yes, and she’s going to love it!” replied my wife with a smile.Then we entered the pub, and got a drink from the bar and then sat at table.”But is she really ready for this?” I asked once more.”Daddy, I want to do this” my daughter then said looking up at me with those big blue beautiful eyes “If it’s what all the women go through in this village, then I want to do it too!””See!” grinned my wife, and so we sat there for the next few minutes drinking our drinks in silence.Then it began, the front door pushed opened, the muttering and cursing broke the quietness of the bar, and in walked Keith, Bill and old Fred, the assbreakers.They were the local farming family, who had a reputation for hard graft, hard drinking and most importantly, big hard dicks, and I still remember the day they all filled my wife and seem to turn her into the cock loving slut she often was today.As the assbreakers stepped into the pub, they spotted us immediately and Bill, the head of the family instantly grinned a filthy grin at us “Hello use, I haven’t seen use in ages””Hey Bill” said my wife smiling excitedly as she stood up to meet him, and show off her sexy hugging dress.He immediately put his arm around her and gave her good look over before looking at me “Peter, how’s it hanging mate?” he asked”I’m fine Bill” I replied politely as I watched Bill’s old grey haired father and his young redheaded son move to surround my wife.”And who’s this pretty young thing?” he then asked looking at my beautiful teen daughter, who immediately began blushing.”This is my eldest Bill, my Milly” replied my wife”Really!” replied Bill looking amazed.”And she’s here, to be… welcomed to the village” my wife then added with a knowing look.”Oh shit!” Bill exclaimed as his eyes widened excitedly “Well, then we better get a drink, and then I think we should go play some pool!” “We’ll meet you in the pool room then” grinned my wife, and as the assbreakers strolled off towards the bar to get a drink, my wife turned to us and said “Welcome then, you heard the guys, they’ll meet us in the pool room!”And immediately my wife and my daughter picked up their drinks and moved towards the corridor that led to the backroom pool table.I however was a little reluctant, did I really want to see my sweet teen daughter getting fucked by those three dirty big cock men? did I really want to see my wife getting some again as well?Then as I sat there unsure to go or not, the assbreakers walked pass me with their drinks “You coming Peter?” asked Bill as he passed.”I’ll be right there” I replied”Well, don’t take to long, you don’t want to miss this!” he grinned and then they continued off towards the corridor as well.I waited a few minutes sipping my drink, trying to work out if I really wanted to see this or not, and then finally I decided I did, and quickly I grabbed my glass and made my way towards the pool room.A moment later, I was pushing the pool door open and as I stepped in I almost dropped my pint, all three assbreakers had their big semi hard cocks out and were feeding them to my wife and daughter who were on their knees trying to suck on as much thick meat cock as they could.Bill and Keith were stood in front of my wife as she tried to swallow both ten inch monsters at the same time, and old Fred had his ten inch monster in my daughters pretty little mouth and I could here both my girls sucking and then occasionally gagging as they tried to güvenilir bahis take more and more of those big cocks deep in their mouths.I moved to the only seat in the room, by the only table, where everyone’s drinks were, and sat down watching my family suck cock.Veronica and Milly eagerly sucked their big cockheads, and then licked their long meaty thick shafts, before sucking on their balls the size of pool balls.I watched both my ladies drooling all over those cocks as the grew harder and harder in their small soft hands, and from where I was sat I could see the drool dribbling down their chins and onto their pretty dresses.After several minutes, the girls had made three big cocks extremely hard and extremely wet, and then Bill pulled his cock away and asked them to stand up, and my wife and daughter got up off the floor and stood with wet precummy faces facing him, before Keith and Old Fred got behind them and started to undo their dresses.A second later they both let go of the material and the dresses fell to the floor leaving my wife and daughter completely naked standing between three horny big cocked men.I stared at my wife’s white curvy body with her big round boobs and her big hard nipples and bald pink pussy, and then my daughters petite tanned frame and her small b cup boobs and little hard pink nipples and could feel my cock getting harder in my trousers.Bill then gestured towards the pool table, and my wife and daughter moved too it, and then hoped onto it, sitting with their naked legs open for the guys to see everything.Bill moved to my wife, old Fred moved to my daughter and they both started to finger their pussies as Keith climbed onto the pool table and then moved between my daughter and wife.Veronica and Milly were soon moaning softly as those two dirty old men fingered their sweet wet pussies making them ready for their cocks, while Keith started to feed his cock back into Milly’s open mouth, and she instantly began sucking on it again.Seeing my daughter being fingered by a guy old enough to be her grandfather, while sucking a cock of k** just a bit older than her, my cock began to stretch my trouser material, and quickly I unzipped and let it free, and it popped out into my hand eager to be stroked.Bill then took hold of his cock and placed up against my wife’s pussy, she grinned and nodded, and then he thrust into her and she groaned loudly as that big cock filled her pussy once again.Old Fred then lifted his cock up and I watched him place it against my daughters little bald soft pussy lips and for a moment he paused looking at her, she stared wide eyed back at him waiting for him to move in, and then eased forward, and my daughter groaned even louder than her mother had, as his big old cock began to fill and stretch her little wet pussy.”Mummy!” groaned my daughter holding her hand out towards Veronica, Veronica immediately grabbed it and holding it tight said “Relax baby, relax, it only hurts for a moment!” and then old Fred started to steadily fuck my daughter, and both mother and daughter were soon groaning cursing as two big dicks tried to fill them completely.”Oh god! oh god! oh god!” groaned my wife as Bill pounded her wet cunt.”Fuck! fuck! fuck!” groaned my daughter as old Fred pounded her cunt.”How does she feel dad?” asked Bill grinning at his father.”Fucking tight!” replied old Fred bluntly.I watched stroking my hard cock as they fucked steadily for several hot dirty minutes, and both my girls took more and more of those cocks deeper and deeper into their cunts as the fucking went on.Keith was now switching his cock from my daughters little wet mouth to my wife’s little wet mouth, until eventually both women ended up licking his big fat cock at the same time, and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as Veronica and Milly ran their tongues up and down his long hard shaft, almost racing each other to taste his whole length.After several minutes more, Bill pulled out of Veronica’s pussy and grinned “Time to turn over young türkçe bahis lady” and with a big excited smile on her face, my wife rolled onto her plump white stomach, hung her chubby legs over the side giving him complete access to her ass.He pulled her big chubby ass cheeks apart, leant in and gave her little rosebud a lick, and my wife let a loud moan of desire, my daughter was now watching as well, then Bill placed his big wet cockhead up against my wife’s little ring piece and she stared in disbelief as his cockhead began to stretch her mothers asshole wide open and a second later he had his cock in my wife’s ass.Then Bill started to feed more and more of his cock into my wife’s back hole, and every time he pushed she groaned for more until he was almost half in her.Bill then started to fuck her, nice and steadily letting my wife get more and more use to his big long fat cock again in her small tight hole.Old Fred then looked at my daughter “Your turn young lady” he said and pulled his cock out of her wet pussy, and then stood there as my daughter slowly rolled over just like her mother had, before she lay on her stomach ready for his cock again.my wife held her hand out and immediately Milly grabbed it and held it tight again “Don’t worry, your going to love it, just remember to stay relaxed!” my wife said as Bill continued to fuck her ass.Then old Fred placed his cock against my daughters little asshole, and with a small thrust, he pushed into her little ass.”Mummy!” cried Milly as her eyes widened.Old Fred then started to push more and more of his big fat long cock into my daughters tight little asshole, and a moment later he was fucking her sweet little ass.”Oh mummy! oh mummy! it’s filling me up! it’s filling me up!” cried Milly”Isn’t it wonderful?” asked my wife”Yes mummy! yes! I love it! I love it!” cried Milly as old Fred pounded her asshole.For the next few minutes, those two old dirty men fucked my girls asses pounding them over and over pushing as much of their dirty big cocks deep into their little assholes, and my wife and daughter groaned over and over and begged for more.Keith was now rubbing his big cock against their open mouths, and I was tugging away at my cock watching everything and still not believing my wife and daughter were being fucked in the asses side by side, as if this was a normal family thing people do.After several more minutes of hard ass fucking, I finally heard Old Fred begin to mumble and groan, and I watched as he pounded my little daughters ass once, twice and then on the third time he pushed deep into her ass before I saw his cock shaft begin to pulse rapidly. “FUCK YES!” he cried out and I realised he was now emptying his big old hairy balls deep in my daughters ass.”Mummy! he’s cumming!” cried Milly “He’s cumming in my asshole!””Yes, and it’s fucking wonderful isn’t it?” cried Veronica”Yes! I love it! I love it!” replied my daughter excitedly.Old Fred pumped away for several long seconds deep inside Milly, and then as he took a deep breath and relaxed, he pulled his big spent cock out of Milly’s asshole and I could see her ring piece was gapping open and dribbling white sticky cum.Immediately Bill pulled out of my wife’s ass, and moved towards Milly, and before Milly could recover from her first hard cock ass fucking, he slipped his big fat cock into my daughters cum dripping asshole and immediately began fucking her.”Yes! yes! yes! fuck it! fuck it! fuck it!” cried my Milly as he plunged his big hard meat in and out of her ass.While Bill was now fucking my daughters ass, Keith jumped down off the table, got up behind my wife, and slipped his monster cock into her asshole.My wife let out another groan of pleasure and grinned ear to ear as the young man, young enough to be her son started to fuck her “Well, it’s about time Keith” she muttered as he started to pound her asshole just like his father was pounding her daughter.I watched on still rubbing my cock as Bill pounded my daughters tight little ass, while Keith pounded güvenilir bahis siteleri my wife’s, and both men were relentless as they fucked my girls over and over, plunging in so deep now I could almost see their balls slapping against the girls wet used pussies.Then after several more minutes over Veronica and Milly groaning louder and louder, I heard Bill start to groan and through gritted teeth he suddenly cried out “FUCKING YEAH!” and I watched him tense up as I could clearly see he was cumming right up my daughters asshole just like his father had, and now my daughter was getting a second load of cum inside of her.”Oh god yes!” cried Milly as she felt his sticky hot load fill her ass.For several seconds they stayed just as they were, and then finally Bill took a deep breath and relaxed, and as he tried to catch his breath, he pulled his spent cock out of my daughters ass, and I saw more white sticky ooze dribble out and run down her naked slim tanned legs.Bill had barely stepped aside, when Keith his redheaded eager son, pulled his cock from my wife’s wet battered asshole, and moved to my daughters wet battered cum filled asshole, and with out hesitation he slipped his big fat cock into her.My daughter groaned again as he plunged into her sticky hole, and then more so as he started to fuck her fast and hard eager to unload in her little ass.”Fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck!” cried my daughter as Keith hammered her little back hole.”Go on son tear a new one!” chuckled Bill as he watched.My wife dropped off the table and began sucking and licking Bill and Old Fred’s dangling cocks, cleaning up their last dollops of cum that hung from their tips and obviously tasting my daughters ass juices.I was now tugging my cock hard, as I watched my daughter getting her ass fucked furiously for the third time, she groaning and cursing repeatedly as he slammed into her, and I was sure if he didn’t cum soon he was probably actually going to tear her a new one.His big balls were slapping her pussy every time he plunged in her ass, their breathing was getting heavier and heavier, their groans louder and louder, until finally I saw the young lad bury deep into my daughters ass and with a loud roar he began filling her with his young sticky cum.”FUCK!” cried my daughter as he filled her asshole, and I watched her begin to shake uncontrollably as she came on his big fat spurting cock.After several more seconds they both finally calmed down, and then Keith pulled his cock out of my daughters ass, and as Milly lay gasping for breath, Keith turned with a big grin on his face, and immediately Veronica began sucking it clean.After that I stopped tugging my cock and took a moment to relax, holding on for a good fuck later my wife had promised me.Veronica then finished sucking their cocks, and stood up and started to give each of them a peck on the cheek and thanked them for taking care of her daughter, before she moved to check on Milly.The lads then popped their cocks back in their trousers, wished us a goodnight and went back to the bar chuckling about how fucking lucky they were.I moved to my girls and could now see the torrent of sticky cum dribbling out of my daughters asshole and down her legs, as my wife leant over whispering in her ear, before they then both looked up at me with big satisfied smiles.”She’s completely fucked!” said my wife smiling “I think your going to have to carry her home””Okay but what about the cum?” I askedMy wife then dropped to the floor behind Milly, and I watched her in disbelief as she began to lick the cum off of her daughters bare legs before she made her way up towards her little asshole, but as she reached her little red cheeks, she stopped and stood up, and looked at me licking her lips.”There! that’ll do till we get her home!” she smiled.And so my wife popped Milly’s dress back on her as my daughter was barely able to hold herself up, before she put on her own dress, and then I picked up Milly in my arms like I had done many times before, but for the first time ever I carried her home because her asshole was to sore to walk herself.”Look on the bright side” said my wife as we walked back “When we get home you can fuck my ass, knowing no ones cum there before you, today!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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