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Return to Plato’s

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This is a continuation story of Donna and John who went to Plato’s Retreat.


On our way home from our Plato’s Retreat adventure, Donna and I discussed the evening.

I finally got her to admit her age, which was twenty-five, which made her a few years older than me.

I asked her why she wanted to go to the sex club, anyway. She said she has a high sex drive that needs constant satisfaction and thought she would get satisfied at the club. She then admitted she was a real nymphomaniac and can’t help herself.

I felt bad for her and asked if I could help her in any way. She looked at me adoringly and said she appreciated the offer but doubted if I could help her.

We finally arrived at her place and she asked me in for some coffee, as it was almost morning.

While the coffee was on, she went to change her clothes. When she came out, she only had on a g-string and a see through top, clearly displaying all her attributes.

I remarked that she looked even better now than at Plato’s. She just smiled and said thank you.

As we were having coffee, I told her she did a great job at Plato’s, having all that sex in public and that I was glad I was there with her to enjoy her and the adventure.

She then asked if I would like to go back with her again. I quickly said I would enjoy that very much.

With that, she got up, took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

She turned to me and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, her hands caressing me. I stepped back and started to undress. Donna was eager and helped me get out of my clothes, with her pulling down my shorts, exposing my big, hard cock.

I pulled her towards me and I removed her top and tore off her g-string. She was like an animal in heat. We fell onto the bed and she quickly spread her legs and told me to fuck her.

I mounted her and saw her juices ankara escort running down her thigh as my cock approached her slit. My cock penetrated her cunt with ease and soon I was fully seated in her cunt.

I started fucking her and she was gyrating her hips and pushing her cunt into me as I fucked her. I could hear the sloshing of her wetness as I pumped her.

Soon, I was ready to cum. I asked Donna where she wanted me to cum and she said she wanted my cum on her tits. I pulled my cock out, jerked it a couple of times and shot my load onto her tits until I was drained.

We lay there exhausted, my cock still having cum oozing out of it.

It was then that Donna asked me if I would stay with her for the rest of the 9weekend. Without hesitation, I said yes, but I had to get some things and would be back in an hour.

I left her place and went home to get a few things and made it back to her place in quick time.

I rang the door bell and Donna let me in.

She was a vision of beauty in an oversized t-shirt and nothing else.

She put my stuff in her bedroom and went into the living room to chat.

Donna had made drinks and as we sipped them, she started telling me of her sexual needs.

I was amazed at how open she was and her candor. From what she said, she was truly a nymphomaniac.

I asked her if she would like to go back to Plato’s with me. She just smiled and said she would owe me a big favor if I took her again.

Over the course of the day, we must have fucked a dozen times. We did everything two people could do. She was insatiable and her love for being fucked up the ass was unbelievable.

After a great day with her, I told her I would make arrangements to go back to Plato’s with her the following week.

We hugged and kissed and I told her I would call her to confirm our next visit.

The etimesgut escort week flew by and by the end of the week I called her and told her everything was set and we would meet at the club at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday.

I also told her not to wear a bra or panty, but wear a see through blouse, which she readily agreed to do.

Saturday night came and Donna was waiting for me. She looked gorgeous in a sheer top, mini skirt and high heels.

We kissed and entered the club.

We already knew what to expect and went to the locker room to undress. I noticed that her pussy hairs were trimmed back to almost nothing, making her outer lips delicious looking.

I asked her if she wanted to go in one of the private sex rooms this time and she said yes.

We walked around and looked into several of the private rooms and finally decided on one that had two women and six men.

As we entered, I asked if it would be ok if we joined them and they said to come on in.

One fellow who had a nice size cock, got up and approached us. He asked us what we would like to do. Before I could say anything, Donna said she wanted to get fucked by all of them and be their whore in the room.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and tbe fellow escorted her to the mat and laid her down.

As soon as she laid down, each person had their hands all over her body.

The two women were feeling her up and running their hands all over her body. One guy was mounting her while one had his cock in her mouth.

She was insatiable as her body contorted to give everyone access to her.

She also had a cock in each hand and was quite busy.

I told one of the women to lay down along side Donna. I mounted her and slipped my cock into her wide open cunt. As I was fucking her, Donna and I exchanged glances and she just nodded her head in approval.

One by ankara etimesgut escort one, each guy took his turn fucking her. Their cum was all over her and oozing out her cunt.

The women were almost fighting to get to her cunt to lap up the cum.

I shot my load into the woman and then went on to the other woman even though my cock was soft.

Donna was such a lovely sight, her legs still apart, cum oozing out her cunt and cum on her tits.

She managed to slip aside of the group so she could rest.

I told her we should go and look for another room, which she agreed.

We left that room and ventured into another room.

This room had only two men and a woman. The woman was on all fours and being fucked in the ass.

We asked if we could join them and they said we could and told Donna to get on all fours.

Donna got on all fours with her ass up. Then one guy approached her and lubed her ass with some cum that was on the woman. He started to insert his cock in her ass, all the time she had her head to the side so she could see me.

As he pressed his cock into her ass, she started pushing back so he could fully insert his cock. After a couple of thrusts, his cock was fully seated in her tight ass.

I watched as he pumped his cock into her ass. Her tits were swaying back and forth in rhythm while he was fucking her ass.

The other guy got under her and made her impale her cunt on his cock.

Now, Donna had two cocks in her and they were fucking both her holes in rhythm.

She looked at me with a smile and a grimace but I could tell she was loving every minute.

In no time at all, both men shot their cum into her holes.

She lay spent on the mat, her legs spread and cum dripping out her holes, a definite cream pie.

She rested awhile and then we decided to call it a night.

We showered and dressed and headed out.

As we were on our way home, Donna thanked me for a glorious evening and said she would like to go back another night.

We kissed and I told her I would call her soon to set up another visit.

More to cum…

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