Mar 31


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So it was a party like any other party; lots of beer, friends, chicks. Then like with a lot of the other parties I been to, it got to be an orgy, pretty much. Clothes off, chicks getting nailed left and right. I finished off five beers, and got another one going while I got my pants off and got behind this luscious blonde. She was tall, long-legged, and had great tits. Not big ones, but a great looking rack anyhow. She was leaning over the back of the couch with nothing on but her high heels and a sexy black g-string, and I waited for one of my buds to get finished with her, then took my turn.

Her ass was awesome! Full cheeks, real shapely and full, and creamy smooth. I could see that my buddy had done her in the ass ’cause her crack was still wide open—like this gaping hole. I couldn’t be certain, but I think she’d had six guys already, and since they didn’t seem interested in her cunt, I decided to just play along.

Just the sight of her got me hard, though. I mean this was one high-class looker for sure. Like a porn queen or something. You would have to have seen her to believe it. The other girls weren’t hags either, but this one—whew; had some sort of thing about her—something special. She glanced back over her shoulder at me for just an instant, then turned to look ahead. Even that little flash of her face got me stirred up—such a beauty!

Then I leaned down to get the bottle of olive oil, and on the way down got a nice close-up of her legs. Totally gorgeous! Smooth and soft looking. I actually squatted there for a moment looking at the backs of those legs of hers. I gulped more beer, then had the thought that I wanted to lick those ass-cheeks and then decided that there was too much spunk oozing out of her and dripping down everywhere and so forgot about it. I stood, poured some oil down her crack, took hold of my dick and pushed into her. It was like hot velvet in there! I sunk deeper and deeper and she let out this real satisfied sort of sigh—which made me even hotter for her. Some chicks really don’t like it up the ass, but when you find one that does, she becomes real popular.

Like this one.

So I finished my beer and tossed the bottle on the other side of the couch where the seats are and proceeded to enjoy the hot, oily tunnel of this girl’s incredible ass. Just in and out and in and out! She was so stretched and slick and hot in there it was like a silky glove. I took hold of her hips and really started to ram her hard and she just went along with everything. She even leaned forward a little more so her ass stuck out toward me at a better angle, and then it was just a furious fuck until I finally unloaded.

I gave her a load! I was still jamming in and out and my dick was just squirting and throbbing and filling that gaping hole of hers to overflowing. Jizz was leaking down and dripping to the floor, and she just held herself steady like that, giving me the perfect angle and tightness. I shoved all the way in the moment it was over, and just stayed in her like that, enjoying the feeling of her ass-muscles fluttering around my softening pole. She seemed to really understand about not moving or doing anything, and just letting the man do what he needed to do, and when it was over I pulled out and gave her a kiss on the neck.

“Thanks, sweetie,” I said, and then I grabbed my empty beer can from the other side of couch and took it to be properly disposed of. I mean I may be a manly man, but…I still don’t like leaving shit around!

Afterwards, after taking a piss in the upstairs bathroom and rinsing my dick off in the sink (didn’t want anybody to get sick slurping that blonde’s ass-residue off my member—and I intended to go looking for a blowjob right after), I went downstairs again and watched the action for awhile. Seems every one of my pals was getting it on with some chick; Frank was even over in the corner of the room having two luscious babes take turns on his cock. That’s the kind of thing I wanted right then; just sit back in an easy chair and drink cold beer and eat cashews while some chick with a great mouth sucked me off. I looked around for the blonde, hoping maybe I’d get a chance with that fabulous mouth of hers, but she was nowhere to be seen. Probably upstairs in one of the bedrooms I’d passed by, being fucked by a one or two of my other buddies. I thought of her with a dick up the cunt and ass at the same time and it gave me a boner!

But then I saw her strolling around outside on the deck. She still had her high heels on and her g-string and looked so totally foxy my prick lifted even further. I took two fresh beers and went to join her. Maybe a blowjob in the outdoors would do me good.

She smiled when she saw me but then quickly looked off into the distance. I didn’t know what she was looking at but I knew what I was! That body of hers just never quit! Long legs, pretty feet in those sexy heels, hips and waist to die for, and those lovely cupcake tits of hers. Her tuzla escort back was beautiful though—and her shoulders. She was just hot from head to toe! I went over and joined her at the railing, handed a beer to her to which she shook her head.

Even that—her long blonde hair brushing around her shoulders as she shook her head; pure beauty! I shrugged and chugged, and then started on the second beer. I leaned up close to her.

“You’re just the hottest chick I’ve ever seen,” I whispered in her ear. “And I keep thinking about how it was coming in your ass before. Gets me hard just thinking about it…see?” She turned and grinned, and then I glanced down at the old bone and she looked down too, then back up. “I washed, in case you’re wondering,” I went on. “All nice and soapy-fresh if you want a taste….” Her face lit up and a moment later she was down on her knees before me, sucking my joint back and forth like mad.

Man, could this girl give head! She was definitely a pro, and then I realized that most of the girls here were pros—though not ‘on duty’ tonight. This one though—wow! Knew just how to lick and suck and bring me right to the point where I thought I’d gush, and then back off and just lick my balls or rub her cheek against my thigh until I was calmed down. Then she’d be smooching my knob and then going deep-throat again, and…just on and on like that. She kept me on the verge of squirting for like twenty minutes or something! I finally had to squat down in front of her to make her stop. She blinked and seemed to come out of a trance or something, she was so into it!

“I just gotta fuck you, honey,” I told her, and it was true. I needed to lay her down, get her shoes and g-string off, spread her legs and put my dick in her cunt—the regular, ‘real’ stuff. She grinned at me again but tossed her head to say ‘no.’

“There’s…so many other things I could do,” she whispered in this totally sexy, sultry voice. It gave my prick a stir just hearing her say the words! “I was hoping I could blow you, but…if you want something else…okay then….” It sounded a little final, like she was defensive about it but not nasty. More like she was disappointed that she couldn’t finish her BJ. I stood and presented my cock to her again because I sure as hell didn’t want to disappoint someone as sexy and obviously nymph like as she was! About five minutes later I was giving her what she wanted—enough goo so that it ran down her chin and between her tits. It was a sexy sight I can tell you, especially with the kinds of happy sounds she made when the first drop hit the back of her throat!

After that we sorta leaned back against the railing and watched the rest of the orgy through the glass doors and picture window. People were really getting it on hot and heavy in there. Outside it was getting toward twilight and there was a mist coming down the hills. We watched and talked. I actually waved at a pal and he brought us out two drinks—a beer for me and a black-cherry soda for her—and then we just stood there keeping up with the action.

Funny: though I’d screwed this girl’s butt and had just come in her mouth, and thought of her as probably one of the five sexiest women I’d ever been with, it was just…fun talking with her. She had a great sense of humor to say the least, and we finally sat on the wooden deck with our backs against the slats of the railing, laughing, making comments on people’s bodies and how they fucked and all that shit. Real fun stuff. Then she said something about knowing the sister of one of the other girls and without thinking I said “Yah, I fucked her.” and she laughed, and then I laughed.

But then she started pointing out some of the cuties inside and saying, in a cute ‘manly’ voice, “Her? Yah I fucked her—fucked her in the ass!” or “Yah, that one? She gave me a blowjob.” Sounded so funny coming from her, with her trying to do a Wiseguy impression! We were almost rolling on the deck laughing! Then she pointed at herself and tried to do my voice.

“This one?” she laughed in a low part of her voice, “Yah, you fucked her. Fucked her tight little heiny, then let her give you a BJ….” She looked at me but it wasn’t funny to me.

“I didn’t get to really fuck you though,” I told her, and she nodded. She looked down from my eyes, and when she looked back up she was serious again.

“You can if you want,” she said. “But…”

I watched her serious expression turn a little teasing. Then I saw that she was bringing her left leg up and pointing it. I had to look; there was no way not to look at a shapely leg like that. That high heel was glossy and sexy looking, but without a word, she suddenly reached up and pried the shoe off, leaving her bare foot pointing.

Now if I thought her heels had been sexy, I had to admit right then that what the shoe had been hiding was even hotter. Some chicks look good in high heels but have really fucked up looking feet when they take their shoes off—toes tuzla escort bayan all crooked and bent. Not this one though—looking at her bare foot had the same affect on me as if she’d been fully dressed and had just taken her top off!

—And this is coming from a guy who’s always been into legs and asses—never feet! But then I knew she was watching me stare at that foot of hers and I felt stupid for having fallen for her trap. She’d gotten me. I was going to admit it and make a joke out of it, but then that foot—it was her left foot; she was sitting to my left—started to come down across, lower and lower and cross over in front of me and then down, and I was staring into her eyes and not daring to look where it was going. A moment later though, I could feel where.

—Right down against my aching member! She began to rub and massage my prick with the delicate bottom of her foot, and I have to really say, it was delicate. Soft, tender, smooth—and warm. I was rock hard in seconds, but she didn’t stop. She just kept rubbing my dick, using her toes to tickle the bottom seam of it, and then turned a little bit more toward me and leaned there smiling.

“…there’s lots of other things….” she whispered, and though I was never really into it, I knew I’d have to problems turning into a total foot fetish guy and actually fuck my dick against those gorgeous feet of hers until I plastered them with jizz!

No problem at all.

A little while after that, I crawled around in front of her, took her other shoe off, held it up and kissed it, then watched as she placed both her feet together—sole-to-sole, knees out to the sides—and waited for me. The pocket that her two high arches made was so tempting I didn’t even have to think twice. Leaning down and in, I placed my prong right there between her pretty feet and started to fuck them. It was dry so she put a little spit on her fingers and rubbed it around down there, and then everything was nice and smooth and slick for a little while. But then things got dry again and her eyes locked on something nearby. I looked behind me and saw it was a bottle of lotion sitting by one of the deck chairs. Before I could get up to get it—I was in the middle of a fuck fever—she went and got it, brought it back, got her feet in position again and then poured lotion down over everything. It was so greasy and smooth I could’ve fucked those hot feet of hers all night long! I closed my eyes and really got into the feeling of it—that fleshy, soft, slick nest between her feet—but then I wanted to see them again. That was a big part of it, seeing those luscious, pale feet around my red prong, and when I looked, the view was so fucking hot I started to gush my load.

She made a happy sort of moan/giggle when she felt my jizz squirting and she pressed her feet tighter together to really give me a fuck! I kept thrusting and pulling, shoving and yanking until everything was out, and then I sat back, totally buzzed at what I’d just done. I could see huge globs of spunk collecting in the bottom of her bowl, and when I looked up, she seemed just as jazzed as I was! She started rubbing her feet together, making my jizz smear all over, and then she reached down and started massaging my cum all over her feet like lotion!

If I hadn’t just gushed, the sight of her doing that would’ve gotten me right up to the verge I can tell you.

Then we both leaned back against the railing again to watch the orgy continue. I thought she wasn’t going to say anything about what just happened and just go back to laughing at our friends, but at one point she leaned toward me.

“…that was so sexy it turned me totally on…” she whispered, and then she leaned back her way. Even with a limp prick I turned to her and made her look.

“I just gotta eat your snatch or something,” I said to her. I guess I must’ve looked really desperate. I know I sounded that way. But it was true. She’d serviced me three times already and though she’d made little cutesy noises when I’d spurt off, I don’t think she’d really gotten off at all! Then, just like that, she raised her right arm and bent it behind her head—giving me a nice view of her smoothly shaved armpit—turned her head toward it and ran her tongue slowly against it! My prick lifted up, and when she finished licking herself (like some gorgeous cat or something!), she lowered her arm and simply smiled at me. About five minutes later I was kneeling there, thrusting my freshly-oiled boner under her arm—front-to-back—and wound up gushing about five minutes after that.

I was spent. I had a couple more beers, a smoke, but though we both resumed our viewing of the craziness indoors, each time I glanced over her way, my cock twitched a little. I thought of all the places I hadn’t screwed her yet and it seemed endless.

For the next couple of hours, on and off, this incredible babe and I fucked. Well, I fucked her mostly. Between her tits, behind her knee, and lastly, with her escort tuzla just giving me a hand-job. And it was one of the best hand-jobs I’d ever had in my life from a female! She knew exactly how to do it. Only a couple of drops of jiz came out of me by that time, and my pecker felt like it was cramping instead of ejaculating, but it was wonderful. I sat there for a long time watching those drops oozing down over her hand, and when she finally let go I looked up into her smiling eyes.

“I just need to eat you or finger you or something,” I said to her, and she lowered her eyes bashfully.

“If you want, you can screw me in the butt again,” she offered.

“I want your cunt,” I said.

“Well, my ass is…it’s actually the only hole I have down there….” she said, and for a moment it just didn’t register. I kept looking at her, trying to get it, and couldn’t.

“You…you don’t recognize me, do you?” she asked in a soft, almost whispered voice. I shook my head. “I know I look different now, but…really look at me….”

I did. Nothing.

But then, the whole only hole I have… thing hit me and I got really pissed off, really fast. I reached down between her thighs and into the crotch of her g-string, reached down further underneath her, and felt it—a cock! It was semi-hard and somehow fastened back up under her, but it was definitely a dick—this she was a he! I was just about to haul back and give him a smack across the face but stopped when I saw the look in that same face. Like…hurt or grief or some such shit. Like someone had died!

And that’s when I realized who this was—by the eyes, by that expression. I’d had that same expression when my mother and father and younger sister had died in that plane crash; that same sorta lost emptiness that just happens.

And…my brother, who was the twin to our sister, had had that same look. My brother—

—”Stanley?” I asked, and he—she—it—nodded.

“Stacy, actually,” my brother whispered. “I changed it…legally….” I felt whatever that’s called—revulsion. I’d just spent hours fucking my own year-younger brother!

“So how could you not tell me?” I raged at him, and he shrank away from me.


“Because what?”

“…because I didn’t want to ruin anything,” he/she said. She—I’ll just call her ‘she’ because she was still chick-like; I’d deal with the gay-thing later—turned her head and lowered it and wasn’t looking at me anymore. Then she took a breath and sighed.

“I…always thought of you,” she went on. “But…in a different way. Susan (our sister who died), and I would always kid around about how cool you looked and how handsome she thought you were, and on and on, and…well, I don’t think I ever told her, but…I thought you were handsome too, and…sexy…. And then all that shit happened….

My mind was just swarming with memories, some of them not so good, but some really nice. I sighed and leaned back against the railing, staring off at the orgy going on behind the huge picture windows. The music sounded like a dull thump through the glass so it was blaring inside. Then I heard the person next to me take a breath.

“…did you…did you ever, you know….with Susan?” Stacy whispered, and I got instantly defensive. But the feeling passed just as fast. I nodded even knowing my brother couldn’t see.

“Yes,” I said. “But it wasn’t all the way. It was when we were all back in college and you two were there, and…well, we wound up doing stuff. Like oral stuff. Felt really bad the next day, like I’d sinned and God would punish me, and…I guess he did; took her and mom and dad away from me….”

“From us,” Stacy corrected, and I nodded. It was true.

“I fucked everything up,” I said.

“Actually, no you didn’t,” Stacy murmured. “It wasn’t your fault. In fact…that explains a lot to me. There was this one night when Susie came back to the dorm room all smiles and stuff, and she wouldn’t tell me what had happened, but that she was ‘glad it finally did.’ I never found out what it was. After that she was just always happy, and then it was two weeks later on the semester break that, you know….”

I nodded. I remembered really well. I remembered feeling remorse, and guilt. I remembered dropping out of college and remembered all the binges and winding up in the hospital, and a whole bunch of other shit.

“You really made her happy,” my sister went on. It really was easier to think of my brother that way. Sister. “She was like floating on clouds that whole time, and…I’m just glad, is all. I never knew until just now, but I’m really glad. The thing is though, I secretly had the same sort of feelings toward you, but I never told anybody—not even Susan. I think it would’ve grossed both of you out….”

“Well, you never were much of a ‘manly man,” I said. I hoped it would lighten things up because I was on the verge of tears right then. I could only remember how sweet it was to be with Susan, how much we both wanted that single, weird, taboo thing to happen that night, and how we finally let ourselves go. I remembered how it was afterwards; how warm and wonderful and intimate it was.

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