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Revenge is a Wonderful Thing

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The best Revenge is a revenge fuck!

Our company Christmas party was a success! People dancing, drinking and just letting off steam. There was so much going on I lost track of my wife as all the guy’s wanted a dance and hug. She looked great in her seasonal sweater and skirt. I was proud of her looks and ability to fit right in.

I did my share of drinking and dancing, even a couple slow dances with the boss’s wife where she pressed against me and hummed to the music. Very beautiful. She was the only lady in the room who might be Pegs equal.

I had spoken several times with her in the past and she was very well spoken as well as sophisticated. Ted was a lucky guy too.

Returning to work after the company Christmas party found me in a great mood as I had received a large bonus and a plaque from my boss giving me the man of the year award. I put in long days and some nights to earn that. I had plans for taking Peg, my wife to Hawaii with the money. We deserved a vacation, I worked a lot of nights to earn it.

I thought we were a good couple, married seven years, I still looked trim and in good shape. I still got interested looks from women from time to time, but not like Peg.

Peg was a vision. Everyone liked Peg. She was about 5’6″ with short dark hair cut into a kind of pixie, ready for action look. Her legs were to die for but it was her breasts that got to me. Barely a ‘B cup with pale small nipples, they begged to be adored and fondled. No sag to these beauty’s, and no need for a bra most of the time. They pointed right at you, especially if she was aroused, her nipples hardened and when they giggled under a sweater or tee shirt, gave a man reason to stare.

I smiled and nodded at the receptionist. She smiled, “Good morning Mr. Stewart!”

Sitting down and checking my inbox, I found the usual inter office stuff and then a small greyish envelope saying ‘open me first. Never saw one of those before.

Well that got my interest up and opening it, an SD card fell out on my desk. Picking it up and seeing it was marked Christmas Party I pondered who could have dropped it off.

I slid it in my computer port and checked it for any virus, there being only one file on it, I opened it up.

My world was literally to come crashing down around me.

A phone camera was being slowly moved towards a supply room door that was open enough to allow the phone to slip into the space and record the small room and its current occupants. The soft background music from the party covered any footstep noise.

The lighting was subdued, but the action came through loud and clear. The camera slowly turned sideways and I got a good panoramic view into the room.

“OH Ho!” I thought to myself, an inter-office tryst!

Looking around and seeing no coworkers in the unused office, I nudged the volume up, plugged my phones in and listened in while watching the screen as it adjusted to the low light conditions inside the room.

At first the sound was low so I closed my eyes in order to hear the voices better.

I smiled as the man grunted,” OH fuck baby! That is some great pussy! Don’t slow down now! I’m gonna fill your pussy til it’s flooded!” I heard his cock slamming deep into the woman’s wet pussy. Slurp, slurp, slurp!

Her pussy jutted into the air to receive every stroke he was making. She was quietly moaning in pleasures only a hard cock sliding into a willing pussy could provide.

‘That’s my boss, Ted White of the Manufacturing Company I worked for!” Way to go boss! Though why he wasn’t with his gorgeous wife was beyond me

I thought to myself and grinned. Ted was getting a little extra gift from some one!

“Oh Ted! Fuck me harder! This is better than the last time you fucked me! Ooh! You are so big and hard

I’m so wet my cunt is dripping. That feels so fucking goooooood!”

She began to pant hard with every thrust of Teds cock.

Whoa! I knew that voice! The woman eagerly having sexual intercourse with my boss was my wife!

I opened my eyes and watched as Ted and Peg were on the floor and he had my wife’s skirt pulled up to her waist, no panties, and her legs over his shoulders. His long dripping cock plunging steadily, in and out of Peggy’s cunt. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was now oohing with pleasure. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect and strained at her sweater for attention. They lay on a couple furniture pads laid out as a makeshift bed.

My stomach turned cold. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Ted’s hands pulled up Peg’s sweater and fondled her firm boobs and hard nipples. Her perfect tits fit Ted’s hands with the nipples being roughly rubbed by his thumbs. The carnal pleasure elicited a groan from Peggy as her ass lifted higher to accept more hard cock.

“More Ted! More!” My wife begged.

“Like that baby? I love your tits!” His fingers grabbed both nipples and pulled on them just as I did when we fucked each other in our bed.

Peggy arched her hips, offering Ted even more of her wet and willing kaçak iddaa pussy.

“I’m so close Ted, fuck me like I’m your whore! Come on! Fuck me like last week and cum deep in my cunt! I want to feel your dick pulse deep in my pussy.”

“I’m right on the edge! So close!” Her face was red and straining with desire, her hands reached behind Ted and pulled his ass closer to her pussy. “Harder Ted! Harder!”

Peg was whining with lust and sexual need. Every nerve ending ready to explode.

My heart turned to ice, I was frozen.

“Me too Peg! Let’s cum together!”

Teds hands spread her legs wide apart and slowly fucked in and out of my wife’s pussy as he breathed loud, like a bull. “This one will be better than the last time! You are so fucking sensuous Peg!”

Last time? How many other times were there?

I could see his cock beginning to swell, preparing to pulse and ejaculate deep into my fucking wife’s pussy..

“I’m close Peg, are you? I’m going to bust my nuts deep in you!” Ted said as he sank into my wife’s pussy and ground into her cunt.

Ted began to groan and leaning into Pegs face began kissing her deeply. His groan turned into grunts as I saw his ass tightening, loosening and shaking as Ted began a giant ejaculation deep within Peggy’s pussy. Hands squeezing her tits.

He remained perfectly still, his pulsing hard cock half in her pussy as Peg accommodated his need by arching up and taking every fucking inch of Ted’s meat. Looked like they had practiced this part before. They moaned out together, trading intimate fluids. I could smell the rich aroma from their loins fill the air.

Peg returned the passionate kiss and I watched as her stomach muscles began to flex and tighten as they did when her orgasm took control of her. I watched mesmerized as her pussy lips clasped tightly around Ted’s shaft as they fucked in and out. As if the tight lips of her pussy were helping pull Ted’s ejaculate fully into her.

It was so erotic, that if I was watching someone else I’d be jerking off.

“Oh! Oh! Shit Ted! Your cock is magical!” Peg squealed as her orgasm grew and she froze with Ted’s dick still deep and pulsing within her cunt. ” Ohhhhhh” She moaned.”Uhhhhh!”

Her pussy gushed a mixture of their fluids as she ground all over Ted’s cock, moaning at every movement. Fucking like it was her cock. I guess now it was.

Her long lovely legs wrapped around Ted’s ass and I watched as she pulled his crotch tightly to hers as she milked the last of Ted’s spunk into her quivering pussy. Her taut stomach muscles were grinding on Ted’s still hard dick, wanting every drop of spunk.

I forced myself to watch as they kissed a lovers kiss while slowly fucking one another sensuously, in quest for erotic aftershocks. There were several with both their body’s finding bliss and gratification. They rolled over breathing hard.

“Oh God Ted! That was fantastic, I can’t wait til we can fuck each other again!” Peg wheezed.

“Soon as possible Peg!. We’re gonna be missed soon. Let’s get back to the party.” Ted looked around for clothes.

As I sat there in shock, the camera quickly withdrew from the door and moments later, I heard a woman’s whisper, “Sorry you had to see this, but if I just told you, you’d never believe me, the husband never does.”

I remember removing the memory card and putting it into my pocket and getting up.

I remember telling the receptionist I had to leave as I felt ill, actually I was so sick to my stomach I threw up in the men’s room before getting in my car and escaping.

Well to skip all the small stuff, I ended up at my brother Steve’s law office shaking like a leaf.

His secretary took one look at me and yelled for Steve loudly. He came running thru his office door and the two of them guided the crying, shocked shell I had become into his office and plopped me in an overstuffed client chair.

“Get a bottle of whiskey Linda, two cups. I know this look! It’s either death or divorce!” Steve muttered.

Linda was back in a flash, worry etched on her face. “Here you are guys.” She offered two half full cups to Steve

“Come on bro, take a good pull on the booze- just to settle you down. It’s good stuff.”

I did as I was told. I felt the warmth from the drink spread over me like a quilt, settling down my fucked up stomach.

After waiting for me to calm down enough to speak, Steve asked the big question.

“What happened with Peg?” Right to the point, his years of experience showed.

Taking a deep breath and another swallow of bourbon, I looked at the floor and quietly said. “She’s fucking my boss, has been for some time. Someone videoed them at the party and left a memory card on my desk.””

“Ah crap!” Uttered Steve. “You have the proof?”

I reached into my pocket and quietly handed the SD card to my brother. “Don’t know if I want you seeing this.”

“I’m not, that’s Linda’s job.”

Steve handed Linda the evidence and she silently walked out of the room.

I sat there wordless kaçak bahis for several minutes. Just thinking.

“Any ideas what you want to do bro?”

“I would suggest you get away for a week or so, maybe to Mom’s house while we figure this out,” Steve said with a sour look on his face.

“We can make up a family emergency or some…” He looked at his opening door.

Linda walked in without knocking and put the card on the desk. She hadn’t been gone five minutes.

Looking at Steve she said, “Totally actionable Steve, and all the way!”

Walking out past me, Linda squeezed my shoulder and said. : Hang in there Jack, everything works out for the best in the end.”

“What’s she mean by that?” I asked Steve.

I found out it meant I was supposedly going home to mom’s house [two states over] for a week while Steve investigated. When actually I booked a room at a casino on the beach about three hours away.

I went home for a suitcase and told Peg a lie about mom having a problem and could she call Ted and explain I’d be out for a week or so., sure she’d be happy to- yeah right!

I guess it worked in with her plans as she didn’t question anything.

I packed quickly and left.

Backing out the driveway, I swore I saw her peeking out the window with her phone to her ear. Guess she couldn’t wait for me to leave town.

Peg called me the next day to ask about mom as Ted had told her I was white as a sheet when I left the office. Also when I thought I would return. I said,” probably the following Monday, but don’t count on it.

I was ambiguous when she asked me if I was okay, did something happen? I merely changed the subject and said mom was calling and I had to go .She said she loved me and I said uh-huh and hung up. I shook, I was so angry.

On Friday Steve called and invited me to his home Monday to discuss as he put it, options.

The drive back was convoluted, my mind jumped all over. Steve was a good attorney and I’m sure he had a good plan to resolve my anguish and anger. I just couldn’t get the images from the recording out of my brain. I knew we had been having great sex up until I was required to work several evenings a week, some til midnight. That’s when things in the bedroom cooled down with Peg having headaches or being too tired began. I just thought she was stressed also.

It’s obvious now who orchestrated the lovers initial fuck fest. My good old employer, Ted.

I replayed fantasies about my wife wanting someone else to fuck her, probably in my own bed. Ted probably saw the look when Peg came to the office and I was out or something.

Probably went like this.” Hi Peg! Looking for Jack? He’s out for a couple hours but hey! Would you like me to take you to our supply closet and fuck you crazy? I’ve got a fine cock.”

“Well sure Ted! I always wanted to feel your erection inside my wet folds, sliding in and out in rhythm with me! Let’s go, I’m ready! Can I suck on your penis? Maybe we can do it on a regular basis!”

Ted made me man of the year, but not in my house. I was the fool of the year there.

Steve was waiting for me when I arrived. Shaking my hand and then hugging me tight said, “We got them and can successfully litigate any way you want Jack.”

We sat in his office and looking me in the eye, asked. “You want a divorce, right?”

“Yes”. I said after a short pause. “I’ll never get that video outa my head.”

“Another question, do you want damages or recompense since this has been happening in his business and elsewhere. In this state you can sue for civil damage-basically you can get a lot of money from a lawsuit.” Steve’s face said he wanted a hot lawsuit!

“I’ll have to think on that one Steve. People could lose their jobs and security over that. People I’ve known for years” I looked down.

“Let me think on it.”

“Okay Jack, here’s what we have. My crew watched them both for three days and we have video and some damning audio that started the afternoon you left for the coast.” Steven paused. “There’s no doubt it’s been ongoing for some time.”

“They met at the same hotel every afternoon or evening last week for hours of fun and games .My guy’s said they acted like a married couple, didn’t even look around coming and going to the room.”

“I have drawn up the preliminary paperwork for you to approve. First the divorce with Peg and next the civil suit for Ted White.”

“If you do approve, I suggest we serve them both at the hotel at the same time for max effect and video their reactions- just to give your mind a little a bit of relief. My guys said they are registered today as Mr. and Mrs. White. When they arrive, we’ll give them a couple minutes and then knock and serve.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Let’s do it. And that afternoon at four p.m. they did.

That evening at Steve’s house, seven p.m. we met to view the video of the deputy serving the blue legal documents.

I had spent the afternoon at my bank transferring half of the money Peg and I shared, then renting illegal bahis a nice one bedroom loft downtown. My retirement funds and investments were being handled by Steve’s girl Linda. I would be okay while I got my life back together.

I had been told to turn my phone off before they were served as Steve wanted no contact between Peg, Ted and myself.

I cheated and checked calls and messages for only a moment. Whew! There were over two dozen calls and texts! My phone beeped with another incoming call from a Janice White but I turned it off before I got in trouble with Steve.

It was just Steve and I sitting in front of his large TV that was set up for SD. Steve poured us a drink said. “They are pissed and I still don’t want you talking to them, understand?”

“I understand, you do all the talking.”

Steve turned on the recording and once again I saw Ted and Peg, hand in hand, grinning like a horse eating briars, walking from a car to a hotel door. Opening the door to room 115, they walked in and closed it.

Steve advanced the video 5 minutes and a deputy sheriff in uniform walked up and knocked on the door with his video cam on, showing the door perfectly.

He knocked again, louder this time and Ted’s voice answered nervously, “Who is it, what do you want?”

“Deputy Sheriff with papers for Mrs. Stewart, open the door please.

“There’s no Mrs. Stewart here, just me and my wife.” Came Ted’s ridiculous reply.

The deputy, having done this many times, knocked louder and spoke with authority.

“Look Mr. White, I know Mrs. Stewart is inside with you and I have papers for her, I’m prepared to wait and knock until she comes to the door, it will take less than a minute and then you can go on with your business!”

He was Cool!

“Okay, Okay!” I heard Peg’s voice as the door lock and chain were heard being undone. The door opened and Peg stood there with her hand out. “What’s this all about?”

The deputy merely handed her the papers and said. “You’ve been served Mrs. Stewart.”

Ted was now sharing the doorway and pompously asked, “What is this all about?”

The deputy handed the other set of documents to Ted and smiling calmly said. “Mr. White you too have been served.”

Turning from the now open mouthed lovers the deputy walked to his car and drove away.

The view switched to another camera in a vehicle with a telephoto lens and showed the couple opening the folded papers.

Peg put her free hand to her eyes and said, “I can’t believe it! Jack wants a divorce, what the hell? Did he find a bimbo or?”

Turning to look at Ted and the open hotel door she uttered, “Oh shit Ted.”

Ted looked up from his papers and dropping them to the ground, closed his eyes and murmured. “The bastard is suing me and the company for fucking you,”

Turning he walked into the room in search for his phone.

Fifteen minutes later they left in his car.

It was two weeks before I saw Peg and her attorney in Steve’s office. She looked defiant as Steve read off the settlements he and I agreed on. She got the house, with the payments and most of the furniture. I got the guest bedroom set and my garage stuff. There was no cash settlement as Steve reasoned I was the injured party.

Peggy jumped on that and hissed we had no real proof of infidelity and they were merely working together on another business deal. I don’t know if she was mad for being caught or knowing she would need to go back to work.

Steve simply turned his laptop around towards Peggy and hit play. There they were, in the storage room, having that private party. No one moved but me, I turned to Peg and just stared.

With the video still playing, Peg and her attorney stood up and saying. “We’ll be in touch.” walked out the door followed by my stare.

I guess you know that I was quietly laid off from my position with no severance. Lucky for me I had Steve guiding me-it reduced the stress immensely. I didn’t even go back to clean out my office.

Several days later, I was sitting with Steve and his secretary when his cell phone beeped and he answered.

It was Peg’s attorney and after several minutes of polite conversation, Steve said,” thank you for the call, we’ll be touch about the civil discussion.” His eye brows scrunched together as he said.

“So you won’t be handling the civil litigation?”

Do you know who is?” Steve listened for several minutes and made some notes I could not see.

“Ah! I understand, Well thank you very much for the heads up!”

Steve hung up and smiled at me. “Total success! She agreed to it all!”


Steve continued. “And someone else is handling the civil suit and wants a sit down to renegotiate, I think we should hear them out. The situation is fluid and interesting.”

“Basically they want to save the company for the sake of the employees and the city businesses that rely on it.”

“Okay with me, what do they want?” I asked.

“From what he told me, Mr. White has been divorced, demoted and transferred to the west coast. It seems he was a figurehead and the real boss is the wife, Mrs. White. Her family owns the corporation that owns White, hell, they started it seventy five years ago.

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