Mar 31

Rite of Passage

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You learn a lot about someone by the way they act after you tell them you love them, or at least tell them that you love something about them. The next day, things could have gone in a very serious direction. Amy’s twenty. I didn’t fuck around with twenty-year-old girls even when I was twenty. (There’s more to the Aunt Judy story than I told Amy. Let’s just say Judy had me over a lot that summer and she gave me a lasting taste for older women. We’ll get back to that.)

Would Amy latch on to that last thing I told her, before we slept, and run with it? I’m the one who unpacked her stuff and gave her a place to keep it, a place to stay for the week. Then I go and tell her there are things—things, plural, for Christ’s sake!—that I love about her. What was I thinking? Too late now.

She came back from class late in the afternoon, exhausted. She fell right on the bed and slept. That was fine with me. I was working on a Tennessee Williams paper and anyway, if she had plans to give me the third degree about what I’d said the night before, then her nap was just what I wanted, a reprieve. The interrogation might have been inevitable, but I would take whatever break I could get.

At six-thirty she came padding out of the bedroom in her cute stocking feet and the clothes she’d worn to school. She yawned her way through “I need a shower” and disappeared into the bathroom. I hadn’t eaten so when she came out wrapped in a towel I asked her about dinner. “I ate a late lunch,” she said as she stepped into the bedroom and out of sight again. She came out freshly dressed in a pair of my pajama pants and an old faded hooded sweatshirt, two articles of clothing that I hadn’t worn in a while. I couldn’t have found them if you’d paid me to look for them.

“Where’d you find that stuff?”

“In a drawer. Is this okay?”

“Keep ’em. They look cute on you.”

“Am I cute?”

She struck a few silly poses, with shy little-girl faces to match.

“You’d make a Teddy Bear jealous.”

I went back to my typing before I said that. She kissed me quick and sweet on the cheek and snatched an onion ring off a plate. Re-heated lunch. She took another.

“Is that your dinner?”

“Leftovers. Not hungry tonight.”

She plopped into the kitchen chair opposite me.

“What are you writing?”

“A paper called ‘Fuck Tennessee Williams.’ You remember him, right?”

She laughed. “How was class?”

“Energetic. It’s a great course. I’m glad I went. Yours?”

“Boring, all of them. I needed four coffees just to make it through them all.”


She snatched another ring off the plate and her mouth was full again when she said, “So what is it you love about me?”

The air in the kitchen changed. My fingers stopped typing. I did not look up at her.

“Besides all the sucking and fucking, I mean.”

My mouth moved, but no words came out.

“Because those came in last place, right?”

I was rather nervously biting my bottom lip, trying to remember the last time I had been cornered this way. I couldn’t think of a time. And here, now, in my own home, no less, when I knew it was coming. You’re slipping, old man, is the only thing that came to mind.

“Look, Amy… I didn’t mean to-“

She almost fell out of the chair laughing and pointed a finger right across the table at me.

“HA!! You should see your face! I… GOT… YOOOOUUUU!”

I gave her a good-natured smirk, from a man defeated, because fuck it, right? She earned it.

But I also threw an onion ring at her. It bounced off her tit and fell on the floor. She picked it up and blew on it before she ate it.

“Hee! Hee! I’ve been waiting all day to do that!” she said, mouth full and chewing. Her table manners would fit right in at a bar. I didn’t mind a bit.

I put an onion ring in my mouth and talked to her the same way.

“Very good! You win this round.”

She came around the table and sat across my lap. She hugged me around the neck and laid her head on my shoulder. For a moment she said nothing, and in my mind’s eye I thought that we must look like a sweet daddy-daughter photo. It took me back to the night when all this really got going. She shifted her hips in my lap. That and the daddy-daughter image got my cock stirring. She felt it and grinded down with a little more intent.

“Someone’s waking up!” she said, before her tongue found my ear.

“He knows his favorite little girl is home,” I said.

She removed her tongue long enough to answer me.

“His favorite little girl?”

“Mm-hmmm. Daddy’s little girl.”

Her tongue shot back into my ear, hotter and wetter. She pushed down into my cock and started to rock her ass.

“You know what?”

“What?” I said.

“You haven’t fucked me in almost twenty-four hours… Daddy.”

“Let’s do something about that.”

Life’s not a football field, but when you’re built like a linebacker, you can do things some guys can’t. I stood up and lifted her with me. I carried her toward the bedroom.

“Ooooo, Daddy! You never carried me this way before! Are you gonna carry me and fuck me, like your Aunt Judy got fucked?”

I stopped in the middle of the living room and looked at her. We were pendik escort eye to eye.

“No one’s fucking anyone. Not yet.”

She looked puzzled. I said nothing. I placed her on the bed and turned the lights on, all of them. (Fucking in a dark room is for pencil dicks and church group ladies who cheat on their husbands.) I stripped, shirt first. I got an “Mmmm…” from her. That became an “Oh my!” when I pulled my shorts off. John Thursday was flag-pole straight and begging for attention.

“Come over here, big, fat-dick Daddy!”

“Not yet.”

She puffed out her bottom lip like a pouty kid who has to wait for Christmas morning to open her presents.

“Stand up. Take your clothes off.”

She stood up on the bed and got naked.

“Give them to me.”

She walked across the bed and handed me the clothes.

“Here’s your hoodie back, Daddy!”

She put on a cute voice but I ignored it. She tried to push a nipple into my face but I avoided it with a slight dodge of my head. I threw the clothes on a reading chair across the room.

“Sit down right there.” I pointed to all the pillows at the head of the bed. “And get comfortable.”

“What are we doing?”

I let her question hang there for a bit. I went to her bag and took out her phone. I handed it to her.

“Open the camera.”

She got excited.

“Oooo! Dirty pics! I love it!”

I made a mental note to ask her about that later, since the idea didn’t seem new to her. She handed the phone back to me. I set it on a lamp stand and hit ‘RECORD.’

“Not pics, little girl. Video.”

“Bedroom porn? Ooooo, naughty!”


I heard her sigh a little. It wasn’t stress-free.

“You’re confusing me.”

“No, I’m interviewing you.”

“Interviewing me?”


“Is this a class project? Did Tennessee Williams interview women before he fucked them?”

I checked the angle of the camera. It needed re-centered. I fiddled with it as I answered her. “I don’t think he fucked any women, honey.” The camera was ready now. I moved toward the bed. “And that’s one thing right there.”

She looked confused again.

“That’s one what thing right where?”

“One thing I love about you.”

I sat on the bed next to her. When she smiles big and genuine, her eyes sparkle. They did now.

“Oh… what?”

“Your sense of humor. Your jokes. You have the timing of a professional comic.”

“My dad says I’m funny.”

“Oh, does he?” I looked up and down at her sexy naked little self, now that she was relaxed again and reclining back in the pillows. “I bet he’d say a lot of things if he saw you right now.”

“Is that what the interview is all about?”

“Yes, and no. Ready?”

She wasn’t quite.

“Why my phone?”

“So you’ll know I’m doing this for you, not for me. You can delete it whenever you want. I don’t even want a copy.”

“Why not?”

“It’ll all be up here.” I pointed at my head.

“I want it all down here.” She pulled her pussy open.

I shifted to the middle of the bed, facing her. My legs were spread. Hers too, still. I put the soles of our feet together. Seeing how ready her pussy already was, I felt John Thursday start to stir. At the moment he was lying thick and soft along my inner thigh, but the show she put on brought him back to life a little. She noticed.

“Mmmmm… I love watching you get hard.”

“Tell me about that.”

“About you getting hard?”

“No, about you liking to see hard cocks.”

“Wait, is this the interview?”

“It is.”

“Then wait, I wasn’t ready.”

She pushed her hands lightly through her hair. She reached for a small pillow and held it at her side, like a doll or a security blanket. It was the first time I had seen her look nervous.

“Ready now?”

“Is this about my sex life?”

“It’s about a lot of things.”

“But my sex life is the topic.”


She hugged the pillow tighter. Time to play director. The camera was rolling.

“One of the things I love about you is your honesty. It’s fucking courageous. That’s a monster fucking turn-on.”

“Why do you think it’s courageous to be honest?”

“You told me a week ago that you came all over yourself thinking about riding your dad’s giant dick. Pick out ten girls in any of your classes, none of them would tell that story, or any story remotely like it.

“You got balls, kid. Big ones.”

Her eyes positively glittered with the smile that brought on. Mission accomplished. Her next line told me so.

“I like big balls.”

I’m not a compulsive smiler, but I gave back the best I could to match hers. I added a wink.

“Now you’re ready.”

I started with a preamble, and some instructions.

“You love fucking. You love giving head. I want to know how you got to be such a fiery, brave little lover at such a young age. Anything I say or ask, just say yes or no if you agree or if you don’t. If I want more, I’ll tell you.”


Do you know why I like fucking with the lights on?”


“Keeps us honest. I don’t trust what I can’t see. Make a face. Look me in the eye. Do whatever. Don’t hide it. Shine a light on it. escort pendik Understand?”


“You like the lights on?”


“You like to see my fat cock coming at you?”

“Mmmm, yes!”

“Like to see it sticking out when I walk around hard?”


“Do you remember the first hard cock you saw, in person?”


“When was it?”

“My nineteenth birthday party.”

“You were still a virgin at nineteen.”


“Okay. You saw a cock at your party, and you got fucked?”


“Tell me.”

“We played truth or dare, and my sister April got dared to suck a guy’s cock.”

“And she did?”


“Right there in the room?”


“Did that excite you.”



“I was a little drunk, and horny. I wanted to see a dick.”

“Who was the guy?”

“The one who said ‘truth or dare’ to her, to April.”

“Did you know him?”

“Kind of. He went to school with April. They’re two years older.”

“What happened?”

“He took his dick out and-“


“Oh yes!”


“I thought so then.”


“After yours and my dad’s? No.”

“So then what?”

“She sucked him for like three minutes, maybe.”


“No. But he jerked it off after she stopped.”

“And he came?”

“He did.”


“Into his other hand.”

“What do you remember most about that experience?”

“That I was jealous. I wanted to suck it for her.”

“How long after that before you lost your virginity?”

“Two days.”

“Tell me.”

“I gave a guy my number at my party, a guy from here, from campus. He called me and we went out after my shift.”

“And you fucked him?”


She saw my cock stand up. My legs were still spread, my feet still near hers. John Thursday was standing tall, rising up from the root above my heavy balls, listening.

“Do you see that?” I pointed to him.


“You know why I’m hard now?”



“You like hearing about me fucking.”

“I like knowing I have a bad girl sitting here.”

“I am a bad girl!”

“Were you a bad girl that night, after your shift?”


“Tell me.”

“We went to his parents’ house. They live close to school. He said they were away. We went in and talked. I saw his room. He had a poster of a hot girl on his wall. I made a joke about it. He said it was his jerk off poster and asked me if I wanted to see him do that.”

“And what did you say?”


“Did you want to see him jerk off?”



“I wanted his cock!”

“When he picked you up after your shift at work, did you know he was going to get pussy that night?”


“When did you know?”

“When he told me his parents were away.”

“He took you there to fuck you?”


“And you went there to fuck?”


“Did he jerk off for you?”


“Tell me why not.”

“When he took it out, I just dropped down to suck it.”

“Suck what, Amy?”

“Suck his cock!”

“Did you suck it?”

“God yes!”

“Did he come?”



“My mouth. I swallowed it.”

“A lot?”


“How did that feel, to swallow a big load of cum on your first blow job?”

“Made me wet!”

“What happened then?”

I was jerking off for her now. She said, “I want to do it for you!” I motioned for her to sit still. Her nipples were straining to be harder than they already were. She bit her bottom lip. I kept jerking, slowly, with long, deliberate strokes.

“Tell me what happened then.”

“He ate me a while.”

“And then fucked you when he got hard?”


“Was it a terrific fuck?”


“Then skip it. I want to know about the first fuck that made you scream.”

“Are you sure?”

“Never ask me that again.”


“So you had a fuck that made you scream.”



“Two weeks before I met you.”

“Tell me.”

“A customer at the restaurant flirted with me all night. He wrote me a note on the check. He said he would wait outside for me.”

“And what did you say?”

“I said yes, wait for me.”


“He was hot, and he looked like he had a big dick.”

“How could you tell?”

“He went to the bathroom and I saw him walking. I could see.”

“See what?”

“See the bulge in his pants.”

“You said yes to him, when he asked to meet you after work.”


“Did you know he was going to get pussy that night?”


“Why did you know that?”

“Because I was going to let him fuck me.”

“With what, Amy?”

“With his big dick.”

“Did he?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, he fucked me with his big dick.”

I reached down and pulled her feet to me. She slid down to her back. She made a sound of surprise, and sex.

“Touch your clit.”

“Okay. Mmmmmmmm… YES!”

“Do you remember his big dick?”

“Mmmm, yes!”

“When did you see it pendik escort bayan the first time?”

“In his car.”

“Tell me, and remember it when you tell me.”

She already had her eyes closed. I moved between her legs and started playing with her cunt, gently.

“Tell me, Amy.”

“Okay…Oh, god! Mmmmmm…”

“In his car.. what?”

“I saw his cock!”

“How did you get there? Tell me everything.”

“Mmmmm! Okay… I talked to him outside the restaurant for a few minutes. He said he was a teacher and a judo team coach. He kissed me.”

“You let him?”



I was kissing the inside of her thighs now. I wanted things to go slower.

“Tell me everything.”

She was lying as still as she could, legs so wide, and her hands flat on the bed.

“I drove to the dorm and he followed me. He waited outside for me to shower and change. I came out and he asked me where we should go. I said somewhere without many people. He smiled and started driving.

“We parked behind his judo school. It was dark. He asked me if I wanted to see inside. I said yes. He said there was a rule.”

“A rule? Tell me.”

“I had to take off a piece of clothing before we went inside.”

“Did you agree?”

“I said he had to show me his dick before I took off any clothes.”

“Very bold.”



“He took it out.”

“Took what out?”

“His cock.”

“Did you look at it?”



“I wanted it!”


“It was so big and hard.”

She couldn’t have known what was coming next. I had covered the head of my cock with some saliva from my hand. John Thursday was primed. Before Amy could open her eyes to see anything, I was on my knees, dropping my hips between her thighs, and sending John Thursday deep. BAM! One stroke, and home!


Her eyes flew open. She grabbed me by the back of both arms and wrapped her legs around me. I sunk to the balls and stayed there, motionless, looking right at her.

“Big and hard like me, baby?”


“Did you see this kind of thick meat in his car?”


I started fucking her, slowly. She met every thrust in rhythm. Soon we were right where we always ended up.

“Tell me more, bad girl!”

“More what? Oh, fuck me, baby!”

“More about Mr. Big Cock in the Car.”

“I sucked him right there.”

“Till he came?”


“Mmmmmmm…” I slowed the pace. I wanted her off balance. This was my interview.

“Mmmm! Fuck me more, baby!”

“We will. Did you swallow him all, baby?”

“I did!”

“How big?”

“Mmmm! Big and hard. My hand didn’t fit around it.”

We were eyes on each other, and the slow rhythm was working for both of us. She knew now where this was coming from, how this was going to go.

“And then?”

“We went inside. He took off my clothes.”


“The walls are all mirrors. He fucked me and we watched in the mirrors.”

“Mmmm! Did you like that?”

“I loved it!”

“How long?”

“All night.”

“All night?”

“Mm-hmm, Daddy!”

“Daddy was worried you were out all night.”

She took the turn and ran with it.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I was busy all night.”

“Too busy to call Daddy, and tell him you were okay?”

“Yes, Daddy. Sorry.”

“Were you busy… working?”

“No, Daddy.”

On every no, I sent John Thursday just a bit deeper. She shuddered and let out a breath, a “Huh!” with a deep, bad-girl smile that stretched across her face.


“Mmm! No, Daddy!”

“Doing homework?”

“No, Daddy!!”

“Then busy what, baby?”


“You were fucking, all night?”


“And did Daddy’s little girl like fucking all night?”


“Did she come?”


“Is she coming now!!”


She thrashed like a fish. I gripped her at the shoulders and drove deeper. The more she screamed, the deeper I went. When it subsided, she thought we were done, but we were just getting started.

I slowed until the motions were so deliberate the inches almost announced themselves. I lifted her knees as far up to her head as they would go and made sure there were no more depths to explore.


As I started bouncing her legs along the sides of her head. She got what I had waited a month to give her, the big round head of fat John Thursday pressing her g-spot on every stroke. It didn’t take long after that.


The river flowed. I’m too filling to let the squirts come out, but the flood rolled, in hot flows that soaked her ass and everything else. A new world had been discovered. The scream was everlasting.


I was pumping cock and her legs, all up and down and in and out in a rhythm no man can teach another. You know it when you find it, and then you never forget it. Amy would never forget this one.

“Is daddy making his little bad girl come?”


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