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Road to the Sun Ch. 07

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Comments and votes are welcome. Thank you.

I would like to thank GrandTeton for his editing and guidance and time spent.

Thank You

Road to the Sun: Chapter 07


Melody’s heart sank. She knew that the time had come for this, but she wasn’t looking forward to it.

“What about?”

“About this.”

Clarie handed Melody Cindy’s Diary, which was open to the last entry. Melody read it.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while since last time I wrote. I promise that I will do my best to write more often. This very afternoon something happened between Mel and me. I’ve told you in the past that we enjoyed exploring each other sexually, but today is the first time that I can say that we made love. I know, I said that I was in love before with a certain someone in high school. He turned out to be a douche bag. The sex that we had was great and I had thought, at the time, that it was love that we made. I was wrong.

To tell the tale of our time together… Hmm, all those Ts.

The twin’s tight twats were tweaked, twiddled and twirled till telltale thunderous tones foretold the threatening orgasms. Twice more the twats were teased till the twain trembled and twerked through their tumultuous orgasm.

What happened this afternoon blew my mind. Our touches were tender and the time we spent together was truly pure bliss. I found my true love. I will never leave her. The two of us shall be together for all eternity.

Sorry, my dear friend, I thought I was done for today, but I just had my mind blown away yet again.

I wasn’t going to tell even you, my dear friend, the conversation that we had after our love session. The only reason why I am now is due to what took place later.

Melody had told me that she had fallen in love with James also. Not only that but that they had made love on the creek bank last weekend. I didn’t believe her at first of course. Until the event that took place after we gave James a bath and a massage. It’s a bit hard to put into words what happened.

It’s a bit ironic in a way. Who would have thought that the very reason that I broke up with my last boyfriend would take place today? Do you remember? He told a group of his friends that he had sex with Mel and me at the same time. Then James knocked his lights out. Well, that’s what happened, but it was James who got to have sex with us. Or was it making love also? All I know is that Melody and James made love, while I made love to her. Then I got the surprise of my life! James fucked me doggie style while I ate his seed from Melody’s womb. Feeling James flood my pussy with his cum made me have the best orgasm of my life!

I’ve known for a while that I loved James, but I think I might be in love with him also, at least in lust for sure. All I know for now is that I don’t want any other man but him. I can say that that won’t be the last time we get together. Well, I’ll let you go for now. James and I are going to do laundry; with luck, maybe I’ll do something else?

Not only did Melody’s heart sink, but now she felt like shit. She dropped Cindy’s Diary to the mattress and looked at the floor. She tried to brace herself for the coming onslaught.

“So… How long have you and James been knocking boots?”

“Maybe two weeks.” Melody’s voice was just above a whisper.

“You love him?”

“With all my heart.”

“You know it makes you look like a hypocrite?”

That pissed Melody off. She looked her eldest sister in the eyes: “Hypocrite?! How the fuck does it make me a hypocrite?!”

“By not allowing me to have sex with James while you are!”

“I’m mad at you for forcing him to have sex after he told you no! I’d be fine with it if he had said yes! But he didn’t!”

“For the record, he didn’t tell me no. HE just said: ‘if things were different’. So, you’d be ok if he had said yes back then?”

Melody laughed a bit: “Well, no. I wanted him to take my virginity when I took his.”

“James was a virgin?”


“Fuck, so, I guess I got his v-card for BJs then.”

“That and for being the first pussy to play with.”

“Well, you seem to know what we did. Tell me about your first time.”


Claire listened to her sister tell the tale of the cleaning of the Liberty wood stove’s pipes. Being chased around by the slime zombie calling for brains. The bath in the creek that turned into the hot sex scene on the creek bank, which, by the way, made her wet as ever to listen to. Melody left out no detail.

They both started back to cleaning the small cabin that they called home. They hauled the mattress and area rug outside and beat them, they swept the floor for the umpteenth time and mopped. All the while Melody continued to tell of all the sexual escapades she and her brother had been involved in, in detail. She told the time about cutting firewood and giving James a blowjob. How she had to swallow and ended up taking his cock into her throat. That is how she learned pendik escort to deep throat. She told of the time she rode her brother cowgirl style while they cut wood. She also told of the time she sucked his cock at the gate last weekend. All of her tales had Claire so horny that she could feel her own pussy juices running down the inside of the thigh.

“Sis! Please stop! I can’t take it anymore. If you keep up with those stories, I’ll have to rub one out right here and now.” She turned towards Melody and noticed her sister was flushed in the face. Not just there, however; her neck and chest were a crimson color as well. While looking at her chest she noted that her sister’s areolas were puffy and her nipples looked hard. She scanned her sister’s body downwards and could see the tell-tale signs of a freshly fucked cunt leaking pussy juice and sperm down the inside of her thigh.

“So – What did it feel like?”

“Felt pretty fucking good!”

“I mean – how did it feel to have a naked cock inside you?”

“A naked cock?”

“Yeah, one not protected by a condom. I should have said bareback.”

“Well… I’m not sure what a cock feels like with a condom on, but I imagine it would be more like a smooth dildo if it had one. I could feel the flair of the head as it raked my g-spot, the veins as they slid in and out of me, its heat and how it seemed to get hotter as it grew…”

“Okay, stop it! I really can’t take hearing anymore.”

“You’re the one that asked.”

“Let’s just get back to cleaning and then get a bath. I feel all sticky.”


Cindy had two more loads to go; the one that she was currently working on was James’ work pants. With James being James, she checked the pockets. She found a business card in the last one. Looking at it, she noticed it belonged to one CLP, Mariah Barnes, a park ranger. She flipped it over and read the back: “Let’s go out for drinks”. Followed by a phone number and a XOXO.

Cindy knew that James didn’t have the balls to ask some skank for her number, so she put it in her pocket and thought she would ask him about it later. She loaded the last load of blankets into a triple washer then glanced over to James. He looked tired standing next to the dryers. She closed the door and started the machine, then walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the lips. The first kiss that they had ever shared, and it was passionate, tongues intertwining.

James broke the kiss: “People could be watching.”

“So, they don’t know we’re siblings,” she whispered into his ear.

“True, but it feels weird.”

“Kissing me feels weird?”

“No, I actually like the kissing. Just that it feels strange to be doing it in public.”

She straddled his thigh and then started to kiss him again, grinding her pussy against him as the kiss became hotter. She could feel his hands grab her ass and pulled her tighter against him. She broke the kiss this time: “James, I want you to fuck me again.”

“What!? Now?” he whispered as softly as he could manage.

“No, but before we get back.”

“What about dinner?”

“It would be cold anyway. What’s a little longer going to do? Make it colder?”

“Speaking of dinner, what should we get?”

“Pizza! It’s still good when it’s cold.”

“Okay, what should we get on it?”

“Hmm, pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives.”

“Extra cheese?”

“Sure. But we better get two larges. I’m starved and I think I’ll be even hungrier after you fuck me again.”

She was about to kiss him again when the first washer buzzed signaling the end of the wash cycle. And thus the marathon of shifting clothes from washers to dryers began again.


“I take it by your questions that you’ve never had sex bareback before?” Melody asked as she poured the rinse water down Claire’s back.

“No, never.”

“So, I guess that means you’ve never felt a guy’s cock swell and get really hot just a moment before he sprays his hot cum into you. Never felt that hot seed splash against your cervix, time and time again.” Melody said this, not to get an answer, but to arouse her sister. Watching Claire shudder and listening to her breathing turn erratic turned Melody on.

She had never considered having sex with her oldest sister before, but now, not only was she thinking about it, she was actively seducing her. Melody gently eased Claire out of the galvanized tub and started to dry her with the same towel she had used. Claire was stunning, a goddess in her own right. A bit taller than herself, and with larger breasts, her sister was the type of woman that Melody loved to go after. The only reason why she hadn’t gone after her before was probably that Claire had scolded Cindy and her about their sex being incest. Claire couldn’t use incest as an excuse this time; maybe she could protest sex with another woman, but Melody was sure she could get Claire so aroused that she would just go with the flow.

Melody moved closer to her sister and used the corner of the towel escort pendik and part of her hand to wipe along her sister’s slit.

“Did you like it when James ran his hands along your pussy lips like this?”

Claire’s breath stuttered: “Yes.”

“Did his fingers play with your clit, like this?”

Claire swallowed twice and tilted her back before she moaned: “Yes.”

“Was your pussy this wet when he slid his fingers in like this?”

“Fuck yes.”

“You wanted it to be his cock that slid in and out of you like my fingers are now, didn’t you?”


Melody dropped the towel and took her other hand and brought her sister’s head back up and then pulled her face towards her own: “You want to feel his lips against yours?”


“Like this?” Melody kissed her sister’s lips. Softly at first and then when her sister started to kiss her back, Melody pried Claire’s lips apart with her tongue. When the tongues started to dance together, she thought: ‘Too easy,’ then she slowly lowered her sister to the king-sized mattress. She placed her full weight on Claire and interlaced her fingers with her sister’s. Melody then continued their kiss. She had planned simply to ravage Claire, teach her not to be so high and mighty, but as the kiss got more sensual and passionate, she decided to go with the flow herself. She worked her way down her sister’s body slowly, never letting loose of each other’s hands.

Melody had watched Claire’s reaction to the retelling of her time with their brother. Claire was aroused, she could tell by the way she was breathing. The lustful glazed eyes and her flushed body only confirmed it. The kiss that they shared was frantic, clearly announcing how badly Claire needed relief. Her fingers went back to work inside her sister’s tunnel, not to tease, but to bring her an orgasm. She wanted to explore Claire’s body, to take her time and to enjoy this moment.

With the palm of her hand pressed firmly against her sister’s clit, she worked her fingers deeper. Ridges touched the tip of her finger just as Claire’s hips begin to undulate, grinding her clit tightly into Melody’s palm.

“Ah-Ah, yes. Right like that,” while she took a deep breath. Then she moaned: “please, don’t stop.”

Melody smiled and kissed her way down Claire’s neck and chest, when she got to her sister’s left breast she started to add light flicks with her tongue. The dark-haired beauty’s larger breasts were licked, sucked, kissed and softly bit several times before she worked her way down her body.


Tasting her own pussy juices was not all that strange for Claire. She had done so many times before. Tasting them while kissing her sister was what made it strange. She found that she liked tasting her juices so well, in fact, that she started licking her sister’s face clean.

Giggling, Melody asked: “Do you like the taste of pussy?”

Between licks, Claire replied: “Yes,” softly.

Before she knew it, Claire had Melody’s pussy an inch from her face and closing fast. Her mind was spinning its wheels, but her body wanted to taste more so it took control. She started to feast on the meal in front of her. Her body knew how it liked to be treated and it automatically went to licking at Melody’s slit. Claire wrapped her arms around her sister’s thighs and spread her lips wide with her fingers. When her mind caught a gear, she dedicated her tongue to lapping and swirling around the pink bud. The savory flavor that filled her mouth drove her hunger for more.

The musky scent and the clean taste of another woman’s pussy was strangely gratifying. Then she got a taste of something that was familiar, a taste of something that she knew that she wanted more of: Her brother; his cum to be more precise. Since there was no way to properly clean inside one’s own vagina it made sense some of James’ cum would still be inside Melody, but to have so much of it still oozing out? Must have been lots of cum he blasted inside their sister.

Claire didn’t care though; she was already horny as hell and this was just the ‘icing on the cake’. She knew that from this moment on she would gladly eat out either of her sisters, especially if they had just been fucked by James. Claire did her best to suck his cum from Melody’s hole and tried to lap it out with her tongue. All of her attention to this little detail just drove Melody crazy. Her hips started to buck and her moans filled the small cabin. Claire was doing it! She was bringing the first woman that she had ever eaten out to an orgasm.

Claire felt Melody ram a couple of fingers deep into her pussy and start pumping her for all she was worth as Claire brought her closer and closer to climax. The following few nanoseconds saw both women orgasm at the same time, accompanied by a painful wail from Melody and a loud moan from Claire.


Bart Hardwick was lounging in the beach chair, watching all the bikini-clad young Thai women disporting on the sand. He’d love to be able to relax, get a hard-on just watching those nubile beauties. It pendik escort bayan was what a vacation in one of the loveliest spots in the world owed him. Instead, he was too worried to enjoy himself. The Cromwell kids. What he’d done to them. What troubles were ahead for them. What he still had to do for them. Whether they’d survive it all.

He was upset. No, that’s not right. He was furious. Everything about what he had done made him even angrier. The kids could’ve stayed in their house and been fine. Maybe. He hadn’t started to feel like shit and act like a shit until that old geezer showed up and told him that the kids were not safe there, to get them out and get them to Montana ASAP.

Montana? Well, if you were going to get away from trouble, might as well go to the ends of the Earth. He still wasn’t sure why he’d believed the old man. There’d been a fire in him, though. He was afraid not to. He was still afraid, come to think of it. It was because he had feared for their lives that he’d done what was demanded of him, but he didn’t like it one bit. Almost everything he told the Cromwell kids was a lie. Well, not only the kids but the people that were willing to rent to them. He made everything work to his favor. His goal was to get them to Montana and make them disappear. Their stocks and bonds had all been sold, the sale of the house closed last week, and the kids’ trust funds had been shut down. The last thing he did before he left for Krabi, Thailand, was to close their bank account.

“Follow the money” was what they’d taught him back in law school when a case got particularly messy. That had been a long while back, but it still made sense. So, he’d taken the money away. If someone tried to follow the money, it wasn’t going to get them the Cromwell kids. It wasn’t going to get them to him, either. There was a good bit more money than anyone had counted on – it must have been that last insurance policy, the one they’d all forgotten about – but it was all buried, thanks to people who knew how to play the paper game.

What bothered him was that those kids had trusted him, and he’d driven them away from their home and settled them God knew where with almost no money, all on the word of some old man.

“Hey, Bart.”

“Cal,” Bart looked over at his old pal. He was in great shape for a man well into his fifties. A bit on the gray side, but he still had the muscle from his youth. Tanned everywhere, mostly due to the type of work he did, Bart thought.

“Well, I got some info for ya. Can we talk here?”

“It’s safe. Just spit it out.”

“They were targeted.”


“Mmhmm. That’s what my people tell me. That’s not the only kicker. Turns out that the same thing happened to a couple in Maine.”

“You know anything about that?”

“Just that it was the same M.O. You want me to look at it too?”

Bart thought for a few seconds: “Do it. I need to know what the hell’s going on.” Then maybe his conscience would let him be. That old man might have been right after all, or maybe they were still targets in Montana. He needed to know why, too.


As Bart watched his friend walk off, he picked up his satellite phone and made a call. He had a few more favors he could call in, too. Looked like that old fossil knew what he was talking about.


They were both tired after doing the laundry but Cindy was adamant about still wanting to fuck before they went home. Finding a beautiful spot wasn’t much of a problem; the full moon lit their valley in its own unique way, giving James and Cindy their choice of views. The one they preferred faced east with the full moon clearly visible through the windshield. Moon shadows cast by trees and mountains skirted the valley and the moonlight reflected off the creek in several spots.

Just sitting still looking out at the view in front of her made her realize that she was more tired than she wished she was. She rolled the window down and took a deep breath of the chilly air. It helped a bit but the smell of the pizza made her stomach rumble. Just as she was starting to say “Sorry” a yawn took over. Not a small one, but of the type that makes your jaw pop. As with all yawns it was contagious. This yawn had a mission; it was going to live its short life to the fullest and bounced back and forth between the two multiple times before it died.

“Sorry James. I’m just more tired than I thought.”

“You and I both are, so don’t feel so bad about it. Not like we won’t have another opportunity.”

“Yeah, but I really was looking forward to it.”

“So was I. Doing all that laundry really put a crimper in our plans.”

“Me making you drive down this two-track didn’t help matters either.”

“Maybe, but now I know where I want to take you when I do get the chance to fuck the shit out of you,” James’ eyebrows bounced up and down a few times.

“The eyebrow thing is a bit too creepy James. Don’t do that when you’re with a girl.”

Even though she said what she did, she had a huge smile on her face brought on by his promise. She flew across the bench seat and gave James an energetic kiss, deep as a kiss could ever accomplish. Her tongue swirled around his, across his teeth and back to his tongue. She pulled back: “Can’t wait!”

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