Mar 31

Rocker Girl Ch. 09

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Jimmy and I held hands as his pickup roared through the pre-dawn blackness. I watched him in the glow from the instruments as he drove. He was an incredibly sexy man in his mid-50s, tall and muscular with long gray hair and a goatee. The memory of his hard cock pressing against my belly as we kissed naked in front of a room full of men had me so hot I wanted him to pull over and take me beside the road.

After seven miles of twisty two-lane mountain road, we abruptly turned off the pavement. The rough gravel road snaked through tall pine trees for over a mile. His “little cabin” was a modern log house with an immense living room / kitchen dominated by a stone fireplace and filled with comfortable masculine furniture and elaborate electronics. There were small bedrooms and a bathroom behind the kitchen.

As I crossed the threshold, I was suddenly dizzy. “Are you all right?” Jimmy asked, reaching out to steady me.

“Wow . . . I’m just really weak and faint . . . fading . . .”

“Here,” Jimmy said. “You’re just hungry.” I was sitting at the dining table, gazing vacantly at a plate. The idea of eating was disgusting, but I took a cautious nibble to please him. Then another. Energy and life were flowing back into my body and I was suddenly ravenous. After several bites, I slowed down enough to notice I was eating a sliced bagel, made into a sandwich with cream cheese and shaved ham. I downed a glass of milk in one gulp and Jimmy went to refill it.

“How teenage!” I thought, giggling to myself as I took another huge bite.

“Dad . . . Uh! . . . Hi . . .” The speaker was a slender 19-year-old boy with short brown hair and bright blue eyes, dressed only in sweat pants. I’d known he was Jimmy’s son even before he spoke. “Hi, I’m John,” he said, blushing a bit when he saw the way I was admiring his muscular chest and arms.

Jimmy set a jug of milk and two more bagel sandwiches on the table. We made small talk while we ate.

I stood up after we’d finished eating. John tried not to stare at my revealing blouse and ultra short skirt. “Goodnight Dad . . .” he said. “And Tracy. It was really nice to meet you.” I could see his cock stirring through his soft sweat pants. He mumbled another “goodnight,” and retreated to his bedroom.

Jimmy took my hand and led me to the master suite at the far end of the living room, switching off the light behind us.

We stopped in the middle of the floor and moved into each other’s arms. My body seemed to melt into Jimmy’s as we kissed. I was lost in sensations: my firm little breasts and hard nipples pressing into his chest, our bellies flattened together, his penis straining against his pants to press into my crotch, my arms around his back, his hands on my buttocks . . .

As we undressed, I was self-consciously aware of the dried fluids all over my body. I must have been quite a sight for John with my tangled hair and rumpled clothes. “I’m so nasty,” I said.

“I know that, Baby Girl,” Jimmy said gently. “That’s why I brought you home.”

I giggled. “No. Not that! . . . Well, yeah, that too . . . but I really want to take a shower . . . to wash the other men off before we . . . f . . . make love.”

The bathroom was the size of my bedroom at home, with a big glass shower stall filling one corner. Under the warm mist, Jimmy caressed my body with soap-slick hands . . . back, shoulders, arms, breasts, pebble-hard nipples, buttocks, legs, inner thighs . . . “Fuck me right now!” I gasped.

Jimmy’s stiff cock pressed against my hip as he slipped his hand between my legs, exploring my folds. I moaned as his finger slid into my hot wet snatch. His thumb rubbed my clit while he alternated between finger-fucking me deeply and tickling my G-spot. He caught my head to keep it from slamming into the shower wall as I came explosively.

I was dizzily aware of him toweling me dry and carrying me into the bedroom. The nightstand lamp illuminated the bed, leaving the rest of the room in shadow. Jimmy laid me on the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor with his head between my thighs.

Waves of heat washed from my crotch as Jimmy licked up and down my slit. Impatient, I pulled myself open. He slipped his tongue into my pussy and ate me to orgasm. While I was still thrashing and screaming, he sucked my clit and finger-fucked me to an even more intense climax.

He kissed my lips and face tenderly as I lay on the bed, limp and exhausted. I recovered quickly. “Fuck?” I asked hopefully, gazing into Jimmy’s warm blue eyes. He pulled me to the center of the bed and moved between my legs. “Oh Fuck!” I moaned as his cock filled me. He knew how I wanted it. “That’s right, Cowboy! Ride me hard and fast! Give it to me rough! Don’t hold back, you won’t hurt me!”

Jimmy drove into me with rapid strokes for several minutes, making me cum over and over. When I finally felt him getting close, I cried, “Baby, I need it! Give it to me now! Hot cowboy cum! Yeah! Shoot it! Oh Fuck!” I came again as his hot juice splashed my pussy walls.

Afterwards, bursa escort he switched the lamp off, leaving the room bathed in bright moonlight. We lay in each other’s arms, not speaking but simply basking in our shared joy. I matched my breathing to his and drifted away in a warm haze . . .

I woke with the alert feeling that told me I’d only been asleep for a few minutes. Jimmy was snoring softly and remained sleeping when I slipped out of his embrace.

Something was wrong. Not with Jimmy, but . . . I stretched elaborately, arching my back and lifting my upper body from the bed, extending my arms, rolling my head . . . I sank back onto the bed, sighed and instantly fell back asleep.

Controlling my breathing, I pressed my hands to my breasts and began kneading my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. They were already hard. The sensations soon had me gasping. “Boys have wet dreams,” I thought. “I wonder if they’re like this.”

I writhed on the bed, rubbing my breasts, buttocks and the shadowy space between my partially-opened legs.

The moonlight streaming through the window illuminated the bed at a steep angle. I’d twisted into a position where the bright blue light was shining directly onto my pubic mound, making my sparse blonde hair gleam like spun silver.

I ran a finger up and down my slit, feeling the heat and moisture as I teased my lips open. “Fuck!” I whispered as I slipped a finger up my pussy. Keeping my eyes tightly closed, I finger-fucked my snatch and rubbed my clit, pushing myself toward orgasm, totally lost to the outside world . . . carried away by raw female sexuality . . .

My arm flashed into the shadows beside the bed and my fingers closed around a slender wrist. “Caught you!” I whispered triumphantly. “Come on. Let’s see you!” I dragged John into the moonlight. He was naked and as beautiful as I’d imagined, with a gigantic hard-on.

Jimmy was still asleep, his cock stirring from a dream (“about me,” I hoped).

“Dirty Boy,” I said, kissing John briefly, then taking his hand. “Let’s go to your room.”

In John’s bedroom, I stopped and gave him a full-body kiss. The stiff dick rubbing my belly felt exactly like his Dad’s. I could see our reflections in the big wall mirror. He was so pretty in the glow from the lamp on the nightstand.

Eventually, I pulled away enough to slip my hands between our bodies. “Naughty Boy,” I said, catching his balls in my left hand and squeezing them gently. “You spied on us . . . on Jimmy – your Dad – and me.” I gripped his shaft with my right hand and ran my index finger over his cock-head. It was already slick with pre-cum. “You jacked this big thick cock while you watched your father fuck me!”

“You’re such a bad boy,” I continued. John was gasping as I stroked his cock and played with his balls. “Did you see his dick sliding in and out of my pussy?”

“Yeah!” John whispered.

“Did you shoot?”

“No.” His voice was getting ragged.

“Do you want to?” His penis was beginning to throb and I could tell he was only a few strokes away.

“I’d like more than a hand job,” he replied.

“Okay,” I said, releasing his cock and balls. John reached for me and I stepped away. “Let’s take it easy for a minute. I don’t want you to shoot too quickly.” I sat on the edge of the bed. “Tell me about spying on us.” I remembered all my times kneeling in the dark hall outside Mom and Dad’s bedroom, masturbating as I watched them having sex.

“Dad brings women home occasionally, but they’re usually his age,” John said. “With you, I just couldn’t help myself. I heard you screaming in the shower but couldn’t see much. When Dad put you on the bed, I stood in the shadows and watched him go down, then fuck you.”

“I was really beating off,” John continued. “My cock was throbbing when you were screaming about him shooting inside you, but I didn’t quite cum. When Dad fell asleep and you started masturbating, I had to see better.” He paused, then continued thoughtfully, “You trapped me. How did you know I was there?”

“I felt your lust,” I answered. “I don’t know how it works, but it does. Knowing you were watching in the dark while I beat off really made me hot.” John’s eyes widened as I opened my legs. “I’m all wet inside,” I pulled my pussy lips open, revealing my hot pink core. “Look at her,” I said, spreading even wider. “She needs a man . . . now.”

John was frozen, staring at my open snatch, not quite believing what he’d just heard. “Come fuck me,” I commanded, lying back on the bed with my legs spread wide open.

He climbed on top of me and we kissed briefly. “Just fuck me,” I demanded. “I need your cock in my snatch.”

He was lying between my legs and sliding his dick along my slit, clumsily trying to enter my folds.

“Just push in,” I said, adjusting my pelvis to accommodate his motions. John had to be a virgin. He had no idea how to fuck a woman. “Here she is, Baby,” I whispered, guiding John into position with my hand. “Your cock-head’s bursa escort bayan opening my pussy mouth. Push forward and you’ll be inside me.”

“Wow!” he marveled. My cunt muscles caressed his head and shaft as he slid his full length into me. “I’m really fucking a girl . . . Oh shit!”

I felt the hot cum pulsing from his penis. John’s body was rigid and he looked ready to burst into tears. “I’m so sorry,” he said in a voice thick with anger and frustration. “I can’t do anything right.” His cock softened rapidly. Even my tight vaginal muscles couldn’t hold him inside me.

“Baby, it’s all right,” I cooed, stroking his tense back muscles. “It happens to boys . . . to young men. You were just so stimulated you couldn’t hold back.” John was starting to relax. “I won’t kick you out of bed for not being a perfect lover.” I giggled. “It’s your bed, anyway.” He brightened considerably when I added, “You’ll be fine next time.”

I reached up and pulled his face to mine. To my surprise, he was a really good kisser – lips, tongue . . . he even knew how noses should go. I melted into the sensations.

John moved on, kissing my face, cheeks, ears . . . continuing down my body. He was kneeling between my legs, already hard again but making no attempt to fuck me. My already-erect nipples grew even bigger and harder as he licked and sucked them expertly.

“Lower,” I moaned. John kissed his way down my belly, hesitating just before he reached my vulva. I gripped my knees and pulled them toward my upper body, elevating my pubic area. “Eat me out, Baby.”

He remained still, staring at the exposed area between my open thighs. “John, is this your first time?”

He looked away shyly before whispering, “Yes.” He was blushing. “I’ve got a girlfriend, but she hasn’t let me go below her waist. She won’t play with me down there either, although we’ve humped through our clothes.”

“Don’t worry, Baby. You’ll be great.”

My mound was slick with juices. John licked me, tentatively at first, then enthusiastically. He pulled me open with careful fingers and ran his tongue up and down my vulva. It was exciting, but a bit frustrating. He was ignoring my clit and merely teasing my pussy lips

“Right there,” I finally said, pointing to my vagina. “Stick your tongue in there and eat my snatch.” I moaned with pleasure as he pushed into me. “Oh John! That’s good! Lick me . . . Pull me open wider with your fingers . . . Go as deep as you want . . . Oh! Yes!” He froze when I screamed and my body stiffened.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, that was great! You found my G-spot. Keep licking me right where you were.”

For a virgin boy, John was giving me great head, making me squirm and moan with his tongue in my pussy. “Fuck John! That’s so good!” I gasped. “Now I want something different. Here’s my clit. Lick it!”

He was learning fast. I didn’t have to tell him to stroke my swollen love bud with his tongue or to clamp it with his lips. And he slipped a finger up my snatch without any prompting, followed by another finger . . . thrusting, curving up to catch my G-spot while he sucked my clit . . . The world got blurry.

“Wow!” I gasped when I’d come back from my orgasm. “That was really good. John, you’re a great lover.” His expression was amazing. “Is this the first time you’ve gotten a girl off?” He nodded shyly. “I can tell. You look like God gave you the keys to His Silver Thunderbird.” John was positively glowing.

“Roll over onto your back, Naughty Boy.” I commanded. “I want to do everything your girlfriend won’t do.” I licked John’s balls and shaft before clamping my lips on his cock-head. He worked his hips, moaning with pleasure as I played with his balls and bobbed over his swollen pecker.

“That’s great,” he finally gasped, “but I want to fuck you. I think I can do it right this time.”

“I’m ready, Baby,” I said, straddling his hips and guiding his hot rod into position. “Is this what you want? My pussy mouth pressing down on your cock head? . . . Opening for your big round knob? . . . Your shaft . . . Is my cunt hot, tight and wet enough for you? . . . God! It feels so good riding you!”

John fondled my breasts and buttocks while I bounced on his cock. When I moved too violently and he slipped out of my pussy, John flipped me over onto my back and jammed his swollen pecker between my legs, fiercely driving into me for long minutes, the way his father had done earlier.

“Fuck, Bad Boy! Let me have it!” I finally shouted when I felt him throbbing. “Shoot your cream in my cunt! Yeah, give it to me! Fuck shoot it! . . . Yeah!” We were cumming together.

“You’re so good,” I whispered. “It’s hard to believe I’m your first woman.”

“I’ve seen lots of pictures on the Internet,” he answered. “Dad knew I’d find them and explained they’re not real. Maybe not, but they showed me how to do things. I learned even more from all the erotic stories I’ve read on Literotica, especially the ones written by women.”

We lay in each escort bursa other’s arms, still making out as the rising sun flooded the room with golden light. “I should get back to Jimmy,” I finally said. “Before I go, there’s something else your girlfriend won’t do. Have you got some lubricant? I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Yeah, I’ve got lube.” John sounded a little stunned. “You’re sure? I never expected . . .”

“Tracy is sure.” Jimmy’s voice boomed from the hall. He stepped into the room, naked, with his penis magnificently swollen.

“I’m sorry, Jimmy,” I began. “Things just happened and . . . how long have you been here?”

“I saw John eating you out and fucking you,” he answered. “I never expected to watch my son lose his cherry.” He grinned. “Now, I’m going to see him fuck your ass.”

As Jimmy stood beside the bed, I moved onto hands and knees with John kneeling behind me. He spent a long time licking my buttocks before transferring his attention to the ultra-sensitive spot between my snatch and asshole.

I moaned and squirmed with pleasure as John worked his tongue in my anus. If I’d touched my clit, I would have cum instantly. When he inserted a lubricated finger, I went over the edge.

“Fuck, Naughty Baby Boy!” I gasped after my paroxysm had passed. “Give me your cock. Fuck my ass while your Dad jacks off and watches.”

“Watch this, Jimmy,” I whispered as John readied himself behind me. “Watch your son fuck his first female ass.” John was still working his fingers inside my butt, skillfully relaxing and lubricating me. I wondered how a virgin boy had gotten so good at that.

“Yeah, John!” I continued. “Press your big round knob against my rosebud. Stretch her open. Oh Fuck! That feels so good!” He was pushing forward until my anal muscles resisted, then gently backing off to let me relax.

“Oh Jimmy!” I cried. “Your son’s cock-head is inside my asshole and he’s putting it . . . Oh Fuck! . . . That’s good! . . . All the way in!” John pushed forward a half-dozen times, stretching and filling me further with each gentle thrust.

“Jimmy, your son’s balls are pressed against my butt cheeks,” I finally announced. “His cock’s all the way up my ass. You’ve never even been there, although you had your chance at the bar.”

“What?” John asked, staring at his father.

“I’ll tell you later,” Jimmy answered quickly. He was still standing beside the bed. His left thumb and index finger circled the base of his cock while his remaining fingers gripped his balls. The fingers of his right hand played over his cock-head and shaft as he watched me take John’s cherry.

“John, don’t worry about being too gentle . . . Yeah! That’s good! Drive it in hard, I like it that way!” John was a great ass-fucker, hammering me fiercely, pulling out until his tip barely kissed my rosebud, then slamming his entire length up my butt. He also paced himself, fucking me for long minutes . . .

“Jimmy, he’s making me cum again!” I finally screamed. John was pumping me hard and fast, pushing rapidly toward his own orgasm.

“Fuck John! Fuck me!” I shouted. “Slam that big cock into my asshole. Cum in my butt.” I had two fingers in my pussy clawing my G-spot while my thumb stroked my clit. I was cumming continuously. “Oh Yeah John shoot it up my ass! Fuck shoot it! So hot, so good . . . fill my ass!”

“Dad, I’m shooting up Tracy’s butt!” John gasped as he rammed my ass, squirting more juice inside me with each thrust.

Jimmy’s left hand was squeezing his nuts and gripping the base of his cock. His head and shaft were gleaming with lubricant beneath his flying right fist. “Cum for me Cowboy!” I moaned. “Spray my face and hair.”

Jerking off frantically, Jimmy positioned his pulsing cock inches from my nose. “Ready for a hot load, Baby Girl?” he demanded.

“Oh yeah! Spray your cum in my face!” I was still having continuous orgasms, although their intensity diminished when John pulled out of my asshole. “Please! Spew that hot man stuff!”

“I’m not going to shoot in your face,” Jimmy said, suddenly flipping me onto my back and lifting my legs. “You’re getting it in the butt, Baby Girl!” His fat cock-head was already opening my rosebud. I screamed as he drove his hot rod all the way up my asshole.

Even without masturbating, I continued cumming harder than ever as Jimmy plunged between my buttocks.

“Yeah Dad! Fuck her!” John cried. “She’s got a wonderful ass!” His cock was as hard as if he’d never cum. He squirted lube onto the palm of his hand and stroked his erection. “Fuck her tight ass!” he growled, moving behind Jimmy.

Jimmy was taking me with long steady strokes. He stopped for a moment, with his cock fully up my butt. “Yeah John!” he gasped. “Fuck yeah!” He resumed driving into my asshole, even harder than before. “Oh John, fuck me while I ram Tracy’s sweet hot butt . . .”

After a few more thrusts, he whispered, “John’s shooting his load in my ass!” and came explosively.

Spent, we all collapsed on John’s bed. I fell asleep within seconds. When I woke up, I was in the center of Jimmy’s bed. Heavy curtains were drawn against the brilliant day and the room was cool and dark. Jimmy and John were asleep on either side of me, both gently snoring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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