Ağu 04

Rocket Boots

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“Thank you, for fixing them,” Astra beamed, floating a few feet off the floor of the cafeteria in her pink striped rocket boots.

“I knew how much you liked them, and it helped me take my mind off everything,” Mira smiled. She looked up at Astra, an angel above her. She admired her soft pink dress and long pink hair that shined in the glow of the spaceship’s lights.

“I like that shirt,” Asta nodded toward Mira.

“Thanks?” Mira checked her light blue shirt, it was a company shirt with PerfeCruise in big letters and a small spaceship with a trail of stars behind it. She had paired it with comfy black gym shorts. The ship had plenty of merch laying around and Mira felt it shouldn’t go to waste.

“I had an idea,” Astra offered.


“So you like hanging wedgies?”

“Yeah,” Mira blushed.

“If I grabbed your underwear while wearing these boots, I bet I could get your feet off the ground.”

“I…uh,” Mira stammered. She knew Astra was strong, but could she really pull her across the hallways? The thought of dangling over the floors by her underwear, she’d have the magic of a hanging wedgie batıkent escort and the joy of being at Astra’s mercy at the same time.

“We don’t have to…”

“Yes, please!”

“Okay then, turn around.” Mira turned around.

“Don’t burn my hair!”

“I’m not gonna burn your hair, I love your hair,” Astra flew behind Mira. She cracked her knuckles. She ran her hands through Mira’s long purple hair, then her hands went lower, down her back, and toward her shorts.

Mira closed her eyes and waited.

“Wedgie!” Astra cheered as her hands dipped into Mira’s shorts. She grabbed the white waistband of her underwear and pulled hard.

“Whoa!” Mira’s panties burst from her shorts. Her ass clenched as the durable fabric shot into the air. She was already on her tiptoes.

“Little more,” Astra smirked, pulling slowly. Mira’s feet left the tile and she dangled in the air. Astra gave the panties a small bounce.

“Oww!” Mira yelped.

“Let’s fly!” Astra flew forward, dragging Mira with her. They flew to the other side of the cafeteria. Then Astra climbed a few feet higher beşevler escort in the air.

“Oooo,” Mira moaned, feeling the white panties go deeper up her ass.

“I like the view from up here,” Astra teased, looking down at the fabric in her hands and the room below them.

“Me too,” Mira turned to see Astra, her hands wrapped in white. Astra gave the panties a few hard bounces.

“Ahhh,” Mira yelped, each bounce worse than the last. She was hanging above the cafeteria, a girl’s hands on her underwear, with no way out. A perfect afternoon.

“Let’s see what these things can do,” Astra flew a few circles around the room, pulling Mira along by her white panties.

“Fuccck,” Mira cried out, her hair in her face, the wedgie incredible. After the fourth lap Astra left through the door and zoomed through the hallway.

“Owwwwww!” Mira moaned, she felt drool go down her chin as the wedgie pressed into her, the panties going deeper by the second as she was hauled through the air. Astra could give a mean atomic wedgie, but this was like a million atomic wedgies at once, a never ending beypazarı escort perfect wedgie. They flew through the hallway, then through the kitchen.

“I could hang you from the racks?” Astra offered. Mira looked across the room. The kitchen was a nice golden yellow, with long smooth counters and clean sinks. There were tall hooks on the walls for pans and aprons, and tall racks for dishes. Now that she could fly, there were probably a thousand places Astra could leave her dangling by her underwear.

“Next time,” Mira laughed, “Keep flying.”

“As you wish,” Astra kept flying, taking a zig-zag path through the kitchen, making the wedgie last. Then they reached the captain’s room. Astra slowed to a stop after the soft bed of the Captain. Then Astra started bouncing Mira by her panties.

“Astraaa,” Mira was about to explode. She had been pulled into the air by a wedgie, she had been flown through the air by her underwear, now her undies were being pulled again and again and again.

“Yes Mira?” Astra kept bouncing.

“Astra, Astra,” Mira could only say her name, she was drooling even more, her legs were shaking as the wedgie continued. She couldn’t hold it in, she couldn’t think, all she could do was feel the wedgie.

“OOoooooo,” Mira released, her body a flood of warmth and love. Astra gently lowered her to the bed and let go. Mira sighed, her white panties stretched far outside her shorts.

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