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Subject: Rockhill State Jocks – Part 16 This is a fictional story based on my fantasies. This story contains sexual activity between 2 (or more) males, so if you find this offensive or if you are under the legal age limit in your country, DO NOT read this story. The characters, places, and events in this story are the products of my imagination and not based on any real life events or experiences, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Please! Donate to Nifty to keep this awesome site fty/donate.html If you have any comments, feedback or suggestion, e-mail me ail ——————————————————————————- I spent the next several hours just sitting at the campus park. It was becoming my go-to place whenever I felt sad or anxious. I sat on a bench overlooking a huge pond. A couple of ducks could be seen playing from far away. The view and the faint sound of rustling leaves never failed to make me relax. My phone buzzed when I took the last bite of my McDonalds’ cheeseburger. It was Rex, again. He called me a bunch of times these past few hours. I kept telling him I was fine, but he kept checking in on me anyway. I could tell he felt guilty about what had happened, which was ridiculous because it was not his fault “For the hundredth time, I’m fine, Rex,” I said as soon as I picked up the call. “I know. I know.” Rex said, sounding calmer than in the earlier call. “When are you gonna be back?” “I’m about to head back now,” I said as I tossed the burger wrapper into the nearest trash can. “So, I’m at Motel 9, north of campus. Would you meet me there? I have a surprise for you.” “Surprise?” I was confused. “Rex, you don’t need to do anything.” “Just come here, okay? I hope it’ll make you feel better.” Rex said firmly. “I’m in room 18. Just knock when you get there.” Then he hung up the phone. Since the motel was on the opposite side of where I was, I decided to order an Uber. All the way there, I kept wondering what kind of surprise he was preparing. Being Rex, I knew it probably involved sex, but why would he rent a room at a sketchy rundown motel when we could do it in our room instead? I arrived sometime later and searched for room 18. The room was located at the far back of the motel. There were a lot of guests at the front side of the motel, but at the back, it was almost deserted. A grey Mazda was parked in the front of the room. It was definitely not Rex’s. I hesitated for a while, walking back and forth across the corridor, before I decided to go for it. There was no way Rex would hurt me. I knocked on the door three times before the door swung open. I felt relieve when I saw Rex. Still in his wrestling singlet, He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. My heart stopped at the sight of what was inside the room. Tied spread-eagle across the bed was Nick, my attacker from earlier. He was still wearing his wrestling singlet, but the crotch area was ripped off, so his hard, veiny wrestler’s dick was exposed. On either side of him were two other wrestlers. One on his right was holding a vibrator, rubbing it across Nick’s balls and perineum. The other on his left was rubbing Nick’s hard cock with his bare hand as hard as he could. Since his mouth was taped, all we could hear from Nick was his loud groan. I froze and couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t even talk at that point. The horrible thing is, looking at Nick like that made my cock hard. Over time, Nick’s moan became louder, and his breath became heavier. He began to writhe left and right, moving his arms and legs violently as he tried to break free. “Mmmmhhh… Mmmhhhhh… MMHHHHHGGHHHH!!!” Then, as he was about to reach the point of no return, the two wrestlers stopped what they were doing, withdrawing their hands away from Nick’s manhood. “RRRHGGHHHH!!! RRRRGGGHHHHH!!! RRRGGHHHH!!!” Nick let out a muffled scream as his orgasm was rejected. His body was shaking violently like he was possessed by a mighty spirit. The bed was squeaking loudly. It sounded like it could break anytime soon. “Not going to happen, big guy. Not going to happen.” The wrestler with the vibrator said. “Rex, what the fuck!” I finally snapped back to reality. “Payback.” He said calmly, smiling at me. “No! I don’t want this! This is so fucking wrong, man.” I said, grabbing his arm tightly. “You think what he and his buds did to you was right?” “No! But two wrongs don’t make a right!” I said to Rex. He just scoffs in response. Then, the two wrestlers approached me. Unlike Rex, the two wrestlers didn’t wear their singlets. Instead, they wore matching tight ‘Rockhill Knight Wrestling’ compression shirts with gym shorts. One was as big as Rex, while the other was smaller than the two. “Hey, you’re Alex, right?” The smaller wrestler asked before giving me a big hug. He must hasn’t showered since the match because I could smell the manly smell radiating from his body. “We’re so sorry, man. Rex told us everything.” “Oh, I’m Tim, and this is Ethan.” He broke the hug and introduced me to his bigger teammates. “Guys, I… I don’t want this. This is not right.” I said, trying to talk them out of what they were doing. “It isn’t just you, Alex,” Ethan said. “He’s been doing what he did to you to many people. He and his buddies won’t stop if we don’t do this.” “He’s a grade-A asshole who thinks he owns the world,” Tim added. “Did you know that he assaulted my cousin, too? We reported this to the university, but apparently, his father is a big donor, so they didn’t do anything. We went to the police, and surprise, the chief turned out to be his uncle.” Ethan said. I could tell he was MAD. He clenched his shorts mezitli escort very hard as tell me all this. “I should’ve known,” Rex said to me. “I always knew he’s an asshole, but I didn’t think he would do something like this.” He added, wrapping his muscular arms around me. “Let’s finish what we started,” Tim said. All of them turn their attention back to Nick. He was drenched in sweat, his cock jutting up, hard as steel. His cock-head was swollen and red. I guessed he’s been edged for a while. “Time for more, Nick,” Rex said, approaching Nick. He was holding a small bottle and shoved the bottle up Nick’s nostril. I asked Tim what it was, and he said it was a sex stimulant. Nick took a few deep breaths, and his body immediately shuddered. His cock twitched a few times. Precum could be seen running down his shaft. Then, they did it again. Tim wrapped his hand around Nick’s dick and began to pump it up and down as Ethan stimulated Nick’s balls and the base of his cock with a vibrator. This time Rex joined. He slipped his hands behind Nick’s singlet and rubbed Nick’s nipples with his fingers. A muffled groan could be heard once again. Then, it happened again. Nick’s body was jolting uncontrollably as he was about to reach the point of no return. As it happened, the three stopped what they were doing and stepped away as Nick began to jolt in frustration. They did this three more times. As it happened, I just stood in the corner of the room. Finding the scene increasingly hot, I unconsciously began to rub my crotch. “You think he breaks now?” Rex asked his two buddies after another orgasm denial for Nick. “I think so. Let’s check.” Ethan said. The three of them then approached Nick once again. “We’re going to take this tape off. Don’t scream, okay?” Rex said as he ripped the black tape from Nick’s mouth. “Please, bro. Please let me cum.” Nick said, pleading with his teammates. “Please just let me cum. Please.” Nick said as he began to move his hips up and down, humping the air. “I’ll do anything you want, please.” I could see it in his eyes that all he cared about was being allowed to cum at that point. There was nothing but lust. The three of them smile at each other. “You’ll do anything, huh?” Tim asked. “Yeah, yeah. Anything.” Nick answered, nodding his head. Then, Ethan pulled down his shorts, revealing his rock, hard cock in front of Nick. Kinda surprised seeing him hard like that. Maybe it was the adrenaline or perhaps dominating his cousin’s assaulter that excites him. Nick shuddered at the sight of it. His cock is huge but not as big as the one in front of his face. “Lick my dick. Then maybe we let you cum. Maybe.” Ethan said cockily. Without hesitation, he started to lick Ethan’s cock. Still tied to the bed, his movement was restricted, so he only focused on licking the cock head. Nick eagerly ran his tongue all over Ethan’s cock head, coating it with his saliva. “Fuck, man. He’s good.” Ethan said as he closed his eyes, throwing his head back in ecstasy. Nick tried to wrap his tongue around Ethan’s monster cock like a professional. He focused on Ethan’s piss slit and frenulum, which made Ethan jump the first time Nick hit those spots. “Fuck, bro. Never knew you are an amazing cocksucker.” Ethan said as he put both of his arms on his waist. “You like my dick?” Ethan asked. “Does it taste good?” Nick only responded with a moan. “You’re a fucking cocksucker, Nick,” Ethan added. “You’re a natural.” Again, Nick only responded with a moan. “Tell me what you are, Nick?” Ethan asked Nick as he withdrew his cock from Nick’s mouth. “I’m a cocksucker,” Nick said quietly. “I can’t hear you.” “I’m a cocksucker,” Ethan repeated, loudly this time. “You want my dick in your mouth again?” Ethan asked Nick. Nick nodded. “It’s supposed to be a punishment, but you enjoy it quite a lot, don’t you?” Ethan said as he swung his massive cock in front of Nick’s face. “Open your mouth.” After Nick opened his mouth, Ethan immediately slammed his monster cock all the way into Nick’s mouth. Nick was choking like crazy, but Ethan didn’t care. He started to pump his cock in and out of Nick’s mouth, resting his hands on Nick’s head to keep it steady. Ethan showed no mercy in skull-fucking Nick. It was like he was channeling all his rage into it. Ethan went faster and faster until finally, it was too much for him. “Aahhh… SHIITTT!!!” He immediately pulled his cock from Nick’s mouth before white, thick cum started to spew from his cock, covering every inch of Nick’s face with it. Nick, finally breathing freely again, began to cough like crazy. “Now let me cum, man,” Nick begged again. Despite everything, his cock was still as hard as a rock. Maybe it was because of the stimulant. “Please. I already did what you said.” “Well, I said maybe,” Ethan said as he cleaned his slimy cock. “Not yet.” “WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!” Nick suddenly roared in anger. “JUST LET ME FUCKING CUUMM!!” Nick said as he began to tussle right and left, trying to break free. With his size and power, I thought the knot would break. Fortunately, it didn’t. Then, silence. “Fuck all of you.” Nick suddenly said. “You’re all going down when this is over.” Nick’s cocky asshole persona suddenly came back. It was a bold move to threaten us, considering his position and the fact that he still has Ethan’s warm cum all over his face. “You know what, Ethan, I’m not actually sorry about what I’ve done to your cousin. In fact, I’ll do it again.” Nick said as he let out a chuckle. “And you. I remember you.” Nick added as he shifted his gaze towards me. “You faggot deserve it. You were probably enjoying what we did to you.” He once again laughed. pozcu escort “Probably jerking your little faggot dick every night thinking about that day.” All of shocked about what we had just heard. I honestly pitied Nick before, but after hearing what he said, all my sympathy towards him was gone. His desperation to cum was really bringing out the worst of him, which Rex, Tim, and Ethan didn’t expect. In their plan, at this point, they expected Nick to be so horny and humiliated he would apologize and confess all his ‘crimes’ to all of us. He was definitely horny but not humiliated enough, I guess. “Listen here, shithead. Open your mouth again, and I’ll make sure you regret it.” Rex threatened him. “What are you gonna do? Kill me?” Nick let out another chuckle before Rex started to tighten his grip on Nick’s neck, choking him. “Rex? Stop it, man… REX!!” Tim and I yelled at Rex before he eventually released his grip. He was really about to kill him. Rex again sealed Nick’s mouth with the tape to shut him up. Nick’s cockiness and lack of remorse really pissed me off at that point. Then, a sinister idea popped into my head. “Guys, I have an idea,” I said to Rex, Tim, and Ethan. We then huddled closely to discuss my plan, ensuring that Nick didn’t hear what we planned. Then, all of us agreed to the plan. We looked at the tied wrestler once again. Despite everything, his cock was still rock hard. Rex and Ethan released the knot on both Nick’s feet, releasing them. They immediately held it tightly to prevent him from kicking all of us. Rex and Ethan then lifted both of his legs up, revealing Nick’s huge wrestler’s bubble butt. Tim, meanwhile, shoved the stimulant up Nick’s nose once again. With a pocket knife that Tim gave me, I ripped the backside of Nick’s singlet. The sight of his smooth pink hole greeted me. I’m lying if I say it wasn’t a hot sight. My cock started to rise once again. Realizing what was about to happen, muffled screams could be heard from Nick. His ass made me incredibly horny. I couldn’t help but dove my face between his cheeks, sniffing his sweet wrestler’s musk deeply. Then, I decided to give Nick’s pink wrestler’s hole a lick. The scream suddenly turned into a loud moan. His hole began to twitch, inviting me to play with it more. Then, I scooped up the pre-cum that pooled on Nick’s abs and began to coat my middle finger with it. Seeing me do that made him scream again. “UUURRMMHHH!!! UUUURRMMHHH!!!” Nick screamed continued as I slowly pushed my finger into his virgin wrestler’s hole. I could feel the hole become tighter as he clenched it very hard, trying to prevent me from going further. He was trashing left and right, but thankfully Rex and Ethan had a solid grip. I began to move my finger in and out of his hole, finger fucking the cocky star wrestler. I increased my speed over time, and I could feel his hole becoming looser and looser. Then, I decided to add another finger, finger fucking him slowly before increasing my speed once again. At this point, he was still screaming but stopped trashing left and right. By the time I fucked him with three fingers, his scream had turned into lustful moans as he closed his eyes in ecstasy. “Does it feel good? God, look at you. Secretly a big dirty slut.” I said to Nick. Louder moans were his only response. “Let me give you something better,” I said to Nick as I pulled my fingers from his hole. His juicy, gaping wrestler’s hole twitched again, begging for more. Then, I took off all my clothes, including the wrestling singlet that I wore underneath my clothes. Thankfully, Tim and Ethan didn’t comment or ask any questions. My petite body – and my hard, aching cock – was finally revealed to everyone. Without wasting more time, I slowly slid my nerd cock into the cocky wrestler’s virgin hole, popping his cherry. “AAAAUUGGHHHHHHH!!!” Nick let out a loud moan, and his upper body squirmed in ecstasy as I fully buried my nerd cock into his hole. A glob of precum was flowing from his cock. Then, I began to move my hip, giving him anal pleasure once again. The room was gradually filled with moans – from Nick and me. I put both hands on his hips as I tried to keep impaling his hole with my cock as deep as I could. We were sweating like crazy, and soon enough, our bodies glistened in sweat. Nick and I are not the only persons who got taken over by lust. As Nick stopped resisting, Ethan could easily hold his leg with one hand. His other hand, meanwhile, was deep inside his shorts, stimulating his straight wrestler’s cock. Rex was no different. As his left hand was holding Nick’s leg, his other hand was venturing around my body, especially my ass and abs. As the fuck became more violent, Nick began to squirm in pleasure once again. Then, I decided to stop. Nick groaned in protest. “Look at you, Nick. You’re nothing but a cock whore.” I said as I slapped his swollen, red dick. “You like my dick inside you?” Nick moaned and nodded. ‘You want me to fuck you again?” Nick nodded furiously. “How about you do it? Move those hips. Come on.” I ordered him, and he immediately complied. His entire body began to squirm as he tried to move his hips and slid my cock in and out of his aching hole. It was almost impossible since both his hands were tied, and his legs were held tightly by Rex and Ethan. Then, he suddenly pulled his hands very hard, breaking the knot and setting them free. Instead of trying to get up and break free, he slid his hand into his singlet. He began to rub his own nipples as he wriggled, trying to slide my cock in and out again. Not seeing him as a threat anymore, I asked Rex to remove the tape from Nick’s mouth. “Please… escort bayan Fuck me again. Please….” Nick begged. “Your cock… So good… Uuhhh… Please… Your cock… Aahhhh….” Nick said as he continued stimulating his nipples. He was so lost in lust that he couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. Seeing him like that was so hot, I couldn’t help but slam my cock into his hole once again. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Nick repeatedly said every time I went balls deep in him. Rex and Ethan released Nick’s legs as finally, I gained control of the bull. Rex and Ethan sat on the chair as I fucked Nick violently one more time. They sat back, whipped their cock out, and began to jerk off, watching their small, nerdy friend drilling their muscular cocky teammates. I didn’t know how long I’d fuck him, but it felt like a long time. Our bodies were drenched in sweat from head to toe. As I was about to pass out, I decided to stop. “No, no, no, no, no, please! Don’t stop!” Nick protested as pulled my cock from his hole. He immediately replaced it with his own fingers. “Who said I’m done with you? Get up!” I said as I pulled the strap of his singlet, so he got up. Then, I laid down on his spot and jerked my hard cock to tease Nick more. “Sit on it, bitch. Work it. Show me how much you love my cock.” I ordered Nick. He instantly jumped on the bed and began straddling my small body. After holding my dick upwards, he lowered himself until my cock slid into his warm wrestler’s chute again. His body shuddered in pure bliss as his hole swallowed my cock entirely. Then, he moved his hips up and down intensely, riding my cock like a bitch in heat. It was one of the hottest sights I’ve ever seen. The arrogant bully was riding my nerd dick while he threw his head back, and his eyes were on the back of his head. He was smiling like crazy. His tongue was out, and drool could be seen dropping from the side of his mouth. Both of his hands were pinching his own nipples. His cock was still as hard as a rock, pointing upwards like a missile ready to be launched. Pre-cum was flowing non-stop, dropping all over my abs. All this happened while he still wore his pride and joy, the Rockhill State Knight wrestling singlet, which was now drenched in sweat and making it cling tighter to his body. Sometimes mid-fuck, he would push my cock all the way into his hole before he gyrated his hips. He would do it while lifting his muscular arms behind his head, sometimes licking his bicep like a horny stripper. The sight and the pleasurable feeling his hole created were too much for me. As he sensed I was about to bust, he started moving his hips faster. “Ooohhh… Fuck!!! Aaaahhh… So good… Nnnghhhh….” Nick started to rumble as my breath became heavier. He then leaned back, so his huge crotch protruded upwards. It was a sign, and Nick finally couldn’t hold it anymore. “Aahhhh… AAAHHHHH… YYESSSS!!!” Nick finally came first. It was explosive. Loads after loads of cum were literally flying from his cock like a weapon shooting bullets everywhere. Some landed on the wall and headboard behind me, and some landed on my face and chest. A huge smile formed on his face when it happened. As he cum, I could feel his hole clenched, milking my dick. I kept trying to fuck him by moving my hips until finally, it was my turn. “Here it comes, bitch!” I yelled as I moved my hips upwards, pushing my cock deep into his hole. “FUUUCCKKKK!!!” I could feel my cock twitch as I finally filled Nick’s warm tight cunt with my fresh nerd cum. It was so good that my whole body convulsed as I filled his hole with my seed. After I was done, We spent the next few seconds in silence until finally, the realization hit him. “What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck.” He said in disbelief as the smile on his face turned into horror. He looked at me for a while before slowly turning his attention to Tim, standing on the side all this time, holding his phone, recording every moment that happened. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Nick immediately jumped off the bed and backed towards the wall behind him. He was fucked, literally and figuratively. Rex, Tim, and Ethan smiled at each other. “What’s the matter, big guy? You’re the happiest you were ever a few minutes ago.” Tim said. “As we can see in the video.” Tim then pressed play on the video, and Nick’s moan could be heard once again. “I wonder what people going to think about this,” Rex said, grabbing the phone from Tim’s hand. “I bet your parents will be pleased seeing their son happy like this, don’t you think?” Rex added as the video kept playing. “P-Please, man. Don’t” Nick then dropped to his knees. “I’m sorry, okay. I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry about your cousin, Ethan. And you…” Nick shifted his attention to me before being cut off by Rex. “His name is Alex.” “Alex. Got it. I’m really sorry, bro. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything you want, bro. Just name it.” Nick pleaded. I could see his eyes starting to get teary. “I just want you and any of your idiot friends to stop terrorizing anyone anymore,” I said as a sense of pity started to come back. “Done. I’m not going to be doing stupid shit like that anymore. I’ll make sure my friends won’t do it too.” Nick said. “Alright. We caught you one more time, and this video will be up for anyone to see.” Ethan said, waving Tim’s phone. “Yes. Yes, I promise.” Nick said, nodding his head. “Get out of here,” Rex said. Nick then got up, looking down at his ripped singlet. His ass and cock were on full display for anyone to see. “Can I at least have…” Nick said. “I SAID GET OUT!” Rex barked. Nick hurriedly left the room, only covering his huge cock and ass with his hands. I could still see my cum running down his thigh from his hole. I genuinely felt bad for him. I still think we should’ve at least given him a towel. As Nick left, the three wrestlers cheered before they surrounded me, giving me the biggest hug they could give.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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