Mar 31

Romance With My Mom Ch. 07

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Thanks for the votes and comments. Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter too.


The day of our moving arrived. We hired a transporting company to transport all our goods to National City and mom and I would drive there in mom’s car. We bid farewell to our neighbors for the last time. We told them that mom had got a job offer in National City for the reason for our moving.

We hit the road and we were in the expressway like birds freed from the nest. We were singing in joy. Mom looked so happy about us. We stopped at 2 places to grab something to eat. Otherwise we were driving it straight to our new home, National City. Mom demanded to drive for some time telling me that it as too much for me to drive that far. But somehow I managed to ignore her and drive all the way.

We got to our home by the evening and unpacked our stuff. The house was nice and was good looking with a swimming pool in the back yard. The transporters would come next day and we had a 3 room almost empty house to ourselves. We ordered pizza and when the door bell rang, mom went to take the delivery. The door was in my sight. I saw mom hand over money to the delivery guy and take the pizza. He looked interested in mom clad only in an old oversize shirt and a pair of panties and asked, “Did you move today?”

Mom smiled and said, “Yes. Me and my boyfriend just moved here,” pointing towards me. I went to her and hugged her from behind. “Hey baby, I’m so hungry.”

Mom laughed, “Pizza is here and we’ll be eating in no time.”

“I’m hungry for you,” I said loud enough to be heard by the delivery guy.

“Ummmm… I got to go now. Have a good evening, Ma’am,” delivery guy just blurted out and rushed to his motor cycle.

We had our dinner and then arose the problem of sleeping. Luckily mom had a very small mattress in her car with 2 pillows. We took it out and t was barely enough for 2 people to sleep. I wanted to sleep on floor while mom slept on mattress. But mom insisted that both of us should stay together even it’s on the floor or the mattress. Finally we agreed to sleep on mattress.

We had a little chat for some time after the meal and decided to call it a day. We put the mattress on the floor in the living room. Mom suggested that as we’d be sleeping in our bedroom from next day it’s good for a change. Mom went to have a shower and came back wearing a pair of panties and another one of my old shirts. Then I had a shower and came back naked with a hard cock ready for some action.

“Hey young man, get dressed. We won’t be having sex tonight,” Mom said laying on he mattress.

“What?” I said disappointed. “Why is that?”

“Because I want our first time in this house to remember as a very sweet memory. Remember our first time?”

I knew I couldn’t argue with mom when she had made up her mind. So I put a pair of boxers and a t-shirt on. “But, we can still make out. You know kiss for a long time. That would be really good. I wanted to do it with you for some time. But one of us gets out of control every time we start kissing,” mom said looking at me.

“That’s great,” I said laying on mattress and cuddling with her,”Something is better than nothing.”

Mom kissed my lips and said, “Remember honey, no sex whatsoever. Not even oral and you can’t touch my pussy. Right? You can kiss my face and neck. Touch my tits. That’s it. Agree?”

“OK then,” I agreed seeing no other option.

I brought my face to hers and just brushed her lips with mine. She closed her eyes as I kept lightly touching my lips over hers. Mom put her top leg over mine letting me to slip my top leg between her legs. It let us get more closer. Her big boobs were crushed between our chests and her hard nipples were poking through her shirt.

In that position, it was difficult for me to take charge of the procedure. So I asked, “Mom is it OK for you if I lay on top of you. I mean like in missionary style. Will it harm our baby?”

Mom laughed, “I’m only 2 months pregnant not fragile, honey. I don’t think there will be any effect to him if you get on my top. So please, get on board if you want.”

I laid on top of her and propped my body on my elbows placed on either side of her head so that I could rub her soft hair while kissing. This time it wasn’t light brushes on lips. But still they were so gentle and loving. Mom really loved this soft, vanilla love. She was moaning slowly, “Baby, kiss me my love.”

Her hands were slowly roaming on my back making it harder for me to concentrate on kissing. I move from her lips to the other parts of her face. I didn’t leave even a single spot unkissed. Starting from her fore head, I kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and then I kissed her sensitive neck. “Oh baby, what are you doing to me? Oh god, this feels amazing.”

“That’s because I love you so much mom,” I said while kissing.

“I love you too, sweetie,” mom whispered.

Mom was exposing her neck by turning her head sideways as I kissed her neck. I kissed there for some time and returned bursa escort back to her lips. Suddenly, an idea came to my head about one of my early fantasies. I had wanted lick mom’s body since I started fantasizing about her. But I always get lost in her too much to remember that when making love. I had an opportunity to make true at least partially. “Mom, would you mind if I lick your face and neck. It has been a long lived fantasy of mine,” I asked her.

“Oh, another fantasy. I remember you licked my armpits once and now this. It’s really good that you reveal your fantasies honey. I’m your mom and You know you can trust me. So, yes please go ahead.”

“I want you to do the same thing mom,” I said and licked her lips first. Then I licked her nose, fore head, chin and moved to her full cheeks. There was no taste, not even sweat because she had just had a shower. But I did it again and again for some time just for my and her pleasure. I knew she liked it as she was purring like a kitten.

Then I moved to her neck and I licked there making her moan some more. And 10 minutes later there she was laying under me with her face and neck glistening with my saliva. She was looking at my eyes with a lovely smile on her face. “I’ve never even dreamed about doing stuff like this. But I’m glad that I’m doing this,” mom said.

“These would’ve stayed fantasies if I was with someone else. But being with you makes me so comfortable to share my fantasies. Thank you for being my mom,” and I kissed her.

“I’m glad we are together, honey,” Mom said between kisses.

Mom was smelling all saliva. But I didn’t care. All I cared was my dream woman was with me. We kissed and kissed into the midnight whispering our love to each other. My cock was rock hard all the time and her pussy was dripping. Sometimes I gently squeezed her tits over the shirt. But neither of us crossed the limits. But we still enjoyed the comfort in each other’s arms.

Then we fell asleep cuddling together. My cock was still rock hard and it was making me uncomfortable to sleep. But I couldn’t move as mom was sleeping cuddled to me. I didn’t want to wake her up either. So I stayed in the same position and fell asleep after some time.

The transporters arrived next day morning. We were busy for the whole day arranging the furniture in their places. We had to work until late evening and we were exhausted to the end when we finished our work. We had an early dinner and headed to bed. We didn’t have sex that night and drifted to a deep slumber very quickly.

I woke up late next morning and mom had gone shopping. I found a note on our bedroom door saying that she would be back by lunch. I had my breakfast and played some video games. Mom came home came home by lunch and we had our lunch together. But mom refused to tell me what she had brought from her visit ti the mall. We cuddled together after lunch in our bed and restarted our breast feeding tradition. (See Ch.05) I was feeling sleepy while sucking her tits and I decided to have a little nap with mom alongside me.

I opened my eyes slowly to see that mom wasn’t in the room. My hands and legs were tied to the bed posts. I tried to break them. But they were too strong. I saw that I was totally naked and I could feel that there was a collar like something around my neck with a bel attached to it. Simply I was laying on my bed naked and vulnerable. I had many thoughts running around my head. “Has anyone kidnapped mom and left me like this? Or Has she gone anywhere when the robbers came to he house and tied me?”

While my mind was in a turmoil, I heard the sound of high heels clicking on the floor. I turned my head towards the door to see who it was. Mom was standing there wearing a sleeveless latex dominatrix outfit and a flogger in hand. Her tight outfit stuck to her body so well and it’s top part was open showing some part of her deep cleavage. Her hair was done in a ponytail. She looked absolutely hot and my deflated cock got hard in no time seeing her in that dress. She seductively walked towards me and stood by the bed.

“Mom, what are you doing? Please release me,” I begged.

“No way sweetheart. First of all I’m really sorry, I had to add a sleeping pill to your lunch to keep you sedated. This has been one of my fantasies for some time. Domination. Remember you told me to explore my fantasies? That’s what I’m doing right now.”

“It’s OK mom,” I tried to say something. But mom interfered.

“Mhhh… No mom from now on. You have to call me Mistress. And you have to obey my orders. Then you’ll get rewarded or otherwise I’ll have to punish you. Got that?” She said.

“Yes mo….Mistress” I replied.

“Very good, slave.” She said and climb on to the bed. “You are so excited. Aren’t you?” She asked teasingly rubbing my cock and balls.

“Yes mistress. I’m so excited and I’m so glad to be your slave,” I replied.

She was rubbing my cock so slowly and it really was a torture. Not having cum for almost 3 days, I was really closing in on a huge orgasm. “Oh mistress I’m going to cum. Please bursa escort bayan make me cum. Please.” I said trying to hold my orgasm.

Mom stopped her hand. “Slave can’t cum until mistress gives permission,” said mom. “So, I order you not to cum.”

Oh fuck. I was trying my best. Luckily mom stopped jerking me off. Otherwise my orgasm was inevitable. I thought she was done with my genitals. But I was wrong. She squeezed my balls roughly. That hurt me really badly. I screamed louder. “Aaahhh…..”

She quickly released it. I knew she didn’t have any experience in BDSM stuff. So she was doing what she thought was good. Then she pulled out a bag from under the bed. She took out something with feather like things attached to a small rod. She rubbed those feathers over my body. They were really tickling me. I begged her to stop. But she didn’t listen and she rubbed that thing all over my body. I was laying there helpless being tickled by my mistress. Eventually she stopped it after tickling my whole body.

Then mom straddled me. Then she opened her top letting her big tits free. Then she bent forward letting those ripe mangoes hang over my mouth. I really tried to not look at them. But mom held my face towards them. “Suck them, slave,” she ordered.

I had no option than to try and suck them. I lifted my head as much as I could and tried to catch one nipple between my lips. But she lifted her body taking them out of my reach. She did that every time I tried to reach her nipples. She was laughing wickedly, enjoying all my efforts to catch them. That was areal torture to see such ripe tits hanging over you and not being able to touch or suck them. Finally I gave it up. Then mom pulled my head up and crushed my face to her breast. Her nipple was in my mouth. But the problem was that I couldn’t breathe as my face was crushed on her tit. I tried to breathe, but all my efforts were in vein.

Then I tried to scream. But my sounds were muffled by her tit flesh. She was saying, “Suck it, suck it. Pervert slave. You are going to get punished for not sucking my tits earlier.”

She released me after sometime she got off of my body. Then mom started to remove her remaining clothes. “Fuck the punishment. I’m so horny now. I want you to make me cum twice before you cum.”

“Yes mistress,” I said.

Mom straddled my waist and impaled herself on my cock. Then she started to ride me like a bitch in the heat. She was moaning and telling naughty words to me. “Fuck me dirty bastard. Make your mistress cum. I want it harder and harder.”

Even though she was trying to talk dirty, she wasn’t good at it. I think that’s because of her innocent nature. I couldn’t move my hips much as mom had me tied to the bed. But still, I fucked her as hard as I could. It didn’t take long for her to cum. She screamed after about 7-8 minutes, “Fuck. I’m cummiiiinnngggg……..” as her body started to shudder and her pussy tightened around my cock. She rode me harder and harder all the way through her orgasm. it was so hard for me to control my orgasm. But I managed to do it some how.

She slowed down a bit after her first orgasm. Still she was grinding her pussy on my crotch. “My slave is still hard for his mistress. Aren’t you?”

“Yes mistress. I’m still hard for you.” I said.

“Make me cum again and you’ll be rewarded,” mom told me and started her ride on my cock again.

This time she was much vigorous than earlier. She was moving up until only my cock head remained in her and then she’d drop down hard. While doing this she tweaked my nipples really hard. I screamed louder, “AAAhhhhhhh,” and mom laughed wickedly, “That’s my slave.”

Mom rubbed her clit while riding me and she closed her eyes as if an orgasm was on the way. “I’m going to cum,” she announced.

I started to fuck her with all the energy I had. My orgasm was building steadily, but I was trying so hard to keep it under control. Her body too was showing the signs of an incoming thunderous orgasm and it did. That was one of the biggest orgasms I’ve witnessed in mom. Her body went rigid at once and no sound came out from her mouth. Her pussy was clamping on my cock like a vice. That was enough for me to let my orgasm go as I was on the edge for a long time.

Suddenly mom’s voice came back and she screamed, “Jasssssoooonnnnn…..” and fell on my body. But still she was flying high on her orgasm. I too had quite bigger orgasm. But I couldn’t enjoy it much as I was tied to the bed. Mom was resting her head on my shoulder breathing heavily. My softening cock was still in her pussy and it prevented our juices flowing out.

After her breathing became normal I asked, “Mistress, can you untie me?”

She looked at me with wide eyes, “Oh my god. I totally forgot that,” mom said and untied my hands and legs hurriedly. Then she cuddled to me again. I looked at my hands and I saw the rope marks were on my hand and legs. But I didn’t care about it. But mom was concerned about it. “I’m really sorry baby. I didn’t intend it to be that tight. But it happened,” she said looking escort bursa at my hands and she kissed he places where the rope marks were.

I rubbed her hair. “It’s OK mom. I’m glad you fulfilled a fantasy of yours.”

She kissed me. “Thank you so much baby. I thought you’ll be mad at me. Thank you so much for understanding me.”

“But mom, we better not do this in future,” I said.

“But why?” mom asked.

“Every time you try to talk dirty or give me a command, it still comes out in a very sweet tone,” I laughed.

Mom playfully slapped my arm. Her face was blushed. “Hey, don’t laugh at me,” she said with a mock anger. “I try to do them correctly. But that was my best.”

I rubbed her soft blushed cheeks. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch leaning her head to it. “Don’t worry mom. I think that’s because you are the most beautiful, innocent and sweet mom in the world. You are not made to be dominant or talk dirty. There are people who are made for that. They might be best in it, but they can’t get even close to you in what you are capable of. You are made to love, mom. You are made to love me. Nobody can show love and make love like you do. You are the best in that. So don’t be upset about what I said. But there’s nothing wrong about experimenting anything. But we have to choose what to continue and what to stop. I think this is in the second category. But we can do this once in a while if you want to,” I said to mom.

“That’s a good idea. Thank you, honey.” Then we started a loving kiss embracing each other. The tiredness of our orgasm quickly took us to a little nap in each other’s arms.

We woke up after about an hour. I helped mom to prepare the dinner. We watched a movie after the dinner and then made love on the couch. After that we headed to the bed.

Next day mom wanted to experiment again. No one of us had a job still as it was only our 4th day in National City. So both of us were at home. I was watching a soccer match in the morning when mom came to the living room and sat next to me on the couch. She had a cam recorder in her hands. She gave it to me. I looked at her quizzically. “What’s this for mom?”

She turned off the TV. Then looked at held my hand. “We are going to have sex now and I want you to record it,” mom said calmly.

“What?????” I was shocked. “You want me to record our love making? But why?”

“Well, that’s another one of my fantasies. And honey I want to put it on internet if you don’t mind. But don’t worry. As you are holding the recorder, only me and your lower body is going to show there,” mom said still maintaining her calmness.

If I was shocked earlier, that shock became tenfold after hearing the last few statements. “M..Mom are you crazy?” I asked.

“This is a sort of craziness baby. So many people will see this on internet. So, I don’t want your face to be seen in this clip. How will you face your friends when you go to college? I don’t want to ruin your life just because of my crazy fantasy. So, please forgive me and do this for me baby.” mom begged.

The idea of shooting a porn video should’ve turned me off. But what happened was the opposite. It got me really excited. Fucking mom in front of a camera was a new experience. Who cares about seeing me in a porn video. Besides porn is a common thing in National City. It is called “The Pornhub of the country”. You can imagine the situation of the city in its nickname. Almost all the porn production houses in the country were located in our city. Porn is legalized here. So no one is taken to the prison for being a porn actor.

“That’s not fair mom. I need to show my face in the video too. No one cares about a college guy being a porn actor. Besides, so many teenage boys are in the industry now. We are going to do this only if my face is also shown there. Otherwise we are not doing it,” I told her my final decision.

Mom thought for a while. “Fine let’s do this. But this is only to live my fantasy. Once recorded and uploaded, it’s done. No more videos. Right?”

“Copy that,” I said.

“Mom, do you have any idea about the plot. I don’t want our only video to be just a fuck,” I asked her.

“It’s simple honey. It’s what we always do. Incest. You are watching TV. I come and sit next beside you and seduce you. You just have to act along.” Mom said.

I positioned the cam recorder quite closer to the couch. I wanted it to capture the full scenario with our faces being clear to the viewers. I hit the record button and the recording started.

I come to the couch and sit there watching TV. Then mom comes and we are having a chat about my college and some other things. Then mom suddenly rub my thigh and move her hand towards my crotch. I am startled and try to stop mom. But mom slowly moves her hand towards my crotch start seducing me with her sultry talk. She keeps rubbing my bulge through my pants. She opens the zipper and suck my cock. I too try to feel her body. Then mom let my cock go and she removes her tank top. She pulls my head towards her tits and I keep sucking them for a while. Then she removes her skirt and panties revealing me, her trimmed pussy. I lick it for some time. Then I fuck her on the couch in so many positions including doggy style, mom on top. Finally I cum on her face.

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