May 20

Romantic Interlude

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By Alonzo14 & Gypsy (based on her experiences)

We walked together, hand in hand to the bed and breakfast. We had made reservations in advance in anticipation of this moment and had arrived and checked in earlier in the afternoon.

We looked like the normal loving couple, maybe husband and wife on their second honeymoon. Who could tell that this was a romantic interlude between two internet lovers?

Arriving back at dinnertime, we were escorted to our seats at a corner table by the owner of the place, a friendly woman who, by the look on her face, knew that we wanted to be as alone as possible. The bed and breakfast is an old historical mansion on the outskirts of the city, filled with the remnants of confederate days gone by. Halston Mansion has a spiral staircase that was only a few feet away, down which you could almost see and expect the willowly ghost of a lovely southern belle, dressed in a gown of billowing lace and satin, to descend at any moment.

There were candles glowing in the semi-darkness of the room. Soft strands of Mozart in the background and the tinkle of wine glasses along with the hushed voices of loving couples were the only sounds to be heard in this place of romantic ambience.

The light from the flickering candlelight dancing between us, we sat gazing into each others eyes, mesmerized with each other. We dined on a delicious meal of delicate roast beef complimented with a variety of freshly picked and prepared vegetables. The conversation was light, talking of work, children. The normal small talk. Joking and laughing, a sudden urge overcame me and I reached over and placed a bite of food into his mouth. His lips captured my fingers so seductively that I found it hard to concentrate on the rest of my dinner. Wanting to see his face and his reaction to my touch I proceeded to become even bolder and played the part of wanton seductress. Slipping off my shoe I reached my foot beneath the table, sliding it slowly underneath his pants leg, my stockinged toes luxuriating at the feel of the warmth of his skin and the hair on his leg. His eyes reflected his feelings at that moment. I could see the wanting there, wanting and a glimpse of what was to come later in our room. Teasingly I moved my foot outside of his pants legs and slid it slowly up the inside of his legs. His eyes widened somewhat as my toes reached his crotch and I could feel the bulge of his cock already hardening. My toes curled slightly, pressing into him as a cat presses with both paws to show its dominance. My foot began to move slowly up and down his cock as we intently looked into each others’ eyes.

Reaching with my fingers I again tried to feed him, but this time he grasped them with his teeth and gently bit them. “Biting the hand that feeds him,” I thought to myself. His eyes glinted with mischief and I feared payback would be due at any moment for my teasing.

Just as the waiter approached to refill our wine glasses, I bolted upright in my chair, face flushing and I let out a soft moan. I passed it off to the waiter that I had just had a sudden pain in my back and reassured him that I was fine. Little did he know my lover had just retaliated by suddenly placing his shoeless foot against my crotch, pressing hard against my clit in much the same manner as I had done to him just moments earlier. My panties offered very little resistance and I could feel the güvenilir bahis heat and wetness beginning between my thighs as he continued this sweet torturous attack on my clit. Probing my pussy with his big toe as much as the panties would allow, he moved it all around my clit. My breath became shortened. He had a wicked smile on his face as I longingly looked into his eyes. The sensations he was giving me were heavenly and I gave out another low moan, this one loud enough that a few heads at nearby tables were turned in our direction. Seeing the pleading look on my face he thankfully, suggested that we ought to retire to our room.

We had met online. I got an e-mail from him introducing himself as Joshua, saying that he had seen my profile and that we seemed to have a lot in common. Joshua was lonely and wanted to find a woman with whom he could talk. We began to exchange e-mail and chatting on-line. There had been nothing really sexual in this contact but there had been some flirting. We talked of a great many things and I began to be drawn to this kind and wonderful man. Finally, our relationship grew to the point where we exchanged phone numbers and we spent many hours talking on the phone. Joshua was married, as was I, but he and his wife had grown distant and he hadn’t had sex with his wife, or any other woman, for a very long time. Joshua was unsure that he could satisfy a woman any more.

As our relationship continued, we began to talk about how nice it would be to meet and spend some time together. We did have many of the same interests and we really seemed to enjoy our phone conversations so much that it seemed the logical next step to meet. Our conversations had taken on a strong sexual subtext and we each knew that our meeting would be a passionate one. He lived in a nearby city and we made arrangements to spend the weekend at Halston Mansion. I told my husband that my sister was having problems and that I was going to help her work through them. My husband seemed relieved that I hadn’t asked him to come along.

I met my lover in the parking lot at Halston Mansion. We had exchanged photographs, but it was wonderful to see him in person. My stomach was fluttering as we embraced for the first time there among the cars. Joshua whispered in my ear as he held me tightly, “Gypsy, I can’t tell you how good it is to finally see you.” My eyes welled with tears of joy as I clung to him.

We spent the rest of the day walking and talking and acting like two teenagers experiencing first love. After walking through a nearby park hand-in-hand, we stopped to sit on a park bench. We kissed, ever so gently, ever so lightly. Great shivers of pleasure surged through my body as his lips touched mine.

Time flew by and soon it was time for dinner and we walked back to the bed and breakfast.

Leaving the dining room, our desire awakened by our table play, we took the stairs to our room. Joshua opened the door and I walked in before him. Once inside and with the door closed, we embraced again. This time we kissed deeply, as if we were exchanging our souls in the process.

I turned to go into the bath room. He called to me, “Gypsy, where are you going?”

I looked back and said, “Josh, I’m just going to change into my negligee.”

“No, please, he said, ” I want to watch you undress. Please.”

I agreed, but joked, “Okay, but you first.” And I laughed.

We türkçe bahis stood with the only the bed between us. He quickly removed his clothing and was soon standing there naked before me. His body was nice and I eagerly wanted to caress and taste it.

I decided to play the part of a seductress and began undressing very slowly and purposefully. Soon my dress was laying on a chair nearby and I stood in front of him clad only in my bra, panties and stockings. Putting one foot on the bed I began removing the stocking, slowly and seductively. Looking over at him I could see the look of longing on his face. When I finished, I did the same with the other stocking, only this time I playfully and teasingly tossed the stocking toward him. Joshua was now shifting his weight from one leg to the other, as a racehorse does just prior to the gate being lifted. I reached behind my back to unhook my bra and I held the material loosely in front of me before finally letting it fall, revealing my breasts. My nipples were erect and aching to be touched and fondled. Looking at him for his reaction I was pleased to see that his cock, which had been passively laying down his left leg, had suddenly begun to grow. A fine sheen of sweat could be seen on his brow and upper lips as his heat was mounting from within. Seeing this I quickly removed my panties and stood before him nude. We stood, a bed apart, for a moment, just taking each other in, absorbing each others features … me, his strong hard body, and him, my pointed and now heaving breasts.. His cock was now at full attention. Joshua moved his hand to it and, by the look on his face, I could see that his worries about performing in bed were somewhat relieved.

Moving simultaneously to the foot of the bed we embraced, kissing deeply once again. My nipples pressed against his chest. The sensation of his chest hairs lightly scratching my nipples sent shocks of heat throughout my entire body. I could feel his cock pressing against my thigh. Our hands began exploring each others bodies, lightly touching and probing. I thought I would explode with orgasm right then and there.

Pushing me down to sit on the edge of the bed and moving behind me on the bed, Joshua knelt there behind me. He rubbed my shoulders and began kissing them gently, moving expertly up and down my neck. I leaned by head to the side to allow him access to my neck and ears. The combination of his kisses and his fingers sliding through my hair was setting me on fire inside, like a fire about to burn out of control. Finally he reached for my breasts and began fondling them, playfully rolling my nipples between his fingers, all the while gently nuzzling my neck. I turned and kissed deeply him again, our tongues sucking and battling with each others. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this man. We both moved to the center of the bed, and lay there in each others arms.

Joshua began sucking on my breasts. The wetness between my thighs was growing as was the warm feeling and throbbing there. He moved his hands to my pussy and gently touched my clit. I erupted in a spasm of orgasm. Josh was amazed that I could cum so quickly. I laughed and told him, “My whole body is an erogenous zone, and your touch is driving me wild.”

He laughed at that and said, “Well, then you’re really going to like this.”

Kneeling at my feet, he picked them up one at a time, kissing güvenilir bahis siteleri them and sucking on my rose-painted toes. Whimpering with pleasure I began caressing my breasts as he moved from my feet to my ankles to my calves to my thighs. His kisses were heavenly. The pleasure excruciating!

Finally, he lay between my legs and I bent my knees, placing my feet on the surface of the bed, on either side of his body. I spread my knees as far apart as I could. Joshua’s tongue darted into my pussy, parting its lips. With a sharp intake of my breath I moaned again and again. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I erupted with orgasm again. He deftly nibbled my clit and moved his tongue in and out and around my now soaking pussy. I moved my hand to his head and pulled him closer, more deeply into me. Wrapping my legs around his neck and shoulders, he brought me to levels of ecstasy that I had never known before. Again I erupted in orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through my body. I called out. I moaned. I cried. My hips moved in spasms on the bed. There was no way I could be still and passive.

Finally, I looked down at him. Joshua raised his head to look into my eyes, his mouth and chin drenched from my cum. He could see it in my eyes that I wanted him. I wanted him like I never wanted any man before. Moving on top of me he slid effortlessly into me as we kissed. With that one stroke I came again and again wrapped my legs around him pulling him more deeply into me. With great heaving thrusts, he began rocking into me. I could feel every part of his cock as it plunged in and out of me. The muscles of my pussy contracted in rhythm with each thrust of his cock, squeezing him and pulling him deeper and deeper into me. Clasping my arms around his neck and shoulders, we kissed long and hard, all the while moving together, becoming one.

Joshua’s body tensed and he thrust so deeply that I thought I would be split in two. He let a loud groan as he came. This excited me so thoroughly that I, too, began cumming yet again, my body shaking with spasms of delight. When we were through, he had such a look of happiness on his face. “I’m still a man!” he said, beaming, and then he collapsed, crying, into my arms.

Throughout the night Joshua pleased me over and over again. He could make me climax with just a touch, a kiss, or a suck on my breasts and he was surprised that he could actually “get it up” so many times, and, boy, did he ever!

The sweetest of kisses, the gentlest of loving. Our minds as well as our bodies were intertwined that weekend. We laughed and we cried. We played and delved deeply into serious conversations about the world and the way we think.

And I enjoyed his body as well as his conversation. I loved to touch his chest, and play with his balls and ass. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth, loved the sensation of sucking him and feeling him grow time after time from my attention to his cock, and the taste of his cum, the sweetness and the creamy texture of it, when he erupted there. I would drink his cum as if it were the nectar of a king’s fruit, so sweet and warm and delicious. It filled me with a warmth and satisfaction that was indescribable. But mostly I loved his sweet kisses and gentle caresses.

I didn’t want the weekend to end. But it did.

As we drove away from each other after one last passionate embrace in the parking lot, we continued to watch each other and smile until we could no longer see each other.

But one day we will. One day we will be together again and the next meeting will be as sweet, if not more passionate, than this one.

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