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This happened with my former roommate and her boyfriend. We will call her Joan and he will be Kris. The arrangement we had was simple. Since Kris lived a good distance away they agreed that it was more than okay for me to take care of her needs whenever it was possible. She had a penchant for anal and I loved to help her scratch that itch. Kris was a nice enough guy in that when he visited Joan he was respectful of my house and of me. I always got the vibe that Joan liked when we were social, but that’s the poly side of her doing the wishful thinking.

Joan has brought up several times how she wanted to get double penetrated, but it was hard to find a guy that was interested in have a MFM threesome. It was usually the fantasy for FMF. I let her know that I could help out with her fantasy if the scheduling ever worked out and Kris agreed to it. I had actually forgotten that we discussed it once until by chance it had come up.

This was in a Friday night after work I was relaxing having a White Russian in my apartment alone with no plans. Just me, my running shorts and t-shirt on the couch. I had no FWB coming over, I wasn’t planning on going out, I hadn’t even given though as to what I would be doing the rest of the weekend. Joan wouldn’t be home since she drives out to see her boyfriend on Fridays right after work so I wouldn’t even see her until Sunday night or Monday after work. I was just going to chill on my couch and not deal with anything other than basic housekeeping and taking care of my cats.

Just as I was getting comfy on the couch I heard the front door locks being worked.


So much for my alone chill time this weekend. My roommate walks in with some grocery bags and leaves the door cracked. I ask if she needs getting the rest out of her car and she tells me that Kris is bringing it in. So I take another sip of my drink. I think to myself, “So her boyfriend is here too.” Maybe they had a day together and they will be headed back to his place for the weekend after dropping of groceries. Kris walked in with his hands full of groceries and carrying a back pack. Okay, what is going on here. As Joan sorted out and put away the groceries I let Kris know there was good beer in the fridge. He grabbed one and sat on the opposite end of the couch.

I don’t remember what I was watching at the time, but I know I paused it. And that inane small talk happened that always does when two guys that barely now each other have been fucking the same woman, but that is the extent of common interests. Joan finished and headed to her room before coming back out in her regular PJ bottoms and t-shirt. My thought were WTF is going on here?

Joan asks me how early in the morning I’m going on my kayak trip with my friend, Angela, on Saturday. I looked at her perplexed. That wasn’t until next month. When I told her she and Kris apologized. They thought they would have the apartment for the weekend. erotik film izle Joan said it was because she was always making the drive and though he should also take the time to drive out occasionally.

No problem, I had no plans. I could just head to my room and let them have the common area. They said no need. Joan got a beer for herself and sat on the couch between us, but right against Kris. After some more small talk Kris gets up and heads towards Joan’s room. Joan comes over to my side of the couch and puts her hand in my leg and smiles. I didn’t think anything of it since we had been fucking so much lately sometimes she would just sit next to me and put her hand on me. Sometimes it lead to sex and sometimes it was just her way of being comforted.

Kris comes back out in basketball shorts and a faded nirvana shirt and gets himself another beer from the fridge. When he came back to the couch he didn’t say anything about Joan sitting so close to me with her hand slowly working it’s way up my leg. He sat down and watched as Joan and I talked about a video game she was into and I was only just barely aware of since I’ve seen her play it before.

I could feel myself getting hard as Joan’s hand worked its way to my bulge. And then it pretty much started to happen. Kris started to guide Joan to move her hips to remove her PJ bottoms just as she reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out. I lifted my ass off the couch to remove my shorts. And Joan moved her body to support herself on her knees and elbows as she started to use her hands on my shaft and her mouth gave my head attention. I could see Kris was busy himself half off the couch with his mouth licking Joan from behind.

I had known eventually a three some would happen with these two, but I assumed it wold have happened after a night of going out drinking.

Joan started to moan and show enthusiasm for giving me head in response to the attention Kris was giving her pussy and ass. I mentioned that it would be easier on the floor so I asked Kris to help me move the coffee table and I went and got one of the old huge blankets from the top shelf that I used for picnics and put that down on the living room floor. Joan got into position on her hands and knees grabbing Kris by the hand and having him to to her mouth. I enjoyed watching her work, but her as was looking so good I decided she needed to get some of the spankings she loves so much.

I got behind her and put both my hands on her thick ass and squeezed before using my right hand to give her good hard slap on her ass and then hold it and squeeze and massage where my hand struck her. She flinched and moaned. She was loving this attention. I kept building up the spanking mostly with my right hand until her ass was beautifully red and sensitive. I could tell her oral work was getting more frantic with every spank. And Kris was enjoying it. I would say how Joan popped her ass out and film izle arched her back wanting me cock in her so much she was dripping.

Her ass was still red from my spankings. Her moans were getting more wanton and desperate. I spread her legs out more as I got into position behind her. As soon as she felt my cock at her pussy I could hear her mouth make a popping sound as she took Kris’ cock out of her mouth and said to me she needs my cock in her. I slid my cock up and down her lips to make sure my cock had some of that pussy juice lube. My thickness made her gasp and after a few pumps she went back to giving Kris head, but I could tell her concentration was off. Kris was trying his best to keep the rhythm, but it just wasn’t going to work.

I motioned for her to get on her back and spread her legs. As I slid back into her Kris leaned over her face and balanced himself to fuck bed mouth sideways. I was being ruthless in slamming into her while he tried to limit how deep Kris fucked her mouth with one hand and the other was playing with her clit. I could feel her pussy tighten around me and she was struggling to keep breathing while Kris was not gentle about using her mouth. I almost felt sorry for her. I asked Joan if she wanted to change positions and she barely responded, but she finally pulled out from under Kris and told him to lay down.

Chris was taller and thinner than me and you’d think he would be more hung, but he as barely over 6 inches. Joan straddled him reverse cowgirl and guided herself into his cock and then told me to fuck her mouth as she started to rock back and forth on his cock. She sat up straight as she rode him and I stood front of her with my feet planted on either side of Kris’ legs. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes as she moved her entire body to rode cock while also sucking my cock like the good slut she is. Her hands grabbed my ass as she kept pulling me into her mouth. She was never able to take me very deep in her mouth, but I loved to see her try so hard gagging and her eyes get watery.

Kris said he wanted to look at Joan so we stopped and she got up and got back on him facing him and continued to ride him. I could see her plying with her ass as she rode him and I knew what she wanted. She brought it up multiple times about how she wanted to be DPed. I went to my room and came back with the lube. Kris looked a little reluctant, but Joan was in her own world of pleasure and I was about to push her over the edge. I used lube on my hands and my cock using my fingers to play with her ass as she stopped riding and enjoying the attention I was giving her ass.

This was going to be a balancing act. I pushed Joan down and she started to kiss Kris again and holding still in anticipation. I spread her ass cheeks and added more lube. My cock was significantly thicker than Kris’, but for the past few months I have been fucking Joans ass on a nearly daily basis and seks filmi izle she was accustomed to me. I reminded her to relax and she said she was ready for me to fuck her ass. Just as my head pushed past her rim she gasped and I could feel her ass craving me to go deeper. I didn’t care that she was kissing her boyfriend. I don’t care that technically she loved him and had been with him for years. Tonight he would be reminded that she loved my cock in her ass.

I grabbed her by the hair like I do and made her arch her back as I slid deep into her all the way with only her ass cheeks cushioning my thrust. She let out a growl and moan that I still remember and Kris’ face was one of confusion and pleasure and I now he was feeling me though the thing wall between her pussy and her ass. She did her best to keep grinding his cock inside her, but right now I was in charge of her body and I was fucking her into submission like I’ve done so many times.

She did not last long before she started to cum and it caused a chain reaction causing Kris to start cumming inside of her and I continued pounding into her until she completely collapsed on top of him. I pushed her head down hard while also putting my forearm into her lower back to get that arch just right. Kris just tried to get out from under Joan as I kept pounding into her. She was screaming and moaning so loud. I recognized her sounds. She has to be squirting right now because I could feel the that familiar tightness of her ads. Kris kept trying to wriggle our from under Joan and my weight as I kept pounding her ass. When I finally felt myself getting ready to cum I let her know and I put my hand around her throat and squeezed just enough to push her over the edge again.

Kris knows full well I fuck his girlfriend, but this is the reality he never knew. When I came deep into her ass she screamed into his shoulder “thankyouthankyouthankyou!” I loved how grateful she was when I gave her orgasms from fucking her ass.

I pulled out of her ass and she got on her back. Kris was back to kissing her and telling her how much he loved her, but she was still riding the orgasm aftershocks. Her pussy and ass were cum soaked and dripping onto the blanket.

I went to shower up and clean any ass or cum residue off my cock and balls. The rest of the night was spent taking turns fucking Joan in all her holes. One of the best memories was that after I came in her ass later that night he immediately slid into her ass after me and kept fucking her while she was still trying to recover. It was the angriest I had seen him. It was like he was trying to prove to her his cock was as good as mine. It’s not and she’s said so as recently as the week before corona lock down.

Last time I fucked her ass was at her sisters house when she got got back from her romantics cruise with her boyfriend. I was merciless to her because we both knew the lock down was coming. There was no telling when the next time I would get to make her cum anally again would happen. She tested me late last night begging me to cone over and fuck her ass again. I reluctantly declined. I can’t risk putting myself or my daughters at risk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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